Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster Thread


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Sep 11, 2015
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This list is entirely wants, and most of this has no basis whatsoever.

Ice Climbers - These two seem like a given considering they were supposed to be in Smash 4. Bonus points is they have yet another stupid way to kill you off a grab.
Captain Toad - Yes, it's another Mario character. Yes, he can't jump. But really, I think he'd make an adorable addition from a very underrated game that'd be a lot of fun to see.
Azura - If there's a new FE Rep it'll probably be Alm, but I would LOVE if Azura made it in (she should've made it into S4 over Corrin imo). For once, having a FE User who isn't a sword wielder would be a nice touch, and Azura's singing and water-based abilities could make for an interesting character that isn't just a stock sword emblem character.
Mimikkyu - Probably not happening, but it's the second most likely new Pokémon behind Decidueye and I think it'd be interesting in how similar or different it'd be from Pikachu.
Ivysaur - My favourite piece of the Pokémon Trainer, I'd love to see her get a shot as a standalone character.
Pichu - See Roserade, except switch out "piece of the Pokémon trainer" for "Melee character". If the game has Rage in it, Pichu would become a very clever risk vs reward character with her self-damaging moves.
Roserade - Two words: Pipe Dream. I would much rather see her than Decidueye even though it's absolutely never going to happen. With the vines in her flowers in her Pokédex entries and a large amount of in-game moves to choose from, she'd be a completely random choice but I'd love it.
Bandana Waddle Dee - LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS. Like seriously. He's also one of the few other Kirby characters I could see making it in, especially if Dedede keeps his Gordo toss.
Spring Man/Ribbon Girl/Twintelle/Any ARMS character really - Nintendo's other new IP alongside Splatoon, even though ARMS isn't as popular it'll probably still get a rep. Spring Man/Ribbon Girl as alts of each other are the most likely, but I could see Twintelle making it in since she's a fan favourite.
BOTW Link (Maybe called "Resurrected Link" or "Restored Link"?) - I'm fine with him being an Alt swap but I would love to see a new Link that makes use of the Sheikah slate abilities and other new things in BOTW, like the Paraglider.
Black Shadow - Put him in smash, give him Ganon's current moveset, and give us a proper Ganon. Please.

If it is an entirely new game (I think it'll be a port but), I think the following characters have a fairly high chance of being cut:

:4wiifit: :4lucas: :4feroy: :4ryu: :4cloud2: :4corrinf: :4bayonetta2: :4darkpit: :4lucina:

Here's some other characters I would not be surprised to see get cut but am not as sure on:

:4tlink: (Only if BOTW Link is his own character) :4mewtwo: :4duckhunt::4robinf:
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Aug 26, 2014
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I have a feeling we’ll be seeing very few cuts, maybe even none, so I just picked my most wanted characters who weren’t in Smash 4. I’d also like to see a character from Fire Emblem Switch & Pokemon Switch, but obviously can’t pick who yet.



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Jan 17, 2015
Attempt at realistic roster.

Waluigi - Identifies as Wario series
New Wario Character - Either Ashley or Kat/Ana, but I haven't played so much so it could be anyone from this series.
New Zelda Character - Someone from Botw
Dark Pit - Only there because Sakurai
Bandana Dee - Basically player 4 of the Kirby series
Wolf and ICs - Back
Pokemon - Ordered by dex number (except Pikachu > Charizard)
Decidueye - Pretty common put there. Doubt Gen 8 pokemon makes it cause that game hasnt even been announced yet and they've been working on this game for a while.
Rex - Sakurai apparently loves Xenoblade 2, no one loves Xenoblade X.
Takamaru - Natural progression from sticker to assist trophy to retro cool character. Also was released on 3DS and prolly Switch soon.
Inkling - A character
Spring Man - New game
Lucina - Cut, moved in with marth
Captain Toad - Should be in smash, but I dont think will happen because theres not enough for a moveset.
Other last minute cuts - Dixie Kong (no relevance), Crash and Solaire (both too new to Switch to fit Smash 5 development timeframe), Paper Mario (Doc is actually more iconic at this point)
Ridley - Still too big
Character count - 65, 68 with miis

What do you all think?
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Feb 15, 2016
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I'm still waiting for an answer, why were these 2 threads merged considering their topics are completely different?


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Apr 5, 2015
If Pikmin 4 launches a month before 5mash, and Alph reprises his role, it would be the perfect opportunity to promote him and his series!


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Sorry for the mix-up guys. This was accidentally merged with the palette swap thread. I separated the posts that were obviously meant for The Switch Roster Thread. If I missed anything, tag me or one of the section mods with a post link and we will move it here. Again, sorry for the confusion.


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Feb 12, 2015
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How are you guys making those sweet roster images? Is there a template for the images somewhere? I'd love to get invloved but i don't really wanna type out my roster :p

also, just making sure, these are our predictions for what the roster will look like, not our dream roster, right?


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Feb 15, 2016
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How are you guys making those sweet roster images? Is there a template for the images somewhere? I'd love to get invloved but i don't really wanna type out my roster :p

also, just making sure, these are our predictions for what the roster will look like, not our dream roster, right?
It's for both.
As for the program, there you go.


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Jan 29, 2016
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Let me start this by saying I am in the belief that Smash Wii U is being used as the backbone for Smash Switch with them building on top of it. As a result, I do not believe that there will be any cuts, you heard me right. Yes, even the current third party characters stay, even Cloud (Which I REALLY hope I'm right about.)

3/10/2018 current prediction roster. Not exactly dream roster, I'll get to that afterwards.

Blue = return with no changes outside of maybe data.
Red = return with changes in their moveset.
Green = newcomer
Yellow = returning veterans.
10 characters horizontally each row, 7 rows. 69, 71 counting all 3 Mii Fighters. 13 character net gain counting Mii Fighters being 3 characters in 1.

Additions to the current roster:
Captain Toad, King K. Rool, Pokemon newcomer, Metroid newcomer, Wolf, Waddle Dee, Rex (and Pyra), Spring Man, Inklings, Ice Climbers, Rhythm Heaven newcomer, Geno and Heihachi.
I think that Heihachi could instead end up being Travis Touchdown or Crash too so keep that in mind when looking at the above prediction.

Now for my dream roster and this is a doozy:

Same rules apply for blue, red, green and yellow except red is also characters I hope have moveset changes.
5 horizontal rows of 13 characters and one last row of 8. 75 in total. Additions are the following: Waluigi, King K. Rool, Zelda newcomer, Hades, Inklings, Waddle (Bandana) Dee, Wolf, Ridley, Decidueye, Rex (and Pyra), Ice Climbers, Fire Emblem newcomer, Isaac, Spring Man, Rhythm Heaven newcomer, Geno and Snake. Snake is interchangeable with Travis Touchdown or Crash, Waluigi with Paper Mario and Isaac with Muddy Mole or Mike Anderson. Talking about characters being "interchangeable" because I felt anything more than 75 is definitely dreaming too much and that'd make the roster 80 characters in total. No way, I think 75 is already stretching it. lol
I would go more into the character choices for both of these rosters and the why but this post is already getting too large I think. If you're that curious, just message me.

