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  • Hey! Are you coming up to Colorado soon? It would be awesome to get some friendlies in with you and your Beastly Diddy.
    I am expecting around 100.

    Get a room at the hotel that's being used as the venue and split it with people. My room is super full and nobody else really can house people.
    hey I've been trying to really learn to instant throw but I'm having trouble with throwing things down, is the timing different for every direction or do i just suck?

    And is the timing different for characters because I am practicing it with diddykong.
    Thanks. I appreciate that. Tim was warning me before not to go MK because they are supposedly the god state against him...
    I like Diddy but fighting him is annoying sometimes. :p

    I main G&W and R.O.B. Bowser kinda.

    Scrub because I've never been to a tourney. :p

    I apologise for the unfashionably late reply.
    I don't use Diddy and think that his Bananas are annoying, but even without them he's a pretty good character. I might pick him up sometime.

    I'm a Utah scrub btw
    May I just say that your Diddy is really fun to watch.

    Can I ask you what you did at about 1:00 in this video? It seems as though you B-reversed Diddy's side B at the end of its duration.
    Dude..you are **** good.
    I just finished watching some of your vids on youtube and your mix ups and momentum with diddy is amazing

    Looking forward to our MM ;)

    And when fino says "i love you too much to go higher" He just means that he doesn't want to lose more money than he has to XD
    You should send me those vids :O

    If you want any other matches up where you SNL or anything, I'd be down for uploading those too.

    my email is kennycrump9@hotmail.com
    Yeah, you can go ahead and send all those vids my way. You can send me any other Utah player matches as well, and I'll upload those too.

    And hopefully you get your recording equipment back soon :O
    DI out of dancing blade > punish !

    HOW DO I DI OUT OF DANCING BLADE!?!?! I can't ever do it... :(

    "If he usmashes, you can double stick it down. quarter circle DI your control stick down and then mash down on the c-stick repeatedly."

    I don't understand this, when he U-smashes me I would still get sent upward why would I DI down?

    Do you mean when he is F-airing to just do a raising B-air?

    "drop off ledge > b-reverse nade > he's forced to grab you or upB if he wants to punish (grab isn't that bad, and the nade will alter your trajectory so you're not dying off the edge ;D)"

    This part I just don't understand it at all. You want me to drop down and B-reverse a nade? Wouldn't I be the hell down below the stage and get destroyed shortly after? lol
    Hey, would you want to send me the crew battle stuff? I can do a bunch of editing and make it look super legit. Plus, you already have hours and hours of videos to look through as it is. So I'd be more than happy to put that all together.
    So long as the Diddy is able to help the Ganon out a bit (Save from gimps as such) Ganon has a 70%~ --> Death combo with a banana on MOST of the cast.

    Also Ganon only sucks in Singles. :3
    Haha, Diddy+DK made a good team.

    I personally do Diddy+Ganon. :) Give Ganon a banana and keep one for yourself. Ganon has a 41% combo that is also a guarenteed KO at around 100%~ that makes him deadly with a banana. Then you just go about your business. XD
    I became a fanboy of you since seeing you on livestream from Supercon.

    You ****ing carried your team.

    Nice Diddy.
    Well, I don't really make textures. I only know the basics, which is enough for me to edit simple textures to my liking.

    All the textures are Team-Ready, so you shouldn't have a problem. This means a few of the costumes don't have textures, simply because I couldn't find a texture for it that would work for teams.

    You won't need Code Manager if you have already have Homebrew. I included an "apps" folder in the pack which contains 4 apps, including Cheat Manager, which is like a much simpler form of Code Manager that you run on your Wii without having to take out your SD card.

    Also, this: http://www.smashboards.com/showpost.php?p=7981767&postcount=16103

    If you download the pack and have any questions, feel free to ask.
    I always loved watching Diddy videos. While watching this one:
    I realized I just can't anymore. It's not interesting at all...After seeing your Diddy and facing it, all other Diddys in comparison are slow moving, un-tech-skilled, and overall just not as good. I really appreciate the matches and I can't wait until we can play next. You helped me learn a lot, and hopefully next time we play, you'll be impressed.

    It was great meeting you IRL. Congrats on second versus mikeHAZE. If there was one thing you should have learned from him, it's how to incorporate marijuana into your game.
    Hey I know you. :D

    Is there anything I should take?

    I just thought I'd say that I'll probably give you a text or something tomorrow.
    Hahah i know man...im sure they told u that my rides car broke down the day BEFORE the tourney. Im like...really...but whatever its all good.

    Dont worry ill avenge u. My diddy is getting scarier :)
    Yall have housing for sure.
    friday night if you need it.
    Saturday night if you need it.
    Dont worry. I got yall.

    You just bring as much of New mexico as you can :)
    Tell me whose coming to SWAT por favor
    I'm excited NM is coming
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