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  • lol i know i mean he's got good moves if your good with timing him but im not D:
    and i gtg, goodnight! =]
    just those chain grabs! thats all i can do with him
    i can win if i get that stage like mario kart or sonic's
    but FD, BF, RC places like that, ill get owned soo bad
    Ah, actually I was making replies by editing the same msg to avoid cluttering your message page... so I wasn`t being silent, sorry :( Anyway... it`s not utterly random, if it`s only good icons then that`s not random.
    loool i use to complain to pyro about spamming but it actually made me alot better so in the end uh.. spamming can be a good thing? XD
    Lets end this conversation. It's making me feel awkward since I'm still only 16 >_>
    Not to say any of that didn't come from personal experience >>>>>>>>>>>>________________>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    No kidding. All the hentai ones are crouching over to get closer to that little girl's head. Not much closer to Earth than that. Unless you're a toddlercon. Nasty stuff man.

    But I kinda meant that talking and hentai don't go together IMO. Even if the talk is all links to more cartoon pronz.
    the spammer i play is crazy good though =.=
    like his brawl name is Pyro. i wouldnt doubt he's a pro spammer, lol
    I use the word loli a lot when the situation demands for it. After all I am a lolicon. BUT FEAR NOT!!! I'm not a pervert, even for older (than loli) girls.

    Sorry, I like to spy on people =P
    i noticed that =.= and even worse are the spammers with wolf, he is sooo fast =/
    i hate pit on wi-fi =[
    He's like the only one i cant stand and wolf idk why but i just hate wolf, lol
    Wow, well that loli may as well since she already stole it. Hm well, probably because it is boring this evening... and well, circles are fun to be in ;)
    Wow, I should know that >_>
    No, he takes the initiative but only if something else sparks his awareness. Please note this excludes random Google/Youtube/SWF searches. Those happen on a whim out of his boredom.
    i see =P
    ya it pisses me off, i do way better offline
    and when i play offline, then come on wi-fi i do sooooo bad
    k thx =]
    and i looked at your about me section and saw you main marth XD
    i swear wi-fi hates marth =/ ive been trying to secondary main him, but its not working out to well
    he is. He just isn't the kind of guy to get involved if it isn't presented to him. Sorta.
    I know someone IRL like that actually.
    I saw your conversation with Sasuke...
    He adds everyone he meets as a friend but has only joined three social groups. One of them is the TL BR -_-
    He's not on now but i will XD
    He'll be surprised for like a minute then say all this spanish stuff that i have no idea what he's meaning =.=
    oh i see XD
    lol i have this spanish friend who says stuff to me in spanish
    all i can say is "your mom" cuz the only language i know is english =P
    well if it's like kupo it can't really mean much can it?
    just something to say at the end, desu? =P
    I see well i know desu now, thanks to you XD
    and im pretty sure nii-san or whaterver is brother
    Lol thats cool, i can't really teach myself anything
    i have to be taught unless im already good at something.
    Like drawing i didn't have to learn, i was just good to begin with.
    I've played one and it was the DS one.
    Final Fantasy IV but I'm pretty sure i didnt meet anything that said, kupo. lol
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