Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster Thread


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Aug 12, 2012
I'm afraid I don't have the time or technical know-how to create an image-based roster (as much as I want to), but with E3 coming up, I thought I should throw my hat in the ring before any leaks sully the process:

  1. Mario
  2. Classic Link
  3. Samus
  4. Kirby
  5. Donkey Kong
  6. Fox
  7. Pikachu
  8. Bowser
  9. Pit
  10. Villager
  11. Mega Man
  12. Peach
  13. Pikmin & Capt. Olimar
  14. Luigi
  15. Toon Link
  16. Sonic
  17. Marty
  18. Rosalina & Luma
  19. Zelda
  20. King Dedede
  21. Little Mac
  22. Diddy Kong
  23. Zero-Suit Samus
  24. Sheik
  25. Yoshi
  26. Charizard
  27. Ike
  28. Mii Fighter (Brawler)
  29. Mii Fighter (Swordsman)
  30. Mii Fighter (Gunner)
  31. Palutena
  32. Pac-Man
  33. Lucina
  34. Capt. Falcon
  35. Robin
  36. Meta Knight
  37. Shulk
  38. Mr. Game & Watch
  39. R.O.B.
  40. Jigglypuff
  41. Wario
  42. Falco
  43. Ganondorf
  44. Dr. Mario
  45. Ness
  46. Bowser Jr.
  47. Duck Hunt
  48. Mewtwo
  49. Lucas
  50. Roy
  51. Ryu
  52. Cloud
  53. Bayonetta
  1. Ice Climbers
  2. Wolf
  3. Pokemon Trainer w/ Squirtle (DLC)
  1. Inkling
  2. Wild Link
  3. Balloon Fighter
  4. Spring-Man
  5. Takamaru
  6. Dark Samus
  7. Bomberman
  8. New, unannounced Pokemon
  9. Mach Rider
  10. Crash Bandicoot
  11. Rayman
  12. Ricky Winterborn (1080, Wave Race)
  13. Paper Mario
  14. Dixie Kong
  15. Rex & Pyra
  16. Mii Fighter (wizard)
  17. Banjo-Kazooie
  18. Ryo Hazuki (Shenmue)
  19. Dragon Quest guy
  20. Professor Layton
  21. Monster Hunter
  22. Original Donkey Kong (DLC)
  23. Altered Beast (DLC)
  24. Simon Belmont (DLC)
  25. Excitebiker (DLC clone)
  26. Tails (DLC)
  27. Pig Gannon (DLC)
  28. Geno (DLC)
  29. Ivy (Soul Calibur - DLC)
  30. Scorpion (DLC)
Cut from the Team:
Wii Fit Trainer, Lucario, Dark Pit, Snake, Ivysaur, Pichu, Young Link, Greninja, Corrin

Other predictions/notes:

  • The game will be called Super Smash Bros. Switch!
  • The title will have a double meaning, as it's for Switch and it will have a tag-mode called "Switch."
  • The predictions are a mix of expected and wanted. Not all wanted characters are included, because they would not be realistic.
  • Ryo Hazuki will be announced at E3 after the tournament finals. Shenmue I & II will come to Switch.
  • Scorpion seems very outlandish, but I could see Ed Boon begging Nintendo to let him in after Ryu was revealed. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3: The Last Kombatants will come to Switch in the classic style.
  • Mach Rider will coincide with Retro's reboot of the franchise.
  • I realize that most of this roster will not happen, however, I have a good feeling about Ricky Winterborn and original Donkey Kong (in all his 8-bit pixilated, barrel throwing glory).

Sorry for the double-post, but I had to re-post this. Thank you so much Megadoomer for creating this.

Three things of note from Megadoomer:
*Pokemon Trainer is with Squirtle
**Mii =Mii Fighter Wizard
***Beast = Altered Beast

Thank you, again. :)
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Jan 30, 2017
Figure I'd throw mine into the ring. Just made this right now, so it's probably not the best. However I think it has a lot of good ideas in it.

Smash 5 roster.png

I deleted the file like an idiot, but just know that I if I could make a change it would be to take out Duck Hunt and add Ryu back in.

  • Link and Ganondorf are complete reworks. Zelda is noticeably changed but still recognizable as her old self. Impa has Sheik's moveset. Toon Link keeps his moveset.
  • Mario is somewhat reworked based on Odyssey.
  • Alola Trainer works differently from the old pokemon trainer. It functions more like a rosalina/luna character with more of its strength in the puppet it controls, with more control over its puppet, and having the ability to switch between 3 different pokemon to use, including Decidueye.
  • Black Shadow plays like Falcondorf.
  • Excitebiker can honestly be swapped outfor any retro character.
Cuts made:
  • Bowser Jr., Roy, Lucina, Dr. Mario, Cloud, Charizard, Greninja, Wii Fit Trainer, Duck Hunt.
  • I wanted there to be some cuts for realism. I tried to take out characters that weren't super unique gameplaywise and didn't feel essential to their series or to smash as a whole. Worst losses were probably Charizard and Cloud.
New additions:
  • Inkling, because duh.
  • Spring Man, Rex and Pyra, Alola Trainer, and Celica due to relevance/potentially cool gameplay.
  • Bandana Dee and Ridley are long awaited.
  • Dark Samus (Or as I'd rather they call her, Metroid Prime) is likely going to make a return in Prime 4, and is a recurrent character in the series that rounds out an increasingly relevant, underrepresented franchise.
  • Chorus Kids are much desired and have a lot of moveset potential.


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May 1, 2018
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My Dream Roster For Super Smash Bros 5 Or Any Other Future Installments (In No Particular Order)

The Mario Series

Princess Peach
Bowser Jr.
Rosalina And Luma

The WarioWare Series-
Kat And Ana
Young Cricket

The Donkey Kong Series Roster

Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Dixie Kong
King K. Rool
Funky Kong
Stanley The Bug

The Legend Of Zelda Series

Princess Zelda/Shiek (They should just be switchable and not separate characters, as it's weird)!
Ganondorf (Completely Reworked With A New Moveset)
Wolf Link And Minda
The Champions From Breath Of The Wild (As Switchable Character's)
The Skull Kid
Young Link From Majora's Mask (Reworked With A New Moveset)
Impa (From Skyward Sword)

The Metroid Series-
Samus/Zero Suit Samus (Same Deal As With Zelda And Shiek)
Dark Samus

The Kid Icarus Series-

Dark Pit (Completely Reworked With A New Moveset)

The Pokemon Series-

The Pokemon Trainer

The Kirby Series-

King DeDeDe
Meta Knight
Bandanna Dee
Prince Fluff (From Kirby's Epic Yarn)
Magolor (From Return To Dreamland)
Adeleine (From Kirby 64)

The Star Fox Series-
Fox McCloud
Falco Lombardi
Wolf O' Donnell
Slippy Toad

The Fire Emblem Series-

One Or Two New Magic Users Who Doesn't Use A Sword

The Earthbound/Mother Series-

The Masked Man/Claus
Porky Minch
Jeff Andonuts
Giygas (From Mother 1)

The F-Zero Series-

Captain Falcon
Samurai Goroh
Black Shadow

The Punch-Out Series-

Little Mac
King Hippo
Mr. Sandman
Bald Bull

The Animal Crossing Series-

The Villager
Mr. Ressite

The Xenoblade Series-

Rex And Pyra

Spring Man
Ribbon Girl

Mr. Game And Watch


The Duck Hunt Duo (Dog And Duck)

The Ice Climbers


Olimar And The Pikmin

The Wii Fit Trainer

Isaac (From Golden Sun)

The Inklings

Wonder Red

Karate Joe (From Rhythm Heaven)

Prince Of Sable

Chibi Robo

The Mach Rider

Captain Rainbow

Isa Jo (From Sin And Punishment: Star Successor)

Mike Jones

Nester (From Nintendo Power)

Lip (From Panel De Pon)

Jill (From Drill Dozer)

Character's Owned By Namco Bandai


Character's Owned By Capcom

Mega-Man X
Ryu (From The Street Fighter Series)
Jill Valentine (From The Resident Evil Series)

Character's Owned By Sega

Sonic The Hedgehog
Alex Kidd

Character's Owned By Konami

Naked Snake/Big Boss (From MGS3: Snake Eater On 3DS)
Simon Belmont (From The Castlevania Series)

Character's Owned By Square Enix

Cloud Strife
Chrono (From Chrono Trigger)

Other Third Party Character's


Banjo And Kazooie

Travis Touchdown (From No More Heroes)

Ryu Hayabusa (From The Ninja Gaiden Series)

Crash Bandicoot

Sub-Zero (From The Mortal Kombat Series)

Steve (From Minecraft)

Professor Layton

Earthworm Jim

Doomguy (From Doom)
Mar 8, 2018

I updated my roster, Yellow indicates a new character, Green indicates a returning newcomer.

EDIT: Might update this roster in the future

Switch Prediction Roster.png

This will probably be the final version of my prediction roster, now with DLC Characters! will probably post some reasons later.

I might replace Anna with Celica

EDIT: Forgot to put the yellow border on Dark Samus.

EDIT 2: Forgot to put in Link and Zelda's BOTW Designs
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May 1, 2018
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Here is my first take on Smash Switch roster...

Dixie Kong can be a new DK rep since she is probably the third most recognize character from DKC besides K Rool and Sakurai has considered her before for Brawl. I can see her as a Diddy Kong clone or be inspired from his moveset.

Geno is always a possibility since Sakurai clearly see potential for him in Smash and Nintendo's relationship with Square these days is pretty good.

I can see Ice Climbers returning since there is no 3DS version this time, Bandana Dee for another Kirby rep, and Decidueye reps gen 7 for Pokémon. Another Xenoblade is likely as well but I put Rex/Pyra in the roster since I couldn't find a generic Xenoblade icon. ARMS character will probably be a DLC character if not in the base game.

Takamaru and Excitebike are here for new retro reps. Celica and Anna are here as new Fire Emblem reps.

Kos-mos, and Jack Frost are third party reps due to Nintendo's good relationship with Atlus, Bandai Namco.
Dec 24, 2001
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Prediction Roster.png

A bit of a combination of want and prediction, tried to include everyone from the Wii U version but I'm sure I missed someone.

Playstyles and descriptions below!

