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    Social King K. Rool's Kremling Kutthroats: This...Is Our Finest Hour!

    It's happening! Congratulations [Now time for my voice to come back]
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    Genesis 3 - Date and Venue Announced

    I'm a Bay Area resident, so I just might have to check it out.
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    Smash E3 Presentation Recap!

    Looks like it's clearing up now.
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    Smash E3 Presentation Recap!

    Yeah this is pretty insane. I got the free codes for Mewtwo so I have no idea if this is similar to that. Either way, this is somewhat embarrassing ... I might just go play some basketball and come back later. Everything should be fixed by then right?? Haha Good luck and enjoy your day off!
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    Smash E3 Presentation Recap!

    So ... I kept trying and kept getting errors. Then it said "Some of this content is already on this console." I exited out, smash installed an update before I was able to open it again ... But no DLC. Now some time later, it's "Downloading update to system memory" ... C'mon eShop! You got it...
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    Smash Bros. for Wii U Released

    Damn did Nintendo take advantage of my wallet this weekend ... and I stood by and turned a deaf ear haha. Friday Smash + a free Fox amiibo from Toys R Us GameCube from Best Buy Saturday Both Pokemon remakes in order to get the free Mega Charizard X Plush from another Toys R Us Then had to...
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    Smash Entertainment - Do You Fox Wit It?

    Sheesh ... of course I take a week or so away from smashboards and I miss hearing about this. I would have loved to go, I might have gotten wrek't had I been able to play seeing as how there are some skilled Smashers here in the Bay Area ... but I would have enjoyed the event none-the-less.
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    Smash Wii U & 3DS Miiverse Daily Pic - October 17th

    I saw Zael and almost flipped. Figured he would be apart of some Wii U exclusive ATs. I hope that is the case and that we can also get Aeron from Pandora's Tower. I really should complete Operation: Rainfall haha
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    Nintendo National Open Tournament, Today at 6PM ET!

    Was a fun watch ... was more stoked to hear Prog.
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    Official The Lean Mean Green Machine - Luigi Gameplay Discussion

    Hello all, another fan of the Green Plumber here ... I've always stuck fairly close to Luigi along with Ness and this game is no different. Been testing the new roster additions but when I go back to Luigi, things just feel right. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this ... I had...
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    Amiibos To Release Alongside Smash Bros. For Wii U, 6 More in December

    Yeah, that add on is to be released next year from what I read today. However, the "New" 3DS will have the tech built in underneath the touch screen.
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    Smash Bros. For Wii U Release Date Announced!

    I think I read that you will be able to do just that. Not sure but I do recall the notion.
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    Smash Bros. For Wii U Release Date Announced!

    I had hoped we would see some Wii U release news this week. Good to know my hopes were not crushed.
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    Smash WiiU & 3DS Miiverse Daily Pic - October 3rd

    Time to unlock everyone while I sit here at work ... Happy overseas Release Day Everybody!!
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    Smash 3DS 3DS US version available NOW on Nintendo e-shop!

    Yeah at 1:15 am pst it was at like 61% ... thought I'd watch a cartoon or something for 20 minutes and play. Yeah I ended up sleeping five hours ... at least it was ready by the time I woke up!