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  • Can you please explain to me why the Back Room is your favoritest room EVAR?
    Mr. Cashed, I just noticed you're a Super Mod!!, congrats.

    Anyway, why is the BRoom your most favorite room on SWF? ^_^
    haha yeah, that comment was so random and uncalled for from that dude (whoever he is) that i decided to keep it just because its unique, i guess.

    Haha, ok. Cool. Just holla if you need anything. Wow, that sounded ghetto -_-'
    *Pika's Down Taunt multiple times*
    I'm sorry, but your avatar is just....
    Well, let me explain. I'm a spriter, and whenever I see an untouched Pokemon sprite I just....get the urge to do something to it.
    So, I ask you:
    Do you want Pikachu recolored or fused with another Pokemon? If you could do ANYTHING to that Pikachu, what would it be? I will GLADLY do it!
    hey butthead. >:-( Don't you know resigning is like the first step to dissapearing?
    I got another person addicted.

    He used to make fun of me but I made him sit down and watch the miniseries and at the end he yelled "Boomer can't be a Cylon! No!". He has seen the light.
    i'm really saddened by what i'm hearing about it. it's gotten really bad reviews overall. i'm a huge sucker for diablo-esque dungeon crawlers, but i'll admit that i'm not all that excited about the things i've been hearing about it. and as forgiving as i am, i really didn't care for the directional control scheme.. =/
    Just so y'know, Davis, I'm on my way.
    I know I'm early, but I just can't settle down.
    I guess I'm stuck in ways of being an ***,
    but I've got a lot of nerve that I'm ready to pass.
    So yeah, I'm on my way.

    My friend and I went to GameStop a couple of days ago and both preordered it! Even though I don't have a 360 yet, I will definitely get one before the 18th. =D

    Wish it were more than 2 players though =(
    Electrode Diglett Nidoran Mankey
    Venusaur Ratatta Fearow Pidgey
    Seaking Jolteon Dragonite Gastley
    Ponyta Vaporeon Poliwrath Butterfree!

    Catch 'em Catch 'em Gotta catch 'em all!
    I'll search across the land
    Look far and wide
    Release from my hand the power that's inside!
    So I bought Battlestar Season 1 (and the miniseries).

    I hope you didn't spark an addiction in me!
    You're always on other games, Cashed! Come on and play some Halo some time! Next time I see you online, I'm gonna send you an invite, and you're playing no matter what.

    I'm still not sure if Cashed is gay or not. I mean he did get upset when I linked him to lemonparty.
    I always knew you gays hated straight people. I just never had any proof.

    I'm sending this conversation off to Pat Robertson. He'll get God to smite you by destroying California with an earthquake, or something.
    Yeah, well your avatar looks like spilled milk too!

    Or rather, that's what I would say if you didn't have such a good looking woman for an avatar.

    I really don't think gay people should be allowed to have such good looking women as their avatars. I mean, you're gay! Good looking women mean nothing to you! Did you make her your avatar just to spite all the straight people?
    Had you replied, you would have gotten a phone call! I called Eor-- sure it was at 4am his time, but that means it would have been 2am your time. Which isn't too bad. We need to talk one day where we're both wasted.
    Cashed, I sent the application for the Team Smashboards, I can't believe you didn't add me beforehand.
    You better be on my side...hot sci fi characters for life.

    ALso, I really need to start watching Battlestar :(
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