Will update this in the future possibly (and if I remember.)
Edit: Edited in the date for the first prediction. Thanks to Super Flygon for reminding me by putting in a date for their first prediction.
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Now that the issue is resolved, we will be back to enforcing the "one roster spot per person" rule for this thread. Please refer to the first post for the rules as well as the proper download for the roster maker itself.

(Should go without saying that the Moderation reminding someone of the rules isn't counted towards the one post rule. Otherwise, we couldn't get anything done. I will not be using this post for my roster, mind you).


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Mar 20, 2011
Alright kids, feast your eyes on this. This is my predicted character roster for Smash Bros. Switch. (not counting Mii Fighters)


The Substitute dolls represent the following, from upper-left to lower-right:

WarioWare character (most likely to be Ashley, if I'm honest.)
DK character
Breath of the Wild character
Metroid Prime character
FE Switch main character (or a currently existing character, such as Lyn.)
Kirby Star Allies character
Spring Man

Possible cuts: :4drmario::4feroy::4lucina::4wiifit::4cloud:

52 veterans + 13 newcomers = 65 characters.

Now, my reasoning for each removal.

If memory serves (and believe me, it usually doesn't), Dr. Mario was included back in Melee only as a means to have a fighter hail from a puzzle game. I'm fairly certain I read that somewhere, but don't quote me on it. Now that Smash has become more diverse in its gradually growing roster, there's not much need for two Marios in the game, shown off as different characters. We have Mario Kart for that now. All this aside, during development of Smash 4, Dr. Mario was originally intended to serve as an alternate costume option for Mario. Maybe he'll receive such a treatment this time.

Roy (and Marth, for that matter) was instrumental in introducing Fire Emblem to the western market. He has also done his job of being a callback to Melee in his most recent Smash appearance. Yes, Mewtwo had the same job. It (Mewtwo) is simply more relevant than Roy, though. Pokémon is not, for lack of better words, a "one-and-done" series. Fire Emblem is.

Aside from also originally being an alternate costume option, there already IS a FE representative hailing from Awakening: Robin. Unless someone can find a way to change her up, the biggest role I can see her serving as is as what she was originally intended for. The only thing she has going for her against this argument is her popularity.

Similarly to Roy, Wii Fit hasn't really been too relevant for some time now. The last game was released nearly 5 years again and, while it did well, there haven't been plans since for another game in that series. Then again, who knows what goes on in Smash Hero Samurai's head...

Square Enix seems to be rather stingy with their IPs which, while reasonable, does not bode well for crossover appearances. I'm still unsure of whether this was SE or the dev team that restricted themselves/were restricted, but when looking at how little content from Final Fantasy there is in the game (and, given that Cloud hails from it, most of said content is from Final Fantasy VII), I think it's a rather safe bet to say Cloud (and the Final Fantasy universe) is a one-and-done deal.
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Jul 22, 2014

75 characters with Lucina, Roy and Dr.Mario being cut.
Green = Alts, Bottom = characters i considered to include but did not make it.
Cpt. Toad - I feel like he is a shoe in, given the ports of Treasure Tracker and his role in Oddyssey.
Waluigi - I feel like Mario will get 2 Newcomers since it is Nintendos biggest franchise and he is more likely than Daisy
King K Rool - Massive popularity and lack of DK characters
Dixie Kong - Is relevant as DKCTF also gets a port. Also more likely than Cranky and Funky
Ganon - Wild guess as i am sure Zelda gets at least one Newcomer. And after all he is the main villain of BoTW
Revali - Another wild guess, could also be Mipha or any other Zelda character but i feel like he is more popular
2 Fire Emblem characters - At least one of the new game with the other one propably being Corrin
Waddle Dee - Also popular and Sakurai likes Kirby obviously
Pokemon Rep. - Most likely Decidueye
Metroid rep - 100% sure about that given Metroid 2 and MP4. Could be Ridley, Dark Samus, or Sylux
Hades - Main Villain of Sakurais franchise likelier than Medusa or Viridi
Animal Crossing Rep. - Could be anyone but AC is such a big franchise that i feel like it might happen
Spring Man - New IP that needs promotion
Exite Biker - Iconic Retro character
Balloon Fighter -" "
Isaac - Just a guess
Bomberman - Did well on the switch and has a long history with Nintendo
Rayman - Kingdom battle is a thing and he is 10 times bettter than the Rabbids

Makes 19 newcomers + Wolf and Ice Climbers returning.

I could imagine that there will be just 70 characters. In that case the 2nd Zelda Newcomer, The Animal Crossing Character, Hades, 1 Retro character and Waddle Dee/Isaac would not make it.


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Jan 27, 2014
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EDIT (Sept 14, 2018, mere hours before the box reared its ugly mug) (FINAL PREDICTION):

September 14 Predictions.jpg

Updated after Isabelle's reveal. Literally my previous roster, but with Skull Kid, Isaac, Impa, and Dixie Kong removed.

Previous prediction rosters can be found below:
August 25 Predictions.jpg

My first roster prediction after E3. This was also after the August 8th Smash Direct. I have a feeling that there will be no more than 10 new characters, including echo fighters.

16e: Impa
36e: Dixie Kong
38e: Shadow
45e: Isabelle
60e: Ken

Regular Fighters, in no particular order:
Skull Kid
!Roster v2 Compressed.jpg

My final roster change before E3, this time keeping true to Vergeben's leak. I also changed some other stuff around as well. Here are the changes:

Added Dr. Mario, Captain Toad, Ridley, Dark Pit, Lucina, Balloon Fighter, Isabelle, Elma, Simon Belmont, Snake, and Cloud.
Removed Sylux, Rex and Pyra, and Steve.
Roster [Compressed].jpg

I made the roster look a little nicer :)
This one is somewhat similar to my previous prediction. This will probably be my last one until the next announcement regarding the game. Here are the changes I made:

* Impa seems most likely as a 6th Zelda character to me. Of course, it could still end up being someone else.

* Wolf replaced for Lucas. If this game is using Smash 4 as a backbone, I feel that everyone from that game will probably return except for the clones and a couple of the third parties.

* 2nd Animal Crossing Character was replaced with Rex and Pyra, as they seem a little more likely.

* I now think that the mystery third party character may be Steve (or at least someone that represents indie titles as a whole). This could also be Shovel Knight, but I feel Steve really represents indie titles better and is a lot more widely recognized.
Welp. Here's my shot:

Smash Switch Roster.png

Waluigi: For me, this spot was a toss-up between two characters: Captain Toad and Waluigi. For me, I feel that Waluigi is slightly more likely, as many fans have been requesting his appearance in the series since even the Brawl days. This spot could just as easily be Captain Toad though.

Dixie Kong: As much as I want King K. Rool, Dixie Kong just seems more likely in my eyes, mostly because of her being somewhat more relevant than K. Rool and being planned to appear in Brawl alongside Diddy Kong. However, if the Smash 4 ballot is being taken into account for this game, I feel that K. Rool has just as much, if not more, of a chance.

