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  • I think we've discussed the major ones., but I think all are important. Ike, Diddy revision, Game & Watch are on my mind now.
    Do you think there are any match-ups important for R.O.B that haven't gotten quite enough discussion yet?
    hey syde, we played at matthews smashers a few weeks ago, do you have any tips against rob? thank you!
    Yeah, I remember playing you. The Pit player, right? Are you asking for general tips, or char specifics? If the latter, I'm assuming you'd be using Pit?
    Sorry it took a bit to get back to you, work is hectic. GGs, indeed. It was a pleasure playing. :)
    Ggs. Sorry if I didn't really put up a challenge, but your Shiek and R.O.B are pretty good.
    Hey dull, would you be able to give me a brief explanation on how to edit textures via brawlbox or however you do it?
    ahh alright. hopefully its friday cuz if you're going to pound you should def. go to a tourney beforehand. but if you cant have fun with your granddad :p
    man you need to start postin your replies on my profile instead of yours :p

    oh...if you think you can make it, theres a tourney in SC on the 19th that we're going to. I forget if we have a spot left or not, but we might so you should ask ape if you're not busy.
    Alrighty. I'll see what I can do on the short. If I can't get by... we can try to set somethin' up.
    yeah, come over tomorrow because ape is and we can have more then just me ape and jim this way :p
    #4 = pund 4. the # is a "pound" sign. lol.

    Getting paid monthly isnt that bad, once u get used to it. You get your check, pay all your bills, and you know exactly how much you have left.
    monthly pay? must suck. i'd be scared id run out of money x.x

    what do you mean by going to #4?
    haha wow, that's really cool. you should stop by sometime you're free, it gets boring around here. and its nice to see you posting again since i thought you quit, you're the only one who actually does **** on the rob boards lol
    not much; procrastinating on school, getting high when i can, and sleeping the rest of the time. its like we're brothers @.@
    Also, I don't think we'll go through with the whole "Reformation" sh*t. We're lazy. >__> And even if we dod, we'd keep all your matchup discussions in the Archive.
    sup man... it's el muerte from all is brawl... with my original tag... and what everybody calls me
    actually i guess I'll bring mine too, for the brawl+ tourney. make that 2 wiis/1gamecube/1tv
    yeah, that sounds good

    theres only room for one tv in the car so we're only bringing one tv and then 1 gamecube/1 wii
    yeah pp won't care. you'll just have to come to starbucks with us at like 8 in the morning on the 25th because that's where he's picking us up lol. oh, and that tv...ugh
    ah, okay. it's straight...but shouldnt you save up some money for some new tires instead of blowing all your $$$ at herb? lol
    thanks. and yeah ive been using it lol, i can give it back to you at herb.

    i was wondering if you had anything to do this weekend? cuz I'm trying to get to sushis place and I dont have a ride...and you're close...and yeah I was wondering if we could go down together <.< if you can't its cool.
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