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Make Your Move 4

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Smash Ace
Jan 3, 2008
United Kingdom, Birmingham
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I love how I implemented the youtube video into a move, I like to know what you think of it, basically a PREVIEW for anyonez who carez.

Robotniks F-tilt said:
Forward tilt: Space Channel Robotnik

Space Channel Robotnik

Animation:At first, Robotnik pulls out a big red cloth, and swings it around a short distance in front of himself. If you hit, you and the closest opponent will teleport into an orange background, with Dr. Robotnik behind a table. This takes a total of 6 (3 seconds long with both characters seconds to end) seconds. At first, the camera will look at Robotnik, and you have to make a little “Dance” sequence with 5 actions, which you make by moving the control stick/d-pad up, left, right, down, and another action, shoot, which can be done by pressing the A button. You do this with the time which is stated above. After Robotnik issues his commands, the opponent has to correctly do it.

Properties:This has terrible range, and along with quite a long start-up and ending lag, it’s almost a move you want to avoid. However, this move can hurt Robotnik quite strongly, along with the opponent if they screw up. If the opponent failz to do this correctly, they will be dealt 20% and high-low knockback, which sends them horizontally. If the opponent correctly copies Robotniks movement, Robotnik will get dealt 22% and high-low knockback, which sends the opponent horizontally.

Uses:This is a great punisher, and try to make it as confusing as possible, If anything, you should make it so you barely hear Robotniks actions. This is a great punisher, comparable to Luigis up-b in terms of punishment.


Smash Ace
Nov 25, 2008
Holy keys locked in the jet, Batman!
Reposting sucks. Stop it.
Agreed. And although almost noone is going to comment on my OC, I'm not going to repost it, I'm just going to post a different preview.
Well... The move is pretty cool, albeit a bit overpowered, methinks. But as I've said, I'm not much of one for previews, and I'm even less of one for reposted previews. :ohwell:
okay, i'm sorry then. i still need to stop that before i can really take that MYM regular position warlord gave me in his cortez review. i'm almost there, though. and kibble, i reduced the damge on the counter part to 5% and reduced time offscreen slightly for the second part. so instead of reposting twice, how about another preview?

bomber's <>B:off-key
bomber summons his friend, walky (mike enemy) in front of him who screeches out 3 orange music notes with crooked stems, representing the fact that they're off-key. the trajectory is that one goes straight forward, while the other two go in a 45 degree angle, one upward angled, the other downward angled. all of these notes go 1.5 the distance of a waddle dee toss in their respective directions before dissapearing. each one does 4% and low knockback, but the screeching noise does give them above-average priority.


Nightmare Weaver
Oct 10, 2008
Saying "this is a great punisher" twice isn't needed.

Awesome move, by the way.

Can you guys see this special font?


Smash Apprentice
May 11, 2008
Memphis, TN
I'd be happy to beta-read Blipper for you once you finish him, to check for any balance issues.
Ah, thanks. I should be done by this weekend if this sudden burst of creative ideas keeps coming. I wonder what Snake's codec will be like....


Banned via Warnings
Nov 13, 2007
Yep. I had it coming. Stupid apathy.
Here is Rexiis' 2nd preview! Again, this is perfect, having the 1st post!

Neutral Special: Sounds of Pain: Rexiis combines his pistols to form a shotgun. Using this shotgun, Rexiis can charge a single bullet of sound. Strangely, the sound waves combine into the visible shape of a bullet. Although the bullet's shape is real, the damage is low. The move can be charged, however, to make a larger bullet that dishes out more damage. When not charged, the move causes 5% and low knockback. However, when charged, the move causes 13% and medium knockback.


Nightmare Weaver
Oct 10, 2008
Ah, thanks. I should be done by this weekend if this sudden burst of creative ideas keeps coming. I wonder what Snake's codec will be like....
This will be interesting...

@PPL: Why not make Rexiis have a different weapon instead of two pistols? Xigbar already has his two gun arrows... since Rexiis can control sound, why not make him have a magical harp or something with different songs that drain the enemy from the inside?


Banned via Warnings
Nov 13, 2007
Yep. I had it coming. Stupid apathy.
This will be interesting...

@PPL: Why not make Rexiis have a different weapon instead of two pistols? Xigbar already has his two gun arrows... since Rexiis can control sound, why not make him have a magical harp or something with different songs that drain the enemy from the inside?
A harp is too similar to Demyx's Sitar. Maybe a pair of headphones that makes whatever song he listens to a 'set?


Nightmare Weaver
Oct 10, 2008
A harp is too similar to Demyx's Sitar. Maybe a pair of headphones that makes whatever song he listens to a 'set?
Sure, if that pleases you. You can make him have pistols, but I'm just telling you so you don't make one too similar to the other.

I'm scared now. Should I be? :p
Naww, I'm interested how you are gonna make a set for the Waddle Dee of the Sea, and I'm a big Kirby fan, much like our fellow Sandbags SirKibble and KingK.Rool.


Smash Lord
Aug 19, 2007
Lol, Sasuke is going to be posted on the next page.

Probably a lot of Sasuke haters won't like it....but whatev.

After this...nothing but SSE updates >.<


Smash Lord
Aug 19, 2007
Yes....i hope it is so XD.

Also, note that i'm going to be kicking some characters out from my SSE. Mostly because i can't think of a good role for them. Sorry if it's one of yours >.>



Nightmare Weaver
Oct 10, 2008


Soryy for the spam.



Tiny Dancer
Mar 21, 2008
Ah, thanks. I should be done by this weekend if this sudden burst of creative ideas keeps coming. I wonder what Snake's codec will be like....
Feel free to PM it to me when you're done!

Snake codecs are just extras so you don't have to do it. You can still do it for fun, though.


Smash Lord
Aug 19, 2007
<His quest to avenge his clan unfulfilled, Sasuke succumbs to the darkness… and brings all that he’s since learned into the Brawl!>

"Vengence.....will be mine. I'll do whatever it takes."