6th LoZ Character: Because the Zelda series has many characters that only appear for a few games, it's hard to find a specific pick for this slot. My thoughts are that it could either be Impa, Tingle, Skull Kid, or Tetra.

Sylux: Why Sylux, specifically? Honestly, I'm not 100% sure, but his appearance could be used to promote Metroid Prime 4. Essentially, this is probably the next choice for a new Metroid character other than Ridley, who will probably only get it if Sakurai changes his mind about him (It's possible, since he did with Villager, the Miis, and Pac-Man.)

Bandanna Waddle Dee: Other than the Inklings, I felt that he was the most likely character to appear in this game, and that viewpoint has not changed. He's super fun in SSF2, and I feel that he will fit well in this game. Not to mention that the Kirby series could use a new character.

Mimikyu: This spot could honestly go to either Decidueye or Mimikyu. What we can assume is that Sakurai started development for this game when Sun and Moon was being developed (mid 2016 probably), so if a new Pokemon appears, it will be from Gen 7. I feel that Mimikyu is slightly more likely than Decidueye, mostly because it has been used a lot more in official promotional material and would pair nicely with Pikachu in the game.

2nd Animal Crossing Character: Animal Crossing has gotten to be a fairly large series for Nintendo and could maybe use a second character. As for what that character could be, I feel it would probably be Tom Nook or Isabelle, although it would be hard to find a moveset for them.

Takamaru: Sakurai has talked a lot about wanting to put Takamaru in Super Smash Bros., but has backed off because of his obscurity in the west. However, I feel this game is finally his chance to put Takamaru in the game, probably as the one "surprise" character in every Smash title, as seen in the proposal for Smash 4. Or, maybe I shouldn't try and predict that. It is a surprise character after all.

Spring Man: Although ARMS didn't reach the popularity of Splatoon, it's still a very unique concept. Not only that, a character like Spring Man could offer a unique moveset style for the game.

Rayman: Having a trophy in the previous game helps his chances. Smashified also probably increased the amount of votes he ended up getting, as the whole "leak" happened a couple months before the ballot got announced.

Mystery Third Party Character: This third party slot could be anyone, veteran or newcomer. Ryu, Cloud, or Snake could fill this spot, or it could be an entirely new character, such as Shovel Knight, Bomberman, or even Crash Bandicoot.
Link and Toon Link: Since Link is going to use his Breath of the Wild appearance for this game, I feel his moveset could be reworked as well, with Toon Link retaining his original moveset. Not only will this not alienate people who liked Link's old playstyle, but it will help differentiate the two more.

Greninja: Greninja could reappear in his Ash-Greninja form. That is all.
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Mar 19, 2011
Smash 5 this U alt Roster.png

Notes: I wanted to include Toon Link, Greninja, ZSS and Palutena, but I had a 67 character limit, so they had to go. They'd be DLC though.

If I were unable to secure the license to Banjo and Kazooie, they would probably be replaced with Rayman.


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Feb 16, 2014
Here's mine

Brought back every Vet. I guess Young Link could get an original moveset based off his masks.
Newcomers; KKR, Inkling, Ridley, Geno, Bomberman, Paper Mario

Just for fun..
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Oct 28, 2006
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Latest version of my roster, consisting of the top five rows.
Bumped the Mii fighters to seperate slots to make for 64 slots total, plus a random button.

Limited the cuts to just Lucina and a couple of third party characters.

New characters would be Captain Toad, Dixie Kong, Bandana Dee, Gen 8 Pokémon, Chorus Kids, Chibi-Robo and Bomberman, while Wolf and Ice Climbers return.

The bottom left 12 characters are also characters I could get behind, but couldn't fit in.
The bottom right 8 names are third parties I could somewhat support - though I'd prefer if third parties were kept to a minimum.

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Mar 10, 2010
hoh it's that time of year again huh

Newcomers: Paper Mario, Dixie Kong, Wild Link, Ridley, Lyn, Waddle Dee, Decidueye, Rex, Inkling, Spring Man, Crash

Alternatively: Swap Paper Mario for Captain Toad, Dixie Kong for K. Rool, Wild Link with another Zelda character, Lyn for Lucina, Decidueye for Mimikyu, and Crash for another 3rd party character

Unlockable: Paper Mario, Mr. Game & Watch, Ganondorf, Ridley, Roy, Wolf, Mewtwo, Duck Hunt, R.O.B., Bayonetta

and once again Kirby's in the middle
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Jun 29, 2012
made a mostly ideal roster for myself, had to restrain myself when it came to certain series otherwise id have just ended up making a hyrule warriors roster

newcomers (top to bottom, left to right):
cranky kong
yarn yoshi
linkle (hyrule warriors)
metroid (why not)
andy (advance wars)
wonder red (the wonderful 101)
bandana waddle dee
alph (pikmin 3)
poipole (us&um)
rowan and lianna (fire emblem warriors) (i think theyd be alts of each other)
ninten (mother)
professor layton
tempo (harmoknight)
snip and clip (snipperclips)
ashley mizuki robins (another code)
spring man
nate (yo-kai watch)
rex (xenoblade 2)
matthew (golden sun dark dawn)
hana/sakura samurai
chorus kids (rhythm paradise)
mallo (pullblox)
qbby (boxboy)
urban champion
ballon fighter

bowser jr, nothing against him just tried to restrain myself a bit
dr mario, the are better choices for both mario characters and roster padding
falco, im a bit sick of him at this point
greninja, nothing against him just other pokemon id rather have
mewtwo, ive never liked mewtwo
robin, lucina, roy, ike, corrin, to many fire emblem characters swapped them out for ones i prefer
pittoo, not a fan
little mac, dont care for punch out
pac-man, hes fun to play as but im not a fan
ryu, hes a cool inclusion but i not bothered
cloud, its awesome having a final fantasy character but im not fond of him

zero suit samus is back as a transform
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Jan 22, 2014
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Current Prediction- Prediction #7- November 1, 2018 (Post November Smash Direct)
Full Roster (including DLC) by official Smash numbering

Full Roster (including DLC) by official Smash numbering with the stacked setting on

82 characters (we are basically confirmed to have 82 anyways, so don't expect that number to change).

Yellow is DLC.

- Added Piranha Plant because it was confirmed as DLC.
- Removed Shadow because he was disconfirmed.
- Regrettably removed Skull Kid because he was disconfirmed.
- Added Bandana Waddle Dee for DLC. The Kirby series could also use a new stage and some music from newer games.
- Added Dixie Kong for DLC for the same reasons as Bandana Waddle Dee.
- Added Geno for DLC because he was always somewhat highly requested.
- Added Banjo Kazooie for DLC because they always been a big request, even among Phil Spencer.
- Added Sora for DLC mostly as a personal thing. Still a long shot, but I'd love to see him (as well as KH games on Switch).

