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Paper Mario: The Origami King Spirit Event Announced


The official Japanese twitter account for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate recently announced a Spirit Event featuring the Nintendo Switch game, Paper Mario: The Origami King.

The event is aptly named, in Japanese, “Paper Mario: The Origami King”. It’s unknown what title the event will have in English. The event will feature a total of three spirits and is set to run for five days starting from August 28th (Friday), 2020.

The official twitter account also gave us some information regarding one of its Spirits.

Name: Princess Peach (Paper Mario: The Origami King)
Category: Support
Class: Novice
Effect: Floaty Jumps
Conditions: Hostile Assist Trophies will appear
Hammer is equipped
Stage: Peach’s Castle

The other two Spirits are Olivia (left) and King Olly (right). Olivia is the trusted guide and companion for Mario and King Olly is the dastardly brother of Olivia who transformed Peach, Bowser and company into origami.

Category: Primary
Class: Ace
Effect: None
Conditions: Timed Match 3:13
Stage: Princess Peach’s Castle (Omega)

Category: Support
Class: Advanced
Effect: Air Defense Up
Conditions: Defense Power up
Attack power up
Comes equipped with Bob-omb
Stage: Paper Mario

It’s currently unknown if this will impact Paper Mario’s chances of appearing as DLC in Fighter Pass Vol. 2 which would be a similar situation as Min-Min. Alternatively, the character could be an Origami King-themed Paper Mario. It’s also unknown how this Spirit Event may impact a long-rumored 8/28 Nintendo Presents or Nintendo Direct. I guess time will tell. Make sure you grab these three Spirits when the event launches cause, like paper, they will “blow away with the wind” after five days.

Author’s Note: Getting the event didn’t surprise me but what did is that 1) Spirit Events like this has been slower than usual and 2) we still don’t have a Luigi’s Mansion 3 Spirit Event.
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Venus of the Desert Bloom


This probably doesn't mean anything in regards to making any Paper Mario characters playable, but at least the series itself is continuing to be represented in some way.
I feel the same way, then again why do people make a problem out of this anyway, I also agree that Paper Mario getting more Representation is amazing.

I wonder if character 7 will be released on October 7
I think this ruins Paper Mario's chances to be in Ultimate, sadly. If he was a character then they would have saved those spirits till then.
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