~ Description~

Sasuke's early childhood, as told over the course of Naruto manga volume twenty-five, was spent living in the shadow of his older brother, Itachi Uchiha, a natural prodigy of the Uchiha clan. In an effort to win some recognition for himself, Sasuke trained diligently to win some of his parents' attention, though he was never able to surpass the milestones set in place by his brother, who would be the only one to acknowledge Sasuke's accomplishments.[18][19] In time, Itachi began to distance himself from the clan and fell out of his family's confidence, which consequently began to look to Sasuke as the new future for the clan.[20]

Soon after Sasuke started to be accepted into his family, he returned home one day to find the streets littered with the corpses of the Uchiha clan. Upon rushing home, Sasuke found Itachi standing over his parents's corpses. As Sasuke tried to flee, Itachi went on to explain that he had never loved his little brother.[21] Claiming that Sasuke was not worth killing, Itachi encouraged him to get stronger by living a life of hate and anger towards him, with his sole purpose being to avenge the clan. Itachi left, and in the absence of a loving family Sasuke agreed to do as instructed, dedicating his life to killing Itachi.[22] Years later, in Part II of the series, Sasuke is shown to have some doubts about the events of that night. It is not until after Itachi's death that he learns the truth surrounding the massacre of the Uchiha: that it was all done on command by the village.[23]


Sasuke as he appears in Part II.When first introduced during his assignment to Team 7, Sasuke displays a great indifference to his teammates. Feeling that his abilities are far superior to their own, he is unwilling to cooperate with Naruto Uzumaki or Sakura Haruno, as doing so would do nothing to help him kill Itachi.[24] These perceptions are quickly proven wrong, for despite their failings, Sakura is an excellent source of information; while competition with Naruto acts as an effective way to get stronger.[25] While he retains a confidence in himself throughout the series, Sasuke increasingly relies on his friends over the course of Part I. As he starts to get close to others he also begins to risk his own life to save them, even though his death would leave him unable to fulfill his goal of vengeance upon Itachi.[26]

Although Sasuke becomes content with a life of happiness in Konohagakure, he never allows his ambition to gain power to leave his thoughts. During his Part I battles with characters such as Haku and Gaara, Sasuke tests his abilities against those of progressively stronger ninja, in the process discovering the weakpoints he needs to overcome.[27] While initially complacent with his development, Naruto quickly starts to grow stronger at a faster rate. This, coupled with his quick defeat by Itachi during a brief return to Konoha, leads Sasuke to believe that his growth is slowing. In an attempt to reassess his strength, he begins to treat his friends as opponents so as to test his abilities against their own.[28]

Dissatisfied with his progress in Konoha and believing Orochimaru holds the keys to getting strong enough to kill Itachi, Sasuke defects from Konoha at the end of Part I.[29] Naruto attempts to stop him, but Sasuke, believing the death of Naruto, his closest friend, will give him the power he desires (as he was told by Itachi), tries to kill him instead.[22] He is ultimately unable to follow through with this idea, because he felt that is what Itachi would have wanted him to do, and instead continues on to Orochimaru.[30] In the two-and-a-half years he spends with Orochimaru, Sasuke's goal to kill Itachi takes precedence above all else; he is willing to give his body to Orochimaru if it means killing Itachi,[31] but later turns on Orochimaru after reaching the conclusion that he can learn nothing else of value. After achieving his goal of bringing about Itachi's death, in the process learning how his brother was manipulated by Konoha's higher ups, Sasuke abandons all of his hate for Itachi and resolves to destroy Konoha for both of their sakes

~ Stats~
Attack: 6
Running speed: 7
Jumps: 5
Falling speed: 4
Walk: 3
Range: 5
Weight: 3
Height: 7
Attack speed: 7
Wall jump: Yes
Wall cling: Yes
Glide: no

~ Special attacks~

Standard Special — Chidori

Sasuke will put one of his knees down for a moment, and put his hands in the downwards direction. Soon, sparks of lightening will start charging up on the palms of his hands. As soon as it's charged enough, Sasuke will run forward, with his hands of lightening forward, and when he hits an opponent, he'll forward his arm, attacking his opponent.

This move is chargable. Left uncharged, Sasuke will only charge about 1 and 1/2th of a small stage builder block forward. The damage that it will cause will be only a small 11% damage with little knockback. If this move is fully charged, it will not only deal a decent 22% damage with nice knockback, but with the extra reach of about 3 and 1/2th of a small stage builder block too.

The speed for this move has very little starting lag at the beginning at all, and not only that, Sasuke will charge forward in a fast speed too. The ending lag is horrific though, with about the ending of Ike's forward smash (actually...a bit more than that too!), while Sasuke is busy pulling his arm back, doesn't matter if he managed to hit the opponent or not.

A good Ko move for Sasuke, but really punishable at the end, espicially if it doesn't hit. The hitbox is only Sasuke's hand/palm, so be careful when using this move. The electricity palm/hand can absorb projectiles, so don't worry about that, and when Sasuke is just about to thrust his arm forward, he has super armor there (does not have them at the end obviously.) There are other warnings though. Since the electricy is burning his arm, he'll suffer 5% damage as soon as you used this move 3 times in a row after. Be careful not to spam it too much =O.

Side Special — Dragonflame jutsu

Sasuke will throw one shuriken forward basically for the moment. The shuriken actually travels all the way off the screen, but unfortunately, travels slowly, and can be knocked down by a simple hit. The speed for when it's launched is rather fast however, with having no lag at the beginning, and only ends with a slight bit at the end. If the shuriken manages to hit an opponent, it can deal off only a mesely 3% damage, with no knockback, other than flinching. You should also know that you can control the direction where the shuriken is going, though you can only point it upwards diagonally, forward, and downwards diagonally (and you can only go downwards diagonally in the air >.>).

...You think that's it right? WRONG! Every third shuriken that Sasuke throws, a line of string will follow it, which is attached to the shuriken. It's really hard to see, but it can still be seen slightly. Anyway, with the line of string, if it travels off the screen, the string will stay in place in the straight direction, from where Sasuke was standing. If the shuriken is knocked down, the string stills stays in place, but not only does it only extend from where the shuriken was knocked down, now the string's direction from where it can be is know controllable by Sasuke moving.

You can use the string for some mind games or something, but be warned, the string can be cut with no problem with 20% damage racked on it. Sasuke can execute 3 string threads in total, but it becomes harder to control all of them. Now if you just simply press the Side B button, Sasuke will simply just throw another shuriken (and after 3 string threadss are in play, no more strings threads from that point.) However, if you hold the Side B instead, Sasuke will start doing quick ninja hands signs. With the string threads in his teeth (sort of...), Sasuke will say:


Flames will start coming out of Sasuke's mouth, burning the string threads, and start travelling all the way, until the string threads are entirely burnt. One touch of the dragon flaming strings, the opponent will suffer 15% damage, with nice knockback included. If you had 3 strings at the time, this move can be greatly effective, with a chance of covering the screen (though only about half of it.)

