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SmashBoards Creates: DreamWorks All-Star Brawl (AU Nick All-Star Brawl)


Smash Lord
Oct 2, 2019
New Jersey
Character Submission:

Jack Frost (Rise of The Guardians)

View attachment 374789

Rise of the Guardians is a DreamWorks movie that was released in 2012 that was based on the book series, The Guardians of Childhood and the short film The Man on The Moon. The story is about how guardians Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Sand Man recruited Jack Frost to stop their arch nemesis, Pitch Black from making the world into a world of darkness within dreams. Jack Frost is a super capable fighter as he has ice powers via his staff. I do think he can potentially be a rushdown/zoner hybrid in this game and I just think his cool (no pun intended) gimmick of him using his cryokinesis powers against his fellow DreamWorks fighters. The movie is fun and Jack would be a fun addition as he is the Guardian of Fun after all!

As for stages, I agree with Champion of Hyrule Champion of Hyrule . However, we could potentially do a few extra for maybe DLC or for the future since DreamWorks is giving us a bigger budget. For the title, I am fine with DreamWorks All-Star Brawl as well. It has a nice ring to it.
Character: The Penguins of Madagascar

Some of the Madagascar franchise's most iconic characters; Popular enough to get their own movie and TV show, at that! There'd be an element of teamwork involved, with the player controlling Skipper and the other penguins appearing to help out with some attacks.
Job 2: RJ (Over The Hedge)

View attachment 374790

RJ is the protagonist from the movie based on comics called Over The Hedge,he is a raccoon who is find food for not eaten by a bear called Vincent.

RJ's moveset will be he using items on his golf bag and a golf stick.
Character Selection: She - Ra(She - Ra: Princess of Power)
Job #02: Boss Baby (The Boss Baby)

Let's be honest. He's the reason you're playing this game. Sure, characters like Shrek or Toothless have their appeal. But at the same time, we all know that having a roster consisting of Boss Baby alone with like 20 roster slots, all consisting of variations of Boss Baby that have minor differentiations, would be the best-selling game in recorded history. I mean, no other DreamWorks project has ever connected so incredibly deeply with its viewers, with its nuanced critiques of late-stage capitalism and of the expectations placed upon the youth. If any film of the 21st century can be said to be equivalent in importance to Citizen Kane, The Boss Baby is obviously the key candidate for that list. I think it's high time for the #BossBabySweep.

Jokes aside, it is a more modern and prominent DreamWorks project, and I think there's genuine potential for some of the elements from the films to make for a decent moveset. It'd also be pretty funny.

Discussion: The name seems fine to me! Also, I think a stage for each character feels best. It gives a lot more potential for some more personalised picks that we might otherwise not really see!
Job 2: Megamind (Megamind)
View attachment 374792
None other than good old Megamind himself who would use his technology (De-Gun, Brainbots, Car, Supersuit) to fight with.

And playing as a villain turned hero would be fun.
Character Submission: Cat in Boots (Shrek)

He would use his sword and cuteness to fight with.

He's very popular with him getting his own movies and TV show.

Barry B. Benson
NASB had plenty of meme picks and I think this one would be a must have. He'd be the smallest character in the game but still bigger than he appears in his film.
Dreamworks fighter submission:
Felix the Cat
View attachment 374810
Felix the Cat is one of earliest cartoon characters that existed before Mickey existed. He is a monochromatic black & white cat that goes on random adventures like any cartoon character.
Felix the Cat was made by Pat Sullivan and Otto Messmer and he was a character originating from silent film-era. He was later redesigned by Joe Oriolo while he was making a 1953 TV series based on him.
He is also one of iconic artoon characters and from now on, he's owned by Dreamworks Animation and recently, WildBrain is making series based on Felix the Cat.

He could have interesting moveset, like he could use random stuff taken from his cartoons or he could use rubberhose physics in the fight.
He could have a lot of alts in the game ranging from his classic design to modern redesign.
He would be middleweight character with no additional movement options.

I mean, Felix is owned by Dreamworks and he experienced fighting, so he could make sense somehow. Plus he would be Mr. Game & Watch of the game due to being a retro fighter (and also one of the oldest Dreamworks characters ever created) and even one of most unexpected choices for the game.
Alright, I feel I will close the DreamWorks character job. Vote for your top 4 characters but your own submission can only go in third or foruth. We will add the top 2 or 3.