Full Roster (Pre-DLC) by official Smash numbering

Full Roster (Pre-DLC) by official Smash numbering with the stacked setting on

81 characters, still. (I am aware of the box theory, but I'm hopeful that it is just a placeholder. Doesn't make sense to announce 5 characters in August and then only have 2 left in the final months before release).

- Made Isabelle a unique character (or rather, a semi-clone) because she has been confirmed as such.
- Removed Impa because even though I want Zelda to have 8 characters, I think only one is in the cards right now.
- Removed Lloyd Irving because I don't think we will get anymore new universes pre-DLC.
- Made Dixie Kong a unique character (or rather, a semi-clone, in similar fashion to Isabelle.
- Added Ken as a Ryu Echo and Geno as a unique fighter because they go along with 2 of Vergeben's claims (Ken as a Ryu Echo an a Square Enix character).

Full Roster (Pre-DLC) by official Smash numbering

Full Roster (Pre-DLC) by official Smash numbering with the stacked setting on

81 characters. This will probably be my last change until the next character is announced.

- Removed Decidueye in place of Incineroar because I think Incineroar might be more likely (even though we already have a fully evolved Fire starter).
- Removed Spring-Man because I think he is more likely as DLC.
- Added Skull Kid due to recent hints, popularity, and his absence thus far as an AT.

Full Roster (Pre-DLC) by official Smash numbering

Full Roster (Pre-DLC) by official Smash numbering with the stacked setting on

Still 81 fighters.

- Removed Captain Toad, who seems to be somewhat deconfirmed at this point.
- Made Dixie Kong an echo fighter of Diddy Kong. Just seems better that way. She could still have some unique moves, like a new up special and no peanut gun.
- Added Impa as an echo fighter for Sheik. Pretty popular character and I think the Zelda series deserves a new fighter. Plus, it bothers me that Fire Embelm might have more fighters than Zelda again.

Full Roster (Pre-DLC) by official Smash numbering (not going to post a roster by series anymore as of right now)

Full Roster (Pre-DLC) by official Smash numbering with the stacked setting on

*As with before, Green means Echo Fighter. I opted to put the Mii Fighters at the end this time around because I felt it looked nicer that way.

81 characters overall when counting Pokémon Trainer and Mii Fighter as 3 characters.

- Added Richter, Chrom and Dark Samus because they were officially confirmed.
- Added Shadow and Isabelle as Echo Fighters because I see them having increased likelihood (and would be better suited as Echo Fighters).
- Added Lloyd Irving as a surprise character. He had a Mii Fighter costume on 3DS/Wii U. Looking at the characters revealed so far, having a Mii Fighter costume as DLC in the last game certainly helps their chances!

I am open to characters like Captain Toad and Spring-Man not making it in. My two most wanted right now are Bandana Waddle Dee and a Gen 7 Pokémon. Also open to the possibility of Dixie being apart of Diddy's Final Smash, as well as other Echo Fighters, such as Funky Kong for DK, Impa for Sheik, Ken for Ryu, etc.

Full Roster (Pre-DLC) by official Smash numbering (I consider this more likely than by series, but I'd be fine with either one, or both)

Full Roster (Pre-DLC) by series

*Green is obviously Echo Fighters (who are always next to their originals in both my predictions). These are the characters I hope to see when the game launches. Also, I won't post a starting roster because Sakurai stated that either the original 8 or original 12 would be the starting roster, so no need to post that. It is easy to picture in my first picture though (which is partly why I hope the final CSS orders the characters by their appearance in Smash).

I do realize that even if characters are ordered by numbering Sakurai could still put Miis at the end, which is fine by me. Also, newcomers after Ridley who have not been confirmed were just listed in the order of the debut of their series in Smash. Not going to bother guessing when they'll be announced, if they even get announced.

71 character slots + Random. Technically, that would be 72 slots, which is exactly 6x what we had in the original game!! When counted separately, there are 75 characters overall! 9 newcomers (one clone, one semiclone, one third party and 3 new universes). Hopefully 9 is what Sakurai meant when he said "not a lot of newcomers", and hopefully not a ridiculously low number like 5!

It would be crazy if row 1 is just the original 12 because it would show how far the series has come right before the 20th anniversary. What was once considered the full roster would now be just row 1 of 6 (or 7 if we count DLC).
-Added Young Link, Pichu and Pokemon Trainer because they were officially confirmed.
-Added Daisy & Ridley because they were confirmed.
-Added Simon Belmont because of Vergeben.
-Removed Krystal & Takamaru because they are still Assist Trophies.
-Removed Skull Kid and BOTW Champions because I don't want them anymore.
-Removed Pauline because she is part of the new Odyssey stage (and I don't want her anymore).
-Removed Classic Link because he is still part of Champion Link.
-Removed Paper Mario because I feel we are only getting one more Mario character (if any) and I think Captain Toad is more deserving).
-Removed Isabelle, Rex and Isaac because we aren't getting a lot of newcomers and I'd prefer new Pokemon, Kirby, DK & Mario reps instead.
-Removed Rayman & Banjo for the same reasons, and because I think they'd be better for DLC.
-Removed Mii Mage because that doesn't seem likely at this point.

Not going to bother with alternate costumes at this point, but it is nice to already seem some that I hoped for already confirmed (like Pikachu Libre).

As for DLC, I would prefer it to be a total of 12 characters to keep the CSS perfect. Could be 6 echo fighters and 6 new (mostly third party) characters and I'd make it so that the echo fighters are basically "free", as long as you purchase a standard priced new fighter. EX: Shadow is an Echo fighter, but purchasing Rayman for the standard price gives you Shadow as well. Each echo fighter would be paired with a new character.

Starting Roster

Full Roster (Red=Unlockable, Blue=Starter)

Prediction #1, March 11, 2018
TOTAL: 81 Characters

All 58 characters from Smash 3DS/Wii U (since I see them using 3DS/Wii U as a base, I see no reason why they should cut characters and either way, I hate seeing any character cut). Praying that no 3rd party characters get cut, though I'm only really worried about Ryu & Cloud.

Placed the Random Button in the bottom middle because that is where it worked best for my roster. Could see it taking up that whole row in the real roster, or they could get rid of random completely and make random happen by pressing the control stick or something.

Total of 81 characters (I added "Mii Mage", which I see as a fourth Mii character, essentially functioning similar to Robin).

Going to point out here that I see Mario getting updated with Cappy. I see Ganondorf getting decloned. While I don't expect them to get rid of his final smash, I do see them updating Beast Ganon's design to that of the one from BOTW. Toon Link gets new moves from some of his "toon" games. Pikachu gets a final smash based on Gigavolt Havoc. Greninja has Ash-Greninja as Final Smash. Olimar adds Rock Pikmin to his arsenal and can have only one of each Pikmin out (except Winged which remain as his up special). Falco & Wolf get their own unique final smashes.

Added Ice Climbers, Wolf & Snake. While I'd say ICs & Wolf are practically shoe-ins, I would say Snake is not guaranteed and I'd be alright if he did not return, but I would love to see him back.