A really cool attack, and it sounds kind of awesome to hear Sasuke say, "FIRE STYLE!!! DRAGONFLAME JUTSU!!!" but it can be hard to pull off. Actually, it IS hard to pull off.

Down Special — Curse mark

Sasuke will close his eyes and concentrate for a second. He will then open them, and all of a sudden, half of his body (not including his clothes >.>) will be covered with the curse mark. Sasuke now looks more badass, and now has more of an evil persona. It only takes about half a second to transform, but there is about a whole second of ending lag. There are 3 levels of the curse mark in all. Sasuke can stay in those forms as long as the player chooses, but there is a price for that though. Each transformation has a different price. To get to the different stages of the Curse Mark, you just input the attack again. Here they are:

Curse Mark level 1

Basically here, Sasuke gets a power boost of 3% damage for each hit. With all this power coursing through his body, he'll suffer 3% damage for every second he's in this form. On the other hand, Sasuke looks really cool!!

Curse Mark Level 2

Sasuke will get a power boost of 5% damage for each hit now, instead of 3%. However, he can only access this mode once he has over 75% damage only, and his health will start going down by 3% damage every second now.

Final Curse Mark level =O

Sasuke will now get a really good power boost of 7% damage for every hit now, with one extra knockback level, and he can now glide. However, there are serious restrictions for this move, as Sasuke can only access this form when he's at 150% damage or above, and he continously loses about 3% damage for every second.

It may be hard to access them, but they are so worth it!
Upwards Special — Lion's Barrage

Sasuke will launch a high kick with his feet upwards. Whether he manages to hit his opponent or not, he will leap high into the air. If he did manage to hit an opponent, he'll unleash the Lion's Barrage attack. If he didn't manage to hit the opponent, he'll still jump high into the air, but as soon as he reaches the high point, he'll start falling to the ground like he just did a recovery. He goes up about 4 small stage builder block upwards by the way.

When he managed to hit his opponent, he'll appear behind the opponent's back in the air.he'll start things off with 2 kicks to the side of the opponent. With those 2 kicks, his opponent will start slowly falling to the ground, which will make Sasuke follow it up with a quick right arm attack to the opponent. When the opponent is finally on the ground, Sasuke will come down to the ground as well, but before doing that, he'll unleash a fierce axe kick on the opponent's body, with a total off 12-15% damage in all, but no knockback, though it causes the opponent to lay on the ground.

This is not a KO move obviously. The speed for this move does have about the beginning of Ike's forward smash at...well the beginning. The range for this move is concentrated above Sasuke, where his feet is, rather than what's right in front of him.

This is a somewhat decent recovery. As an attack, it's just hard to hit with. Opponents can just sidestep to avoid this attack. If this move is done at the edge of the stage, where this is a pit below, Sasuke can perform....Sasukicide. When his opponent starts falling to the ground, Sasuke can use the axe kick at the end of the barrage to have the opponent fall in the pit for sure, but causes him to lose a stock as well. Luckly, he's above the opponent, so the opponent dies first.

~ Standard A attacks~

Standard A — Sharingan

Sasuke will go into a defensive pose, and shouting, "Sharingan!!" At that moment, a flash in Sasuke's eyes will happen. At that time, Sasuke will be in a defensive pose. If an opponent hits Sasuke while he is in this pose, Sasuke will still suffer the damage, but no knockback will happen. Sasuke may only use the Sharingan's power 3 times per stock only by the way.

This will only work if the opponent is attacking physically against Sasuke by the way. Doesn't matter if the opponent is faraway weapon range or anything like that, all physical attacks against Sasuke will still take effect to the Sharingan's power. Of course, attacks like projectiles, final smashes or anything like that cannot be of the Sharingan's use here.

Of course, is just the negating of the move all there is to it? NO. When the opponent foolishly attacks Sasuke while he's in Sharingan mode, he will copy the opponent's signature ability for a moment. As soon as you press the A button again while the abilty is copied with the eye, he will do an animation similar to his opponent's signature attack.

All the abilties are different. Even the clones. They all take different effects, by the way. The range is completely different too. Note that Sasuke can only do the move once before having to use the Sharingan again. Here are the abilites

