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    I beat John12346 with Snake. Please add Snake next to my name in the Gauntlet results thread.
    Heya, I'm attending S.O.S. Could you bring my component with you there? And have you managed to put them to any use since that one tourney, btw? XD
    lol, i was kinda down about the best Sonic thing. Honestly, I'd say you/Espy man.
    true stuff.
    Hey, jus a q, are you updating the gauntlet results from way back on allisbrawl? Who was the host of that page?
    Mad fun tournament =) I have never had so much fun playing friendlies/money matches haha everyone wanted a piece of this DK ;p If you are serious about the smashfests, def hit me up or I'll get in touch with you. We'll work this out. I know I can get better I just gotta play better people lol. Oh yeah and mad fun MM rofl I got ***** on FD. btw my aim: Smartguy41112
    Lol you still playin my man? Hit a ***** up son myspace.com/voyevoda22
    I holla at you cuz
    hey Wes, we had close games @ GT, I was the black kid that played Marth agaisnt you on the tv by the soda machines and so =P
    hi men im from colombia...now im livng in mamaroneck for vacations..and im interesting for tourneys or friendlies in NY please tell me about ths..thanks..

    BTW my english isnot good
    Dude, are you able to play today? If so, let me know. My phone is off for now. Just message me on myprofile by 2PM, thats when I will back back on the boards.
    wes everyone knows you're black cause you're still asking for donations @ 24 years old lol
    I have made and active social group regarding the immediate banning of metaknight. http://www.smashboards.com/group.php?groupid=660

    "The Gauntlet" is amazing. You have made the game as balanced as it could be at the time, and you have satisfied our goal for mk being banned.

    I was wondering if we could promote the rules of the gauntlet to others on Smash World Forums. If we could get more representation, the gauntlet might be able to go nationwide. So can we? Do you give us permission to post the links to your thread in our sigs?
    Heyy wes wassups, I'm angelo's friend the little one (or the student since he taught me most of the competitive scene). i saw your utterly flawless team work with dire with the zss / gaw bucket kills which was amazing in my book..
    im one of those types that just play brawl if forced to with friends, but i always wanted to play you. Maybe i started going to tournaments to late.
    You're playing ZSS now? LAME. Put yr armor back on and play the game the way you're supposed to.

    <3 DAD
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