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  • I think these are questions that you would benefit far more from answering yourself. To give you a start, ftilt has a deceptively long range and can connect from a lot more than you might think.
    lol true. so after i ftilt people usually try to punish it with a grab or oos move correct? Can I punish with sh fair? 2ndly, does fair automatically space ftilt for you? Or any other aerial for that matter.?
    I don't like to tell people "do these three attacks in that order" because Brawl, and pressure in general, is about playing according to the situation, not putting out a sequence of moves like you're doing a combo.
    Not particularly... ftilt on shield has just enough disadvantage that most of the time, the jab will either trade or get outsped by a shieldgrab. The exception is characters with slower grabs, like Zelda, Snake, and pretty much every ranged grab (Lucas, Link, etc.), but you shouldn't be messing with those people's shields much in the first place. The funny part is that against the characters with normal grabs, if you properly spaced your ftilt, the jab is the only reason they're able to grab you, since you're reaching forward with it.
    ftilt is safe on shield if you space it well. This doesn't apply to characters who have particularly long-ranged grabs, like Dedede.
    You can mix up with grabs, retreating fairs and bairs, and occasionally other stuff.
    Sheik is only good at camping characters that try to camp. Her camping does not shut down approaches very effectively, and it's better to play her defensively, if you really don't want to play on the attack. Try to use her mobility to avoid attacks and punish them with ftilt or an aerial.
    I need your address so I can plan my trip. I'll be able to give you a ride for $15 in gas money. I'll also be leaving early. Exact times will come when I have everyone's address. =]
    I should be able to. I don't know about gas money yet. I'll get back to you on everything in a bit, since I may not be able to use the car I want, which would remove my ability to give rides.
    Whats up Jband. Yea I got aim. My aim is Sopha33. Whats yours? Also just tell me a general time to get on and we can chat then :)
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