Captain Toad:
The breakout Mario star of the Wii U period; has own game which came about through fans showing a demand for a full Captain Toad game. Hoping for a Pull Switch move allowing him to terraform some of the stage, helping him with his lack of a jump, adding some unique abilities and properly representing the in game mechanics of manipulating the stage to get from place A to B. Smallest heavyweight in the game with poor aerial skills and strong ground attacks.


Hugely popular and almost definitely did well in the ballot with casual and smash fans alike. Most likely a very wacky inclusion. Would like him to have a corrupted sportsman moveset; for example using bob-ombs in tennis serves, using contraptions to leap over opponents(give him easier footstools with a special), etc...

Dixie Kong:
Completing the tritagonists of Donkey Kong, and with a large role in Tropical Freeze, Dixie Kong enters the Smash. She'd be a fairly competent aerial fighter capable of long range grapples, with access to a few animal buddies in her moves. If Rambi doesn't appear as an AT, I really hope he is part of Dixie's moveset.

Mid weight samurai who specialises in trapping enemies with water, light and fire moves. Upon trapping an opponent with her elemental attacks, she can slice and dice with her Biggron Sword. Alts are Skyward Sword Impa and Ocarina of Time Impa. Throw an old Impa in for a gag alt.

Another aerial based attacker; Tingle is the opposite to Captain Toad; a light weight king of the air character who is very weak on the ground. When 'standing' on the stage he slightly floats with his balloon. Can firebomb the stage with bombs, balloons, Tingle statues and trap rupees.

Bandana Waddle Dee:

Completeing the modern Kirby lineup, Bandana Dee has rapid speed attacks with his spear allowing him to rack up damage fast however he's very much a glass cannon; capable of hitting hard and fast but extremely light weight.

The Summoner from Fire Emblem Heroes. Capable of summoning many other Fire Emblem Heroes giving some spotlight to non lords and allowing us to explore things like Wyvern Riders, Knights, Laguz, Pegasus Knights, Axe weilders, etc. Nearly every attack Kiran performs summons a Fire Emblem character to perform it allowing lots of Fire Emblem characters to get focus on who would otherwise never get a look in.

He's a BIG fan favourite. His giant size alone(as well as his giant fandom) would make him an interesting fighter and easily the largest fighter in the entire game giving him insane reach.

Mega popular with casuals and Nintendo, her moveset would be focusing on things from Animal Crossing Villager just doesn't encompass combined with a clumsy nature making her an amusing accidental fighter.

Ok, not exactly sold on Decidueye, but I do like archers and he's likely. Why did I add so many aerial fighters to this roster?!?

Slippy Toad:
Using a Starfox Guard based moveset, Slippy's game was the best thing that came out of Starfox during the Wii U period. Slippy would be a great jumper but have a focus on turrets and traps seperating him from his fellow spacies. Unlike Impa who was strong in close range combat, Slippy would excel at long range tactics and have very weak close combat skills.

Getting upgraded from alt to clone character, He'd take Olimar's Brawl moveset but with Rock Pikmin added to the mix. Olimar can keep the flying Pikmin, and Alph can have that six Pikmin chain grab.

Dur, announced.

Okay, I'm seeing a pattern in moveset types I want. Dillon, similar to Slippy has a tower defence. His would deal less damage and the payoff is superior ability in close combat and speed albeit far worse aerial manuverability. Can also tunnel making him a little unique, but and ground damaging attacks(such as a butt stomp from Yoshi/Bowser, a pickaxe based attack from Captain Toad or a Pow Block) will deal double damage to him if he's underground!

Chibi Robo:
Using a combination of every day appliances and his zip lash grappling hook style extension cable, Chibi Robo is a great anti aerial character. Although short in stature Chibi is capable of whipping down foes from a surprising distance! Lastly electrical attacks actually mildly heal him, so be careful how you attack if playing Pikachu, Ness, Zero Suit Samus, Samus, Lucas and ROB!

Xenoblade's Wii U star, Elma is a good all rounder with dual weilding blades AND Guns. As a result she has no glaring weaknesses in any real area capable of long and short range.

Another often requested Smashboards favourite; Isaac finally gets to showcase his ridiculously large moveset here. Honestly there's so many options I don't really know if I have a concrete envision of which skills he'd use. I guess since Venus adepts are ground based though he'd be a little more at home alongside Captain Toad, Dillon and Chibi on the ground than in the air.

Not exactly a personal favourite, but hard to deny his liklihood. Takamaru, similar to Elma is capable of long range and close range although the emphasis is definitely more close. Has the ability to briefly turn invisible although this is a double edged sword as whilst opponents cannot see Takamaru, nor can the player! Deals more damage when invisible to encourage this high risk high reward playing style.

With the success of Origins and Legends, Rayman's a notable third party pick. His detachable body parts give him some of the longest range in the entire game, however he takes a while to wind up his strongest attacks.


Bomberman was a launch title for the Switch and a personal childhood favourite of mine. Bomberman would be an area control character using his various bomb placements he can control the stage. Can kick bombs and combine bombs into more devastating attacks.

Coming soon


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May 10, 2016
My friend made a roster. He thinks it's a great roster. (At the very least, size is realistic) Don't take it too seriously.
May 7, 2018
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My first post on the forum, but here is a realistic roster I made:

Some notes on my choices:
  • I think Captain Toad definitley has the highest chance to make it out of any mario character due to his recent appearances, plus the toads in general have long been a staple of the series.
  • Many people have suggested numerous Zelda characters but I chose Impa due to her reocurring presence through the series.
  • Dixie Kong has a higher chance than K. Rool due to Tropical Freeze.
  • Bandana Dee is the obvious Kirby character as a part of the playable 4 in RTDL and Star Allies. Also as many have said, a spear fighter would certainly be unique.
  • Wolf should definitley return, clone or not. His appearance in Star Fox Zero is something to draw inspiration from.
  • Decidueye is the best choice for a Gen 7 Pokemon in my opinion, with its inclusion we would have every starter type. This could also theoretically be replaced by another Gen 7 Pokemon or a possible Gen 8 however I think that is more unlikely.
  • I added Lyn mainly as a place holder because I think it is obvious we will get a Fire Emblem character. Lyn could easily be replaced however she should be considered due to her popularity.
  • Spring Man is the face of ARMS and would be good representation for this new IP.
  • Chorus Kids may have been in the data/plans for Smash 4 and I think they could offer a good moveset and play style.
  • Ice Climbers returning is pretty much a given.
  • Sakurai has shown much interest in Takamaru as a fighter and with his game being released on Virtual Console it seems ever more likely.
  • Honestly any new character from Xenoblade could appear I just think Rex and Pyra as swaps of each other is the most likely. Maybe even a tag team.
  • I don't really have much idea for third party characters and to be honest I would rather stop adding them, 10 should be the maximum in my opinion. But I do think Rayman would be a good choice due to the recent Ubisoft crossovers like the Mario and Rabbids game.
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Sep 7, 2014

My idealized roster. I'm not going to pretend to be able to get inside the mind of Sakurai and make a prediction. I just want to share the roster I'd want.

- All 58 characters from Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U return with only a select few being revamped.
• Characters revamped: Mario, Link, Zelda, Ganondorf, and Lucina.
• Returning veterans: Wolf and Ice Climbers
• Newcomers
- Inkling (Splatoon series, confirmed)
- Twintelle (ARMS series)
- Elma (Xenoblade series)
- Captain Toad (Mario series)
- Decidueye (Pokemon series)
- Midna (Legend of Zelda series)
- Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong series)
- Ridley (Metroid series)
- Medusa (Kid Icarus series)
- Black Shadow (F-Zero series, old Ganondorf moveset)
- Lip (Panel de Pon, retro newcomer)
- Takamaru (The Mysterious Murasame Castle, retro newcomer)
- Tails (Sonic series)
- Zero (Megaman series)
- Terra Branford (Final Fantasy series)
- Simon Belmont (Castlevania series)

Rather than see a lot of completely new 3rd party characters, I want Sakurai to expand what we already have of existing 3rd party franchises in Smash. I feel really strong about this. The only brand new 3rd party character I put in was Simon Belmont from the Castlevania series.
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Jul 19, 2014

Eight newcomers, four reworks, two cuts. A bit conservative, but I'd rather be surprised than disappointed.
Lucina, Ganondorf, Zelda and Dark Pit get reworked.
Roy, Dr. Mario go bye bye.
Lyn - most popular female Fire Emblem character according to Heroes official Choose Your Legend poll, substitutes Roy as GBA FE representative. It also balances the genders between the FE reps, but that's irrelevant.
Pokemon - I have NO idea what Pokemon could make it. Could be Lycanroc, Decidueye, Mimikyu or whatever.
Wolf Link + Midna - popular, tons of potential.
Wolf, Ice Climbers returns.
Ashley - seems to be popular, interesting design and possibility of a good moveset.
Takamaru - popular pick, already and Assist, retro character and his game recently came west. Lots of moveset potential.
Fiora - this one is more of a gut feeling, but she has incredible moveset potential and appears in Project X Zone 2 as playable with KOS-MOS. Can be replaced by Elma or Rex.
Travis - strong ties with Nintendo, upcoming game and moveset potential.
Geralt - third party surprise character. The devs apparently hinted that he will make a guest appearance in a 2018 game. Could be Soul Calibur (likely), could be Smash (unlikely). I don't know the details about the game, but I've read the books, and there's not many interesting things he could do to stand out other than being completely unexpected.
Other options I don't know much about/substitutes for a character in the roster:
Bandanna Dee, Champions, Impa, Skull Kid, Tingle, Linkle, Chorus Kids, Isabelle (I don't want this. I don't want to hurt Isabelle), Tom Nook (I'd hit this guy with everything, no remorse), Anna, Celica, Mach Rider, Exitebike, Balloon Fight dude, DK rep (Funky would be my personal choice), Sora.

