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  • I've decided to wait for TwistHelix, so don't do your match yet =D
    Hey dabuz, you can go ahead and fight istudying now, I don't know why he hasn't messaged you yet....
    All right! I'll be right there.

    Good aerial approaches...that would be retreating 0-lag Fairs and well-spaced Bairs for Wolf. Both of which I haven't mastered yet...

    Oh, 20 minutes? Okay. I'll be here.
    Wow, at the beginning of the first match, you could already tell? <_<

    Someone else told me I adapt quickly too. I guess that's a good thing?

    Let's see what I noted...

    Purple pikmin off the stage are evil. I'm still wondering how to recover against Olimar. His D-smash is hard to punish because of its range and speed. U-smash has amazing power (and u-air, too). His grab range is deceptively long. He's also hard to read because he doesn't have any vocal chords (lololol).

    I don't think I used f-air at all in that last match. Or b-air. I guess I never knew just HOW bad that stage is for Wolf. It cuts off his aerial game and the ledges can also gimp him. I probably should have played more campy in those matches since Wolf is the only character that can outcamp Olimar. I also don't know why I kept f-smashing right into your shield. I think the pressure got to me and I began button mashing. <_<

    Perhaps we could have some friendlies sometime? I could use the experience.
    Lylat is Wolf's worst stage because it limits his blaster and his b-air.

    But I've never fought an Olimar before, so I could be wrong.

    I played very foolishly on the last match.
    We can go right now if you want. We should decide on a starting stage and our counterpicks. What stage will we start on?
    Alright, and I think everyone has school lol so its ok =D

    Btw, your next opponent is ready. You'll be facing Rythe =D
    Hey dabuz, istudying has to go to sleep now cause its 1 am where he lives

    But he wants to know if you are willing to finish this tourney tomorrow so that he doesn't have to drop out.
    Its ok if you don't want to wait. I'm asking bunnyma, Aryman, and KaZe as well
    Lol i figured you would say something like that. it just that sometimes i watch videos and i see people doin the pivot grabs and i never know when do use pivot grabs lol. but sadly, it is true, olimar can't be taught...
    i need your CP, and g1 would be a warm up right? meaning it doesnt count
    ummm now maybe. my FC is 4597-1153-9877 my cp is battlefield. neutral FD if you want.
    Dabuz, youre my Opponent for my own tourney. the deadline is 7pm. please post and let me know you havent dropped out.
    OMG! Sorry i didn't reply back >_< that was so rude from my part sorry ;_;
    Thanks for the reminder, i know =D I'm just waiting to see if a new game comes or the one i want lowers its price XD (which i doubt ;_;) Anyway, I'll try to decide fast enough >_<
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