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  • I live like 5 minutes from you lol. I don't need housing, but getting a ride would be clutch. Alright, I'm registering for singles, but that means I'm gonna train with you like crazy so I don't waste my money by losing in pools. :p
    Oh wow, how are you gonna get to the venue? You think I could tag along? I want to go at least as a spectator, idk if I should register as a player though.
    Yeah, I got your number. I'll give you a call, then. btw what notable things have happened in NJ? Haven't kept track at all
    how you been delta? It's that guy that lives on the other side of town. I pretty much dropped smash for like a year, but I want to pick smash up again. I'll be back from college this Saturday. Will you be free for some smash anytime soon?
    I'm not sure if I'll be at Concentrate III yet, but if I am, mind helping me out with my Yoshi a bit? I've just started picking him up and would really appreciate some pointers, Yoshi's very... different lol. And of course, we'd also have to get some Wolf vs Yoshi friendlies in to make up for last time :p
    ah ok then. Well basically the week before Apex Thunder will be housed at my place. Then we will go to your house for housing for I guess for the whole week or maybe just the three days for apex. Thanks so much.
    Hey delta do you mind housing me and Thunderstorm for apex? I don't know If Thunder told you the details yet.
    Sure dude, I'll see you here :D Address is 513 Willow Ave piscataway nj just in case you need it.
    dude i didnt see your response till just now cause u posted it on YOUR profile instead of mine! So you would be willing to fly Houston and let me drive you to the Finals in Austin? Would that work for you?
    Well you could come to a HOBO(december) or you could come to our Texas Circuit grand finals in November which would probably be bigger. Either way my offer stands.
    you should come to a HOBO soon and play my samus. you need to exp what a green lesbian can do to yo lizard.

    ill even let u into all events for free and house/drive u for free.


    I did it for you dad.
    Changed the Gamertag. Are you proud of me dad?
    I left a while ago. And I forgot you're still on Summer vacation. /grr
    How's that Ivan going?
    Would it be an annoyance for you to know that I'm rooting for you in that knife argument in the MW3 thread?
    Finally found a good pic of Ivan...or Tyler?

    You need to change your username from 'Delta-cod' to 'Delta-god' cause you're awesome.

    I told Polt when I beat him, I'm pelvic thrusting him in the face.

    That would be legit to see. Polt Egg Lays me a LOT. I'm on vacation right now in CA before work starts, so I missed the entire stream.
    Totally agreed.

    Not to mention EGG LAY. That and bair>upair is pretty easy to do to Bowser.

    There was a stretch of like 4 tournaments where I had to play Polt, the ONE Yoshi there. XD
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