KOS-MOS - Appears in Xenoblade 2, previously owned by BNamco.
C. Toad - Nothing much to say about him, but people want him and he's kinda cute.
Elma - Same as before, just hopeful.
DLC/other choices - Rex and Spring man could be too late, the others are advertisement.
DLC is hard to predict, so I won't think of anything else.
Goku is a joke, but I would love to see the outrage and utter chaos he would bring.
Dr. Luigi
Costumes from Odyssey for Mario
Brave/Great Lord Lucina
Different armors for BOTW Link
Vanguard/Legendary Ike
Makna Shulk
Different KOS-MOS versions
Different suits for Samus
Nothing else because I know costumes will be disappointing once again.
Last minute clones:
That guy in Xenoblade 2 that does that thing.
Roy, again
Lucina, again (please no)
Pichu comes back (please yes)
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May 18, 2013

Here's my prediction roster.

Eleven newcomers, two returning veterans. I'm thinking this game started out as a port of Smash 4, or at the very least a lot of assets will be pulled from that game, hence no cuts.

Captain Toad - Captain Toad, Waluigi, and Paper Mario are the three most likely Mario newcomers I believe, but Toad has long been a popular Mario character and staple of the series, and now with Captain Toad I think he can finally make it. On a personal level I'd be down with any of the three Mario newcomers mentioned above.

King K. Rool - He's my personal most wanted, but I honestly think he has a good shot this time around. He's a very popular character and has good potential. I also could see Dixie Kong being added either instead or in addition to K. Rool.

Bandana Dee - He's popular and seen as the next major Kirby character not yet playable. Kirby is also a big series at this point and it seems to me as someone who is only casually interested in Kirby that Kirby has been in a renaissance as of late.

Decidueye - It's a popular new Pokemon that has some good moveset potential. Decidueye is my prefered Pokemon newcomer, but I could easily see another Pokemon get in instead of it. Pokemon is in the same position as Mario, where it's a huge and massively popular series that could easily get a newcomer in every Smash game.

Takamaru - A relatively popular retro character. Who has now appeared in the West with a Virtual Console release and an assist trophy appearance.

Isabelle - Animal Crossing is popular and Isabelle herself is a popular character Nintendo likes to promote. There's still plenty of Animal Crossing content they could pull a moveset from.

Rex & Pyra - Xenoblade is becoming more and more popular, so I can easily see it gaining another character. It just comes down to when Sakurai started making the game. If they don't make base game roster, I imagine they'd be one of the earlier DLC characters.

Inklings - Confirmed.

Spring Man - He's from a popular new IP that Nintendo probably wants to promote more. He has the same problem Rex and Pyra do. It all depends on when Sakurai started the game and how much he knew about ARMs. I could also see Spring Man being one of the first DLC characters.

Rayman and Bomberman - Putting these two third party characters together for a reason. I don't know where Smash will go with third parties. I admit they have to have at least one, maybe two or three of them, simply because they are popular as a whole and get people hyped up.

That said, I don't think Crash, Dovahkiin, or any recently ported to Switch characters will make it to the base game, simply because of the timing. I could see DLC for those characters though.

Wolf and Ice Climbers come back because both are popular. Ice Climbers are coming back unless technical limitations prevent them. Wolf has a lower chance, but I think his absence was sorely missed and will return.
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Aug 12, 2013
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My roster:

Lucina (alt for Marth)
Dark Pit (he's an alt costume for Pit)
Ryu (despite him being fun, Ryu seems to me a one off character)
Duck Hunt Duo
Newcomers (excluding the Inklings as we already know they will be in the game)
Rool- He's beeen a popular request for years, and is a great Nintendo villain, and Smash needs more baddies

Decidueye- Pokemon's newcomer, has good moveset potential,

Takamaru- Popular retro character with a great moveset

Travis Touchdown- His developers want him in Smash, and Suda51 is friendly with Sakurai,

Rex/Pyra- Xenoblade has been gaining a lot of popularity, and Sakurai is developing the new Xenonlade, either they'll be in the base game or as DLC.

Spring Man- Arms is a popular new IP and I can guarantee you, just like Rex/Pyra they'll be playable in the base game

Isabelle- Animal Crossing is a popular franchise, and Isabelle seems to popular

Rayman- He was a trophy in Smash 4, and he is a popular and iconic 3rd Party character

Steve- Before Minecraft was released on Wii U (as well as on the Switch), Steve was a HELL NO, but now that Minecraft has been released on a Nintendo console, I'd be okay with his inclusion, Minecraft is a worldwide pheonomenon, and Steve could be fun to play as.

Krystal- I know she hasn't appeared in a game in 12 years, BUT she has very good moveset potential, she'd play differently than Fox or Falco, either as a ranged fighter, using weapons from Star Fox Assault, or as a close range melee staff fighter with an emphasis on combos, using her staff from Star Fox Adventures. From what I have heard, she was somewhat popular on the ballot, I wouldn't say top ten, but top 15 maybe, and Sakurai did seriously consider her for Brawl, the only reason why she wasn't playable was due to time constraints. But don't worry Wolf fans, I have something special in mind for you

Bandana Dee: Popular request, and I know the Kirby franchise is Sakurai's Baby

Returning Vets that were not in Smash 4:
Ice Climbers- The only reason why they were cut is due to technical limitations

Snake (I know, Konami can go die in a fire,)
Sylux/Dark Samus (sorry Ridley fanboys, Sakurai has already said Ridley is infeasible)
Apr 15, 2014
My roster, wasn't able to figure out/too lazy to figure out how to remove characters haha

Smash 5 Roster Roster.png

I realized there are way too many 3rd party characters and individual franchises before it was too late, but this is what I want in a dream world. If I get Rayman or Sora I'll be pleased as punch.
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Jun 8, 2017
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So I made my prediction roster. I'm not 100% sold on it. No intentional cuts. Wario and Miis would NOT be there, I just forgot them the first time around and didn't want to move around most of the roster. White means unlockable.
RosterSmash5 1.png

Captian Toad: Constant appearances, his own side-game, a unique gimmick. He has a lot going for him.

Kamek: A bit of a risky pick, but I think he has a chance. We have yet to have a fully magic based fighter, and he's had constant roles in both the Mario and Yoshi series. While not a shoe-in, people don't give him enough credit.

Yarn Yoshi: A clone of Yoshi. Featherweight, but very speedy and fast.

Bandana Dee: A shoe in, the most likely Kirby character.

Galacta Knight: A Meta Knight clone. He's only missed one Kirby game since his debut, and has high popularity.

Isabelle: NOT a Villager clone. Uses stuff from AC that weren't represented, like Public Works Projects and Fishing.

Decidueye: A Grass Archer, two things that haven't been given full focus in Smash. I'm not 100% confident in him being who we get, but I think he's quite likely.

? Pokémon: I think Decidueye wont be the only additional Pokémon Rep. It could be a returning vet, another Gen 7 Pokémon, or even revisiting an older Pokémon from an old generation, but regardless I think we'll be getting 2 newcomers.

Celica: We've always gotten a new FE character. If that pattern were to change, It'd be in this game, but I don't think so. Basically "Pichu, but good". Uses Echoes design, not NES

Rex/Pyra: Unique Gimmick.

Takamaru: Token retro

Spring-Man: Unique Gimmick. I can imagine Nintendo would request him to represent the then upcoming ARMS

Octolings: Inkling Clones. Use unique versions of Inkling's moves. For instance, a Splat Bomb would be replaced by a fast but weak Burst Bomb, Roller with a multihit Inkbrush,etc.

Arcade Rabbit: The surprise character. He uses stuff from his game, such as the badges, his extreme personality, and various badge catchers.

Rayman: Ubisoft and Nintendo have had good relations, so it's quite possible.

Shovel Knight: Shovel Knight was published by Nintendo in Japan and has 4 amiibo. Decent indie rep.

Let me know how I did, please give constructive criticism. And for the ideal roster you could swap out Charizard for Marx and it's about right.


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Here is my ideal roster:

I've made a few tweaks to it since the previous roster thread. My explanation about the characters I've added and dropped are here.
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06/14/18 EDIT: Whew, boy... what a complete and utter curveball this week has been for us speculators! Indeed, it was such a curveball, I decided to completely redo my roster predictions! Many of my previous roster picks still made it onto this one, but I did add a few to account for the new focus on Echo Fighters and removed some to make room.
Ultimate Speculative Roster Roster.png

And this is it. Blue border = standard fighter, green border = Echo Fighter, yellow = DLC, didn't even bother trying to predict who's going to be unlockable after the incredibly vague statement we got about unlocking characters this time. Obviously, everyone from every previous Smash game is here, as well as Ridley, Inkling, and Daisy as they're already confirmed. But what about the rest? Well...

Geno - I'm of the firm belief that, due to a number of factors, this Smash game is likely to focus on fanservice rather than surprise factor when it comes to newcomers. That's not to say we won't get any unexpected characters, but this game seems to be Sakurai's ultimate swan song for his vision of the franchise, not to mention the man himself has indicated that there are fewer newcomer slots up for grabs this time, so it'd make sense to load those few slots up with heavy hitters and fan favorites. Enter Geno, an emblem of the Smash speculation scene since the early days of Brawl and a character who's been atop Sakurai's personal wishlist for years. Now that his parent company is finally in on the Smash deal, I'd be genuinely surprised to see Geno miss out on Smash again, as he'd be easily one of the most fanservice-y picks possible, right up there with Ridley and K. Rool, in my opinion.

King K. Rool - See above, but to an even greater degree because it's f*cking K. Rool, the most popularly requested candidate of our time. Anyone who isn't keeping an eye out for the big green croc at this point is undeniably a King K. Fool.

Dixie Kong - Before yesterday, you wouldn't have caught me dead saying this, but I genuinely think Dixie's going to be an Echo Fighter of her cousin, Diddy, for one reason only: Diddy's new jab. If you recall, his old jab was the only move that made use of his tail, which was the main physical difference between the two as Dixie lacks one (for some reason). Bit suspicious that they'd choose to make that change now, wouldn't you say? Beyond that, the only weird stuff in Diddy's toolset for Dixie to use would be the Peanut Popgun, which could easily be reskinned for her Gumball Popgun, and the Rocketbarrel Pack, which doesn't really have a suitable substitute, but you already know they don't care.

Ashley - She's insanely popular over in Japan to the point where her fame extends well beyond her home series, and she's a decently requested character in the West as well. The fact that she hasn't shown up as an Assist yet also bodes well for her. She'd likely be easy to make a moveset for as well by virtue of simply being a magic user, a criminally underrepresented style of combat that has yet to be fully tapped into in Smash, and could also utilize potions and her little demon friend, Red, in some of her moves.

