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Recent content by Alzi

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    Will there be lag?

    master plan
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    Miiverse Daily Smash 4 Photos (Closed for its successor)

    This would explain where all the men Rosalina sleeps with end up.
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    New Ledgegrabbing Mechanic Confirmed

    master plan
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    SSB4 Rumours and Leaks

    Palutena was maybe planned to appear in the next direct which might be tomorrow or sometime next week? I'm currently neutral though on this leak. Edit: If it is a fake then I believe what the person did with the mario model is find a pic/videoclip of when mario's body is like that then find a...
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    Miiverse Daily Smash 4 Photos (Closed for its successor)

    He is saving a character reveal for the direct happening either this week or very early on next.
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