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  • The BBR? Nope lol, even though they sent me a PM telling me to apply xD Would've been cool, but it's no big deal since they put you in ;D

    What's it like back there?
    Everytime I see your name...you be steppin' it up! lol; first it's a sponser, and now BBR! congratz, and what goes on there?
    now that you are a member of the backroom, please get him to low tier so we can play him in low tier tournies
    Choice, go respond to the email the Mlg guy sent you. Then the transaction will be complete. You're awesome for doing this by the way :).

    Sent you a text in case you don't check smashboards in time since the tourney is tomorrow.
    Maybe I play too simplistic. I know he has some mix-ups, but maybe I just have a natural ability when I play Wolf. I'm still bad, but I can manuever him well. Yeah I checked vVv's website. Did someone approach you? How did you get sponsored?
    hey man, your sponsored now...what? Good job. & I'm using Wolf as a second, but I'm still focusing on Pit. Wolf is easy to play, haha, but I still suck so it doesn't work to well >_< LOL
    I just realized the vVv in front of your name. Congrats on getting sponsored :)
    Who would you consider your main? Wolf or Falco?
    That's weird. I'll just use my Mk vs Wario's that actually know the Cg except for Malcolm because he can do it, but it isn't in his morals to do it. If I was Wario, I'd take full advantage of what I got, but it's whatever.
    I was looking at Ishiey's wall and you said something about being able to escape from Wario's cg. Explain? When does it start and when does it end?
    Sweeeeet. Thank you :)

    And also, I wrote on your facebook a while ago asking for... things. lol can you send me the freezeframe stuff there?
    So wait, just to make sure I understood properly:

    1) A fresh dthrow will not be able to CG Wolf at 124% and above
    2) If he dthrows you before (and doesn't unstale it), you add the % he does to you onto the range of when he can start a dthrow CG

    Thank you sooo much for the info :3 Do you have any idea when it ends and if Wario can land a fsmash after it? I remember I couldn't find a final consensus online for those :x
    you definitely have to play differently than normal, but that doesnt in any way mean that hes not still massive amounts of **** there.
    I just feel like
    1. His air game is so smooth on that stage it lets him put on pressure from just about anywhere.
    2. since the stage is so small it forces the fight into very small quarters, and if youre in falcos jab range. I dont think anybody really beats falco in those close quarters.
    3. makes killing with him 15 times easier, since f smash kills at like 80-90 from teh middle of the stage. and up smash kills at like 80-90 on the top platform.
    Haha. At DC I'ma bring a copy of mario party 4 and me, you and 2 others are gonna hit that up xD
    that would be pretty crazy XD i'm going to try to look into double laser lock or just falco stuff for doubles and lol at viper
    the wario's i played against were hunger and sky. hunger plays with kain quite a bit and knows the cg. sky plays with me like mad and like never drops a cg ever caz its like a rhythm thing for him.
    hey do you have a partner for d.c.? >_> i was wondering if you were down for teams
    Oh, I guess that's understandable, but still! Lol, the Wario's I've played actually had a hard time pulling the chain grab off on me, but I guess BlueRogue doesn't play the Wolf MU often.
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