Dark Samus - Usually, I'd be against the idea of A.) any more Metroid characters after Ridley and B.) Dark Samus being a clone of Samus, as I think the series is fine in terms of character representation and it'd be selling the character short, but considering it's failed to appear either as an alt. costume for Samus thus far or as a reprisal of its Assist Trophy role in 4, I'm inclined to believe it'll be one of our new Echo Fighters. It's practically identical to Samus in build and is a reasonably popular character, likely right behind Ridley in terms of requests for a Metroid rep, making it a perfect candidate for an Echo Fighter.

Impa - Echo of Sheik. Mostly self-explanatory, as they're both Sheikah warriors and Impa is recurring and popular enough to earn a spot as an Echo Fighter, but may not have enough material to work with as a unique fighter. There's also the matter of Sheik's new Final Smash, which fits Impa to a T to the point of even featuring the Sheikah eye symbol. Based on the information we have right now, she's the most likely Echo yet to be revealed IMO.
(Also, worth noting that one of the few 3D Zeldas yet to be represented by a character is Skyward Sword, which just so happens to feature one of Impa's only combat-viable appearances. Hardly an outright confirmation of anything, but food for thought regardless.)

Bandanna Dee - He's incredibly popular, at least if the polls I've seen are any indication, and pretty much the choice for a new Kirby rep. He doesn't quite have the raw star power that fanservice picks like Geno and K. Rool would, but he has the relevancy, popularity, and staying power to more than make up for it in my book.

Decidueye - I was a lot more confident in this pick before E3, but now that we have a whopping seven Pokemon slots in the roster as is, I've been having doubts as to whether we'll even be getting a Pokemon newcomer this time around. In the end, however, I decided that a Gen 7 mon is still likely, and the way I see it, it's gonna come down to Incineroar or Decidueye, depending on whether Sakurai likes the idea of a flaming wrestler tiger or a ghostly archer owl better. I'm leaning towards Decidueye as I feel he'd stand out as more unique to Sakurai as a dedicated archer compared to the prospect of Humanoid Brawler #56, not to mention his Ghost-typing may offer some unique stuff moveset-wise that Incineroar's Dark-typing really can't. Also, he was in Pokken, a major appearance he has that Incineroar can't boast, which may entail a future for the character.
And no, Ivysaur does not discount his chances. He has merits beyond the garbage "starter trio" argument, dammit!
Chrom - I gotta admit, things have lined up just perfectly for this guy. Sakurai spends the entirety of Smash 4 railing on him for being a "carbon copy" of Ike (even dedicating an entire in-game conversation to the point), and then the next game... he standardizes the practice of adding carbon copies of existing fighters for the sake of giving popular characters a chance. We'll have to wait and see if Robin's Final Smash is untouched to know for sure, but if Chrom is absent from it, I'm gonna say he's in the clear as an Echo Fighter.

Chorus Men - Gematsu and Smash 4 datamines seem to indicate that Sakurai intended for these guys to be in Smash 4, but they had to be scrapped, likely due to the 3DS bottleneck. If Sakurai wishes to return to the concept of adding the Chorus Men, now would be the time. They're weird, yes, but I can see him springing for them one last time.

Simon Belmont - Vergeben is God. In all seriousness, with Konami officially returning to Smash with Snake's readmission, I wouldn't be surprised to see them granted a second rep like SEGA and Capcom got in Smash 4, and with his main competition in Bomberman out of the running, Simon's got a straight shot to victory if that is indeed the case.

So that's our base roster, leaving us at nine unique newcomers, five new Echo Fighters, and a total cast of 75 fighters (going by CSS slots). What a nice number! But we're not done there, because I decided to be extra ballsy and put down DLC predictions, too! I am truly going for broke tonight.

Spring Man - Considering Ultimate's project plan was apparently finished in December of 2015, I wouldn't exactly say that bodes well for anything beyond 2016 as far as the base game, and that's exactly where I think that leaves us with Spring Man. He's an obvious pick, being the face of a new first-party IP that's even another fighting game series, but I can very realistically see him just barely missing the boat for the base roster seeing how ARMS was a mid-2017 release. That said, if that happens, he's practically a shoo-in for DLC.

Rex & Pyra - See above, but for Xenoblade 2 instead of ARMS. Bonus points for them because Sakurai really, really likes Xenoblade 2.

Isaac - Isaac was highly requested during the days of Brawl and Smash 4 DLC, but unlike folks like K. Rool and Geno, support for him largely fell off after that point, especially after failing to make it into Smash 4 after being demoted from his previous role as an Assist Trophy. He does, however, still have a cult following yet, and that past support for him may just get him a slot after the juggernauts are all squared away. Fanservice is the name of the game here, after all.

Rayman - Ubisoft and Nintendo have been notoriously buddy-buddy as of late; as such, I can see them rewarding said working relationship with a character in Smash, and I doubt even Sakurai would be ballsy enough to put the Rabbids in over this guy. He had a trophy in Smash 4, for Pete's sake! He'd also likely be a pretty popular request when all is said and done, so I can see him getting in on a popularity clause.

Crash Bandicoot/Spyro - Gonna cover these two at the same time as I think if one gets in, the other will, too. They were often paired with each other back in their heyday as Activision icons of the Playstation era, they'll both have remasters under their belts pretty soon (on the Switch, no less), and I feel they're iconic and popular enough to earn a spot as DLC. Plus, it helps their chances that Sakurai already let slip that westerners' requests are being considered for this game, and besides, who doesn't want to see this legendary beef reenacted in present day?

Banjo & Kazooie - We already know Microsoft would be more than okay with them joining the fray, so that's already half the battle won for the bear and bird. They also have a heavy history with Nintendo, having originated on Nintendo hardware and starred in two of the standout titles of the N64, so they have that pretense for being added in. I can also see Banjo sneaking in as a particularly popular candidate after all the big boys like Ridley (har), K. Rool, and Geno make the cut, thus pushing him through the gate by popular demand. Hey, it wouldn't be the first time.

And there we have it. My Ultimate roster predictions. Do I think that's gonna be it for DLC? Honestly, no. I just ran out of ideas, quite frankly. That said, I do think DLC could be the place for true oddball picks to shine through, so really, who knows what might happen when the time comes? Now, if you'll excuse me, this post is too big, so I'm going to go get some shuteye.
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I changed my prediction roster accordingly with the E3 reveals.

10 newcomers, 2 echoes including Inkling, Ridley and Daisy.

I made one, like, yesterday. I'm more than happy to show it to everyone.

(hopefully the link won't break anytime soon)

So, let's start with the basics.
I've tried to make a mix between the roster of my dreams and a more realistic one.
There are 24 newcomers, 18 included in the game and 6 DLCs.
A total of 80 characters.

Classic Mario and Classic Link - Mario and Link will probably get reworked in this new iteration of the game, to match more faithfully their new moveset in Odyssey and Breath of the Wild respectively, yet I feel like Masahiro Sakurai wouldn't want to just delete two of the most iconic movesets in the game. So, here the two guys. I think Dr. Mario and Toon Link will get removed to make space to the melee versions of Mario and Link. They could also do that and keep the two clones, I guess.

Captain Toad - They gave him his own game. He makes several cameos in other Mario games (especially Odyssey), there's no way they won't include him in Smash. Have no idea for a moveset or a Final Smash, never played his game.

Waluigi - It got requested a lot and Sakurai likes to make his fans happy, so yeah. A joke character with an item-based moveset and a troll Final Smash. To make us happy. c:

Classic Ganondorf - There's no way. No way. But a man can dream.

Pyra - I don't know anything about Xenoblade but heh, people seem to like her.

Marx and Midna - Two characters way past their prime, but that got a lot of positive feedback from their (relatively) recent appearances in Kirby Star Allies and Hyrule Warriors respectively. I have the opinion that the team behind Smash will focus on more caster in this game, especially considering the general lack of them, lmao. Marx would be a deadly caster with great mobility and zoning specials, while Midna more of a fast assassin riding her wolf, but still with a "zoner" feel in here, using his arm-hairdo as a tool to strain foes in the same place.

Alphie - Yeah, with seven different kinds of Pikmin and counting playing Olimar is becoming more complex than he's intended to be. Wouldn't be bad for Olimar to keep his classic Red, Blue and Yellow Pikmin while Alph gets the special ones, such as Purple, White and Rock. Three for each, sounds fair to me. ~
While Olimar would still be going for a more offensive path (read below), Alph would be way more passive and let the Pikmin fight more for him.

Inkling and Spring Man - They're both basically confirmed. I mean, Spring Man isn't, but come on. I won't talk about them, I'll just say that Inkling will have a male alt costume and possibly an Octoling costume, while Spring Man would have alt costumes that turn him into other characters from ARMS, such as Ribbon Girl or Twintelle.

New Fire Emblem Representative and New Pokémon Representative - Yeah, no idea. I guess that if it's true that the next Pokémon will take place in Kanto with the original 151, there won't be a NPR and the place will be given to a successful character from the latest generation, such as Decidueye.

Crash Bandicoot and Spyro - Fresh of Nintendo contract, they're probably going to be in Smash. I imagine Crash with a very "frontal" based combat style, with him just throwing himself against the enemies, while Spyro would probably have a more "caster"-esque fighting style, similar to Marx, but with also some strong headbutts to keep threatening foes away.

Shantae and Shovel Knight - Sky's the limit, we will probably have a couple "indie games" representives, and I ... Just really want these two, lol. I have low hopes for Shovel Knight, as he's been recently picked as guest character for another fighting game, Stranger Blades (along side with Isaac from The Binding of Isaac). On the other hand, Shantae seem to have a bigger chance, and considering the big cult following behind her that recently approached the Switch she would be a good candidate.

Mario-fied Rabbid - The first DLC. Basically, Mario with a gun. I don't want him either but the game was good and probably shared some developing time with Smash 5.

Sans - With Toby Fox willingly, with his game on Switch, with the fact that Sakurai probably will have another ballot to choose a new DLC character ... Yeah, an Undertale representative seem to be eligible enough to be a realistic expectation. Also, again, the game (probably) needs more casters and zoners.