Thoughts on each newcomer I added (and if I think they are actually likely or not).
Captain Toad- Gaining notoriety with Treasure Tracker and frequent appearances in 3D Marios. He can't jump, but I'm sure Sakurai will think of something unique Maybe he'll throw his backpack in the air similar to Ike's recovery for his recovery? Seems pretty likely.

Paper Mario- One of my personal favorite Mario spin-offs, despite recent entries. Would be very unique. 50/50 chance.

Pauline- Another female character and she gained serious prominence thanks to Odyssey. Not too likely imo.

BOTW Link: Already confirmed. I just want to note that I see him being added as a new character because I see him playing differently from regular Link (who should not be cut regardless). I see BOTW Zelda blending nicely with Zelda's moveset which is why she is not a new character.

Skull Kid- Another villain (kind of?). Would be a great promotion from Smash 3DS/Wii U. Probably not likely though.

BOTW Champions- I see them functioning similar to Pokemon Trainer, where you play as one but can switch between them in the match. Not likely though.

Decidueye- Odds are Gen 8 will be too late for Smash Switch, so a Gen 7 rep is likely. With Decidueye, we'd finally get a fully evolved Grass starter to complete the trio. Already playable in Pokken and seems pretty popular. Very likely. A Pokemon rep in generally is incredibly likely.

Bandana Waddle Dee- Appeared in numerous Kirby games, even as a playable character. Should be super easy to add. Considered probably my most likely newcomer for Smash Switch.

Krystal- A female Star Fox rep. Would be an interesting character. Not too likely though.

Isabelle- New, but very popular character. Not sure how she'd play though. Not likely.

Rex- XC2's main character. Given Sakurai's praise for XC2, I'd say Rex, or at least a character from the game is very likely.

Isaac- Had some representation in Smash. Maybe Smash could revitalize his series. Not very likely though.

Spring-Man- I feel that an ARMs rep is very likely in order to promote the series (which has had only average sales). The main character would be the most obvious choice.

Takamaru- Essentially getting the Little Mac treatment and could be seen as this game's retro character. 50/50.

Rayman- Given Ubisoft's relationship with Nintendo, I think a character from that company is likely, and Rayman is one of their most successful franchises. A possibility.

Banjo-Kazooie- Would be crazy if Banjo got in, but this is more of an outlandish prediction. Not likely, but would be cool.

Also, some notable alts (either as recolors or an Olimar/Alph situation), which doesn't include past alts (assume they return). To me an alt, is still the base character but does change the name while a recolor doesn't change the character's name.
Mr. L: Either a recolor for Luigi and/or alt for Paper Mario.
Daisy: Peach alt
Dry Bowser: Bowser alt
Yarn Yoshi (at least Green, Red & Blue variants): Yoshi recolor
Past incarnations of adult Link (OOT, SS, HW etc.): TP Link alt
Past incarnations of adult Zelda (OOT, TP, SS, HW etc.): Zelda alt
Impa: Sheik alt
HW Sheik: Sheik recolor
HW Ganondorf, Yuga: Ganondorf recolor
Pichu, Alolan Raichu, Pikachu Libre: Pikachu recolor
Shadow Mewtwo: Mewtwo recolor
Alm, Rowan: Marth recolor
Celica, Lianna: Lucina or female Corrin recolor
Inkling Boy/Girl from Splatoon 2, Callie, Marie, Pearl, Marina: Inkling Boy/Girl alt/recolor
Ribbon Girl: Spring-Man alt
Classic Sonic: Sonic alt
Ms. Pac-Man: Pac-Man alt
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Apr 11, 2014
First draft

Where my head is at the moment. If the roster got this big I'd imagine it would be after all updates/DLC. Would consider two more, likely Balloon Fighter and someone from Retro's supposed new IP. Blank spot for a FE Rep from FE Switch. (Dr. Mario, Lucina, and Dark Pit retained as alt costumes)

Also considering the idea that the roster may start much smaller and adopt the Splatoon/ARMS kind of update model.

So, I expect the roster to be smaller than this either way. But this is my dream right now.

second draft

current draft

Super Smash Bros Rift


No more predictions from me until we get a title or a character not pictured here.
ROB is lawful neutral, Duck Hunt is Chaotic Neutral, Miis/Random are True Neutral. I don't know what they are rifted about, but I predict a rift.

The New Dream
prediction Roster.png

Echoes not stacked. (Kind of ugly how they get separated but I mean look at Smash 4's roster)

prediction Roster2.png

Stork (Yoshi Echo), Black Shadow (Captain Falcon Echo) as alternatives to Medusa and Octolings.
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Aug 10, 2011
This Thread
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Okay, figured I'd make mine. Don't have access to the Roster Maker because I'm on mobile, but here we go. Prediction time.

:4mario::4luigi::4peach::4bowser::4bowserjr::rosalina:(Captain Toad):4yoshi::4wario::4dk::4diddy:(Dixie Kong)
:4marth:(Celica):4myfriends::4robinm::4lucina::4corrinf::4villager:(Isabelle):4shulk:(Rex and Pyra):4ness::4falcon:
:4gaw::4rob::4duckhunt::4littlemac::4olimar::4wiifit:(Chorus Kids)(Inkling)(Spring Man):4mii:
:4pacman::4megaman::4ryu::4sonic::4cloud::4bayonetta:(Additional Third Party)(Additional Third Party)

Newcomer List:
Captain Toad
Dixie Kong
Decidueye (or a Gen VIII Pokémon...we don't know when the roster was decided)
Celica (or the FE16 Protagonist...we don't know when the roster was decided)
Rex and Pyra
Chorus Kids
Inkling *Confirmed*
Spring Man
Miis (reworked to be based on games like Wii Sports Resort, Tomodachi Life, and Miitopia)

Plus Two of the Following:
Crash Bandicoot
Shovel Knight

Cuts: Dr. Mario, Roy, Dark Pit, Lucas, Mii Brawler, Mii Swordfighter, Mii Gunner

For a total of 66 characters.

Final Pre-E3 Edit:

Here's my "If Vergeben is right" roster:

This is pre-DLC, so Spring Man, Crash, and Rex & Pyra aren't included.
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Aug 12, 2014
Switch FC
Pre-E3 prediction with reasoning (spoiler'd):

No cuts, 15 newcomers in the base roster, 3 returning veterans, and 5 DLC fighters (81 characters total). Based off of Vergeben's leaks. Funky Kong, Lyn, Rex & Pyra, Spring Man, and Crash are DLC. At first it seems like a lot of characters but if there aren't any cuts this likely started off as an enhanced port, so there would be more time to work on newcomers.

Btw, Simon should be using his He-Man design and some of the other characters should be using more recent designs like in BOTW or Star Fox Zero, but the icons I have for those are either ugly or nonexistent. And for reference, it's Midna & Wolf Link, not just Midna.

In general, every character was chosen due to some combination of relevance, moveset potential, and popularity. It's pretty clear that moveset potential and relevance are important factors in Sakurai's decision making (just look at Robin and Chrom in Smash 4), and popularity is definitely more important now that the Smash Ballot happened.

