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  • Cool, so what kind of stages do you go by? Neutrals only? Counterpicks? Or any stage goes? I don't want to pick anything that you don't like.
    Well, I guess I was pretty decent, once apon a time. But it's been months since I've played, so I'm going to be rusty. It's been a while, so I thought I'd get back into the game. Also, no need to worry about Wifi being mean, it's that way to me, too. xD

    (Also, I'm going to challenge Peachy to a duel, since we didn't get to fight in the last tournament a while back. So I'm trying to find different people to play.)
    Some like the idea (including myself) of being able to look back at old matches and see the improvements/changes they've made in their games.

    Twas quite busy/tired when you originally sent this. By the way, nice avatar.

    Do you intend to go to tournaments? Or have you been to tournaments before? I think you would get something out of going to one.
    First match:

    Your improvements are quit noticable.
    As I can see, there were lovely uair to upsmash combos (you love them now, right?), and better selection of moves.

    The more practice is required, as I saw quite a few mistiming and or mis-"spacing" errors from your fairs.

    Also there was too much fsmash usage, you used it as a shieldhit punisher, which was good, but don't rely on it too much. Especially if you've already used it several times recently, you were better off using a dolphin slash or DSMASH (which would have killed a little earlier at some points).

    Some points seemed a little off still though, and of course I still criticise the speed you move at (though it has sped up a bit, which is nice).
    Like after the 3rd stock you suddenly stopped moving from time to time or something, which I know it wasn't wifi, but made me feel as if it was.

    Sorry I didn't do a second to second thing, as I wasn't going to record this one this time unless you wanted me to.

    Second Match

    Fthrow at 0 percent gives you a guaranteed tipper fsmash.

    You did some silly fsmashes here as well.

    Over all:

    Start fast falling your aerials a bit and work on following up said fast fall'd aerials with more hits. Fast falling can be a lot better if your opponent shields one as to give you more speed to avoid punishment.

    Much better move choices, but at some points I felt you could have used dsmash and others even use utilt.

    You should now put some effort into the things above plus working on some of your grab game.

    Also do watch out about the usage of Forward Smash and Shield Breaker.
    aww comee on...
    I'm on the comp every day..

    promise... in 1 month I will have more than 500 posts..
    I'll take your review seriously... but I won't be taking it on you..

    that's how I improve.. I ask ppl what's wrong with my game in Tennis..
    They don't 'cuz I'm perfect xD
    Keep playing matches until you're confident I'd be impressed by it, or that you are at a brick wall of sorts.

    Your match is on youtube, I would recommend looking at it from time to time to compare. Looking at old videos of me when I thought I was good (well I was at the 'time', I suppose) comparing to now gives me a laugh or two at how much better I am now then before.

    Also if you have an SD Card, you should get the homebrew channel so you can record matches onto your wii that are longer than 3 minutes.
    It's a good pressure tool. Use it. Dtilt to dancing blade works at low percents. Using it more is good because of it's really great range (it's just after fsmash in length) against ground aggressors.

    I'd say just practice with it, a dtilt to deter advancements. Covering the ground with dtilt will often force opponents to attempt aerial approaches, where Marth destroys even more (uair/fairs etc).
    Not sure about link's dair. But Marth's uair has quite good range above and to the sides of him, so perhaps you could hit him if you're slightly to the left/right of the link.

    Uair is great for juggling, it tippers a lot. It has a lot of hitstun so you can combo out of it (like real combo). And it's good to use when you're under someone. Several times in your match you'd throw out a fair when they were just above you when uair would have hit. Uair's are fast, if they're above you and their air dodge it, you can fast fall to catch them with another uair or another aerial.

    Try sh ffing an uair on an opponent and then just follow up from there. You'll get the hang of it fast and see what you can do straight after (at low percents you can either do ff uair to upsmash).
    iiii, then..
    I'll show you my vids and review it =]
    it'll be soon..
    prolly after exams..
    Not agroagroagro exactly, it's just smart aggression and using your moveset to the full extent to get the most damage/kills as fast as possible. Like a couple of times in my critique I mentioned that double jumping back thing, and also not following up with uairs, you need practice knowing which are the best moves at the right times.

    Getting used to that can come from vsing level 9 CPUs, you just have to be consciously aware of them as CPUs will fall for everything.
    You gotta slaughter people, or at least learn to.

    Try vsing a level 9 CPU like Peach, Falco, Metaknight, Snake and try finishing the match in under a minute and a half (3 stock). Training on CPUs isn't great for real matches due to its habit building, but if you're focussing on just doing things as fast as possible SAFELY then you'll be able to bring that into real matches.
    No No, definitely don't think that.

    I do get heated critiquing people, and getting past the harshness is the first step in seeing your issues. I truly hope you take what I've said properly to heart and go get better, and then bring new vids. The people who I've critiqued continually over time I get a lot of enjoyment out of seeing their progress.

    I am a bit of an *** in some ways but do care. Good luck with your Marth.

    But umm, was that match wifi though?
    The threads are in a place called brawl battles. But that's not why I want you to go to my clan. There's a chat at the link I gave you, which means you can basically get a brawl whenever you want. That's helped me a lot since I joined (november 1st).

    I'd say I'm good, but there are a lot of people better than me at the clan (I'm on the verge of getting into it. I hang around there and brawl people from there, but I need to get approved by 2 out of 3 people. One approved, one didn't).

    And if you want to get better extremely quickly, ask Gonzo to brawl you. Best decision of my smashing career.
    I used to be your average Joe. A few weeks ago, actually. Then, I got a sudden burst of awesomeness, which advanced my playstyle. You know how? I played really good people. Like Asdioh, Gonzo, and people from my clan. Speaking of which... you should come to my clan. Here's the link:

    Trust me. Asdioh won't go all sh*tty on you. Just look around the Kirby boards. He doesn't troll or be an *ss; he's an awesome guy. Not to mention he has a good kirby. And he's, like, 1 of 3 major people who critique on the kirby boards (him, fromundaman, and myself).
    No prob. It takes a little while for it to register, no worries. I haven't registered you yet (sick...), but I will tomorrow. If I haven't by 5pm Eastern, give me a visitor message. I'll get back to you at the latest thursday. You also might wanna send it to Asdioh (can post it on youtube).
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