Travis - No More Heroes as a franchise made multiple appearances on Nintendo consoles. I have no idea what his moveset would be like, I just see him fitting.

:4mario: Mario gets a complete moveset rework. He is now way faster and agiler in mid-air, with a moveset based on grabs and jump chains. Cappy is an integral part of his set, and "takes control" of enemies during the grabs. Mario can't really "control" the possessed foes, it's just a cosmetic way for them to be stunned. His Final Smash consists in him taking control of a big enemy from Odyssey, such as the dinosaur or the big snow clouds.

:4link: Link gets a visual and moveset rework. He is now in his Breath of the Wild form, and his four specials are the four Gifts of the Champions. He's way less item-based and relies more on his sword and his bow. No idea for a Final Smash.

:4olimar: Olimar loses Purple Pikmin and White Pikmin. His gameplay and moveset are more aggressive, with him actually going into fights, throwing punches and kicks and generally requiring him to go head-on into fights, as to fit his role of more experienced commander and survivor as opposed to Alphie, who's a more timid and passive fighter.

:popo::popo: The Ice Climbers are finally back. Their kit is unchanged.

:4gaw: Mr. Game and Watch loses all its RNG elements from his moveset. Let's try to make him viable, m'kay Sakurai?

:4littlemac: Little Mac actually gets a Final Smash that makes sense lmao.

:4drmario::4lucina::4tlink::4darkpit: Dr. Mario, Lucina, Toon Link and Dark Pit are straight up removed or turned into alternative costumes.

:4duckhunt: Duck Hunt is removed from the game. It's not like they had some flaws gameplay-wise or they were a bad character over all. I just hate the guts outta them lmao.

:4lucas::4ganondorf::4falco: Lucas, Ganondorf and Falco are reworked more to be their own characters, since they have a playstyle different enough from their original versions to be, you know, actual characters. Best case scenario, Classic Ganondorf becomes a thing. Let the new one have his sword and his fancy hair, I want my Ganoncides and my Kicks of Doom.

:4miibrawl::4miigun::4miisword: The Mii Fighters gets more moves for their moveset and customizable Final Smashes.
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Remember to reply to the thread only in the Smash For Switch General Discussion thread.

This is for simply posting your roster(s), as you can edit your post to include more, only. All critiques should go into the thread mentioned above. Thank you. :)
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I posted this in the general discussion thread some time back, but I figure I might aswell throw it in here too before the real fun starts. It was primarily something I worked on to refresh my Photoshop skills a bit.

It's neither a prediction nor a dream roster, it's kind of a mix of both, so a semi-realistic roster I'd love to see basically. If I made an actual prediction roster I'd probably lose interest before I could finish the thing (and it's going to be wrong anyways), and if I made a full on dream roster it'd be ridiculous, so this is the compromise I came up with. A lot of these characters I don't actually believe will make it, but they might be my preferences for that specific spot (Lyn for FE, Crash for 3rd party), or they're just characters that I really want (Ridley, Skull Kid).

There are 68 characters in total with 13 newcomers and 2 returning characters, so 15 characters who weren't in Smash 4. Every character is ordered according to when they made their first appearance within their respective franchises, and single character franchises are ordered in comparison to each other's debuts. Might be a little bit of a standard roster, but it was fun making it.

King K. Rool
Dixie Kong
Skull Kid
Waddle Dee

Ice Climbers

Dr. Mario
Dark Pit
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SwitchRosterRealistic (1).png

My realistic dream/prediction roster, newcomers being:
-King K. Rool
-Bandana Waddle Dee
-Rex (and Pyra)
-Chorus Men
-Spring Man

Original Ideas/Decision Making:
-The characters who were originally on here were Revali, FE16, Banjo, and Crash. Revali was cut due to the way Sakurai generally treats Zelda reps, FE16 was cut since I figured they would be DLC, considering the timing, and Crash and Banjo were cut, more cause I see them as potential DLC, as this roster is before DLC. Those two are still likely, but not a 100% safe bet.
-I had debates over whether to add Lycanroc or not, or even Mimikyu. In the end, I stuck with Decidueye, considering his popularity and appearance in Pokken.
-Similarly I pondered having Elma or Rex. Honestly I could see one or the other getting in, but I went with Rex due to his bigger popularity.
-I almost considered cutting the three Smash 4 clones and Miis, but went against it due to Sakurai's beliefs on cutting fighters.
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A roster that I want, but with a bit of realism.

  • Captain Toad
  • Dixie Kong
  • K. Rool
  • Toon Zelda
  • Ridley
  • Bandanna Dee
  • Rex & Pyra
  • Gengar
  • Decidueye
  • Isaac
  • Chibi-Robo
  • Inklings
  • Dillon
  • Takamaru
  • Mike Jones
  • Rayman
  • Bomberman
  • Shovel Knight
  • Slime (Dragon Quest)

Returning Characters:
  • Ice Climbers
  • Wolf

Revamped Characters:
  • Mario: Taking moves from the 3D Mario games into his moveset would indirectly remove the clone status of both Luigi & Dr. Mario in one go. Fans of how Mario played in previous games will be able to play as Dr. Mario for the same moveset.
  • Link: A new moveset based around The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, taking aspects such as switching between different weapon types for a brand new, and completely unique moveset. Fans of Link's original moveset can play as Toon Link.
  • Zelda: Another new moveset based around BoTW, Zelda would instead focus on the Sheikah Slate and its runes. Zelda's original moveset now belongs to Toon Zelda.
  • Ganondorf: Combining Dark Magic and Sword play, Ganondorf could bring a new playstyle to the table, being a slow and heavy but powerful strategic sword user. Set up traps with his dark magic, then use his powerful sword swings to K.O. the opponent.
  • Pit: Another indirect decloning situation, Pit would regain his moveset from Brawl to differentiate himself from Dark Pit.

There are two questions you are probably asking yourself right now:

Why are Zelda/Sheik and Samus/ZSS separated?
I prefer having the characters separate, as the transformations feel so different from their original characters that having them as a mere transformation seems like an unnecessary demotion to the character. It also means that Samus has a good Final Smash.

Where's Lucina?
Unlike the other clone characters, I can't think of a way to declone Lucina, so she's staying off the roster until I find a way to declone her.
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Oct 19, 2016
My ideal roster, starting with the ground rules. I will judge a character not on who I want or think is most likely but based on how deserving they are and thus how much they stay in the mind of the player. How much they appear using math, the sales, if they were in a recent game, if their series will get games, if the players like the character or the game, and how much they are marketed are all factors. Another factor is doability. Does the character have moveset potential, can he work within Smash’s engine, and is he a character?

Due to the advent of the internet, character relevancy has gotten less and less important. This is because there are sites like Reddit and YouTube channels directly about obsessing over old games. Another point is that I don’t like adding flavor of the week characters like Corrin because they will not be relevant for long, and technically only appear in one game. It’s easy to get so caught up with the characters that are popular now that you forgot to add the ones that will last forever.

Please judge this roster on its own merits, and not blindly following Sakurai's words or the consensus. Another, thing that's part of my philosophy is to not arbitrarily look at facts, but to follow them only if you can derive philosophy from them. Also, it’s a coincidence that these are popular picks.

Already Announced
1. Inkling from Splatoon
2. Ridley from Metroid
3. Snake from Metal Gear Solid
4. Daisy from Mario Kart

5. Waluigi - Sakurai has tricked us all by showing an Assist Trophy Waluigi, but will announce Waluigi and remove the trophy. Paper Mario is a little too much of another Mario to be added IMO. In the Paper Mario games, they just refer to him as Mario. It’s bad design. The character seems appealing from the outset, but when the game’s released, deep down inside, people gonna be like “Why did I ask for this character?”.
6. Impa - Sheikah warrior and guardian of Zelda who fights with a giant sword. Sometimes she’s an old lady for some reason. She appears in many of the Zelda games.
7. King K. Rool - The main villain of Donkey Kong Country. He’s a fan favorite. He can throw his crown, have cannonballs fall from the sky, and use a blunderbuss.
8. Bandana Dee - Kirby’s adorable player 4 who’s been appearing more and more. He fights with a spear.
9. Rick, Kine, and Coo - Hamster, fish, and owl trio with that are playable as in three games: Dream Land 1, Dream Land 2, and Star Allies (most relevant Kirby game). They also have many cameos and are fan favorites. What’s not to love? Using math, I would say that they outclass Gooey, Marx, Magolor, and Galacta Knight in terms of importance. If you don’t believe me go over this description again, and compare it to your best Kirby character. I like Marx better than these guys, but that’s a bias.
10. Dixie Kong - Donkey Kong’s player three who can helicopter with her ponytail.
11. Celica - Appears in many Fire Emblem games (Gaiden, Echoes, Heroes, and Warriors) while also being a protagonist in the most relevant FE. She would be similar to Robin in that she uses both a sword and magic but also has a gimmick that when she uses magic, she receives damage. I chose her over a FE Three Houses rep because that game isn’t even out yet.
12. Rex and Pyra - Xenoblade 2 has made the series well known. They play like Shulk with the Ice Climbers mechanic.
13. Retro: Isaac from Golden Sun - From the fantasy RPGs with a dedicated fanbase. His moveset would consist of using a psynergy hand to push opponents and using earth magic such as vines, earthquakes, floating rocks, etc. His series could be revived by advertising his series through Smash. How would Golden Sun be revived? Do a remake of the three games, with improvements, so that everybody is caught up with the story. Then do a sequel.
14. Rayman