Captain Toad: Relevant thanks to Treasure Tracker and Oddyssey. Toad in general is a very important and popular Mario character, and with a named Toad on the table I think we can finally see one make it into Smash. The captain would use an interesting exploration based moveset. Paper Mario does have potential, but the backlash to Sticker Star and Color Splash makes me hesitant to add him.

Ashley: From what I know, Ashley is a popular choice in Japan. And while WarioWare wasn't up to that much after Smash 4, Ashley had notable cameo appearances. Sakurai is clearly aware of her, as she got an AT in Smash 4 and even got a Mii Costume as DLC. She would fight with a magic based moveset that's sure to be unique.

King K. Rool: King K. Rool is a popular choice. While not necessarily mainstream, he still has a sizable following that was definitely noticed because of K. Rool's Mii Costume. This is especially notable since it rocks a golden belly, unlike the K. Rool trophy. He'd be a schizophrenic heavyweight with some speed and wonky projectiles.

Dixie Kong: Somewhat popular pick that was relevant when the roster was decided due to Tropical Freeze. As Smash games tend to focus on past consoles, this opens the door for Dixie Kong. She wouldn't be a semiclone of Diddy either; she can use her hair in various ways to differentiate the two, either as a whip, a propeller, or something to throw her body around, and she'd be an acrobatic fighter.

Midna & Wolf Link: I think we're getting a Zelda newcomer in this game. The ballot must've had a ton of Zelda requests and LoZ has been really active since Smash 4, so I think Sakurai will finally bite the bullet and put one in the game already. Midna & Wolf Link are prime candidates: they're popular, they form a quadruped that doesn't have issues with items due to Midna's hair and would be unique thanks to her Twilight powers + Wolf Link attacks, and TP HD was released shortly after the roster was decided. A lot of people might think Impa would get the nod, but her Hyrule Warriors appearance has some admittedly minor legality issues. And while she is a series mainstay instead of a one off, I think Midna & Wolf Link have more moveset potential. The naginata/huge sword ninja thing just doesn't seem like it offers as much as what Midna & Wolf Link can.

Ridley: ResetEra and Vergeben's trusted source say we're getting Ridley. We know Ridley would make it in if the dev team found a way to make it happen, and I think the time is now thanks to the leaks. Obviously he'd be a lightweight cunning giant purple space dragon who could use brute force when needed, which is more than enough for one of Nintendo's most iconic villains to stand out.

Bandana Dee: Very popular choice in Japan, and probably in the West too. Even discounting Star Allies, he's only cemented himself as a series mainstay since Smash 4, which was one of his biggest hurdles. As a spearfighter, Bandana Dee inherently differentiates himself from every other character in the game due to his unique weapon type, which could be supplemented by Parasol and Beam ability attacks.

Wolf: Relevant due to Star Fox Zero, and an easy to implement veteran semiclone. Not much reason not to see him.

Ice Climbers: With the 3DS out of the way, there's no reason not to expect Ice Climbers, especially after Vergeben's leak.

Decidueye: While other Gen 7 Pokemon certainly have a chance, Decidueye stands above the rest. He doesn't run into the item issues Lycanroc and Tapu Koko have, and when the roster was decided, Gen 7 Pokemon were unknown, so popularity isn't really a deciding factor. As an archer owl with a grass aesthetic, Decidueye offers something completely new to the series with a glance of his concept art, which is what Sakurai would've been working with. Keep in mind this is also how Greninja was chosen: off of concept art. Lycanroc is the biggest competition, but in a dual between concept arts I think Decidueye is a clear winner, and he almost certainly would've been on TPC's shortlist since he's a starter. Other notable contenders: Incineroar, Mimikyu, Nihilego, and Tapu Koko.

Isabelle: Isabelle is the face of Animal Crossing. She's heavily promoted in every game since New Leaf, the face of AC's Twitter account, was in Mario Kart 8 alongside Link, Villager, and Inkling, all of whom are in Smash, and popular is very among the AC fanbase. While some people think she's too passive for Smash or that she doesn't offer much for a moveset, Isabelle could very easily be a Phoenix Wright-esque fighter who clumsily makes her way through the battle. On top of that, she could terraform the stage with public works projects and ordinances.

Elma: Xenoblade X was a big title on the Wii U, which is most likely the focus of Smash 5 judging by every other Smash game and Inkling's Splatoon 1 looks. Xenoblade has really grown as a franchise, and I'd be shocked if we didn't get a new character from it. And we know Sakurai purchased a figure which oddly resembles Xenoblade X's Skells, which are a premier choice for Elma's Final Smash. As a fighter who would focus on outmaneuvering opponents for positional damage and striking with fast dual sword and dual gun attacks, she's sure to be unique.

Takamaru: Takamaru has already been considered for Smash before. The one thing that apparently held him back was the lack of an international release of his game, and whaddya know, Mysterious Murasame Castle was released worldwide on the Virtual Console (and that NintendoLand thing, but who cares)! As a samurai who practices laido, Takamaru would immediately stand out from other swordfighters. Plus he'd have a few projectiles to further differentiate him as a unique fighter. And while other characters like Balloon Fighter and Excitebiker would be cool, they've already been denied because Sakurai couldn't figure out how to make them work. While this could change, I wouldn't count on it, and even then Takamaru has an impressive resume. This is the obligatory retro pick.

Chorus Kids: Another character that we know was already considered thanks to the Gematsu leak. Unlike Chrom, we don't know why they were scrapped, but I think they'll be a nice WTF character. They obviously have potential as a rhythm based trio because they were considered in the first place too.

Inkling: They're already confirmed, but they do help prove my criteria. They spread ink around the stage to apply buffs/debuffs to themselves and their opponents and Splatoon was a big hit on the Wii U, so they check all 3 of my criteria.

Simon Belmont: He was leaked. He apparently did well on the Ballot and fights with a whip, plus he got an anime recently. Sakurai has even gone on record to praise Castlevania. Makes sense.

Snake: If we're getting Simon, I can't help but feel we'll also get Snake. Some might say Sakurai might not want to work with Konami on this after what happened to Kojima, but that seems petty if anything. If Konami is on board with Simon, then why not Snake?

Rayman: Ubisoft is buddy buddy with Nintendo. Plus Rayman had those trophies in Smash 4. He'd be unique by fighting with his disembodied limbs.

Funky Kong: Onto the DLC! Funky Kong has garnered a surprising amount of popularity since the announcement of a new Funky Mode in the Switch port of Tropical Freeze. While this is too late for the base roster, it'll be in a great timeframe for DLC, which I do think we'll get because why would Nintendo turn down that money? He'd immediately stand out as a surfboard fighter, who would pose and perform tricks for every attack to really encapsulate his funky personality. He's also really well known due to how infamously broken he was in Mario Kart Wii, the 7th best selling game of all time.

