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  • Thanks man, you are a big help! Do you think taking us back to the airport sunday night is also an option or shall we take the shuttle?
    so your saying that it's more math-related..by how much?

    I'm good @ math, but I don't understand how everything relates(algebra, geometry, trig, and calc). I would be great @ it if I understood it better, but I don't. Are there tutors @ the school?
    Yeah I heard! That sucks, lol. It makes me not want to go there since it would be a meat-fest, and I want a semi-normal college experience. How are the academics/clubs? What do you mean by civil engineering technology? I heard that the school was hands-on or something.
    What's good man?

    Yeah I just moved to Atlanta on Friday, and I heard you went to school @ Southern Polytechnic? Is that right? Well I'm looking into colleges since I graduated, and I'll be going to school in January. How is that school anyway? Are you in an engineering major?
    Ah lame

    I think Tearbear might need a partner, he said he was gonna team with judge but idk if judge is going. Choice might need a partner, as well as Dphat. Those are the best names I'm aware of.
    Yeah dude I'm teaming with Zex =( I wish you had asked me sooner I woulda been down, I've always wanted to try oli-luigi
    =/ Hopefully MLG Dallas if you're going. If there's another Impact Clash or something we're trying to go to that too... And yeah good luck finding a partner. Zex or someone from WC might be available as well so you got dis haha.
    :(:(:(:(:( I wish I had known earlier, I'm not going to Raleigh...

    If you get desperate enough though, Seibrik needs a teammate lol.
    that was the plan, but I don't think I can make it now... so yall should team, ill talk to him this weekend
    If you're staying at the Hyatt, I can just bring you straight there.

    Three of you? It's going to be $23 each.
    2 PM on what day? Please PM me all of your flight information as requested in the thread. I need the airline, flight number, all that good stuff.
    who's your team mate? I'll handle it from there on out. You'll just have to pay $10 at the venue. Your team mate will have to also if he hasn't already paid for melee teams
    shiiiiiiiit son. i was watching your match against ybm, i wish i was with you at mlg, just to yell out " BIGLOU, ****ING KIRBY CAN'T BLOCK JAB UPB " so many times i felt like you were gonna do it haha.
    i'm getting there around 5 pm. i'm going to try to book the hotel tomorrow, sorry for the lack of work on that, just been busy with moving out.

    do you have AIM?
    Hey MLG offered me a free hotel room for saturday night at a different hotel that's still connected to the venue because theyre crammed that saturday night so itll only be 20 for the weekend now rather than 40 just wanted to let you know
    Sup papa lou. I just watched my set with Knightmare's MK alot more carefully.

    i realized i'm a slow adapter lol, and have slow reaction time at times. (like MK's roll is so fast he can get away with it if i'm falling asleep).

    but after analyzing more, everytime i jab1, you know how you want to analyze what kind of opponent he is, whether he likes to use his defensive options (like shield, roll) or his secondary options ( his upb or dsmash) etc. so everytime jab1 him, he'd either dsmash or upb, so then what's next after that? should l then do a full jab combo? or jab to dthrow? or jab to nair idk.

    i can do everything else, just that, every time i jab1, and if the opponent is the type to just button mash his way out (like upb dsmash) its like wtf do i do lol.

    and i realized most of my nairs didn't connect so i gotta spot and adapt with that x_x. Jash just taught me the rules of adapting lol.

    I only have one thing to do today as well. and I should be done with that by 5-6. I would love to play with yall today.

    I dont have a car tho, you said you could set up a smashfest but can you possible set a ride up for me too?

    My cell number is 585-269-8444. Feel free to call or text me whenever.
    I landed and got into my hotel about an hour an a half ago.

    Im currently at the Quality Inn on Luckie Str. in what I can only assume is Downtown Atlanta.
    So... I heard you live in Marietta?

    Im actually flying to GA in about 2 hours, and for half of the week that im down there, I will be staying with my sister who also happens to live in marietta.

    Id like to try and find some time to play with you while im in town if possible.
    Well, I've been talking with Player-3 and Tenki, and I've been trying to make the upcoming WABA tournament, but I'm beginning to think I won't be able to make it =^
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