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Liara T'Soni - Mass Effect series


There are two important concepts from the Mass Effect series necessary to understand for this character - biotics and biotic explosions.
You can read about them here:
Mass Effect Biotics
Mass Effect Power Combos

I imagine Liara as combining aspects of the glass cannon and zoner archetypes. Average height, average walk and dash speed, below average weight, slightly floaty, good damage potential, powerful combos. Solid recovery but can be two framed.

I have opted not to give specific numbers for her stats, frame data, and damage output because this character would, I think, be quite different to anything in Smash currently, and I genuinely don't know what kind of values would be balanced. I would leave those details up to Nintendo if the character ever actually made it into a Smash game.

For anyone familiar with Liara, I am aware that I've used some biotic powers here that she never had in the Mass Effect games, but I think it was necessary to create a viable Smash moveset for her.

**Special Attacks**

Side Special - Warp
Applies a biotic field to a target that deals damage over time and reduces target armor. Affected opponents receive additional damage from other attacks while the Warp effect is active. Animation would have a purple-colored biotic field briefly appear in the air at one of two fixed distances in front of Liara (the same as Palutena's explosive flame having two fixed distances) and hit any opponent within an area of effect. Minimal shield damage and shield stun.
Also, primes biotic explosions. If an opponent affected by Warp is hit with another biotic power, a biotic explosion will occur and hit all opponents within a given range. ==> warp combos and biotic explosions are intended to be a core element of Liara's gameplay and a significant means of killing

Neutral Special - Throw
Don't let the name fool you, it's not a "throw" in Smash terms, but that is the name of the power in the Mass Effect series.
Toss your enemy through the air with this biotic blast. Animation is a small, spherical projectile of biotic energy that travels very quickly. Comes out fast, very low endlag.
Auto-targets from range but can be avoided (similar to Palutena's auto-reticle).
VERY HIGH fixed knockback but low damage. Deals no shield damage at all but with significant shield stun.
Detonates biotic explosions.

Down Special - Barrier
Surrounds the user with a high-gravity mass effect field that can absorb a fixed amount of damage before dissipating. The barrier will absorb 80% of all damage taken while active and reduce knockback by half, but also reduces Liara's movement speed and jump height. Field can be detonated before expiring to deal damage within a limited radius and detonate biotic explosions on enemies primed with a Warp effect. Has a cool-down period after dissipating. Cool-down is proportionally shortened if the field is detonated prior to absorbing the max amt of damage, but with a set minimum cool-down. Losing a stock will NOT reset the cool-down, player will still have to wait before using again.

Up Special - Biotic Charge
The character uses biotics to augment speed and strength, and charges at a target while encased in a biotic barrier. Can be angled in any direction. No damage on startup. When it hits, causes a powerful collision that deals high damage and knockback. High damage to shields. Detonates biotic explosions. Invulnerable during the charge, but high end lag that's easy to punish and 2-frame at the ledge.

**Final Smash**

Uses biotics to form a gravitational singularity that sucks multiple enemies within a radius to a single area, leaving them floating helplessly and vulnerable to attack. After sucking opponents into the singularity, Liara focuses all of her biotic energy to unleash a huge flare dealing massive damage to anyone within the singularity and detonating massive biotic explosions as the singularity expires sending opponents flying.

**Regular Attacks**

Jab - Liara pulls out an M-6 Carnifex heavy pistol and fires at the opponent. Tap or hold A to fire up to 6 shots before needing to reload. A meter (similar to the ones for Robin's attacks) will display how many shots are remaining. Only has endlag when reloading after the 6th shot. Prior to the 6th shot, player can cancel the animation and act at any time.
Uses biotically charged ammo that applies a weakened warp effect. This warp ammo effect has a significantly shorter duration than the Warp ability (Side Special) and deals no DOT, but still primes the target for biotic explosions and increases damage taken from other attacks while the effect is active. Biotic explosions primed with ammo are also significantly weaker than explosions primed with the full Warp ability.
(Note: This jab is the one part of the moveset concept I'm really unsure about. The idea is fine for a move, but I'm not sure it works as a jab, specifically, though I'm certain it wouldn't work for any other type of move.)

Dash Attack - Liara runs and performs a jumping forward kick.

Forward Tilt - Two hit punch combo. Only the first punch comes out automatically, the second punch would be an action command.