Mario -- Fire ball assault:
Sasuke will let loose a barrage of fire balls from his mouth, 5 fire balls, travelling at the speed of Mario's standard special. The speed for it has little to no lag at the beginning, but does end with about...above average lag. Each fire ball does about 2-3% damage each, with no knockback, other than flinching.
Donkey Kong -- Kunai ground pound:
Sasuke brings out 2 kunai, puttting one in each hand, and then stab the ground, appearing to pound the ground...sort of..2 times in each hand. The hitbox is the ground very very smally shaking around Sasuke. This move has about the beginning and the end lag of DK's down special. Each does about 4% damage with little knockback.
Link -- Double Kunai slash barrage:
Sasuke will let loose 2 heavy swings of his kunai forward, much how like Link does it, except the range is cut in half with the shortage of Sasuke's kunai knife. Each hit does around 7-8% damage each, with nice knockback on the last hit. It is pretty much like Link's forward smash, except the range is much shorter.
Pikachu -- Chidori stream:
Sasuke will suddenly focus on one spot all around him, and all of a sudden, static electricity will start surrounding him all around. It only reachs about 2 small stage builder blocks in total all around Sasuke, and only reaches about 1/2th of a stage builder block up. One hit of the electricity will make you suffer about 8% damage with ok knockback.
Kirby -- Sucker upper:
Umm...Sasuke's mouth will start expanding, sucking up, and...since he's playing only against Kirby, nothing will really happen. It's pretty much like Kirby's standard B only lol. THAT IS ALL.
Luigi -- Rocket attack:
Sasuke will copy the exact copy of Luigi's side special, except it can only do up to 10% damage, and with little knockback. THAT IS ALL.
JigglyPuff -- Roll out:
The neutral A can no longer be used, but everytime Sasuke roll dodges, if he hits an opponent, he'll deal off 8% damage with little knockback.
Captain Falcon -- Chidori Punch:
Yeah....Falcon Punch basically only Sasuke's hands are surrounded with lightening, and it only does around 15% damage with ok knockback. So yeah...
Fox -- Chidori charge:
Has the same basic concept as Fire Fox, but instead it's with lightening, and it can only charge straight forward. So yeah...
Samus -- Chidori blast:
A total ripoff of Samus' neutral B attack. Except, you know, it's with lightening.
Yoshi -- High jumper:
Sasuke copys Yoshi's flutter jump recovery!!! =O What a jerk.
Ness -- Sasuke Fiyah!:
Sasuke copy's Ness' side B, except he's shooting out from his mouth like he's performing his fire style jutsu. So yeah.....
Falco -- Kunai reflector:
Sasuke connects 6 kunai and then forms it in the form of a hexagon. Then he throws it forward like Falco throws his reflector, and it can reflect projectiles too. THAT IS ALL.
Ike -- Aether Fire ball:
Sasuke throws one of his kunai upwards like how Ike does it. He then catches it in the air, lets loose a barrage of fireballs, and comes down with the final aether attack. It can deal all the same damage properties as Ike's Aether, except that when he shoots the fire balls from his mouth, there are 10 of them, that do about 1% damage each.
Marth -- Critical stab:
Sasuke will stab forward with his kunai, dealing off a little 4% damage and little knockback. However, there is a 20% chance for a critical, dealing off triple the damage (so that's 12% damage if you're bad at math.) THAT IS ALL.
Sonic -- Homing attack:
Sasuke will let loose a fire ball jutsu from his mouth, and then it homes in on the opponent. It deals off about 10% damage with ok knockback. Just be warned that the fireball vanishes after 3 seconds.
Wolf -- Diagonal charge
Sasuke copies Wolf's side B exactly, except with about one small stage builder block shorter range. SO yeah.
Charizard = Fire style -- Small fire jutsu:
Sasuke performs the exact copy of Charizard's neutral B, except it looks like he's performing a jutsu. THAT IS ALL.
Squirtle = Water style -- Water blast jutsu
Sasuke copies exactly Squirtle's neutral B, except it looks like he is performing a jutsu. THAT IS ALL.
Ivysaur = Razor Kunai
Sasuke copies Ivysaur's Side B, except that he is using a Kunai instead of a leaf.
Zero Suit Samus = High Jump
Sasuke copies Zamus' downwards special. THAT IS ALL.
Snake = Kunai bomb
Sasuke copies Snake's neutral A, except he's putting a letter bomb around it. SO YEAH.
Ice Climbers = Ice blocks
Sasuke will start performing ice jutsu from his mouth, and fire out 3 ice blocks exactly the same as IC's neutral special, doing the exact damage.
Lucario = Aura kunai
Sasuke will do a basic swipe of his Kunai forward. The attack is very mediocore, doing only 1% damage with very little knockback, but when Sasuke's health drops belows 100% damage, this attack's power increases all the way up to 15% damage, and ok knockback.
Toon Link = Fierce spinner
The same as Toon Link's up special, except Sasuke is using his Kunai instead of a sword.
ROB = Fire laser
The exact same as ROB's neutral special, except the laser beam is more fire like, and Sasuke's firing from his mouth.
Mr Game and Watch = Kunai..throw
The exact same as G&W's standard special, except it's a kunai instead of a sausage.
Wario = Bash attack
A complete copy cat of Wario's side smash.
Dedede = Kunai rocket
Like the same as Dedede's down special, except the range is much shorter...and it's with a Kunai >.>
Metaknight = Disappear
An exact copy of Metaknight's down special. THAT IS ALL.
Diddy Kong = Banana throw
A copy of Diddy Kong's down special.
Peach = Peaches barrage
Sasuke will throw 8 peaches forward like Peach's down Special.
Zelda = fire style -- Controllable fire
Basically the same as Zelda's side special, only Sasuke's firing from his mouth.
Shiek = Needle senbon
An exact copy of Shiek's standard special...lol.
Ganondorf = Sasuke choke
The same as Ganondorf's side special, except the range is shorter by half a stage builder block.
Olimar = Kunai....whip
The same idea for Olimar's Up special, except it only goes straight forward, and it's with his kunais all tied together. Weird huh.
Side Tilt — 3 hit combo (AKA, i couldn't think of a fancy name lol >.>)

Sasuke lets loose a side fist at first, following it up with side kick to the opponent, and then lets loose a fierce forward punch. That's right, 3 hits in one.

The range for this move is the basic range for an AAA combo actually, reaching what is directly in front of him. The speed for this move has little to no lag at the beginning, but does end with about the ending of Kirby's forward smash. All 3 of the hits do about 3% damage each, with the third hit with ok knockback being dealt too. The first 2 hits simply just flinch the opponent.

This is a decent move for racking up damage, but is a bit punishable at the end. ONLY A BIT THOUGH.
Down Tilt — Sweep, leap and dive

Sasuke will leg sweep his opponent, following it up with a quick high leap upwards, and then end it up with a charging straight down kick dive. Three hits in one.

The range for this move only reaches directly in front of Sasuke, and right next to his feet, and he can only do the next 2 hits if he hit with the first hit. The speed for this move has a bit of starting lag at the beginning, but not really that much, and ends with very little lag. Each hit dealing off 4% damage, with the second his with ok knockback upwards, and the third hit grounding the opponent to the ground.

Up tilt — Disappearing Axe kick

Sasuke will disappear, and then reappear upwards above him, in the air. He will then launch a fierce axe kick downwards, below him in the air. After that, he safely lands on the ground.

The range for this move is above Sasuke's head, while it's in the air, but only reachs what is drectly in front of Sasuke, due to the hitbox being only Sasuke's feet. The speed for this move has about slightly more than the beginning of Kirby's forward smash at...well the beginning, and at the end is slightly less than the ending of Ike's forward smash. This attack does about 10% damage with little knockback after bounching off the ground.

This move is good for Sasuke to perform an attack while not being in one place all the time, but does have startup at the beginning, and at the end, so be careful.
Dash Attack — Subsitution jutsu

Sasuke will run straight forward, for about one second. If he is hit by the opponent, he'll still suffer the damage, but this time, he'll leave behind a log of wood in his place, when he disappears. He will then perform one of three counter attacks, depending on the direction you choose. If the opponent does not hit the opponent...Sasuke trips!!

When Sasuke counter attacks, there are 3 of them, and which one happens depends on which direction you shirt the control stick too. Here goes:

1. If you point in the upwards direction, Sasuke will reappear above the opponent, behind them. Sasuke will perform a quick axe kick below the opponent, knocking them to the ground. The opponent recieves about 9% damage with little knockback, after bouncing off the ground. There is practically little to no lag at the beginning, but there is about.....average amount of lag at the end. This is near impossible to miss with this counter attack, but can be blocked with correct timing.

