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  • Oh I know what you mean =(

    I hate it when I lose when Im really trying. I wont play for a while and I get very upset lol. But thats if Im really really really trying to wind super bad.
    Well that's good! You've identified a number of problems today--Spot dodging, new buttons, and quick ****. Now just to find solutions.

    Also that one match you was G&W, you kept comboing me, lol. I was like "GET AWAY DAGOMMIT!"
    lol trying to master pikachu
    i want a really good one like anthers and ESAM's but i cant do that quick attack like they do D:
    What about you? =p
    Spotdodging is a bit of a problem for me to. When I start getting punished for it, I try to mix it up by rolling away. But I have that problem as well.
    Hm.... I honestly didn't see very many bad habbits your Marth had.

    To help you think quick on your feet, we could do a training match where I play as Mario. I'll randomly switch between two different playstyles to help you think on your feet. And my Mario isn't uber btw, so he's not to worry about as much as some of my other chars. =P Just training.
    Do you watch videos of other Marths? Fighting styles among characters can change over time.

    Things to note:
    -Online allows only so much out of you. Especially your character. Marth is a character of spacing, which is destroyed online.
    -You may be fine with your character, but in addition to knowing your character, it's important to know your character's matchups. Skill means nothing if you don't know who you're playing against. My Samus, for example, lost to a Jiggz in a tournament. Yet when I looked up the matchup, Samus supposedly had the advantage. I lost not because I was worse, but because I didn't know the matchup.
    -You may not be getting worse, but the people you play are getting better. Especially if the person has played you enough to know your habbits.

    (Gah, my wrist is sore from typing with the Wiimote.)
    no no spiking and other things are hard but i for some reason found him easy.
    Hm.... I knew a thread that adressed your "I'm getting worse at this game", but I don't know where it's at. If you believe you're getting worse, is there anything you're doing differently?
    I wish I could have recorded that Samus vs G&W match. That combo brought a tear to my eye. ^,__^

    Good games. You had a couple suicides there--better brush up on that. I know lag doesn't help. =/ And you defeated my Marth. =(

    Oh and that match where you had first kill on my Samus... you had me worried there. 0_o
    Yea i found him easy 2 stocked my bro in a heartbeat!
    btw im doin this from my wii!
    Well, it was awesome "meeting" you, if you wanna call a few quick typed messages a meeting, but I really gotta head off to bed. I got a bunch of stuff to do tomorrow that I don't wanna do... D:

    Shout atcha later!
    Yeah, well now we know we have something in common. We like smash, we're both idiots, and we find weaboos annoying.


    *gives you that look* ಠ_ಠ

    (Doh, I posted this on my own page... >_<)
    Lol. Was it the "I act like an idiot all the time" or my distaste in weaboos?

    Judging by what I've seen, I'm guessing the act like an idiot thing. :p
    Not much. Just... not sleeping when I should be... :/

    Can't sleep though. Too busy obsessing over brawl. Again... ಠ_ಠ

    So what brings you to these parts? :p
    I don't know if Samus' Powersuit can adapt to something of that magnitude.

    I'm also working on Moon Jump, btw.
    Samus' Ftilt is the legendary Roundhouse Kick in training. So far the speed and length are down pat, now just to apply as much power as the Falcon Punch....
    Oh my Yoshi doesn't suck, lol. I'm one of the better ones. I found techs with him, XD.

    I'm no scrub Yoshi, I'm more like a Yoshiwiki.
    Lol yeah, I'm so out of wack trying to play her. I main Yoshi and that's a gigantic change.

    But my Yoshi is rusty from neglect. Lol.
    I'm only practicing with him to defeat one person.... But I won't use him much. Besides, good practice for your tournament. =P
    Lol thanks, I picked her up for the first time those games. I'm trying to start figuring her out.
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