Super Nintendo Kart - How I'd Design the Pipedream


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Nov 6, 2019
I'm not going to waste details explaining everyone's favorite crossover pipedream...
Search 'Super Nintendo Karts' on YT. There should be a video called 'Nintendo Karts: A Thing that Needs to Happen' by a guy that I think is named Arlo...

This post will hold my ideas for how the evolved form of Mario Kart could work... (Also, ever notice how Mortal Kombat & Mario Kart have the same initials?) If I had my way, it would be called 'Nintendo Kart', it would not only feature Nintendo Characters...

Important Details:

-While the first game would be called 'Nintendo Kart', although any reboot's name would be 'Super Nintendo Kart'

-The original game's roster consists of only 20 characters (not counting the mii racer), but eventually I'd have one entries roster to be 70. Then reboots would start at 30 and work up to at least 100...

-All Maps & Kart Pieces (except BMW) from Mario Kart history would eventually make an appearance

-Every Character has something that makes them a little different than the others. These are called abilities, but before use, you must fill the Ability Bar

-The ability bar must be filled up by respawning, being hit with an item, or by staying in the top 5 for an extended amount of time

-There are 5 weight classes... Feather, Light, Mid, Heavy, & Gnarly

Lets try Rosters....

Game 1 - 'Nintendo Karts'

1. Mario
From- Super Mario Bros.
Alts- Fire, Wedding, Builder, Dr. Mario, 64
Weight- Mid
Ability- Fireball
(Gains a fireball item after filling the ability meter)

2. Captain Falcon
From- F-Zero
Weight- Mid
Ability- Falcon Boost
(A short but powerful boost)

3. Primarina
From- Pokémon
Alts- Shiny
Weight- Heavy
Ability- Sing
(E-Breaks anyone within a short radius to sleep for 2 seconds)

4. Excitebiker
From- Excitebike
Weight- Light
Ability- Excitehill
(Creates a Excitebike dirt hill with speed boosts on it until the creator finishes a lap)

5. Rabbid
From- Mario vs Rabbids: Kingdom Battle
Alts- Rabbid Luigi, Rabbid Peach, Rabbid Yoshi
Weight- Light
Ability- Pretzel Power
(Throws a pretzel forward that turns into a boost power up for any player that grabs it)


6. Inkling (Base is Orange Girl)
From- Splatoon
Unlock- Play any 50cc Race
Alts- Blue Boy, Green Girl, Pink Boy
Weight- Mid
Ability- Ink Slick
(Leaves a stream of oil for 30 seconds that acts as a boost for the any Inklings, and makes other characters slip)

7. Diddy Kong
From- Donkey Kong
Unlock- Beat any Boss
Alts- Dixie Kong
Weight- Light
Ability- The Peel Deal
(Drops a line of banana peels across the trackb side to side)

8. R.O.B.
From- Nintendo
Unlock- Collect 20 coins in a single race
Alts- Famicom
Weight- Heavy
Ability- Not an ATM
(When hit with a blue shell or Bullet Bill, then every coin that the attacker colects for the next 20 seconds is given to R.O.B. Instead)

9. Waluigi
From- Super Mario Bros
Unlock- Shop Rotation
Alts- Tennis
Weight- Mid
Ability- Tennis Racket
(Swings his tennis racket, deflecting any item back at the person that threw it... This does not work on Blue Shells, Bloopers, or certain other items)

10. Mii Racer
From- Nintendo
Unlock- Buy any Mii Costume from the Shop
Alts- (Scan any compatible Amiibo or Amiibo card to unlock new outfits, or unlock them with coins in the shop)
Weight- Feather
Ability- Copycat
(Gains the ability of a random other character in the race)

11. Donkey Kong Jr.
From- Donkey Kong Jr.
Unlock- Get Silver in 3 races
Weight- Mid
Ability- Key
(Using it gives a random item)

12. Link
From- The Legend of Zelda
Unlock- Unlock all cc ratings
Alts- BOTW, Dark Link
Weight- Mid
Ability- Triforce Swords
(Gives the user the 'Master Swords' item)

13. Ralph
From- Rampage
Unlock- Scan an Amiibo
Alts- George, Lizzie
Weight- Gnarly
Ability- Rampage
(Spawns a small tower that gives Ralph a boost if he crashes through it)

14. Donkey Kong
From- Donkey Kong Country
Unlock- Defeat all 5 bosses
Weight- Heavy
Ability- Barrel Buster
(Gains a barrel item)

15. King Boo
From- Luigi's Mansion
Unlock- Complete the Boo Cup on 100cc
Alts- Super Mario Variant
Weight- Feather
Ability- Portrait
(Freezes whoever it hits for 5 seconds)

16. Peach
From- Super Mario Bros
Unlock- Beat the Giant Bowser Boss
Alts- Daisy, Wedding, Peachette
Weight- Mid
Ability- Toad Toss
(A mushroom is given to every player)

17. Geodude
From- Pokémon
Unlock- Complete the Pokéball Cup on any CC rating
Alts- Alolan
Weight- Heavy
Ability- Rock Smash
(The next item thrown at a geodude with his ability active is completely ignored. This does not work on bloopers, Chain Chomps, or Blue Shell)

18. Corrin
From- Fire Emblem
Unlock- Shop Rotation
Alts- Female
Weight- Mid
Ability- Dragon Spear
(Slashes his sword forward, damaging enemies or reflecting items shot backwards at him)

19. Samus
From- Metroid
Unlock- Complete the Astro Cup on 150cc
Alts- Dark Samus, Zero Suit
Weight- Mid
Ability- Ridley
(Ridley flies in, and picks up Samus' kart, boosts her forward for a bit, then disappears as Samus' boost stops)

21. Kirby
From- Kirby
Unlock- Win the Dedede Cup
Alts- Meta Knight Mask
Weight- Light
Ability- Star Struck
(Gains the warp star item)

1. Bullet Bill
(Same as Mario Kart)

2. Blue Shell
(Same as Mario Kart)

3. Blooper
(Same as Mario Kart)

4. Mushroom
(Same as Mario Kart)

5. Master Swords
(3 small Master Swords float around the user, reflecting 3 items shot at him)

6. Warp Star
(A boost that turns the kart into a warp star until it ends)

7. Chain Chomps
(Same as Mario Kart)

8. Barrel
(A barrel that gets thrown forward, rolling and bouncing for a short while)

9. Banana Peel
(Same as Mario Kart)

10. Fireball
(Same as Mario Kart... Theres fireballs in Mario Kart right?)

11. Pirate's Ship Wheel
(Reverses the controls of every other player for a few seconds)

12. Coin
(Gives a single coin to the user)

13. Pokéball
(Spawns a random pokémon, listed below)

1. Pikachu
(A Pikachu stands on top of your kart for a few seconds, & his power is thunderbolt... It operates like the lightning bolt from Mario Kart)

2. Ditto
(Turns into a purple copy of you, which starts spinning out in the center of the track, spinning anyone that hits it as well)

3. Snivy
(Spawns 3 leaves to be shot forward into an enemy, similar to red shells from Mario Kart. Snivy can be seen standing on your kart until all leaves are used)

4. Celebi
(Slows time for all players for a short period of time. Celebi can be seen flying beside your kart)

5. Minior
(Dozens of Minior fall from the sky, spinning anyone they hit. Thr Minior rain stops after 10 seconds)

What did you guys think of my ideas? These are obviously hoe I'd do it, not what would be set in stone for a game like this... If this isn't closed by this weekend, I'll think about adding who I'd put in as DLC for this game... Can't wait to read your thoughts...
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