2. If you point it in the forward direction, Sasuke will reappear behind the opponent, and then will charge forward a bit to launch a fierce quick straight punch to the opponent's back. The opponent will recieve about 12% damage with ok knockback included. The speed for this move has practically no lag at the beginning, but there is about the ending of Marth's forward smash at the end. This is near impossible to miss with, but can be blocked, and then then opponent can come out with there own counter attack!

3. If you point in the downwards direction, Sasuke will reappear right in front of the opponent, and then launch a high kick upwards, with his feet. The opponent will suffer about 10% damage with ok knockback in the straight upwards direction. The speed for this move actually does have lag, with about the beginning of Pikachu's forward smash, and the ending of Kirby's forward smash. This is the worse of Sasuke's counters, with it can be dodgable (though it's still hard to do so), and can be easily blocked (though it does drain about 1/4th of the opponent's shield.)

~ Smash attacks~

Forward Smash — Fire Style: Fireball jutsu

Sasuke will start up by holding his breath for a moment, and releasing it forward, and a fire ball comes out of Sasuke's mouth, blasting forward.

The range for this move reaches a solid 2 small stage builder blocks forward, making it one of the best ranged smash attacks. The speed for this move is laggy however, with about the beginning of Ike's forward smash, and the ending of it as well. On how it causes damage is a multihitter, dealing off about 5 hits of burning flames to Sasuke's opponents in MAXIMUM hits (you aren't guaranteed to hit with all the hits, but it's not that hard to hit with all of them either.) Each flaming hit does about 3% damage each with nice knockback on the last hit uncharged, and 4% damage for every flaming hit, with good knockback fully charged.

A good damage racker, and a decent KO move, but it's rather laggy, so prepare yourself first by spacing yourself.
Down Smash — "I..can see it!"

Sasuke kind of used this in Naruto vs Sasuke match. Sasuke will go into a countering pose with his arms. He will then block any attack that hits him, and at the end of the opponent's attack, Sasuke flips them off with his arms, sending them away.

The range for this move is that any attack is done by the opponent attacking Sasuke. Projectiles will not count towards this attack. The speed for this move is fast, with hardly any lag at the beginning, and ends with just slightly below average lag. The damage it can cause really depends on how many multiple hitters attack Sasuke.

1-2 hits = 8% damage with little knockback
3-5 hits = 13% damage with ok knockback
6-8 hits = 18% damage with nice knockback
9+ = 23% damage with good knockback

Remember that it only count towards multy hitters. Also note that 9+ hits may seem broken, but hey? How many characters have 9 hitting attacks anyway? Plus also know that charging this attack does nothing.

Up Smash — Highflying Piledriver

Sasuke will jump high into the sky (like about 3 small stage builder blocks upwards.) If an opponent foolishly has been touched by Sasuke's front body (cause that's basically the hitbox for this attack), Sasuke will grab the opponent's entire body, hold them backwards, start plummeting to the ground, and smash the opponents head.

The speed has about slightly below average beginning lag, but if Sasuke misses, there about the ending of Kirby's forward smash. This attack does about 14% damage with nice knockback uncharged, and 17% damage with good knockback fully charged.

A good range, and decent KO move, but kind of laggy, and only targets up. Plus the hitbox is hard to hit with.
~ Aerial attacks~

Neutral aerial — Throw down

Sasuke will perform a grabbing kind of motion in the air. If he does manage to catch someone, he'll throw them to the ground, though it can't exactly kill....

The range for this move only reaches what is right in front of Sasuke, and what is right next to him only. The speed for this move has practically no lag at the beginning of this move, but at the end, there is about the ending of Ike's forward aerial lag. The damage that it can cause is about 10% damage with little knockback, when the opponent is bounced on the ground.

Not exactly a good KO move, and not exactly easy to hit with, but if you need the opponent to stay on the ground while you're in the air, it is decent.

Forward aerial — Kunai throw

Sasuke will throw 3 kunai daggers in the forward downwards direction basically, flying down, until they hit the ground.

The range for this move, if it doesn't hit the ground by then, reaches about 2 and 1/2th of a small stage builder block in the downwards forward diagonal direction. The speed for this move has a slight bit of start up, but hardly any ending lag at all. Each kunai dagger does about 3% damage each, with little knockback, if it managed to hit the opponent.

This is good for Sasuke as a projectile, and he can still stay in the air, but don't relay on it too much.

Backwards aerial — Demonwind shuriken: Windmill of shadows

Sasuke will quickly pull out the above shuriken, turn around, and launch it forward, and you can see that the shuriken is spinning =O.

The speed for this move is really laggy, with just barely less than the beginning of Ike's forward smash, and the ending lag is about the ending of Falcon punch. The range for this move is about 2 small stage builder blocks behind Sasuke. If this shuriken manages to hit an opponent, it can deal off about 14% damage with nice knockback in total. That's a lot of damage right?

Of course, it is hard to hit with, given it's speed, and rather bad range in projectiles.
Upwards aerial — Spin kick

Sasuke will do the above animation, spin kicking upwards.

The range for this move is only what is right above Sasuke, yet it doesn't reach anywhere else. The speed for this move has just average lag at the beginning of this move, but at the end, end with about the ending of Ike's back aerial move. The damage it can cause is a sort of multi hitter, dealing about 5 hits in total, each dealing off about 2% damage each, with ok knockback on the last hit.

Overall, a decent damage racker, and a good upwards move, but can be punishable at the end of this move.

Downwards aerial — Fire Style: Phoenix Flower jutsu

Sasuke will immediately take a deep breath in, and start launching out a series of fire balls from his mouth. There are about 12 fire balls in total.

The range for this move actually reaches all the way downwards in the below direction, and that is about it. The speed for this move has the beginning of....Kirby's forward smash, and ends with about the ending of Ike's forward smash. Each fire ball does around 1% damage each, dealing absolutely no knockback at all, though the opponent does flinch.

A good move for causing the opponent to stay on the ground, but is punishable at the end.

~ Grabs/Throws ~

Beat Down — Kunai stab

Sasuke basically continuosly stabs the opponent with his Kunai. It travels at average speed, dealing off about 2% damage for every hit this attack manages to hit with. Basically, the normal amount of damage beat downs. Pretty much nothing special hear.

