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  • Finland so there's lag
    i know i would rather brawl with european because lag wouldn't be huge but there's no other choice when they aren't online
    sorry about the lag

    my dad is on the computer watching, shall we say, questionable material :p

    i can play any time tomorrow if you're free
    silly alzi, saint is swordsaint from mywii

    you should join there, you'd fit in quite well =D

    saint also said that you were really good

    so there you go ^_^b
    alzi, i've been meaning to ask you this for a while, but i keep forgetting x_x

    who is jono?
    Sorry I couldn't race you one-on-one. I had to get off...omfg your VR is CRAZY!!! You managed to reach 9999...nicely done xD And I managed to reach 7000 (and I've gotten nothing lower than 3rd place during our races...awesomeness!) ^^ Oh yeah...I guess I ended up unlocking Toadette by the time I loaded up the game, which would explain why I've started using her instead of Rosalina xD But anywayz...those were fun :]
    Sure thing :] Mine's 0946 5517 9183. I shall meet you on wi-fi in a few mins. Anyway I need to get off the computer because my dad needs to fix up a program in my computer...so yeah see ya there ^^
    Ohhh so when you come back, you're probably going to have your own banner shop if that's possible?

    And btw I think it's time I should race you in MKWii someday...I'm not gonna bother unlocking Toadette for awhile so I've decided to stick to Rosalina in the meantime. What's your FC?
    Your signature in total is 800x250, including any text. So the text you have at the top of your sig pushes down your picture past the cutoff :(

    And your 'About me' tab is showing up to me, no idea what's up with that :(
    Not sure, but if you're looking for the size restrictions, I think it's 800x250 pixels
    Late reply...but New Year's is only a few days away. Really...what caused you to leave the forums and come back next year?

    And btw...will there be times you'll be on the spp-chat?
    Sorry for late reply, I have other sites on my tabs so I can't track with this.
    Anyway, it's midnight here so it's too late but I won't mind race due to my lost of interest in Brawl.
    I'll add your codes once I wake up.
    All right then. I'll take note of this.

    Btw, your VM box is being flooded so don't be surprised if you get like a thousand notifactions if you ever do decide to come back.
    Hiya., Alzi.
    This might be a bit too late but I completely forgot about this until you left Serebii(Which I was unaware of until early this morning).

    Is it possible If we could add eachover's friend codes for MKWii and perhaps Brawl?

    Thought I'd do that now since you left SPPF.
    Na Santi lives in Texas. It would be awesome to go with him though.
    I plan on starting to go in December.

    Thank you. ^_^
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