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  • Sure, sounds good. My team is pretty bad too, I just threw some OU pokes together.
    "I'll just be giving free $$$ to the winner and never exit pools"

    Exactly what I plan on doing : D
    Yea maybe. You should ask xzax about it.

    I think were gonna try to get together again next friday for some ktar practice so you could always try to show up for that despite not being able to go to ktar.
    Yea same here. I'm planning to go to his place tomorrow to play some smash, though it all depends on if I can get up at a reasonable time xD
    lol yea, after I got my drivers license back in February it's been a lot easier to get to tourneys. Still don't have anyone near me to play regularly but I've met a few people at the few tourneys I've been to. So far it's been pretty much stuff in NJ since that's where it's all been for a while now........
    haha you'd be surprised as to how many people have commented on my avatar.
    I've lost count.

    I AM home now thank you very much :p And no, even when you play people in the same area there is still a few frames of lag; I've missed enough whistles to know. It's not major when they're close to you, but it still screws up stuff like powershielding :urg:
    Unfortunately no; I lfet getting my ticket til the last minute so I'm not going to be home until Christmas afternoon :laugh: It's all good though, I'll still see my family and friends and everything. Classes went pretty well this semester so I'm expecting good things. And best of all, once I get home I CAN FINALLY WIFI AGAIN - omg it's gonna be so sweet to actually play this game again ^_^
    Wow, I can't believe the dude is so creepy and stalking several people at once, and in high school O_o that's just disturbing
    That's absolutely disgusting

    Just when you thought Big Macs couldn't get any fattier...
    I'll try :) And I haven't played period since the last DSO I went to.

    Also, Big Macs are made of 100% real squirrel testicles.
    Maybe...really I have all day rehearsal in Jan on every day that isn't a school day (and all evening on those) but I'll see if I can get out of it
    I can't; I have all day rehearsal that day :( It makes me sad because I'd love to see Day and Hilt again!!! *cries into pillow*
    Lol nice, but I rarely even post on my on wall by accident let alone a wrong person...guess that sorta makes me Markman when it comes to vms and pms :3 lol anyway how're you? :242:
    Personally I prefer my Wolfs white..

    /only uses white costume wolf in brawl and occasionally Black or normal costume.
    Wolf's green costume makes him look like a creepy old man version of Fox
    I'm guessing you're in the same boat as me. Trying to get out in the smash scene and meet ppl right?
    Eventually I'd like to host another one, but I'm not at that apartment anymore, so I'm gonna have to wait until I get a new place. :urg:

    And yeah, I'm going to DSO. I'm only decent with Pika, but I know a ****ton and would be glad to help you with anything ya need. =D
    Yea, it is pretty FB-ey :) And a wii-chuck is all you need, i'll see if i can get something set up
    No me gusta que no tienes telefono :( Debes comprartelo! And on Fridays my only class is from 1-2, so we could probably get some Brawling in then :D I'll talk to the people I know with tvs and see if I can set something up. What grade are you in anyways?
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