Forward throw — Back breaker

Sasuke quickly grabs both of the opponent's arms, and turns the opponent's back towards him. He puts his foot on the opponent's back, and pulls on the opponent's arm, crushing the opponent's back. The opponent screams in pain, and collapses to the ground. This causes about 13% damage, with no knockback, but causes the opponent to lay on the ground. This is not a KO move...but it's a decent damage racker.

Backwards Throw — Fast kick

Sasuke throws his opponent behind him, and quickly charges toward them, and sends out a fast kick, with his feet. This attack causes about 9% damage with ok knockback in total. This is a okay KO move, but make sure you damage rack first.

Downwards Throw — Lion kick

Sasuke throws his opponent to the ground, causing them to lay on the ground, and then jumps a slight bit in the air, and follows it up with an axe kick downwards. This causes the opponent to suffer about 10% damage with nice knockback in total. THIS IS ALL.

Upwards throw — Shuriken toss

Sasuke throws his opponent in to the air for a moment. Sasuke quickly follows it up with 3 tosses of shuriken upwards in the diagonal direction. This causes about 4% damage with each shuriken hit, and about little knockback for each of them. It's not exactly hard to hit with all 3 shuriken, but it's not easy either. It's mostly based on luck though.

~ Final Smash ~

Orochimaru's teaching
Sasuke looks deep inside himself, and tells himself, with memories of Itachi killing his entire clan. Sasuke says, "Power....I'll do anything for me. Vengence...will be mine."

Suddenly, Orochimaru's appearence appears behind him, and tells him, "I'll grant you power...as long as you help me destroy Konoha village." Suddenly, light surrounds Sasuke, and his looks change into this:

Sasuke now carries a sword, and has Orochimaru's clothes on him. There are quite a few changes to his moveset as well:

1. Chidori is changed to his sword, being infused with lightening, charging forward. It does about 5% damage, and has better range than usual (about the range of Ike's forward smash now =O).

2. His up smash is now replaced with a huge uppercut upwards, with his chidori blade, with the range of a basic uppercut sword attack, and deals off about 15% damage with nice knockback uncharged, and 19% damage with good knockback fully charged. The speed practically stays the same.

3. His side tilt is changed to Sasuke throw snakes forward from his sleaves, dealing off about 12% damage, with ok knockback. The speed stays the same, while the range can now reach about 3 stage builder blocks forward.

4. Curse mark no longer needs to cause Sasuke to suffer damage. If you want Sasuke to reach his various levels of the curse mark, just simply press the downwards B button 2 times in a row.

5. Down Aerial is replaced with a huge fire ball attack, that has a huge hitbox, about as big as 3/4ths of a landmaster, and it deals off about 14% damage with nice knockback. However, it is a really laggy move, with the beginning of Warlock punch, and the ending of it as well.

6. All his Kunai attacks are replaced with sword attacks, that have twice the range than it used to have, and now it looks move cooler, with more electricity Chidori attacks.

7. This Final smash lasts about 20 seconds, and Sasuke has super armor all around, but still can be hurt by damage.

8. Sasuke is now taller than he is (now about Ganondorf's height), and is now as heavy as Link.

9. If you decide to press the Neutral A button, just before Sasuke's final smash has past 10 seconds, Sasuke will raise his hands to the sky, and all of a sudden, a huge lightning dragon will start showing in the sky. Sasuke will then throw his arm downwards, and the dragon strikes downwards, covering 3/4ths of the stage. The entire animation is about 5 seconds in total (Sasuke will still perform this attack, even if his final smash runs out.) The damage it can cause is about 30% damage, with great knockback. This automactically ends Sasuke's final smash, and Sasuke is like really tired at the end.

Up Taunt: Sasuke brushes the dust of his pants and says, "Scaredy cat."
Side taunt: "Behold the power of the Uchiha clan!"
Down Taunt: Sasuke will spin his dagger, and taunt his opponent to bring it on.


Victory pose 1: Sasuke turns around away from the screen, acting all cool like.
Victory pose 2: Sasuke jumps up and performs, "Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu."
Victory pose 3: Sasuke says, "Vengence....is mine!"
Lose pose: Sasuke will punch the ground, admitting that he made a mistake.

Snake Codec

Snake: Who's the guy with the symbolled headband?
Colonal: That's Sasuke Uchiha Snake.
Snake: Huh....what's so special about him?
Colonal: Sasuke is from a powerful clan known as the Uchiha. One day his entire clan was wiped out by his own brother
Snake: His own brother killed his clan? Why would a person do that?
Colonal: I don't know, but Sasuke wants vengence on his brother no matter what.
Snake: Vengence.......

Alternative costumes

Kirby Hat
Kirby gets Sasuke's standard special known as "Chidori."

Ain't it cute? :bee:


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Sep 11, 2007
North Carolina
Yay Sasuke! I think he's rather cool

I like the visuals you incorporated (because they are out there) to make some moves easier to...visualize. The description for the Side-B was kinda sketchy, though. Also, I wasn't clear on how to get to the different stages of the Curse Mark, though I'm assuming you just input the attack again. There were some unique mechanics in there, like pseudo-counters built in to standard moves.

Overall, very cool!


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Nov 4, 2007
Not bad, twilthero, your Sasuke moveset is quite good, but why wasn't that 1000 birds electric thing in there? Compliments aside, here are the props/elements for my chemistry man moveset. I may tell you the elements, but I will never tell you what they do until the movset, so I haven't given too much away.
A: Beaker
Ftilt: Electricity
Utilt: Fire
Dtilt: Water
Dash: ?????
Liedown: ?????
Fsmash: Silicon
Usmash: Magnesium
Dsmash: Gold
GrabA: Sodium
GrabD: Cobalt
GrabU: Nitrogen
GrabF: Mercury
GrabB: Aluminum
Nair: Hydrogen
Uair: Chlorine
Dair: Oxygen
Fair: Fluorine
Bair: Neon
B: Uranium
ForwardB: Radon
DownB: ?????
UpB: Polonium
Final Smash: Nuke
That is all.


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Jun 23, 2007
My Ghor moveset is ALMOST done. All that's left are tilts and smashes. :bee:

If I work hard enough I might get it done TONIGHT! And that would mean 02 starts tomorrow!


