The Big House 3! Pools Predictions and Stream Requests

Jan 2, 2005
LA, CA near Santa Monica


Pool 1: Hbox, Green Ranger, Professor Chromeagay, Anther
Pool 2: Dr PeePee, Hyuga, Dope, PGH Carroll
Pool 3: ZoSo, Little England, Abu, Cheato
Pool 4: Frootloop, Taki, Idea, Rat
Pool 5: Kage, Moose, Wife, Violence
Pool 6: Hax$, Hanky Panky, Sweet, Scythe
Pool 7: SFAT, Nintendude, Ripple, BLiu
Pool 8: OXY | TheCrimsonBlur, Best Riven NA, Slayer, Wake
Pool 9: Darkatma, MattDotZeb, Oro?, Razor
Pool 10: Europhoria, Duck, GimR, Mundungu
Pool 11: M2K, PikaChad, Lance, HammerTime
Pool 12: PewPewU, Dio Brando, ORLY, Blake
Pool 13: Scar, Shaeden, j00t, Windrose
Pool 14: Kels, T-Bone, Izek, OnionChild
Pool 15: Cort, Trail, Juggleguy, Rusty Shacklefurd
Pool 16: Toph, Kalamazhu, moogle, Dempt


Pool 1: Hbox v Green Ranger, Green Ranger v Anther
Pool 2: Hyuga v Dope, PGH Carroll v Hyuga
Pool 3: ZoSo v LE, LE v Abu, Abu v ZoSo
Pool 4: Frootloop v Idea
Pool 5: Kage v Moose, Wife v Moose, Wife v Kage
Pool 6: Hax v Hanky Panky
Pool 7: SFAT v Nintendude
Pool 8: Me v Vanz
Pool 9: Atma v MDZ
Pool 10: Europhoria v Duck, GimR v Mundungu
Pool 11: M2K v PikaChad, PikaChad v Lance
Pool 12: PPU v ORLY, PPU v Dio Brando, ORLY v Dio Brando
Pool 13: Scar v Shaeden, Scar v j00t, Shaeden v j00t
Pool 14: none. this pool sucks
Pool 15: Cort v Trail, Cort v Juggleguy
Pool 16: Toph v Kalamazhu

= 28 stream matches. Which is probably too little with 2 streams, but these ought to be the priority ones imo.


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Aug 22, 2008
Kalamazoo, Michigan
Since WMU's homecoming weekend screwed me out of this tourney (again), I might as well make some pools predictions loooool

Melee R1 Pool Predictions

Pool1 l Hungrybox, Green Ranger, KJH, zbet
Pool2 l Dr PP, Hyuga, Dope, Carroll
Pool3 l ZoSo, Little England, Abu, Hellsing
Pool4 l Frootloop, Idea, Taki, Rat
Pool5 l Kage, Moose, Violence, Wife
Pool6 l Hax$, Hanky Panky, Scythe, Quaz
Pool7 l SFAT, Nintendude, Ripple, Captain Cleveland
Pool8 l VaNz, Slayer, Crimson, Stro
Pool9 l Darkatma, MDZ, Oro?!, Dre
Pool10 l Duck, Europhoria, The Good Doctor, Mundungu
Pool11 l M2K, PikaChad, Hammertime, Lanceinthepants
Pool12 l PPU, ORLY, Blake, Yakal
Pool13 l Scar, Shaeden, Windrose, j00t
Pool14 l Kels, T-bone, Gibby, Onion
Pool15 l Trail, Juggleguy, Cort, Montross
Pool16 l Toph, Kalamazhu, Moogle, General Heinz


