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The Beauty of Hyrule Temple


If you’re familiar with The Legend of Zelda, you are likely well acquainted with the temples. On that same note, if you’re familiar with Smash Bros, you most likely know one of the most iconic stages of all time, the Temple, (or as you may call it as I do) Temple of Hyrule.

Smash gameplay analyst, MockRock, takes us through the journey of this stage as if it were a story designed by Takashi Tezuka himself. MockRock answers the philosophical questions you didn’t even know the stage inspired from within you: From what parts of The Legend of Zelda lore is it derived? How can architecture build a dramatic battle filled with tension? What is it about this stage that makes gameplay flow so rewardingly for casual and advanced players alike?

The premise of the video, and the context of watching it all the way through, inspired some of my own ideas on how Hyrule Temple represents The Legend of Zelda so elegantly…

...How each portion of the stage feels as if it were a room in a dungeon, never knowing what is around the corner; how the deeper down you go, and the more damage you rack up, the harder it can be to escape.

...How the actual building in the background beckons back to the castles in Zelda, in the background but always a visual present and impending presence.

...How the juxtaposition of the battleground and ethereal realm are part of the visceral design, and almost like the Goddesses watching over you, reincarnating after death.

...How the colors of the stage even represent the characters- the Temple the color of the Princess herself, with the battleground dressed in the color of our Hero Link.

...I finally noticed how the stage even looked like a structurally upside Triforce, itself.

I wonder, users;

Does the stage breakdown lure you to write poetry?


Temple or Hyrule Temple will forever be my most favorite Smash Bros. stage ever. It's literally the perfect stage in my eyes. It's like fighting in a maze or dungeon and no matter if you're fighting against one person or several other people on the map the stage feels just right for any type of battle setup in the game. It's like the perfect battlefield.
A staple of Smash stages, despite being illegal.
A few of my most treasured gaming memories happened on this mysterious floating temple, what a truly magical place.
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While I either play mostly online or custom stages offline, Temple is a nostalgic classic for SSB (I played this map a lot in Melee and Brawl), and it makes a great ffa/8 player map.
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in my circle of smashers we always play it

there is a hint of irony in the most popular of zelda stage being based on one of the least popular games
can someone tell me why they deleted this stage from QP? it's 1 of my fave stages!
you can really have funny/silly KO's on this stage
and with Peach/Daisy this stage is real fun to play on :p
Temple brings back memories of playing with my friends in Melee, all of us with a different coloured Gamecube controller :) Whoever were the last two would have to fight in 'the pit' as a final showdown. Bonus points for the Fire Emblem remix that we would pick if we were playing Marth or Roy. Good times indeed.
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