Lyn: Lyn is an interesting choice. While sword characters do have to go through intense customs to make it in, Lyn passes these checks. Even with Takamaru on the roster, Lyn would easily differentiate herself as a speedy swordswoman, fighting with quick multihit strikes, afterimages, and a bow for a couple moves. I think IS will push for her since they have ever since February 2017's Choose Your Legends poll, in which she finished second only to Ike despite not being playable in Smash! These results also probably seeped into the Smash Ballot as well. While some might think an FE16 lord would be chosen, Corrin wasn't actually chosen for promotional reasons. Smash 4's dev team just really liked Fates and convinced Sakurai she'd be a great character to add. Lyn also has proven staying power, unlike a flavor of the month FE16 character. The CYL poll was probably too late for the base roster, but it isn't for DLC. Being DLC also helps her clear the "too many FE characters" hurdle.

Rex & Pyra: Xenoblade 2, while in development for a long time, wasn't released until last year. That's too big of a question mark for me to put in the base roster. However, it wouldn't be too late for DLC. XC2 is a premier Switch title with DLC lined up until the end of the year, keeping it relevant right up until Smash's release. Rex & Pyra would be a unique take on duo characters with an affinity mechanic that could lead into a Mythra power up and Blade Specials, which transfer the Aegis Sword from Driver to Blade. Rex's heavy strikes and fire/light bending further differentiate him from other sword characters. It's worth mentioning that Sakurai has played and enjoyed XC2, which would help Rex & Pyra's chances.

Spring Man: An ARMs character isn't all that likely for the base roster, as it came out too late, and we know Sakurai takes a wait and see approach to new franchises by looking at Pikmin and Splatoon. However, ARMs will have established itself by the time DLC comes around, and Spring Man's spring arms would definitely catch Sakurai's eye.

Crash Bandicoot: I felt like I needed to have some 3rd party DLC character just by looking at Smash 4's DLC lineup. I ended up going with Crash, as he's popular in both Japan and the West and his remaster will be relevant by the time DLC comes around. A crazy character like Crash would fit perfectly in Smash, but I'd admittedly prefer Spyro.

And the old stuff:

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Jul 3, 2014
Here's mine. It's a mixture of my personal hopes together with some of the other new characters I could realistically see happening. 63 total characters; not going higher than that because I am thinking of the real estate on the CSS.

:4mario::4bowser::4dk::4link::4tlink::4samus::4kirby::4marth::4myfriends::4pikachu::4lucario:INK ARM :4gaw::4sonic::4cloud:
:4peach::rosalina:KKR PGN :4ganondorf: SYL :4metaknight::4corrinf: NFE :4mewtwo: NPO:4ness::4lucas::popo::4megaman: CRB
:4yoshi::4wario2::4littlemac::4fox::4falco::4falcon: BND:4pit: :4palutena::4jigglypuff::4shulk:XC2 TKM :4duckhunt::4ryu: RND


ARM = Arms character. I'd personally go for Spring-Man, with Ribbon Girl as an alt.
BND = Bandana Dee
CRB = Crash Bandicoot. Woah!
INK = Inkling
NFE = New Fire Emblem character. Categorically don't care which, never played any of the games.
NPC = New Pokemon character. Not too fussed.
PGN = Pig Ganon. The classic version of Ganon using his trident.
RND = Random button
SYL = Sylux, from Prime Hunters and (hopefully) the upcoming Prime 4.
TKM = Takamaru
XC2 = Xenoblade Chronicles 2 character. Haven't payed it so don't know any of them.

:4darkpit:- Now a Pit alt
:4drmario:- Now a Mario alt
:4lucina: - Now a Marth alt
:4miibrawl::4miigun::4miisword: - Gone completely.
:4wiifit:- the newcomer I expect most to be cut.


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Apr 22, 2010
made a mostly ideal roster for myself, had to restrain myself when it came to certain series otherwise id have just ended up making a hyrule warriors roster

Would you mind listing your newcomers and cuts? I don't recognize all of these characters.


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Mar 11, 2018

I made an account just because I like to see these lists, so I made my own as well. I kind of mixed between what I would like to see and what I think is somewhat likely.

Captain Toad
Ribbon Girl
Inkling (Girl and Boy)
Lana (Hyrule Warriors)
Meowth (Possibly with Alolan-forme skin)
Bandana Waddle Dee
Pyra (Xenoblade 2)
Shovel Knight
Sora (Possibly with Roxas, Ventus, Vanitas and arguebly Xion skins)

Dr. Mario (arguebly a Mario skin?)
Lucina (could be a Marth skin)
Dark Pit (could be a Pit skin)


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Apr 5, 2014
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My roster version 1: 03/12/18

First five rows: Veterans + Confirmed characters
*Green Background - confirmed
*Blue background - pretty much in
*Yellow background - Unlikely to be cut, but more likely than others

Next four rows: Potential newcomers
Row 1: Most likely to get in. I expect these characters to be in without much doubt.
Row 2: Likely, but a little less so. I feel these characters should be on Sakurai's radar but who knows whether he finds them worthy.
Row 3: Fairly unlikely. These are a pool of potential characters that would work for Smash but I'm not really confident will actually get in. I have no clue what third party character we are getting, so I put likely ones here.
Row 4: Pipe dream. These are others characters I find interesting, but would probably not be on Sakurai's radar.

Rie Sonomura

anyway stan KOS-MOS
Jul 14, 2014
Switch FC
(Man this brings back memories...)

I’ll post an image roster later, but here’s my ideal roster (newcomers italicized, bold is a previously cut veteran)

Mario: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Rosalina & Luma, Bowser Jr.

Zelda: Link, Zelda, Toon Link, Sheik, Ganondorf, BOTW Link (assuming he’s a separate character from normal Link), undecided extra Zelda rep

Metroid: Samus, Zero Suit

Dr. Mario: Dr. Mario (receives slight modifications to moveset and play style)

Yoshi: Yoshi

Wario: Wario

Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong (haven’t decided if I’ll have a DK newcomer yet, may edit later)

Pokémon: Pikachu, Charizard, Jigglypuff, Lucario, Greninja, Mewtwo, Decidueye


EarthBound: Ness, Lucas

Punch Out: Little Mac

Kid Icarus: Pit, Palutena, Dark Pit (receives HEAVY modifications to moveset and play style)

Third party: Mega Man, Sonic, Pac Man, Ryu, Cloud, Bayonetta, Solid Snake, Rayman, Crash Bandicoot (maybe? Undecided on Crash)

Ice Climbers: Ice Climbers

Star Fox: Fox, Falco, Wolf

Pikmin: Olimar

Splatoon: Inkling (confirmed)

ARMS: random character (most likely Spring Man or Twintelle)

Kirby: Kirby, Meta Knight, King Dedede, Bandana Waddle Dee

Fire Emblem: Marth, Ike, Roy, Robin, Lucina (slightly modified; will use crossbow in some moves), Corrin

F-Zero: Captain Falcon, Black Shadow (undecided)

Xenoblade: Shulk, Mecha-Fiora, Elma, Rex & Pyra (Rex and Pyra have an IC like thing going on)