Melee R1 Pool Stream Suggestions

Pool1 l Hungrybox vs Green Ranger, Hungrybox vs KJH, KJH vs zbet
Pool2 l Dr PP vs Hyuga, Hyuga vs Carroll, Dr PP vs Dope (dat new school vs old school hype)
Pool3 l ZoSo vs LE, LE vs Abu, ZoSo vs Abu
Pool4 l Frootloop vs Idea, Idea vs Taki, Frootloop vs Rat
Pool5 l Kage vs Moose, Moose vs Violence, Kage vs Wife
Pool6 l Hax$ vs Hanky Panky, Hax$ vs Scythe, Hanky Panky vs Scythe
Pool7 l SFAT vs Nintendude, Nintendude vs Ripple, SFAT vs Ripple
Pool8 l VaNz vs Slayer, Slayer vs Crimson, VaNz vs Crimson
Pool9 l Darkatma vs MDZ, Oro?! vs Darkatma, MDZ vs Oro?!
Pool10 l Duck us Europhoria, Europhoria vs TGD, Duck vs TGD
Pool11 l M2K vs PikaChad, PikaChad vs Hammertime, M2K vs Lanceinthepants, Artificial Flavor vs Lanceinthepants (Jamie the FALCOSLAYER)
Pool12 l PPU vs ORLY, PPU vs Blake, ORLY vs Blake
Pool13 l Scar vs Shaeden, Shaeden vs Windrose, Scar vs Windrose
Pool14 l Kels vs T-bone, T-bone vs Gibby, Kels vs Gibby
Pool15 l Trail vs Cort, Cort vs Juggleguy, Trail vs Juggleguy
Pool16 l Toph vs Kalamazhu, Toph vs Moogle, Kalamazhu vs Moogle


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May 2, 2010
Mantua, OH
I like how every pool prediction is the same for pool 16. I wonder how many people just copy/pasted it because they didn't know anyone in it....


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Mar 14, 2013
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Pool 1:
1. Hungrybox
2. Green Ranger
3. Anther
4. Oracle

Pool 2:
1. Dr. Peepee
2. Hyuga
3. Dope
4. PGH Carroll

Pool 3:
1. Zoso
2. Prince Abu
3. Little England
4. Cheato

Pool 4:
1. Idea
2. Frootloop
3. Rat
4. Taki

Pool 5:
1. Kage
2. Moose
3. 0Prz
4. Wife

Pool 6:
1. Hax$
2. Hanky Panky
3. Scythe
4. Sweet

Pool 7:
2. Nintendude
3. Ripple
4. BLiu

Pool 8:

1. Vanz
2. Slayer
3. OXY | TheCrimsonBlur
4. Wake

Pool 9:
1. Darkatma
2. MDZ | MattDotZeb
3. Oro?
4. Razor

Pool 10:
1. Europhoria
2. Duck
3. The Good Doctor
4. Mundungu

Pool 11:
1. Mew2King
2. PikaChad
3. Hammertime
4. Lanceinthepants

Pool 12:
1. PewPewU
2. Dio Brando/Yakal
4. KanyeRest

Pool 13:
1. MIOM | Scar
2. Shaeden
3. j00t
4. Windrose

Pool 14:
1. Kels
2. T-Bone
3. Izek
4. OnionChild

Pool 15:
1. Cort
2. Trail
3. MIOM | Juggleguy
4. Rusty Shacklefurd

Pool 16:
1. Toph
2. Kalamazhu
3. moogle
4. .Dempt


Pool 1:
1. HammerTime
2. j00t
3. OnionChild

Pool 2:
1. PikaChad
2. MDZ | MattDotZeb
3. Shaeden

Pool 3:
1. PewPewU
2. Oro
3. Super

Pool 4:
1. Metroid
2. moogle
3. Monk

Pool 5:
1. Mew2King
2. Calabrel
3. JTsm

Pool 6:
1. DioBrando
2. Trail
3. Zwarm
Pool 7:
1. Kirk
2. Lanceinthepants
3. Rizner

Pool 8:
2. Rusty Shacklefurd
3. Susan

Pool 9:
1. Hungrybox
2. Ripple
3. Toast

Pool 10:
1. Vanz
2. Hyuga
3. Cheato

Pool 11:
1. Rat
2. Green Ranger
3. Jono

Pool 12:
1. Scythe
2. KishPrime
3. heyseuss

Pool 13:
2. Arty
3. Quaz

Pool 14:
1. Oracle
2. Frootloop
3. Sweet

Pool 15:
1. PM | Strong Bad
2. Anther
3. Burnsy

Pool 16:
1. JCaesar
2. Dope
3. Kappy


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Feb 24, 2007
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I mean, as long as no one is a player under a different alias I think he's going to win that pool. Juggleguy hinted a lot of people entered under alt tags. So who's the secret boss in there?


