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  • lol i know but it seems like everyone(almost) is obsessed wit nothing but brawl.
    Same here =P
    loool is that so?
    at least you reply XD
    most people stop if it's not about brawl
    That makes sense xD
    so you just don't really try to make friends because most the people on here annoy you?
    ya i just noticed you joined in 07, lol
    is that so? i haven't met any angry people yet, but ive saw some on threads ive been to, im kinda laid back i dont really get mad over anything so.. yah =p
    oh i see, well i'll always talk to you when you talk to me =P
    im still kinda new here, so i like to make new friends
    Ok when do you want to do it ill add you today but i might not be able to do it today^__^
    Finally! When I clicked on it myself it said 25 different people clicked on the link a total of 30 times. I was pretty sure about three to five were me checking the link but the other 24 people? I have no clue. Thank you for telling me. ^_^

    I like your sig/avi too. All the sparkles look nice. Marth's face is a little creepy if you look at it too long though. >_>

    If you haven't already, join this social group. Don't be fooled by the name, there is no topic of discussion.
    The group also includes people who main several different characters, so don't feel like you won't fit in.

    BTW: Zange-chan comes from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kannagi:_Crazy_Shrine_Maidens
    My sig is from the 10.5th game in this series: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Touhou

    Let's not be strangers ^_^
    No ok im probably the same but different styles so you could probably beat me^__^
    yeah it's my friends, i can't brawl today, most likely tommorow though. he really good, maybe da greatest. did u register it?
    Marths bad matchups are MK, Snake, D3
    and to a degree (i.e. even) DK, ROB, and Wolf.

    Falco covers them all well. I've been training my falco :D

    Footstool to -something- has been known for a while, just footstools in general can't really be relied on. It's easier to try go under someone and stage spike them rather than going for a footstool.

    Chaos, when I say space. I say aim to hit people with the TIPS of your sword. You want to be doing 14% damage with your fairs.
    Oops, accidently posted this in my profile instead of yours:

    You get used to the repetition, your mind gets used to situations and how to respond.

    Also, about improvements, your move usages were better, definitely, but the wifilagbadspacing caused too many errors. And I also suggested using more dtilt

    Don't think alls lost.

    Wifi is essentially a different game, take it as such and don't get stressed up over it. You know what spacing is, you know how it works, and I'm even sure you'd be more successful in showing matches to me you've played in person. I used to stress and rage while playing wifi all the time, I've essentially stopped playing it because of the amount of mental anguish the **** thing would put me through.

    Yes I'm a competitive player who looks down upon wifi. Tournaments are largely superior. But getting better through wifi is possible, if you essentially try very hard to be safe and space.
    I saw the conversation and he was pretty harsh. Though sadly the majority of competitive players hate WiFi, so I wasn't too surprised about his behavior. I think the best way to get online critique is to actually Brawl another mainer on WiFi, so you know who's friend and who's foe. If you can, I would just set that critique to the side for now since it's making you upset. You can't improve while you're upset. You might not even want to train right now. As a stress reliever, a friend and I Brawl with Items on using Random so it would be impossible for us to take our matches seriously.

    You mentioned the advice "get ***** a lot"? Eeeeh... I don't think I'd personally recommend that to anyone. You want to play your best and win, and if you happen to lose along the way study what went wrong, and patch it up. I don't know how much you read the Brawl Tactical Discussion, but there's an excellent thread in there titled "Keep Losing? Try this..." and "Playing to Learn". They're definitely worth while to read. Though I'm on my Wii so I can't provide you with links. =/
    Well, just keep up the training. Have you joined a tournament yet? That's probably the best way I'd recommend to train. Not only do you fight players of various levels, but you also do it under pressure of losing which can help your cognitive ability quite a bit. That works best in Double Eliminations for me.
    LOL! If you're tired of losing, then beat me! XD

    Yeah, Dedede/Ike/Kirby was too hilarious. What'd your bro think of getting chain-inhaled? rofl
    lol...i disagree with him
    wifi is great for learning about match ups and improving

    i disagree with people that say that wifi fails

    anyway i still say go marth lol
    You're playing a different character, a much BETTER character, and instead of playing it IN PERSON like the other matches, you're playing it on WIFI.

    It's difficult to get better playing on wifi CS, I consider it a DIFFERENT GAME.
    Wifi is silly. Don't make decisions based on it.

    Also play who you want to. You're not going to tournaments, so play the character you enjoy the most.
    What can I say man?

    You didn't space at all.
    And you need to learn the G&W matchup.

    G&W's bair (nor any other aerial) is not a problem for Marth. You can dolphin slash out of it, especially from a shield. Jabbing it is pretty good as well.

    But about the spacing, you'd just jump into his attacks. G&W doesnt have fantastic range and his attacks are slow. You should be always able to keep yourself safe and out of his range.
    -> YOU barely ever used dtilt.

    When you got hit by '9' at the end, it's because you BADLY spaced your fair and jumped straight into it.

    Spacing techniques involve appropriately using your dtilt/jabs, and RETREATING your fairs.

    At the start (like 0:00-0:10) you were retreating fairs, but you weren't even "within the opponent". But the motion you were doing, while AIMING for the enemy is what you need to work on.

    But yeah, just about everytime you were shielding, G&W would attack it not caring, as you never punished with DS. Be smart with it, don't spam it, as you get better at spacing you'll rely less on shield->DS tactics.

    If you have any specific questions I'm more than happy to answer.

    ALSO, God ****, at many points during the match you would just do roll, after roll, after roll, without (in my perspective) much conscious thought put into it. Rolling with Marth isn't too safe, nor productive in most cases.
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