Animal Crossing: Villager

Duck Hunt: Duck Hunt

Game and Watch: Mr. Game and Watch

Mii: Mii Swordsman, Brawler, Gunner, TBD fourth Mii class

Wii Fit: Wii Fit Trainer

Rhythm Heaven: either Marshal or Chorus Kids

Any other potential newcomers: TBD
Mar 12, 2018
EDIT 2: Made my final (?) roster
it's my wishlist with some prediction thrown in it:
Ultimate Roster.png

  • Skull Kid: is in mostly bc I want him but I think the odds are in his favor (Young Link's missing FS, Moon AT, etc)
  • Incineroar: Only in bc of Vergeben. While I'm cautious in believing him, and he never explicitly confirmed Incineroar, that could very well be the case
  • Elma: She only got in bc I wanted to make a full rectangle roster (I think we only have three newcomers left). I really want her, but out of all the newcomers I think she's the less likely (but I have hopes for her regardless)
  • Geno: I want him + immensely popular + Vergeben. I'm banking on him being the last reveal
  • Yarn Yoshi (Yoshi) and Black Shadow (Captain Falcon): I strongly believe that, in the "everyone is here" vibe, Smash team may try and finally bump the sole franchises from SSB64 with only one character to two (plus I want them a lot shhhh)
  • Shadow: After the August Direct, I banked on two characters being shoo-ins. One of them already got in, Isabelle. The other is Shadow
  • Ken: You have this fancy new name for clones and you don't put the OG clone in fighting games????? I only don't call him a shoo-in bc there's zero evidence for him, but the gut feeling is gigantic

-EDIT- changed my idealistic roster and made a prediction one

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Aug 21, 2014
New York
So, now that we've got a lot more things confirmed, I've updated my dream roster. Newcomers are outlined in Green.
Ultimate Roster.png

Echo characters: Daisy, Lucina, Dark Pit, Tails, Isabelle
New Characters: Inkling, Ridley, King K. Rool, Dixie Kong, Urbosa, Dovahkiin, Simon Belmont

Here's my dream roster: 59 unique movesets


Still a few empty spaces for other characters as well. And DLC TBA. Red outlines are unlockable.

New Characters:
  • Daisy - has the dress (default) and a sports outfit as costumes. Fights with a more sports-based moveset
  • Waluigi - heavily Mario Party and tennis based moveset. Under Wario banner.
  • K.Rool - See the ideas in the K.Rool thread
  • Ridley - See ideas in the Ridley thread
  • Ghirahim - Follows more of his Hyrule Warriors moveset
  • Midna - Follows her Hyrule Warriors moveset
  • New Zelda character - Either Impa or something from BotW. Uses specials from the four champions (could be one of the champions themselves, or a character which allows for all four as alternates, an older Impa, or even Kass)
  • Gardevoir - Uses a heavily fairy-move based set.
  • New Pokémon character - Something from the newer generations as yet unrepresented
  • New Fire Emblem character - Either Roy returning or introduction of newer characters
  • and a few extra slots for other possible characters
  • Transformations are back, but linked through taunts. Both (all) characters are loaded simultaneously, so transformation is instant and can allow for seamless transform and attack
  • New final smashes for Sheik, Falco, and Wolf
  • Ganondorf - New specials from Hyrule Warriors
Full Alts:
  • Dr. Mario for Mario
  • Koopalings for BJ
  • Dark Pit for Pit
  • Meta-Ridley for Ridley
  • Kaptain K.Rool for K.Rool
  • Lucas and other Mother protagonists for Ness
  • Alph and other Pikmin protagonists for Olimar
  • Isabelle and other Animal Crossing protagonists for Villager
3rd party characters (with the exception of Sonic and Megaman) relegated to potential DLC. And all of your favorites that I didn't have can also be DLC. I love DLC characters for fighting games. Buy who you want, don't buy who you don't.

Here are the characters to fill in the open slots, since this is my roster, and I'll put in who I want.
  • Zelda newcomer: Urbosa
  • Other newcomer 1: Revali (Zelda)
  • Fire Emblem newcomer: Azura
  • Pokémon newcomer: Decidueye
  • Other newcomer 2: Spring Man (ARMS)

  • Dovahkiin (Skyrim)
  • Ryu (Street Fighter) (with a Ken alt)
  • Ivy (Soul Calibur)
  • All veterans not in the roster
As for an actual prediction...I've sufficiently been able to prove that I do not have a clue what goes through Sakurai's mind, so I'm not even going to bother. I'm wrong anyway.
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Jun 9, 2014
It's that time again eh? Here's my wanted roster that I spent way too long making in Photoshop:

"Fire Emblem Lord" and "Shin Megami Tensei Hero" are 8 costumes for each character that represent different protagonists from their respective series, like how Bowser Jr has all the Koopalings.

I used the Hyrule Warriors designs for the Zelda cast because, even as huge a Zelda fan as I am, I'm personally not a fan of the Breath of the Wild designs at all. I'm gonna miss Link's classic green tunic.

Lyn: With Fire Emblem exploding in popularity and presence, comes Heroes and its polls. Lyn has been doing exceedingly well and even has 4 different incarnations in that game. She's extremely popular, and her chances are looking better than they ever have.
Decidueye: Seems to be the most popular Gen 7 starter, and he'd round up the other starters by including a Grass-type rep. Assuming they don't skip generations again.
Takamaru: He's my boy and I genuinely think he's up next for retro picks.
Ryu Hayabusa or some other Koei Tecmo character: Nintendo's been super chummy with Koei Tecmo.

Krystal: Star Fox dun got rebooted
Dillon: He's just not big enough. I'm happy he got any representation at all in the last game.
Isaac: With the removal of his Assist Trophy in 4 and the grim outlook on the Golden Sun franchise (the director practically begged for fans to ask for a new one), his chances look completely dead in the water.
Mach Rider: I think Sakurai has said he was too difficult to implement before?
Simon Belmont: Konami
Shantae: Western indie game. (After her games started coming out in Japan she's gotten more likely, but I still wouldn't hold my breath on that.)

Impa: As a huge fan of Zelda, I'd love to see Impa in Smash. I don't value her chances too high, but as someone who's been in almost every single Zelda game in one form or another, she's right at the top of my list for Smash.
Ridley: Sakurai doesn't like him.
Shin Megami Tensei Hero: This is a long shot, though possible as ATLUS and Nintendo have been collaborating a lot and Shin Megami Tensei's mainline titles continue to be Nintendo exclusive. SMT is one of my favorite franchises and I would squeal if it got any representation in Smash.
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Mar 10, 2010

Update and final roster predictions

King K. Rool
Wild Link
Waddle Dee
Spring Man

Mario: Dr. Mario
Peach: Daisy
Bowser Jr: Koopalings
Diddy Kong: Dixie Kong
Pit: Dark Pit
Marth: Lucina
Bandana Waddle Dee: Sailor Waddle Dee
Villager: Isabelle
Olimar: Alph
Spring Man: Ribbon Girl

Captain Toad
New Fire Emblem Protagonist
Gen 8 Pokemon

I know Ridley's not going to be in it, but I can at least hope, right? I'll swap him for Excite Biker if I have to
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