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  • Brawl, I'm hopefully just rusty in Melee.
    But if we could sometime, that would be swell.
    Heard from a friend you play a good Falcon?
    I'd enjoy playing you sometime to possibly help my Falcon.
    *Lives in GA*
    No clue. If you include Luis and Calvin as regular Waba goers, I think they are going to Augusta. If we go to the same tourney, do you wanna team? :)
    Lol. I think I'm going to go to the Waba one since it's 10 minutes from my house now, but I might reconsider.
    haha thanks man, i wish ur set with mike was recorded xD i mean 4-0 at a 35-65 must be hella hard impressive
    yea i saw a pic wit u an esam u were givin that wierd *** a heart attack xD.

    U got facebook?

    an yo im gettin back into the game soon enough to see your MLG PRO STATUS BUILD BRO my gawd im so excited for you! Trust me there goin to jump on that Lounis wagon if u keep on doing good! Youll be a source of reason why "MK shouldnt be banned an brawl skill overcomes match ups" bs but whatever son...because of that your goin to get phat money...Stacks IN YO JEANS!!!!!!!!!!

    LOUNIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YES!!!!!!!! !!


    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!! HOO HAH HEE HOH HoooOO!!!!! YEA BABY
    u beat huge names...an not only huge names but so called "unbeatable" (even though i know thats not tru but only me u and some other luigis know this)

    Like smashing on mike hazes ugly *** twice xD (ty).

    Atomsk (2 stocking his ugly wierd *** D3)

    Snakee, reflex bro... come on.

    What happened man!!!! **** Did u beat any FL big names?
    Lou, get in the back room an say somethin on what u did right son! xD so excited, yo ima b at mlg columbus or try real hard...But i promise this luigi will make u proud. Your the boss now baby xD
    Hey, are you going to be able to go to the Panhandle tourney on May 8th?

    If I go, we should team. :bee:
    Im free pretty much every weekend from thursday-Sunday. Plus im at GA state which is right across the interstate from Tech.

    text me first and i'll add you, if you call first then i might not answer
    Hey, I don't mind if you come pick the money up at Orlando, but you'll have to come and pick it up sometime when we're in the park since we can't leave the group. It'll be faster b/c we're leaving wed so I won't have time to mail it to you.
    going out of town right now, I can mail you $35 when i get back and pay you the extra 15 at waba or something
    Just found out that we're only allowed in designated park a day and the complex isn't one of them =/, so I guess you can take my pass instead (if you can't go then I'll pay you back anyway), AIM me tomorrow for details.
    I sent you it, I'll be sure to pay you back next time I see you, I'm taking kind of a risk because there are a few places we can't go, but my band director said we have access to most of it so I'm just going to hope the sport complex is one of them >.>
    Flea was going to do it, but whoever can buy one for me the fastest works, do you need my account on MLG to do it?
    well chez was suppose to be my ride back, but he decided to go to momocon instead and P3's parents told him that they're not going to do anything related to waba until they seem him as a good driver, but I'm going to ask my other friend who came to waba once if he'll give us a ride back.
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