Jack Frost (Rise of The Guardians) AlteredBeast AlteredBeast
The Penguins of Madagascar (Madagascar) FazDude FazDude
RJ (Over the Hedge) DragonRobotKing26 DragonRobotKing26
She-Ra (She-Ra: Princess of Power) Qwerty UIOP Qwerty UIOP
Boss Baby (The Boss Baby) KneeOfJustice99 KneeOfJustice99
Megamind Mamboo07 Mamboo07
Cat in Boots (Shrek) Northsouthmap Northsouthmap
Barry B. Benson (The Bee Movie) D darkvortex
Felix the Cat Tankman from Newgrounds Tankman from Newgrounds

Now...given we have talked about stages, I feel we will give each character their home stage potentially and do a few extra stages. Alongside this, the game will be called "DreamWorks All Star Brawl"!

Time for some stage jobs:

Job 3:

Submit a home stage for Shrek.

Job 4:

Submit a home stage for Po.

Get submitting!

1. Barry B. Benson
2. Felix the Cat
3. Jack Frost
4. Boss Baby


Smash Champion
Jan 26, 2021
Wherever good books are sold.
Shrek Stage: Shrek's Swamp

I mean, could it be anything else? This is a pretty simple stage, being medium-sized and having a few soft platforms, but no major hazards.

Po Stage: Training Hall

This would be the game's equivalent to Battlefield; I figure that a room literally built for fighting deserves to be a hallmark of competitive play when it comes to DASB.

Fighter Votes
  1. Megamind
  2. Barry
  3. Cat in Boots
  4. Boss Baby
Honorable mention to Felix.
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Smash Ace
Jul 1, 2023
1. Cat in Hat
2. Penquins
3. Megamind
3. Barry

Its too early to start dipping into picks like Felix and She-Ra, though I'd have no problem with either. But I wanna have more representation for the mainline Dreamworks films first


Smash Lord
Oct 2, 2019
New Jersey
Oh man, hey all, so sorry about the late update...I just got creation thread running burnout so here are the results for characters:

Jack Frost: 17
The Penguins of Madagascar: 4
RJ: 6
She-Ra: 1
Boss Baby: 2
Megamind: 26
Cat in Boots: 24

Barry B. Benson: 13
Felix the Cat: 6

Seems like Megamind, the Cat in Boots and Jack Frost will be added so congrats to me, Mamboo07 Mamboo07 and Northsouthmap Northsouthmap

I will leave the stage jobs open for a little more but the next few jobs:

Job 5:

Submit a moveset for Shrek and/or Po.

Job 6:

Submit a single player mode. Nothing too big but just something smaller that will have replay value.

Get submitting!


Smash Hero
Mar 23, 2019
Job 5: Movesets
  • Light
    • Shrek punches the opponent twice, before the final punch knocks them away.
  • Up Light
    • Shrek does a brief clothesline, which gives him invincibility frames during the hit.
  • Down
    • Light Shrek leans down and kicks in front of him.
  • Light Air
    • Shrek spins his arms in a circle, doing a sort of aerial clothesline.
  • Light Up Air
    • Shrek headbutts upwards.
  • Light Down Air
    • Shrek does a downward kick mid-air.
  • Light Dash
    • Shrek runs toward the opponent before using a dropkick.
  • Strong
    • Shrek swings his fist at the opponent.
  • Up Strong
    • Shrek rears his fist back, before uppercutting the opponent.
  • Down Strong
    • Shrek bends down, before leaping into the air and elbow dropping his opponent.
  • Strong Air
    • Shrek does an upwards kick.
  • Strong Up Air
    • Shrek does a 360 spin, before punching his opponent away.
  • Strong Down Air
    • Shrek extends his stomach out and slams down at his opponent with a belly flop.
  • Strong Dash
    • Shrek charges a shoulder bash, before slamming his shoulder forward.
  • Neutral Special - Roar
    • Shrek does his signature roar, which creates a small sound wave around him, pushing opponents away from him.
  • Up Special - Fairy Dust Flight
    • Shrek breaks a container of fairy dust before the dust goes onto him, allowing him to gain flight and rise into the air.
  • Down Special - Green Storm
    • Similar to his super move in Shrek Super Slam, Shrek unleashes a gigantic green gas cloud that lingers around the stage for around 10 seconds.
Job 6: Single Player
Dunno, something like Classic Mode like what Smash Bros has.
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