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  • So the thread moves too fast before I could read Blue Eyes, so I'll comment on him here. :bee:

    In short, I thought he was really good for a set that's meant to just be one part of Pegasus. I liked how you made use of that stretchy-stuff he does in the cartoon, and alll the various uses of energy blasts. DTilt was an amazing move in its own right.

    If I find the time, I'll probably read Toon Summoned Skull next.
    ignore the nidoking set.

    It will be lulz to ignore the dude.

    If he asks for legit help, ackowledge him.

    Spread the word.
    That's what Warlord says too (about Lucario). I'm starting to believe it, even though I feel like I'm just as good with TL and maybe the ICs.

    I want to face your Game & Watch, though, if he's your alleged best character.
    The matches were pretty even, especially when the lag wasn't as brutal. Good times. My first training experience as Pika was against Warlord's Ganon, so Pika vs. Ganon tends to be an easier match for me, lol. Didn't get to see your G&W, but I'd safely say that R.O.B. and Falco were your bests that I played.
    Awesome games, man. Can't believe you 3-stocked my Ness (well, I guess I can believe it. Stupid lag, lol). The lag scored its fair share of KOs on both of us, I think, but they were still good games and we had some awesome moments. :laugh:
    EDIT: Nevermind, it's been taken care of.

    Hey, froggy!

    One question... I just have one icon to make before I reveal the 35 character CSS, and it's your Battalion army. Quite frankly, it's not going to be possible to squeeze them all in there... is there an overriding symbol I can use to represent them all? VM me back with one, if possible. Thanks!
    I know you were being sarcastic on the Make movesets 5 thread.

    By the way nice avator. but geez you guys don't have to make fun of me it was a long time ago. Just forget about it. But if you want go ahead make fun of me. I'll just ignore you guys.

    I've actually added it to the Black Doom move set as an extra, and I invited Spadefox and Warlord to join already (Spade's accepted it as you can see). I'll probably invite the other regulars too

    And when Black Doom gets his Wiki article I'll definitley include it in there.

    Thanks for the support. :bee:
    Sorry, frogman, we'll have to cancel that. I've temporarily lost my Wifi. :(

    Some other time, when I get my accursed Wii back online.
    Yeah, they were good matches. You were fun to play against. . .I just wish there wasn't so much cursed lag. I'm used to coping with lag, but that level of it managed to screw me over pretty badly.

    The first set of matches I wasn't using Dedede that much. That's the thing there.

    I'm surprised you didn't use Wario, you said he was your main. Your G&W is good, although I'd suggest using more of the dthrow to dsmash combo. I defenitely felt your G&W was best, probably followed by Ganondorf. The rest wern't anything too spectacular.

    I'd love to play against you too, lag or not. You're a really fun guy to play with.

    For the best MYMer. . .I honestly think I may be the best. I've been able to consistently beat most of the people I play. Those who provide me with more of a challenge include Mendez, Sundance and Agi. You're pretty good too, although I can't really tell that well with the lag.
    We'll try working something out on Friday then. I've got stuff to do this weekend, so that's out.

    In general I'm usually open every day after 12:00 and before 10:00, as my job usually has me working really early, or really late.
    Indeed I can. Brawl actually got online, at least. I'll try hosting a game first, and if you can't get in for some reason (you said you've got issues like that, right?), then we'll try having you host.

    Anyways, I'm on and waiting. :bee:
    Yeah, Wolf's my main, with Ganondorf and Lucario as secondaries, though for some reason I didn't feel like playing Lucario today.
    Hmmm, I can't really say who your best was. You destroyed my Wolf with Peach, but there were a lot of items involved. Olimar was pretty good as well.
    Only a couple of seconds. My network over here is sort of infamous for not doing so well when I join other people's games...but this is the first I've heard of it not letting someone else in...

    ...Though, I was having some issues with my router yesterday, after a dog had it's way with it. So maybe that's it. Eh.

    Anyways, yeah the one game we did play was fun (and surprisingly lag-free on my end!). We'll have to try that again sometime. :bee:
    Yeah, I was actually having some trouble getting into your game earlier. Oh well, at least we got our own 1 vs 1 matches.
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