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  • don't worry about it dude, this whole thing should've been over a long time ago. plus he didn't know about some details that made him change his mind on the situation. I just think anyone who thinks what eggm did is even remotely just is ret*rded at this point.. I got sent to the ER for pinching someone. 'nough said..
    No sadly =( I haven't been able to travel for a while. And thanks, I'm sure I'm gonna take a lot of crap for that post from other people. There are just some things about smash and the community that bug me and I was venting haha. Props, and have a great time at P4!
    Oh fudge.

    Why would me talking to him do anything different than what you talked to him about? Couldn't he just message plank?
    I thought i was signed up as seven but I dont see myself listed on the website, I'm checking into that now
    I can't say I'm surprised.

    I was so excited about having not-spacies or floaties in my pool. I was teeming with excitement. TEEMING! Curse those space animal secondaries.

    Also, are you gay?
    thx for the heads up, but apparently it is Vwins email which is confusing since he is on the list as his own name as well >__<

    Well, i have to approve, i used to play melee the most, never rlly got into brawl, until i got better, i had to learn melee before i could even pick up a controller to play brawl
    oh, well, lemme guess, you are a "Melee Master" if you dont play brawl, your more likely to play melee than smash 64
    What? This is a social network, if you want competition you gotta let it come to you, and if you need competition, you find it, i did the latter of the two.
    I'm just doing match 1.

    0:11- Pretty obvious shield he's doing there imo. You kinda look like you want to go in for shield pressure but also to fadeaway too. Either way, you get shield grabbed. Work on the tech skill or just see him shielding and grab next time.

    0:15- try not to laser in on ganon when he is fairly high in his jump. Bait him into falling toward you and then laser his butt off. Make sure you watch him. Oh, and I guess you can beat the Bair with lasers/Fsmash?

    0:18- Shine to Dair was not only slow, but a mad idea. Shine to Bair is better here because you push your opponent away so they can't punish you like you were(even if you did it right then he would still have been able to hit you from the ground).

    0:20- yeah you didn't get punished for it here, but Ganon's like to Bait stuff like that Dair from the edge. Regrab and watch a few times as necessary.

    0:35- decent combo, but then you Nair'd. Dair alllll da way. Oh and then you standing lasered again.....

    0:42- don't sit in your shield and let ganon fall onto you with aerials! You have to get out of the way and keep the laser pressure on him after he lands. RSHL in either direction probably would have done the trick. Just keep your eye on his falling momentum.

    0:57- completely unnecessary full DJ to lasers which let Ganon just rush in on you. Keep it simple with your lasers so you can focus more on what your opponent is doing(you don't have to get all crazy to limit Ganon's movement....).

    1:05- Those Bairs were really risky, if Jim had fallen back with a Fair at that least one your DI would've probably messed you up. Learn your spacing and know when you can't overextend yourself.

    1:07- jab to....? If you're jabbing on a shield, then I'm really not sure why you're running away lol but I geuss it's not a huge deal.

    1:whatever- you start comboing but only use Dairs and shines. Needs uptilt after like 50% or so, so Ganon won't fly off really far every time you send him back up.

    1:31- WTF FH? Shield the getup attack and punish.

    1:46- laser up to Ganon and shield. I don't think I understand. You need to grab him more and be more certain of your approaches. If Ganon keeps sitting in his shield, then just grab him. Don't try to aerial him if he isn't going to come out of it. Dat ain't Fox.

    1:49- Should've sweetspotted. I guess Jim really wasn't paying attention so you got away with it.

    2:03- just SH aerials. Why? Move off of your whiffed aerials so you can get momentum and use a laser or another one. Jim rolled behind you but you were just aerial'ing....

    2:28- you got hit because you didn't shoot any high lasers to keep Ganon from coming in high and then you didn't move when he finally got over to you.

    Okay yeah, so this is what it boils down to:

    -utilt in combos/keep them going more/finish them

    -laser higher if Ganon goes high, but don't get all crazy about it and let him go low and rush you

    -read ganon in the air and adjust your spacing accordingly

    -stop standing lasering!

    -stop getting shield grabbed/grab him out of his shield more
    Bah. Sorry it took a minute to get back to you. I hardly ever notice the pm/visitor message stuff! Yeah man, DEF gonna hang. Look for me/ill look for you, etc. Gonna be crunk as hayul man.
    Chops does the exact same thing Mango does haha. It's a funny concept.

    You word things in a very bad way, Lucas.
    Ahhh, I see. Chops is the only player that consistently does well vs Mango(in dittos at least) as far as I know.
    Yeah it was just a couple days ago hahaha.

    Mango has played all of those people, except me and Armada and maybe PC, a lot so he has memorized how they play and can **** them. Hbox is the only one improving enough lately to challenge Mango besides Armada. I just plain won't do it lol.
    When was this? Curious. =p

    Kage's breakout performance was at Pound 3. I remember hearing about him for the first time then and I remember him being the only Ganon that made it to brackets. Kage has 3-stocked Azen's Marth(rust or not, Azen has a dang good Marth) and took a match off of PC's.....Fox or something at RoM 1. People haven't gone around saying he's the best in the world or even a candidate for top 5/10(usually) at Pound 4 either, but he did beat Mango twice in one tournament. That's mad legit, and people deserve to be going a little crazy over a guy that ended a reign that lasted since Pound 3.

    What I guess I'm saying is: give the man some credit. He's legit.
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