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  • @ auspher
    i played against 2 warios in bracket so like i played 2 extra games as falco.
    Did you use more Falco than Wolf at Raleigh? It has you listed that way in the results, which makes me sad. :(
    Okay, should I work on the stuff I posted about MK's aerials and put it up on the google document first? I think I should be able to get that done by the time normal people should be waking up tomorrow lol
    Yeah, people don't contribute to projects as much as they should :x I'll help out a bit though, because it really doesn't take much time at all with all the frame data being right there haha

    It's a good project, just one that is going to take a lot of time and effort to finish. If you would like, I can start working on Snake's attacks if Wolf shields them regularly by analyzing frames?
    Well I was thinking of industrial engineering, but after I saw how boring the job description was...it made me not like it so much anymore. I like the idea of building robots that can help people in a way. What kind of engineering is that?
    Hey man, what college do you go to and what do you study? I'm thinking about engineering, but I'm not quite sure because my math skills are meh...but I kind of like the challenge.
    Well I figured I was friends with most other people in the FBR, so I might as well add you too.
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