Up Tilt - Mario-style upward punch.

Down Tilt - A low, leg sweep that hits in front of Liara. Trips grounded opponents below 30%. Sends opponent upward from 30% onward or if opponent is in the air when hit.

**Smash Attacks**

Forward Smash - Releases a cascading biotic shockwave. Multi-hit potential. Charging increases distance the shockwave travels on top of increasing damage/knockback. Lower than average smash damage but higher than average knockback and detonates biotic explosions.

Down Smash - Liara pulls out an Arc Pistol and fires an electric shock attack at the ground in front of her. Same as ZSS's d-smash but with a different gun in the animation.

Up Smash - Liara pulls out an Arc Pistol and fires an electric shock attack upwards above her head.


Neutral Air - Multi-hit aerial kick combo. Similar to Ganondorf's nair with less damage and knockback.

Up Air - Upward kick, same as Mario or ZSS.

Back Air - A turning backfist attack, like Captain Falcon's.

Forward Air - A single mid-air punch. Can be angled 45 degrees up or down to change the knockback trajectory.

Down Air - Liara pulls out an Arc Pistol and fires an electric shock downwards.


Standard grab animation where Liara reaches out with her hand and grabs the opponent.

Pummel - Hits opponent with knee strikes.

Down Throw - Biotic slam. Biotically levitates the opponent before smashing them into the ground. Detonates biotic explosions, kill throw.

Up Throw - Biotically lifts opponent overhead and punches them upwards. Combos into up tilt at low % and up air at low to mid%.

Forward throw - Biotically levitates opponent then kicks them.

Back throw - Biotically levitates opponent in front of her then spins around and hurls opponent in the other direction.
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Jun 16, 2019
Hello A Bowl Of Cereal A Bowl Of Cereal - great to see another Final Fantasy fan in MYM! We're a dying breed these days, and FF hasn't gotten too many sets lately, though I have personally made a Vivi and Jecht set. You can find my Vivi set here, posted a long time ago:

One thing to bring up is you could just repost these sets in MYM itself. If Destructoid shares B coding you can port them right over, if not just copy + paste the post itself into the Text Editor of Smash Boards. It'd just make things easier than having to visit another site.

Your Black Mage was naturally my first to read, even if it wasn't posted first, as my own Vivi set shares many of the same character traits and abilities. They even share a few basic move ideas, but this set is far more complex than my 11 year old moveset. The specials of this set are very impressive with how meticulously complex you've made the elemental system and charging system for the specials. I do wish it was more cohesive, and it's a little hard to understand. Your terminology is alright, but it is hard to parse (we just call then neutral, side, down and up specials, and etc.) especially when you're explaining different forms of the same move. We usually break things up into a header of Specials, Standards (tilts, jab, dash attack), Aerials, Grab Game and Smashes. It just means if I want to see say, your smash attack, I have to go find it manually, as even looking for forward smash or fsmash (a short hand for forward smash) won't work.

I do appreciate how much effort you put into this project, the pictures are very nice as hand drawn art you made yourself. The essay at the end about your experiences with the series was really fun to read. I do feel like the main issue here is that you don't say enough in the later moves, and fall into the common pitfall in making sets of focusing most of your attention in the Specials section. Some of the later moves are super low detail, one short sentence that doesn't give damage % or the most basic information. Specials should get the most focus, but the later moves are important too, you can get very inventive with them (K. Rool's various belly armour attacks for example). I'm saying this without getting into the crazier things MYM does, even as a basic set, you could do a lot better after the specials.

I do have to say, even reading the set in detail, I was still a little confused because of your structure how exactly the elemental and charge systems worked. The poses aren't very clear about how they're utilized. It's all a little bit hard to follow because of how it's structured, and could be a lot clearer if you were more direct in your descriptions. Something like the elements probably didn't need to be talked about in its own section when it only appears in a couple of moves. The status effect move was cool, but also felt a little redundant with Doom and Death. Those could've been really interesting if you dug more into how they looked. Despite how you made your own images, you didn't get for example the great FF9 Doom and an image to go along there. It'd really help to have some more images of this very engaging visual series.

Overall, this is a charming and very unique set. If you could shift gears and post more approachable sets, and improve on your later moves, I'd love to see your passion focused in that direction. Still, I enjoyed reading about your experiences with FF and this set has some issues but I can understand the decisions you made. Pretty interested to see how you do White Mage.

