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Recent content by Ether

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    East Coast Elites: Super Smash Cancer Results!

    Hey all, I've been on a month hiatus, and this is probably going to be the second to last tournament I enter. I had a lot of fun at this one. Dconn - You put in work with that jiggs, man. I'd like to play you in friendlies, because you really have the neutral game figured out. Seth (I don't...
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    ECE January: Cyrain's Bday Extravaganza Results

    This ECE was so much fun! Every match I played was exciting. I'll stay hydrated next time because I'm pretty sure my hand cramps are due to me not drinking water all day. Big thanks to VGBC for letting me commentate. I hope we can get you guys to come to another ECE, because it's the one...
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    East Coast Elites October Results!

    dayum, milkman made mad bread. singles was $10 entry? I definitely didn't have enough money, lol.
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    (Melee / PM) East Coast Elites August! - August 17th, 2013 - Charlottesville, VA

    Join the Neo SoVa Melee group. I changed my mind and will let you in.
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    Event - Apex 2015 Tech skill showcase?

    ^brilliant idea. This has me most hyped for Apex, if it can be done.
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    Event - Apex 2015 Tech skill showcase?

    I had this idea of playing HORSE where basically you call out a trick you're about to do. maybe it's thunders combo to nair x 3. Or maybe it's something risky like dtilt to level 9 Judgement Hammer with G&W. Then you do the trick. If you do it successfully, then everybody else tries to do...
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    Event - Apex 2015 Melee: Set You Want to See

    totally want to see more Ken.
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    Armada vs M2K Epic Comeback at Evo Friendlies!

    oh snap, I got mentioned. I mean, if you like marth, play marth. They say I'm a creative marth, and I just need to play more solidly, but maybe I'll do something spectacular sometime soon, who knows. also, I would love m2k to go fully sheik so I can play against super m2k sheik. It's the...
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    Tier List Challenge: IMO Marth is not as good as people think

    Fsmash is not Marth's only reliable kill move.
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    Breaking the Habit and the perfect Wobble

    I love this topic. I've been looking for something just like this to help me Wobble. Also, <3 LP
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    Sypher Biweekly #41 - Fairfax, VA - 5/25/13

    oh yeah, I remember now. I was trying to offer to replay the entire set doing Marth dittos, which would've worked per Gentleman's clause, right? but Milkman or somebody came over and wanted me to get off the sticks.
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    Sypher Biweekly #41 - Fairfax, VA - 5/25/13

    really fun tournament. DoH is a good guy. My set with Boss was, well....boss. Milkman, I gave it my all, and even though it was a 3-0, each game was close. good games everybody. Sorry for the one guy I went sheik on instead of marth, but you gotta learn the matchup!
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    Atlantic North [Nov 8, 2014] SypherPhoenix's Boosted Biweeklies! - Northern VA (Fairfax, VA, USA)

    SoVa has at least 1 full car guaranteed to come up on the 25th.
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