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PAL/ NTSC(V1.0/1.1/1.2) Disc Version Differences Archive


Banned via Administration
Mar 5, 2005
Madison, WI
what's this i hear about the only way to punish marth's whiffed fsmash (as roy) in pal is with roy's reverse upb?

Someone want to check that out for me?
that doesn't even make sense. no one should check this.


Smash Journeyman
Jul 3, 2007
Gragh i remember when i was trying for hours to do ness' YYG and found out that my version wasnt able to be able to do it.


Smash Rookie
Oct 17, 2007
Veendam, The Netherlands
I have PAL. and in mine opinion its sucks. Really. I never knew there were different versions of SSBM.
I was watching a HRC video and I noticed you could hit sandbag, even after the time was over and that if you grab sandbaggie and it fell on the 'field'(don't know how to say it else), it was just standing there, you could move around and you could hit it. I was like: 'wow, i am gonna try that.'
And I did and it didn't worked. Bummer. So I was like: 'what the hell??:confused:'
I searched on internet and found out there where different versions, with different things.
I look at the box: PAL. And i look at the differences.


Smash Lord
Mar 16, 2008
somewhere cold and dreary
i have only played PAL tbh but its still pretty dam good. plus, its more balanced, casue there are now 5 characters in the top tier (sheik, falco, fox, marth and peach-in that order) compared to 4 in ntsc. onyl annoying thing is that when playing marth the ken combo doesnt work properly, and trying to spike someone who is recoving can sometimes actually help them lol. :p

oph, plus there are only 3 sections now for tiers, rather than 4. i know its different than the american, but watching the vids its seriously not that differnt. and why is it a bad thing fox cant shine infinite marth?? he can still do it to most of the cast anyway lol. oh, and his upair/upsmash still kills at rediculous %
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