  1. Kamek - Completely indistinct from a Magikoopa, making him a common enemy like a Goomba.
  2. King Boo - Also, basically a common enemy.
  3. Toad - This addition would be so late it would be utterly bizarre (not to mention he’s more of a species than a character). Daisy, Rosalina, and Bowser Jr BEFORE Toad?
  4. Baby Mario - Who wants to fight with such a sensitive baby who cries and wears diapers and everything. You are immoral if you want Baby Mario to fight in Smash.
  5. WarioWare characters - The series does not have a main cast because the microgames are the star of the show, not the characters.
  6. Tingle - Recurring but represents nothing from the games.
  7. Decidueye - Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee is more relevant, and his role as THE grass starter is taken by Ivysaur. He’s not the most popular starter or pushed as much as Greninja or Charizard, and everyone will forget about him soon.
  8. Eevee - Cannot be represented properly because the appeal of Eevee is that he transforms, and that would be three characters too much to work on.
  9. Meowth - Does anyone even remember let alone watch the Pokemon anime anymore? His appearances in the anime are all he has going for him, and he’s not pushed in the games AT ALL.
  10. More Pokemon like Lycanroc and Mimikyu - Also too flavor of the week. They will also be forgotten.
  11. Animal Crossing characters like Isabelle and Tom Nook - Goddamn do I want Tom Nook, but the Villager represents the series too perfectly. He does EVERYTHING in the games. These guys do nothing. Plus, these characters are so devoid of moveset potential that they aren’t doable.
  12. Andross - Such a ridiculously small detail as the fact that he was technically not a floating head sometimes does not justify the inclusion. Anyone with experience with Star Fox would agree with me that that would be a poor representation of the character, and that his true form cannot be represented.
  13. Chibi Robo - Doesn’t matter that he’s relatively kinda well known when all his games are flops.
  14. Rhythm Heaven - All indistinct stick figures for characters (emphasis on INDISTINCT, as in “we need to design distinct characters”). Nobody thought of them before the Gematsu leak because of this.
  15. Advance Wars - Sells better and has more games than Golden Sun, but has a smaller fanbase. Let’s say Andy or Sami get added in, and a new Advance Wars is released with the boost of Smash. In that new game, a new protagonist will emerge and it’ll be like Andy was never relevant.
  16. Minecraft - Steve is a bland avatar, and the Creeper and pig are not doable.
  17. Dragon Quest - Slime is like adding a Goomba, and the heroes change from game to game with no one hero that stands out like Cloud or Marth.
  18. Monster Hunter - Not really a series about the characters since the Monster Hunter is an avatar.
  19. Tekken - Heihachi has too many moves to work in Smash, and we cannot represent his playstyle properly.
  20. Crash Bandicoot - Would be a Sony mascot, a direct competitor, in a Nintendo game.
  21. Castlevania - Doesn’t have an iconic character at all. Simon Belmont could count but he has too many differing appearances to be cohesive.
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Dec 30, 2017
This is a prediction based roster.

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, Bowser, Captain Toad, Rosalina & Luma, Wario, Bowser Jr., DK, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Link, Zelda, Shiek, Reworked Ganon in his Hyrule Warriors design, Impa, Marth, Ike, Roy, New Sword user from FE Switch, Fox, Falco, Wolf, Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Bandanna Dee, Pikachu, Charizard, Mewtwo, Jigglypuff, Decidueye, Ness, Lucas, Captain Falcon, Ice Climbers, Little Mac, Olimar, Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Rex and Pyra, Mr. Game & Watch, Inkling, Pit, Palutena, Villager, ROB, Spring Man, Labo-Man, Mii Fighters, Pac-Man, Mega Man, Shovel Knight, Rayman, Banjo-Kazooie, Sonic, and Bomberman.

This probably is not going to be anywhere near correct at the release day, but this is as much as I can semi-safely

(Toy Con Robot is just Labo Man. Megadoomer couldn’t find a picture)
Big thanks to Megadoomer for constructing this image of the roster for me. It really helps bring it to life. I couldn’t have done it without him, or rather I was too lazy to do it myself otherwise.

For a dream roster, Waluigi, Slime From Dragon Quest, and Sackboy my childhood series, LittleBig Planet would be added to the prediction roster
The first two don’t seem too far from realism, but with Sackboy being extremely and almost obnoxiously PlayStation marketing, even in the move set, he could not make it into any roster even if Nintendo tried really hard convincing Sony, and Sakurai worked all day attempting to get the Sonypox out of him. Because of how popular Dragon Quest is in Japan, as there is a law about it in the country, Slime could have a real chance. The guy behind Brawl in the Family made a move set for him, and it works really well. Waluigi is possible because of the extreme fan support. He’s my favorite Mario character, and is up there in favorite video game characters of all time. He even has move set potential, not as much as Rayman, but still a good bit. All in all, if those three characters were added to my roster at the top up there, I’d have my dream roster.
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Crocodilopolis/White King’s Paradise
Putting this roster here to arbitrarily immortalize it before E3.

We start up with most of the SSB4 roster. This game has such a short production cycle it makes way too much sense to reuse as many assets as possible. The only characters who may or may not be cut are Mii and the true clones, aside from 3rd party licensing deals, but I don't think the 3rd parties are going anywhere. Miis are just a hassle to include in the game and are some of the most unpopular, what with them being disallowed from online and having being given such weirdly unique treatment in the game. Custom moves were so awkward that I think Sakurai will realize to not include them again, when he started with high effort ones like Palutena then just got bored of them by the end, not even bothering to add them for DLC characters. The three clones added in SSB4? They could come or go, I think Sakurai is aware of Dark Pit's backlash based off his attempts to justify him as a "dessert." Still, I'm overall going to go with just Miis being cut.

1: Inklings are already confirmed and are the most obvious addition regardless aside from Ice Climbers.

2: Ice Climbers obviously return when they were apparently even "working fine" on Wii U. They were only cut because of how weak the 3DS is.

3: Wolf returns also. Yes, Star Fox Zero was a flop, but it's still a relevant franchise and it has Miyamoto's favor for some reason. In addition, Wolf probably did fairly well on the ballot and is a much lauded cut. I personally found it very strange that Roy and Lucas came back over him.

4: K. Rool is the one person who seems to push against the arbitrary relevance rule. He's largely the only character we have some form of relevance for doing well in the ballot because of the costume showing up despite him being so irrelevant. As if they would've given him a costume without the ballot performance. You can argue for Geno as another one, but Sakurai has acknowledged Geno somehow in the past which makes me doubtful it was because of ballot performance, personally. I've also written him off because I really doubt his company would want him in over a Dragon Quest character or even a second Final Fantasy character. Aside from that, K. Rool himself may not be relevant, but his franchise is very relevant and needs a character, and he fills a gaping hole in terms of character archetypes in the roster.

5: Dixie Kong is still going to be there too, but without as much fanfare. She is relevant, and while it is very possible to argue Cranky Kong is just as if not more relevant, her longstanding popularity in the Smash community got her some inevitable points in the ballot. Nothing to compete with K. Rool, but enough to ensure that she gets in over the likes of Cranky and Funky. Funky's surge in particular is way too late to matter. Dixie will be a semi clone on par with Wolf with a handful of shared attacks, and will be one of the last characters added or DLC. That said, she will most definitely be there.

6: Rex and Pyra show up over Elma because of relevance. The only question is if they're too late, but at worst they get the Corrin treatment as DLC.

7: Captain Toad and Toad are the same character, at least as far as Nintendo is concerned. Captain Toad gets to enjoy Toad's long history and relevance, while Toad gets to use Captain Toad's main character/advertisement status. Obviously he can jump, what, do you think Mewtwo shouldn't be able to damage Greninja because he's a dark type? That Wario should be invincible? The only reason he'll be thrown out is if Sakurai deems he's too boring, as he's way bigger than the two Mario newcomers in SSB4 were at the time they were added.

8: Waluigi has been doing outstanding in popularity polls lately, regularly at the very top and competing with K. Rool and Ridley. People dismiss him as being a spin off character, so what? Mario Kart + Mario Party + Mario Sports is 183 million in sales! That's a big group of games that's not directly represented in Smash (More than basically any franchise other than mainline Mario or Pokemon), and Waluigi is the ideal one to do so. His backstory, and his canonical excuse for not being in the mainline games, is he trained his entire life during the mainline games to beat Luigi in Tennis. He's also basically the main character of Mario Tennis/Golf for the Gamecube because of the intros, and the Tennis one got remade on the Wii. I think Waluigi + Toad is a more powerful/prominent Mario duo than the one we got in SSB4, and Mario representation shows no signs of slowing down. Paper Mario is the only other Mario character I would seriously consider as having a chance, and the sales of his games are a small blip on the radar compared to the Waluigi games. The terrible critical reception of his recent games also means he's very unpopular.

9: Decidueye or Mimikyu will get in. The Pokemon Company would prefer Mimikyu since that's the one they've been most heavily pushing by a mile, but Decidueye would get in just because that's who they would deem as a fighter based off Pokken. I wouldn't say Pokken is enough to get Decidueye in over Mimikyu, but the real clincher for me is Sakurai's taste he's demonstrated before. Sakurai saw a generic concept art of the gen 6 starters and chose to add Greninja based off that. That just says volumes about Sakurai's taste to me, and as a Mimikyu fan I'm worried that may well be enough to pick Decidueye over Mimikyu. Decidueye also obviously completes the water/fire/grass trio with Greninja and Charizard. I will give the edge to Decidueye, but I'm not going to rule Mimikyu out, say a 60/40 split for Decidueye. While they are very competitive, I don't think there is enough push for both to get in. Lycanroc's advertising campaign doesn't compare to Mimikyu's and it doesn't have the popularity of the big two either, being a distant third. Incineroar might've had a chance, but he is competing a lot more directly with Decidueye as a fellow starter and was basically killed off by not being in Pokken.

10: Spring Man is another obvious choice. The issue is, again, if his game is too late for the design document, but he's here as DLC at worst.

11: Isabelle gets in over Tom Nook due to popularity and being picked to be in Mario Kart over him. Tom Nook has longevity, so he could get in as a long shot or maybe as a clone or something, but I doubt Sakurai would be ballsy enough to give this franchise two newcomers. For those who don't believe this franchise can get more characters due to its nature, SSB4 added Wii Fit Trainer and Miis. How much more casual can you get than that? Sakurai can force another moveset filled to the brim with props. Sakurai doesn't care about sets being tacky anymore when he does stuff like Duck Hunt Dog. Animal Crossing is very successful and does have actual characters to add from it, the only real object is fighting.

12: Pig Ganon finally gets in as our new Zelda character. Ganon is always relevant, he's only never been seriously considered before because of episodic Zelda characters standing in his way. The latest Zelda title has nothing to offer for episodic characters, though, with the best character of them being Revali which isn't nearly good enough. Tingle's train of relevance has come and gone, and Ghirahim wasn't even particularly popular even when he was relevant. Pig Ganon is the answer to Sakurai's obsession with not changing Ganondorf to give him another unique set. Sakurai saw fit to rework Bowser and Pit over Ganondorf in SSB4, showing just how stuck he is with the Captain Falcon clone set on Ganondorf. It makes way more sense for there to be 2 Ganons than 2 Zeldas when Zelda was only Sheik for all of 5 minutes in OOT.

