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  • I guess he's blowing rose petals.

    (When I said he looked like a fusion of Ash and Red, I meant that the avatar has the hair on the side and outfit of Ash, while the front of his hair looks like that of Red from the Pokemon Adventures manga.)

    (Look at Serebii.net to see what I mean)
    What exactly is happening in your avatar?

    (I know it's either Ash or Red, it's kind of like a fusion because the avatar has qualities of both characters lol)
    i think i ****ed up my brawl + being nosey n e way i tried to open the rsbe01 wit wordpad nd it cam up a bunch of skribbles. now i exited it nd it dsnt look the same...nd everytime i d/l a new pack it still looks like it opens wit wordpad. how can i change it bak

    I don't know who but a Mod kicked me out of the melee boards without giving me a reason when I had a ice climber video thread going and I keep the pichu boards alive about 3 posts since I have been banned from it.

    And if you still stick with your choice then please at least give me a reason why so I can be a better poster/person.
    sorry for cutting off msn, my laptop went asleep. You were offline by the time I came back. I'm actually interested to here your thoughts on brawl+ zelda
    I like the Ryoko from Tenchi Moyo, but it must be a different one. Dogbert+bat=badass
    haha Ryoko you're a real keen guy when it comes to the intelligence factor. I'm digging all these snappy come backs and obvious confidence you have.
    You have an insane Sheik and Zelda to boost.

    some time if you wouldn't mind giving me some pointers and such, I'm going to rep Sheik with Champ out here on the west coast. For the time being though, he's going to help me out too.

    Just wow.

    I've watched all of your videos.

    And now. I'm your apprentice. :) Thanks for helping the smash community.

    If it's okay, I'd like you to review my matches sometime, if you ever have time. If not, I understand.


    I'm not great at all. But I plan to be, like you, actually.

    Thank you.
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