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Jan 27, 2006
@yakal it's a tournament match, so enough is on the line already!

perhaps afterwards, if either of us is salty about the result ;D

EDIT: LMAO at the kels hate


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Dec 18, 2006
Land of the free

1. Hbox/Green Ranger/Anther/Oracle
2. Peepee/Hyuga/Dope/Carroll
3. Zoso/Abu/LE/Cheato
4. Frootloop/Idea/Taki/Wenbo
5. Kage/Moose/Violence/Wife
6. Hax/Hanky/Scythe/Quaz
7. SFAT/Nintendude/Ripple/Bowyer
8. Vanz/Slayer/CrimsonBlur/Wake
9. Darkatma/MDZ/Oro/Razor
10. Duck/GoodDoctor/Europhoria/Mundungu
11. M2k/Pikachad/Hammertime/Lanceinthepants
12. PewpewU/Yakal/Orly/Kanye Rest
13. Shaeden/Scar/Joot/Metroid
14. Kels/TheLake/Gibby/Izek
15. Trail/Cort/Juggleguy/Machiavelli
16. Kzhu/Toph/Moogle/dempt


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Nov 15, 2010
Rochester Hills, MI
Pool 1 - Hungrybox, Green Ranger, Professor Chromeagay, Anther
Pool 2 - Dr. Peepee, Carroll, Dope, Hyuga
Pool 3 - Little England, Zoso, Prince Abu, Cheato
Pool 4 - Armada Jr., Frootloop, Idea, Taki
Pool 5 - Kage, Moose, Wife, Violence
Pool 6 - Hax, Hanky Panky, Quaz, Sweet
Pool 7 - SFAT, Nintendude, Ripple, Captain Cleveland
Pool 8 - Best Riven NA, Slayer, TheCrimsonBlur, Butch G
Pool 9 - Darkatma, MattDotZeb, Oro, Dre
Pool 10 - Duck, Europhoria, The Good Doctor, Mundungu
Pool 11 - Mew2King, PikaChad, Hammertime, Lance
Pool 12 - PewPewU, ORLY, Housewife, Blake
Pool 13 - Shaeden, Scar, Roki, Windrose
Pool 14 - Kels, OnionChild, Izek, Slarti
Pool 15 - Trail, Juggleguy, Cort, Montross
Pool 16 - Toph, Kalamazhu, INSANE CRAZY GUY, Ikkitrix

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Jul 17, 2009
So much silly midwest bias in here.

1. Hungrybox, Green Ranger, KJH, Oracle
2. PP, Hyuga, Carroll, Dope
3. Little England, ZoSo, ShroudedOne, Abu
4. ArmadaJr, FrootLoop, Taki, Idea, Rat (If ArmadaJr doesn't show)
5. Kage, Moose, Wife, Violence
6. Hax, HankyPanky, Sweet, Scythe
7. Sfat, Nintendude, Ripple, BLiu
8. Vanz, Wake, Slayer, CrimsonBlur
9. Atma, MDZ, Christian, Oro
10. Duck, TheGoodDoctor, Europhoria, GimR
11. M2K, PikaChad, Lance, Tremor
12. PPU, Orly, Dio Brando, Kanye Rest
13. Shaeden, Scar, j00t, PseudoTurtle
14. Kels, T-Bone, Venance, Izek
15. Trail, Juggleguy, Cort, Machiavelli
16. Toph, Kalamazhu, Moogle, Zwarm

Can't believe so many people think dempt can make it out of pools.


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Aug 8, 2013
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


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Sep 27, 2005
Best Mundo NA son

But after my 3rd game of promo series I had two AFKs and lost a promo AGAIN bcause of AFKs I quit that stupid game. I'm tired of being happy havin top farm n kdr in game then lose cause riot lets 10yos who cry about anything just afk when they want...punishin good ppl bcause kids are trolls NOTYKTHXBAII

Ill be playinn it next week prolly..sigh...
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