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  • Mine's in the "About me" Tab...
    I'll add your when I decide to Play Brawl again.

    By slow do you mean SPPF's Lag? Or do you mean how unresponsive some of the members are?

    I can't use my Parent's MSN, so SPPF will suffice.
    Hey ArialAce!, is it possible if we can trade Brawl Friend codes? I already brawled Alzi, so I thought I should have a match with you--since we've never had a battle. Ever.
    Oh, and any idea when the next Brawl tournament (SPPF Brawl Club) will occur?
    If so, I would like to participate in it, if possible; just a placeholder incase it occurs in the near future, seeing as how my interest in SPPF has waned like, a lot since last week.
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