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  • cool, we could shoot for an early time Sunday to leave then.

    You could leave your car at my place, and I could house you thursday night
    I was thinking of trying to leave early Friday morning and to come back midday or Sunday night. I haven't bought the ticket yet or set initial times because the price for tickets won't change (plus I'm waiting on an upcoming tourney to win the money for it)

    As far as dates and times go how does that sound to you?
    Oh that'd be legit


    is where I am going to get the ticket from, and yeah its 60 round trip
    Lounis you wanna be in my Holiday CV? I've already got Kis and Shugo, trynna get some more pro guys in this one for the holidays.

    uhh ok, i think anyone would be trustworthy other than jeff, cause he'll be on the opposite side of the room. can you ask to see if anyone wants to record matches for m2k?
    oh yeah, lounis, who's all goingn with you to DC? M2K specifically wants me to send my camera so he can have matches of him recorded. I need to train someone in the art of using my camera for this
    oh ok well I would but I promised someone I'd team with them for the next local.

    Keith or shady would be pretty decent in teams, you could get top 3 with one of them
    Hmm I haven't seen the thread for that one yet, or do you mean the one on the 18th that SleepyK is going to?
    Thanks for your help. I'll probably apply soon and see what I can get. Tuition is pretty cheap though. How r u paying?
    Is there anything else I should know about the school? I don't want to end up going somewhere w/ secret stuff that no counselor says anything until I get there.
    GA to PA
    Hopefully. I'm going to Chaney University w/ my boi Kingtoon.

    But that's in Jan. So I'm trying to get PR'd down here @ least and get really good that way when I go there on the east side I'll be able to rep GA.
    No ty if you can talk to him.

    He really dislikes me, I just want the best for the scene and what not ya know?

    So I mean encourage him to come out and play w/ us even if he has a problem w/ me or even if he won't come until I leave because he's a cool kid if you don't piss him off like I did lol.
    hey man, I went to SPSU for a visit the week of MLG. I enjoyed my visit, and it was cool to see everyone hanging out @ the student center, studying, gaming(I saw brawl...what the heck lol), and at the gym. Is that how it always is? Do you think the classes are challenging enough?
    Yo Lou, my old friend Kingheart won't attend a tourney until I leave in Jan. I'm sure. Idk why he dislikes me so much but, uh make sure when he joins GA's smash scene he's not treated bad =/. I know he hates me and all but I mean that's me. (Even though he has heavily generalizes the GA smash scene for things he doesn't like in the state.) He's a pretty cool kid if you get to know him.

    its something like that. i dont remember the details but its just sposed to be bigger.
    sounds good. i am totally down. dude DC is gonna be mad hype. its like MLG + some other competition going on in the same venue or somethin like that, right?
    good luck with kingheart, i'm trying to talk him into going to siege, but i highly doubt he will, he says he hates the GA community @.@
    Hey Biglou, you are the most common name about Waba game tournaments. Me and my friend, Lol =) snake. He said he won like a friendly vs your luigi. Well we are trying to find this new Waba games if you know where it is. This Saturday we walked like a county or 2 looking for it. What a bust. How was Mlg?
    I have a hotel with my brother's car. There was a hotel like 3 miles north of the venue for like...80$ a night. Also, dropping me off after doubles would be perfect! I don't know how far either of our teams will get so...we will keep updated.
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