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Jun 23, 2007
Ghor, Bounty hunter of Wotan VII

“Don’t you FEEL the POWER?!”
Ghor is a veteran of the liberation war of Wotan VII. During the war, Ghor was heavily injured, and was forced to modify much of his body with state-of-the-art cybernetic replacements. As a result, only 6% of his original body remains. However, Ghor still has personality, and is known for his empathy, compassion, and sense of humor. He is also gentle and intelligent, though a GF lore scan indicates that he's not "most skilled of fighters." He helps the weak, poor, and troubled by working as a Bounty Hunter for free or giving bounty money he earned to the victims of his targets. Ghor also has a large armorsuit which doubles as a gunship and provides him with strong armaments, making him formidable in combat. Merging with his suit causes his personality to dramatically change, making him aggressive and violent. Ghor works very well with anything mechanical, causing him to be often hired for missions requiring computer infiltration or manipulation.

Special Ability: 110% corruption
When Ghor hits 110% damage, he reaches the point of no return with phazon corruption! His plasma attacks are replaced with phazon and do more damage and knockback. However, he loses the ability to use his final smash. If he already has a final smash, he loses the smash ball when he hits 110% if not earlier. The smash ball will not break no matter how many times he hits it.


Power: 3/5 Ghor is nothing special when it comes to power, but he’s far from pathetic.
Speed: 3/5 The same thing applies to Speed, Ghor being mechanical.
Jump: 2/5 Ghor’s air control is bad to balance out his high recovery.
Recovery: 4/5 Ghor’s recovery is above average to balance out his low air control.
Control: 5/5 Ghor doesn’t slide around on even the iciest surfaces, adding to his amazing ground control.

Weak Attacks

A: Scrape
Ghor slams his left hand forward, scratching the opponent. Does no knockback and does 1% damage. Range is very small.

Up Tilt: Plasma Darts
Ghor fires his plasma beam twice. Once ahead of him at an upward angle, and once straight up, both right next to each other. Does 4%, has a tiny vulnerability afterwards. Range is medium.

Forward Tilt: Gear Kick
Ghor spins around, kicking his opponent. Does 7%, and has low lag. Range is small.

Down Tilt: Ankle Slit
Ghor ducks down really low and claws the opponent’s ankles. Does 5%, and causes opponents to slip at maximum range. Has vulnerability afterwards. Range is small.

Dash Attack: Escape
Ghor forms a short blade from his plasma stream, and slashes as he runs. Does 3%. Range is medium.

Ledge Attack 1: Fuel Gel
The ground where Ghor gets up is covered in fuel gel, which damages anyone who touches it. The gel goes away when Ghor climbs onto the stage. The gel does 3% in fire damage. Range is medium.

Ledge Attack 2: Phazon shot
Ghor flips onto the stage and fires a phazon stream forward. Does 5%, and large knockback. Range is medium.

Smash Attacks

Up Smash: Corrupt Anger
Ghor shouts with rage and fires plasma from both arms in an arc over his head. The move does 11%. The move is done quickly, but Ghor is made vulnerable afterwards to recollect. Range is small.

Forward Smash: Throttle
Ghor jumps forward and kicks his opponent with both legs. Does 21%, but has small startup lag and leaves him vulnerable. Large knockback. Range is medium.

Down Smash: Ring of Fire
Ghor spins in a circle using Plasma Stream to draw a circle around himself, doing 10% to anyone who touches it. The move has some startup lag, enough to leave Ghor vulnerable to a tilt. The attack has medium knockback. Range is small.

Special Attacks

^B: Repair Drones
A pair of Elysian repair drones fly by Ghor’s head. When he notices them, he grabs onto them. As soon as he touches them, they pull him almost straight upwards. Ghor can aim the special to the left or right somewhat, but the drones will only hold him for about 3.5 seconds. The move can be quickly cancelled into a kick. The recovery its self does no damage. The kick does 2%. The move has a half-second startup where the drones appear. The kick is weak and happens with almost no lag at all.

>B: Plasma Stream
Ghor fires an orange beam from his plasma beam. The beam doesn’t fully leave his weapon, but instead it goes a distance almost equal to half of final destination and stops. The beam, when used, starts firing at a 45 degree angle before becoming parallel to the arena. Being a plasma beam, the attack does fire damage. When someone gets hit by the beam, two things can happen. At 110% or lower, the beam is a real weapon and stuns opponents at the tip, but otherwise holds them inside the beam. The attack can be held for 10 seconds before Ghor short-circuits and becomes vulnerable. When Ghor hits 111% or more, his attack goes the same distance, but if it hits an opponent it stops. The opponent who gets hit has their controls randomized for 10 seconds. The beam diffuses explosives, breaks containers, makes planted devices fall to the floor, and breaks spawning items like Pokeballs and Assist Trophies. The stream has a starup lag similar to Wolf’s blaster, but ends in a quick movement of Ghor’s arm. Range is large to either the left or right of Ghor.

vB: Static Shell
Ghor yells and seemingly begins to short-circuit, but instead his body becomes covered in electricity. While covered in electricity, Ghor plays as normal, but if he is touched by another opponent, they take damage from 5 to 10%. Ghor can charge this defense for five seconds maximum. For every second he charges the attack, the sparks appear for TWO seconds (5 seconds charging is 10 seconds of sparks). The shell forms instantly, but there is a moment of startup lag when he yells. The shell, like the Franklin Badge, simply turns off no matter what you’re doing, and has no real warning other than the flickering about one second before the move drops. Range depends on attacks.

B: Plasma Shot
Ghor fires his plasma beam. His beam goes through everything and passes all the way across the screen. When it hits an opponent, the beam goes through them, stunning them until the beam passes all the way through and doing fire damage. The beam does 5% damage, 8% when Ghor has high damage. The beam can be aimed very slightly up and down. The move has a very small amount of time before it happens. Just enough time to tilt the control stick up or down without doing an up or down special. The end lag is a little longer than the starup lag, enough time to hit Ghor with tilts or A-button combos before he can block. Range is endless.

Final Smash: Armor Suit
Ghor raises his hand and he vanishes. Moments later, he lands where he was standing inside his large armor suit. In his suit, Ghor cannot be grabbed. He also cannot be damaged unless the front of his upper body is attacked. However, in the suit, he can only use special attacks. Four new specials are given to Ghor just for this form. Other downsides to this form include only having one jump, being very slow, and having pretty obvious attacks. Attack range when the final smash begins is medium.

^B: Plasma Thrusters
Ghor rises into the air, plasma shooting from the feet of his suit. The recovery lasts five seconds, and ends with Ghor crashing down on top of an unsuspecting enemy. The move can be cancelled into the drop early. The drop does 15%. There is an interval of time before Ghor rises into the air that is a VERY small amount longer than the startup for Ike’s Aether. Attacking in this interval does not interrupt the move. Range is medium.

