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  • Lol i saw a new visitor message and knew it was you instantly :p
    Anyway I can tape my matches directly, No need to keep them under 3 minutes, ill just set up the camcorder and record every match. Only problem is I've got a 30 minute disc so i could probably only get like 6 matches max recorded in any session. I dont know how useful matches online are worth but w/e we can give it a shot
    A guy called Firusthehedgehog I am friends with on here was invited a while back and he hates brawl and never plays it, hahaha
    Hey Alzi, good news:

    1. I'm attending a tournament here, so I'm planning on staying a bit more active.
    2. I'm playing Brawl more than usual, so I think we might have a chance at actually battling each over this week! ^_^

    Saturday Afternoon/night (Your time) sounds good?
    Hey Alzi, I have a question to ask about SPPF.
    Apparently I read somewhere that you might come back later this year, but some think your gone for good.
    Might I ask whether that is true?
    Sure. Saturday (Where I live) will be great, so Sunday is fine.
    PC seems to be an easier way to communicate, unless I can remember to log in every day.
    Yep. Saturday seems like a better time, since your about hours ahead of me (It should be late at night where I live-perfect for a match).

    Might I ask whether you have a Pokecommunity account? I spend most of my time there so I can't keep track of this place. I suppose that's an easier way to communicate, but I suppose it's fine here as is; just as long as I'm able to log in.

    SPPF is still missing you...just a for-warning before logging back to that hellhole.
    From my eyes, there wasn't really that much of lag :/ And I can be honest I can't brawl well under lag either...especially when it causes me to side-dodge at the wrong time >.>
    I get back to school tomorrow (and I seriously need to find a time to get on these forums more often)...

    Btw I could've been on here last night but I forgot to do so lol xD Anyway those were some fun brawls we had (with those other two pplz)...especially the one where we both used Toon Link (but at that time I accidentally pressed the start button without changing my tunic color to blue)! It was a close one...and it seems like I've improved a bit from the last time we brawled ^^
    Wow, that was quick. Thanks!

    That's fine by me. I won't mind waiting 'till then to have a race.

    And as of now you have at least 61 notifications (2-3 came from me).
    This is a guess though, since I obviously don't the amount of FR, PM, ect. you'll get.
    Geez, I almost forgot this place.
    Anyway, I would like to know when your ready for a Race?
    I'll try to log in everyday to read your response.

    BTW, everyone down at SPPF are asking for your return. It's pretty funny, yet kind of sad at the same time.
    Apparently some of them even send friend requests. :/

    Hope your enjoying this place, because it looks like you do.
    Say, Alzi... I want to add your Brawl friend code. Is that okay?
    My new FC is 3137-0097-6156.
    OMG HI! :O Sorry I couldn't get on here for the past few weeks...I've been on hiatus due to my exams but that's all over :] I've been great ^^ How about you? :D
    biggest lag i have had was when it paused after every 10 one-hundreth
    it ended up as a disconnection and there's not even a red ball in the connection
    there's huge lag when i brawl with U_DIE_TONIGHT who's from australia on serebii
    so we have send each other lots of replays
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