13-15: 3 more 3rd parties will get in, and 1 or 2 of them will be DLC. There are too many fish in the 3rd party sea to really guess them with any accuracy. Sakurai won't be picky with them. The biggest question marks to look out for are Rayman, Crash Bandicoot, and Heihachi. Crash Bandicoot would 100% be DLC because only then would N. Sane Trilogy being on Switch get acknowledged, while Heihachi would reward Namco's loyalty in helping to develop the games. Rayman of course has that weird trophy in SSB4 and Ubisoft have been working very closely with Nintendo. Still, there are way too many possibilities here, I'm not going to commit to saying any particular 3rd parties are getting in.

Metroid still does not get anything, unfortunately. When Sakurai has said what he has about Ridley publicly, I see very little changing his mind until proven otherwise, so I am putting minimal value in all of these leaks that are suggesting him. K. Rool is big enough to be the Ridley figure for this game, if you ask me. In particular, the one obscure "heroes vs villains" leak is blatantly just impossible for tons of reasons, but if Sakurai thought Ridley was remotely hard, do you think he would be willing to make a moveset for a character model as awkward as Porky? I heavily doubt it. I disagree with Sakurai's sentiments on the issue and would love Porky and Ridley, but I'm not Sakurai.
Aug 29, 2006
Mr. Sakurai's wild ride
I realize I've yet to post this, may as well.

It's less of a prediction and more of a wishlist that I think is at least somewhat possible. In a lot of places, I think there are a lot of possibilities, and I just put the outcome I want most into that image of the roster.

If you're curious to those possibilities, I wrote out a big analysis here a while back, which goes over a lot of my thought process. Maybe a little too much lol, read if you wish.



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Nov 11, 2016
I am working on a picture, and I might (just MIGHT) edit it in to this post but here is the new characters I put into it

Returns every character from SSB4 and returns every character that got cut throughout the series (Wolf, Pichu, etc. ) I know this isn't perfect and I kinda doubt Snake will come back despite his uniqueness as a Smash Character.
  1. Birdo (Mario) - I'm just a fan of the character for some reason. She could be unique and interesting as a character.
  2. Waluigi (Mario) - He has shown some interesting things that could make just a goofy character.
  3. Baby Mario (Yoshi) - He is the recurring character alongside Yoshi in the Yoshi games
  4. Kamek (Yoshi) - Recurring antagonist of the Yoshi Games
  5. Tetra (LoZ) - Pirate playstyle that hasn't been represented in Smash + Important character alongside Toon Link.
  6. Tingle (LoZ) - Recurring Character also had his own games
  7. Samurai Goroh (F-Zero) - Second Most Important Character to the series and F-Zero should deserve more characters despite its lack of recent games
  8. Micaiah (Fire Emblem) - Just a really cool character.
  9. Decidueye (Pokemon) - Grass Starter + Most recent Generation
  10. Deoxys (Pokemon) - Gen 3 Rep, fill in the gaps
  11. Zoroark (Pokemon) - Gen 5 Rep, fill in the gaps
  12. Krystal (StarFox) - Smash 4 really missed the opportunity to add Krystal since the first 3 smash games introduced a new star fox character.
  13. Bandana Dee (Kirby) - Stand Out Kirby Choice
  14. Daroach (Kirby) - Just because
  15. Adeleine (Kirby) - Just Because
  16. Isaac (Golden Sun) - Stand Out Choice
  17. Inklings (Splatoon) - Confirmed, most likely playable
  18. Crash Bandicoot - Definitely popular choice nowadays
  19. Spyro the Dragon - Definitely popular choice nowadays
  20. Dragon Quest Hero - Standout choice for 3rd Party character
  21. Yooka-Laylee - Interchangeable with Banjo-Kazooie but both would be unique characters and are pretty popular
  22. Amazing Island Hero - We need obscure 3rd Party characters


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Mar 14, 2013
-This is still a work in progress-

Game---------------------------------------Year---------Copies Sold
Game---------------------------------------Year---------Copies Sold
Rhythm Heaven: The Best+---------------2015--------------0.80
-----I believe a character from this series is going to get in because the series offers a very unique way to play Smash based on rhythm mechanics. The series may also be niche but its has been consistently growing meaning it is going to have a future. It also would be a good surprise/wtf character to the average Smash player which Sakurai enjoys. I don't know which character from the series will be chosen as it seems that Sakurai wanted to place a character in Smash 4 but it ran into some problems and was dropped but I'm sure the series will be revisited and a new character will be added.
Game---------------------------------------Year---------Copies Sold
Paper Mario: Color Splash-----------------2016-------------0.86
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam------------------2015-------------0.84
-----Paper Mario was pushed pretty hard before the roster selection and that would keep him on Sakurai’s radar. While it didnt sell very well the roster for Smash 5 was more than likely decided before the game was released. With a Decent history of games under his belt, consistent requests on the ballots in all regions, and a huge pool for a move set I believe Paper Mario is a lock.
-----You may be asking where is Toad or Waluigi? Well, as the Mario series didn't introduce very many new/standout characters between Smash titles, I believe that this is going to lead to only one Mario series addition to the roster. Waluigi while having some popularity did not see any significant game releases that would bring him into to eye of the public while Sakurai was planning the roster. Toad, while having a game that sold better than Paper Mario Color Splash, did not sell well enough to signify that Nintendo is willing to invest more into his spin off series. As Sakurai has shown in the past, he is very reluctant to add characters based on spin off series. I think the re-make on the Switch isn't helping the character either as I believe they are using it as a filler title and it may indicate that Treasure Tracker will not get a new title on the Switch. I do believe that Captain Toad the character will be staying around for a while but I don't know if his series will.
Game---------------------------------------Year---------Copies Sold
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess---2016-------------1.23
Hyrule Warriors----------------------------2014-------------1.26
-----I'm predicting that the Zelda series is going to receive two characters that will be either a combination of a re-worked Zelda, a re-worked Gannondorf, Midna, and/or Skull Kid. Currently I believe the inclusions will be a re-worked Gannondorf and the addition of Midna. Midna recently had an HD re-release which brings her back into relevance. She was added into Hyrule warriors with both of her forms indicating that she is either popular among fans or they thought of a variety of move set potential from her. Either situation helps. Also on a very nerdy note that isn't that relevant, if she is added with Wolf Link then all three Links from each individual timeline would be in Smash again. I'm not giving up hope on Skull Kid though.
Game---------------------------------------Year---------Copies Sold
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze----014--------------1.73
-----I’m predicting that two DK characters will be introduced but unfortunately I don’t believe theyre going to come in the form that most people want. I believe that Dixie Kong will be added because of her return in tropical freeze and King k will be added because of high ballot votes. Unfortunately I believe that they will be very semi-clone / Frankenstein clonish.
Game---------------------------------------Year---------Copies Sold
Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer-2015-------------3.37
Game---------------------------------------Year---------Copies Sold
Xenoblade Chronicles X-------------------2015-------------0.84
-----Since its request to be brought to America by fans, Xenoblade has become a prominent series in modern Nintendo. Elma has several things going in her favor. Her art and fighting style is unique from other characters in Super Smash Bros.
-----On a side note I believe another thing that Elma has going for her is that her fighting style is similar to Saki from Sin and Punishment. It can be seen from his assist trophy alone that Sakurai has put a lot of thought into his movement and fighting style. I believe that this would have drawn him to her as he would already have an idea where to begin with her character.
-----Originally I thought this slot was going to go to Bomberman but after the "leak" it just makes too much sense for it to not be Simon Belmont. His moveset is extensive and unique, he along with Samus defined a genre of their own, and he is such a classic "he might as well be a Nintendo character". While some may think his position may be weird considering the state of Konami, I believe we can look to the NES and SNES Classics to see that Nintendo and Konami are still in good relations. Even though Castlevania games haven't had spectacular sales Konami seems to have continued interest in the franchise as seen by the Anime that recently aired on Netflix. His inclusion could also mean the return of Snake which would help fill the roster with the smaller development time. Its also been shown pretty clearly in the ballots that returning characters are highly desired. I also doubt that Kojima would "stop" Sakurai from putting Snake back in. Kojima may not have faith in Konami but I'm sure he has faith in his friend.
-----Its not that I think Isaac in particular will get into Smash but I'm predicting a radical shift in the structure of retro character selections. Originally in Melee the Ice Climbers and Mr. Game and Watch were selected to represent another era of gaming. The Ice Climbers were to showcase the NES and Mr. Game and Watch was to showcase games before that. What we have seen is that each of the retro characters have now been pulled out of the same pool (the NES) where one character is seeing a revitalization of their series. During this Smash period no such characters had that big of a revive. I believe that Sakurai is going to to look back to his original idea that he had in Melee and select one historic character (from the NES) and another retro character that's series is older and dead. This is how I believe characters like Isaac, Saki, and Prince Sable will make their entrance into Smash in future installments. I'm choosing Isaac now because of the success of his main game, his move set potential being different from others on my roster, and his consistent ballot request.
Game---------------------------------------Year---------Copies Sold
Mario Kart Wii U---------------------------2014------------<7.68
NES Classic---------------------------------2016-------------2.30
-----Remember the Smash 4 speculation days? Do you remember how everyone thought ROB was going to be/should be cut? Why would that be? my answer not enough people knew him to care about him. I think that Sakurai learned that lesson too and that's why he went out of his way to make Duck Hunt work. Because he knew people were familiar with the character. And in all honesty I believe it worked. Before we thought no one would get cut I didn't see anyone calling for Duck Hunt to get the Ax. That's why I believe Excite biker will be our surprise retro. His game sold well in its day around the world and it has been constantly been referenced by Nintendo, Mario Kart Wii U and the NES Classic being the most current examples.
-----Some people may say Why not Takamaru? he had a virtual console release and showed up in Nintendo land. Well, we don't have the virtual console sales but I would take a wager and guess that they were terrible based on him not appearing on any version of the NES Classic. Also Takamru didn't even appear in Nintendo land. The game more featured the castle which I don't think will help the casual player pick him up. Yes he does have more moveset potential but that didn't stop Duck Hunt from beating him out last time.
List of the Top First Party Wii U Games
Game----------------------------------------------------------Yearr-----Copies Sold
1.--------Mario Kart Wii U------------------------------------2014----------7.68
2.--------New Super Mario Bros. U---------------------------2012----------5.66
3.--------Super Mario 3D World------------------------------2013----------4.99
5.--------Nintendo Land--------------------------------------2012----------4.63
6.--------Super Mario Maker---------------------------------2015----------3.44
7.--------New Super Luigi U----------------------------------2013----------2.42
8.--------The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker------------2013-----------2.08
9.--------Mario Party 10--------------------------------------2015-----------1.98
10.___----Wii Party U------------------------------------------2013-----------1.87
11.------Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze---------2014-----------1.73
12.-------Yarn Yoshi-------------------------------------------2015-----------1.51
13.-------Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker---------------------2014-----------1.41
14.-------Pokken Tournament--------------------------------2016------------1.37
15.-------The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild-----------2017----------1.33
16.-------Hyrule Warriors-----------------------------------2014----------1.26
-------The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess---------2016----------1.23
18.-------Pikmin 3---------------------------------------------2013-----------1.23
19.-------Wii Fit U----------------------------------------------2013----------0.86
20.-------Paper Mario: Color Splash------------------------2016----------0.86
21.-------Bayonetta 2------------------------------------------2014----------0.85
22.-------Xenoblade Chronicles X----------------- ---------2015----- ---- 0.84