>B: Mech Top
Ghor moves forward, arms outstretched, spinning like a top. The move has a large knockback, knocking lighter opponents over half of Final Destination. The move does 15%. The move has a noticeable starup where Ghor shakes his arms before he begins to spin. Ghor is actually able to block before he fully stops spinning, but only at the VERY end. Range is large.

vB: Hyper Mode
Ghor begins turning an eerie blue. He charges for a couple seconds, and unleashes rapid-fire phazon blasts from the suit. Getting hit by the whole hyper mode blast gets you 30%. The attack goes straight, and cannot be aimed. It is very obvious, as Ghor glows blue on the screen, and so does anyone in range of his attack. The attack goes about half of Final Destination before stopping. The move has a moderate startup, where he charges the weapon. A strong enough attack to any part of Ghor can interrupt the attack. Range is large.

B: Laser Cannon
Ghor’s suit fires a GIGANTIC laser shot from its chest. The laser behaves the same as it normally does, except now it is much harder to dodge. It does 15%. There is a moment where the armor gets taller at the middle before the cannon fires, which is the only lag. There is a short vulnerability after the laser fires. Range is large.


Up Aerial: Steel Toe
Ghor shoves his foot straight up, doing most damage at the toe. Does 8%. Range is small.

Forward Aerial: Personal Bubble
Ghor shoots a small burst of plasma from his arm that explodes directly in front of him. Does 10%. Low range and knockback. Range is small-medium.

Back Aerial: Steam Wheel
Ghor does flips in the air, kicking his opponent anywhere from 1 to 3 times for 3% a kick. Medium knockback if all three connect. Range is small.

Down Aerial: Heel Stab
Ghor drives his heel downward in mid air. Does 4%. Has a moment’s starting lag. Makes Ghor vulnerable right after. Range is small.

Neutral Aerial: Plasma Pinwheel
Ghor’s arms catch fire and he does a cartwheel in mid-air. Does 4% fire damage. Ghor is vulnerable a little bit after this attack. Range is small.


Grab: Face Hold
Ghor grabs his opponent by wrapping his hand around their face.

Grab Attack: Plasma Shock
Ghor fires his plasma weapon into the opponent’s face. 2%.

Up Throw: Plasma Uppercut
Ghor throws his opponent into the air, and activates his plasma stream before jumping and upper-cutting his opponent for 7%. Ghor’s most powerful throw.

Forward Throw: Space Maker
Ghor lets go of his opponent and shoves them away from him, doing 3%. Has medium knockback, the highest of all of his throws.

Back Throw: Vent
While holding the opponent, Ghor suddenly attempts to vent phazon. He throws his opponent back, and blue smoke pours from his body, but nothing else happens. The smoke does 1%, and the throw does 2%.

Down Throw: Corrupt Finish
Ghor lets go of his opponent, letting them fall to the ground, and then steps onto them with one foot doing 1% and shoots them with the plasma shot doing another 3%.

Taunts + Victory Poses

Up Taunt:
Ghor looks straight up and spreads his arms, laughing as hyper mode flickers on and then off.

Side Taunt:
Ghor quickly points his weapon ahead of him. He occasionally shouts “OBSERVE!!”, but usually it’s a silent taunt.

Down Taunt:
Ghor adjusts his plasma weapon, and accidentally fires a shot right by his foot, surprising him. He then looks around, and stops messing with his weapon.

Victory 1:
Ghor appears to go into hyper mode and points his weapon at the screen, saying, “Can you feel the power?!”

Victory 2:
Ghor points at the character(s) standing behind him and says, “Soon everything will be corrupted. Including YOU.”

Victory 3:
Ghor crosses his arms and laughs quietly while staring at the ground. His laugh is obviously evil from what can be clearly heard.


Idle Pose:
Ghor simply faces forward, silently staring forward. If left alone, he’ll stretch his arms, make fighting gestures, and look over both shoulders.

Losing Pose:
When Ghor loses a match, he stands in the background and stares coldly at the winner(s). He doesn’t clap.

The PED enhancement on Ghor’s chest glows brightly as the shield forms. Ghor’s shield goes down faster than some characters’.

Forward Roll:
Ghor does a frontflip, but when he lands on his hands he eases his feet back down to the ground.

Back Roll:
Ghor does a standard backflip.

Ghor crouches to the side, supporting himself with his right arm.

Air Dodge:
Ghor spins in the air, almost frantically trying to dodge.

Ghor holds his head with his hands while short circuiting.

Ghor’s head falls forward, and he appears to briefly short circuit occasionally instead of snore.

Stage Entry:
Ghor’s armor mech lands on the stage and opens, letting Ghor out. He stretches once out of the mech, saying, “We’re here. Let’s do this.”

Select Screen:
Ghor laughs while his beam is heard in the backround, followed by an explosion.


Snake: Otacon, I think this guy is a bigger computer freak than you.
Otacon: What’s going on over there?
Snake: He’s deactivating my missiles and grenades about halfway between us.
Otacon: Then why don’t you go up close and personal?
Snake: There’s something about this guy…I feel like if I touch him, I’ll contract something horrible or something…Plus, he looks like he could blow up any minute.
Otacon: Figure SOMETHING out! I mean, he can’t be invincible!

Kirby Hat:
Kirby wears Ghor’s face as a mask. He is able to shoot plasma shots from his arms.

Alternate Costumes:

Unlock Methods

- Use Samus and R.O.B. in 500 matches each.
- Play 250 matches with ranged and explosive items on.
- Play 1,500 versus matches.

Hoo....geeze...this didn't wanna load. I was almost afraid of an accident that would make me have to start over.


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Jun 23, 2007
Thanks, Ghor took me a couple weeks longer than any other moveset I've done.

Okay, I'd love to have some feedback on Ghor...but now it's time for me to worry about 02. :bee:


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Sep 11, 2007
North Carolina
Ghor looks good, majora! A much more interesting moveset than Dark Link. :bee:

For some of the moves, though, it'd be helpful to know the range of the attack. When you say "kick", it's hard to know exactly what you mean by that with no other information, since there's many ways that can be pulled off. Also, what is an Elysian?

Good work though.


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Sep 3, 2007
That sasuke has inspired me to do shikamaru. a forewarning: I stopped watching naruto at the end of the chuunin exam storyline, so I don't know the fullest extent of his new abilities. the only reason I'm doing shikamaru is because he's the only cool anime char ever... lazy ppl ftw.
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