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Social Social Thread - Talk About Anything (You Are Allowed to Talk About)!


Smash Champion
Sep 1, 2011
New York
yo i'm a huge fan of fearless t swift


blank space is ****ing fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and you're high af if you think otherwise

Herbert Von Karajan

Smash Lord
Mar 11, 2014
Banned from 64
Less pathological in your opinion, though many disagree.

Yes it does.
ur dumb
stop trying to give an analogous discrete example, because you can't. Your example just shows us why you don't understand the paradox. .

(A) Randomly pick a chord of a circle such that any given chord has the same probability of being chosen as any other chord.
(B) Randomly pick a number between 2 and 12 such that any number in that range has the same probability of being chosen as any other number.

(B) is just a 11-sided dice roll
(A) is a paradox because there is no unique solution.

¨°PÞ-§°¨ Bane

Smash Apprentice
Aug 9, 2012
you know, if people are serious about gamesharking the game to get a timer + stock setting. (i think i've heard this? could be wrong)

then we should consider making battlefield (polygon fighting stage for all you goddamn purists) and DL the only legal stages. that would PWN


Smash Ace
Jan 1, 2014
Philadelphia, PA
Yo, my game shark 3.2 just stopped working, light is on, nothing is happening tho, I watched on youtube that to revive it you need a working game shark, put the broken one on top, and put like super mario 64 on top to revive it, any help? Should I bring it with me to apex 2014?
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