List of the Top First Party 3DS Games (After 2012)
Game----------------------------------------------------------Yearr-----Copies Sold
1.--------Pokemon Sun/Moon--------------------------------2016---------14.98
2.--------Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire------------2014---------12.74
3.--------Pokemon: Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon---------------2017----------6.03
4.--------Tomodachi Life--------------------------------------2013----------5.71
5.--------Luigi's Mansion 2------------------------------------2013----------5.28
6.--------Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds-------------2013----------3.47
7.--------Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer--------2015----------3.37
8.--------Super Mario Maker----------------------------------2016----------2.96
9.--------The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D-.....-----2015.---------2.49
10.-------Mario Party 3D---------------------------------------2013---------2.40
11.-------Mario & Luigi: Dream Team-------------------------2013---------2.31
12.-------Donkey Kong Country Returns----------------------2013---------2.01
13.-------Fire Emblem Fates-----------------------------------2015---------1.97
14.-------Kirby: Triple Deluxe----------------------------------2014---------1.97
15.-------Yoshi's New Island-----------------------------------2014---------1.67
16.-------Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon-----------------2015----------1.40
17.-------Kirby: Planet Robobot-------------------------------2016----------1.31
18.-------The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes-------------2015----------1.23
20.-------Mario Party: Star Rush-------------------------------2016---------0.87
21.-------Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam-------------------------2015---------0.84
22.-------New Style Boutique 2 - Fashion Forward------------2015---------0.83
23.-------Rhythm Heaven: The Best+-----------------------2015--------0.80

System----------------------------------------------------------Yearr-----Units Sold (Million)
NES Classic_---------------------------------------------------2016---------2.30
SNES Classic____________....-------------------------------------2017---------4.00

Nintendo Mobile Games
Game----------------------------------------------------------Yearr___-Downloads (Million)
1.---Pokemon Go--------------------------------------------2016---------500
2 ._-Fire Emblem Heroes____.................------------------------2017----------10
3.---Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp--------------------------2017----------15
4.---Super Mario Run-----------------------------------------2016---------200
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May 31, 2018
For this roster I decided to have fun with characters that I think would fit well, regardless of community popularity. I tried to challenge myself and avoid a lot of the mainstream choices to see if I can get lucky with some of Sakurai's less-predictable picks! Some of them are going to be pretty off-target but I enjoyed thinking of how they would fill a niche in the roster.

Brief explanations:
Green are first party newcomers, yellow are third party newcomers, red are cut/discontinued characters. The middle row is a pool of characters that I think would make great DLC options after the base roster.

The "?" next to ZSS is a Metroid newcomer from Prime 4.

The "?" next to Celica is a Fire Emblem newcomer from FE Switch.

Current Franchises:
Mario: 3 newcomers because I couldn't feel satisfied cutting anyone of them. Pauline is a personal want - conceptually, she'd mix her retro DK appearances (beams and barrels) with Odyssey references (music, New Donk City). Captain Toad has relevancy and a personality that benefit him. Paper Mario is a Mario series icon and has a wealth of moveset potential.

Wario: I felt like WarioWare needed to be fleshed out as a franchise brimming with personality. I feel like Mona has more moveset potential with her various quirks and jobs (motor scooter, pizza shop, etc.) than Ashley has with her magic staff. Either way, I'd love to see a Wario addition no matter who it is - there's a lot of interesting options.

DK: Dixie is different enough to be a semi-clone of Diddy and she has Tropical Freeze relevance. I love the design of K. Rool, who also has recurring villain status alongside his ballot popularity.

Zelda: I really wanted to think of a newcomer from BOTW. From a marketing standpoint, BOTW has a wealth of characters that can advertise the game, the issue was just finding a character that really stood out from the rest. The Champions are of equal in-game importance which makes it difficult to choose just one, and I can imagine Zelda receiving a lot of their abilities if her moveset were to be modernized. I chose Sidon because I was tired of mulling over my options and he looked unique, and as it turns out he has a good amount of concept art for a dev team to go off of. He could fight with a trident.

Metroid: Metroid Prime 4 has been in development for some time, possibly coinciding with Smash 5's development. I really hope a new protagonist/antagonist comes from Prime 4 to flesh out Metroid's lackluster representation. If not in the base roster, then maybe DLC once more of the game is revealed. I genuinely think Ridley is too big and long.

Kirby: Bandana Dee fills out the main characters of the series and would be a good rep to appeal to a younger audience, seeing as the Kirby franchise looks to be marketing to that demographic with the easy difficulty of Star Allies and Planet Robobot.

Pokemon: I'm tired of seeing Decidueye on every prediction to fill the "Grass quota," so I chose Incineroar. He has the melee potential that Decidueye somewhat lacks and he is more expressive. I believe Incineroar could carve a niche as a showy, WWE-inspired heel wrestler, something we do not have at the moment. He is also featured on the starter concept art with Ash and Pikachu, intended to be Ash's anime starter.

Fire Emblem: The FE Gaiden remake development and release cycle falls right into the range of when Smash 5 would have been in development. For a moveset, Celica could reference Gaiden's mechanic of trading health for magic attacks. The aesthetic to Celica would match SOV/Gaiden's holy light magic theme. Her sword Zofia could be used for her tilts without taking too much from Robin's sword/magic niche.

Animal Crossing: Isabelle has been advertised for years as the face of Animal Crossing - most recently, she's been in Mario Kart. She could utilize the administrative parts of AC, like public works projects, picking up on the things that Villager's moveset excludes.

Retro: Excitebike is cool as h*ck.

New Franchises:
I basically looked at a list of all of Nintendos unrepresented IP's and chose the coolest ones that also had recency. Rhythm Heaven has so much moveset potential and Chorus Kids are a good default. Wonderful 101 I see as a roster dark horse since it was something of a cult classic on the WiiU; its studio might also be interested in creating a sequel. Ray from Custom Robo is not only cool but he plays off of Sakurai mentioning how he ordered an action figure to figure out how to model a specific gun.

3rd Party:
Iconic characters that I thought were pretty rad and have a good history on Nintendo systems. Monster Hunter's Felynes could be a better option than the avatar since they are more recognizable.

ARMS and Xenoblade 2 might not see the base roster due to being too recent in their development compared to Smash 5's development. Otherwise they will definitely be relevant contenders for the roster (in DLC). Solaire only recently came to Nintendo consoles, but the Dark Souls series is iconic to the industry in its difficulty and popularity, something that Nintendo themselves recognized with his surprise amiibo. I can see a representative like Solaire bringing a lot of attention and hype. Lara Croft is a female gaming icon who's actually appeared on older Nintendo consoles/handhelds. Her inclusion would be immensely hyped.
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Mar 8, 2018
Smash Switch Roster.png

and here it is, the very last version of my smash switch prediction roster

Newcomer Total: 17 (Base Roster) 29 (After DLC)
Returning Veterans: 3

Paper Mario
Captain Toad
King K Rool
Bandana Dee
Rex and Pyra
Spring Man
Ayumi Tachibana
Simon Belmont

Nintendo Labo
Gen 8 Pokemon
FE Switch Protag
Banjo and Kazooie
Reimu Hakurei

Ice Climbers
Edit: Forgot to make Snake's border green to signify he's a returning veteran
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Oct 27, 2013
Switch FC
I figured I may as well post my prediction (base) roster here:

That's 72 characters in total. I haven't really considered who might be added for DLC since I feel it's a crapshoot to predict who might get in then, and by that point I don't really care who might get in tbh. I had fun making this, regardless.


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Oct 12, 2013
Just gonna post this for a public record of my prediction roster:

Roster Prediction~ Roster.png

Apologize in advance for the mickey moused photoshop job.

Base roster has 65(68 if clones stay) characters, no cuts from Smash 4. Clones are likely stay imo, but possible to demote them to alts or just cut.

(10) Newcomers include:
K Rool
Bandana Dee
Spring Man

Returning Vets:
Ice Climbers

(12)Possible DLC characters:
Captain Toad
Simon Belmont
Banjo Kazooie
Squirtle + Ivysaur
Shovel Knight
Cranky Kong

Out of nowhere Sakurai moldbreaking DLC possibilities:

- Breaking the more than one character per 3rd party rule.
- Tails/Knuckles/Eggman
- Monster Hunter(A pretty good oddball pick imo)
- Zero(Probably unlikely, but if Sakurai breaks the "only 1 char per third party game" rule, he is very likely)
- Takamaru???(don't think he's getting in, only keep him because Sakurai considered him)
- Spyro(really depends on if Spyro comes to Switch imo, but I can see him being that insane newcomer a la Cloud)
- Sora(similar deal to Spyro)
- Wonder-Red(I think his game might possibly be announced for Switch and thereby make him a nice underestimated newcomer)