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Previously 1SecondNinja
Aug 4, 2022
Just gonna shed some light on this situation and say that Norse and Greek Kratos can (and should) be separate characters.

It's not just the weapons but the general characterization of Kratos that makes the ultimate difference. Greek Kratos would not fight the same way as Norse Kratos, even if both shared the same weapon. They're also representing completely different eras of the same series so I feel it is absolutely justified to split them up as such.

I've posted my fan roster else where but I had Greek Kratos as a bonus DLC character, in the same vein as Piranha Plant. Norse Kratos was base game. This is an easy route to having both of them without eating too much in other series' representation

Edit: Basically this is Samus and ZSS in Smash, just not to a T
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Smash Ace
Mar 8, 2018
Same characters though. In the end, Norse Saga Kratos still has the blades of chaos like Greek Saga Kratos did.
All Links use the Master Sword. 3 Links. Far more similar move sets. It doesn't matter if both Kratos wield the Blades of Chaos. Greek Kratos would have them as his main weapon and Norse Kratos would have the Leviathan Axe as his main weapon.


Smash Lord
Oct 14, 2016
This is an interesting debate, as someone who has only played a little of the greek era and none of the norse I think it kind of depends on what kind of character customization is in the game or what is available for other options.

Can you have a mechanic similar to classic Zelda/Sheik or is there another character who could believably utilize a good chunk moves from either Kratos. Perhaps his son from the newer games could play some sort of role in this.

To make a comparison even if Smash only had one Link I would rather see Young Impa or King Rhoam utilize the Sheikah slate than adding a Champion Link even if the latter may have been more logical. Obviously though that changes if it was established only Link could use the slate or there wasnt another stand out connected character.


Jun 28, 2013
Switch FC
I feel like, if they wanted to go the direction of having two Kratoses, the Greek one could just be "Kratos" while the Norse one could be "Kratos and Atreus". (Where Atreus's actions are tied to the Circle button or something like that)

Still, given how much their brand has expanded since the early-to-mid PS3 era with games like Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon: Zero Dawn, the Last of Us, Astro Bot, Bloodborne, etc. (along with ones that missed the boat last time like Legend of Dragoon), I'd think they'd want to show off as many series as possible rather than doubling down on Kratos. (Especially if someone like Thor gets added - I haven't played God of War Ragnarok yet, but I'm assuming he has a major role)

Edit: forgot about KNACK 2, BABY! I'm disappointed in myself.
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Michael the Spikester

Smash Obsessed
Aug 31, 2018
Switch FC
I personally after Ragnarok, Atreus can easily work as his own separate character.

Especially with his ability to transform into a wolf and bear.
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