White Mage is less complex than Black Mage, although I'm not sure if it's the better set as it is awkward trying to make a healer playable in a fighting game. You basically do as best as you can in porting the various FF spells into Smash. Here I came to understand the way "poses" work more, and I think it'd probably make more sense to simply have a pop-up menu like the recently unveiled DQ Hero. This pose system is just very confusing and I don't quite get the visual or intuitive reason why a player would understand why the various poses lead to different specials. The core idea of multiple specials does make sense, as White Mage has plenty of potential moves, but the execution could be much better.

Another thing about this dual set of sets is that you have two sets of aerials/standards for "held" and non-held aerials and standards. In Smash, this isn't a thing, and I'm not sure if I like just having two sets of aerials/standards. If a move or two had it or the held move was a stronger smash attack-like aerial that'd make more sense. When the moves are totally different, it just seems wasteful.

You do at least acknowledge how strong it is to have a heal and the various buffs, but as in Black Mage frankly, I'm not sure what's the overall playstyle here. You have a lot of different options but there's so many moves here that have little consistency for her playstyle. I do appreciate again how many different FF moves you bring in here, but it'd be a better set if you found ways to use up less moves and get the most out of the specials. It's all a bit muddled and hard to see the core playstyle behind simply having so many moves to utilize.

As you can guess when I made a Vivi moveset, a set for Freya piques my interest. At the time I made Vivi, I planned to make a set for Garland (random I know) but someone else said they wanted to make Freya. She's a popular character for sets, though this might the first I've seen finished. It's interesting reading about how you drew her image and came to make every little design decision.

Now I'm really not sure about why there's multiple specials here, I assume custom specials? Those were discontinued after 4, but that's the best guess I have here. Generally I think customs are a bit of a mistake as it leads to using up good potential on something most players would never see and ends up muddling the playstyle a little. For example, if Lancet wasn't the third neutral B, it could've been a good Dash Attack animation. Personally, I think it doesn't help the set having so many specials again, and Trance could've been in the core set and not final smash. However there's a lot of good ideas in the specials interpreting Freya's abilities into Smash. She's a little abstract and forceful in FF9, so it's very cathartic to see a streamlined version. She plays very technically though again, is held back by all these redundant specials.

As with your other sets it does fall off after the specials, and largely ignores damage %s and other key details. It was even more fun than Black Mage to read your experience in FF9 as one of my favourites growing up. You make a good point about how quickly she forgives Beatrix after what she does. They kind of dropped the ball in Freya's development. When she rejoins the party later she may as well be lobotomized, and that's a big complaint with FF9 ignoring some of the party member development. Personally my favourite character was Steiner. As someone who has played the game over and over since it came out, I tend to use very unorthodox parties just for the sake of it. These essays are my favourite part of your sets, though I would like a focus on readability and details if you post future sets.

Hope I posted some useful feedback for you. I really hope you do more FF9 sets as I always enjoy these.
Just so you know Final Fantasy 5 is my favorite and Destructoid defaults to the dark theme for non members for some reason it is hard to read. And yeah I did get real feedback finally

What I meant by "Held" I mean as in the way Ryu has 2 sets of air and ground attacks he doesn't have to turn around for a strong or weaker attack in the air like most characters. I have a big section coming including that for all characters and it will explain my moves a lot better including my knockback feature from Weak to Devastating which includes damage ranges I wasn't going that deep in detail for every single move. And yes when I meant by full moveset I have the defaults and customs for example (Side 2 or 3). I described the Special Moves the best way I could even used examples of existing moves and having multiple moves to change playstyles is called being versatile. Redundant moves is basically every Custom other than Mii's and Palutena look at Sakurai for that including Sonic's 2 (Spin Dashes) for Side and Down Specials.

I already said a healer like White Mage would be very hard to use in a game like this when shes a team player but there are characters that don't use anything other than Up Special already like Palutena and Jigglypuff shes an upgrade of Palutena to me at least.

For Freya Lancet is her Held Dash Attack her normal attack in FF IX dash towards the enemy then spins with a thrust. And do you know how powerful (Trance) is? No way that's not gonna be a Final Smash as a Special Move would be as powerful as Cloud's (Limit Break) which is basically mini Final Smashes.

My Normal Attacks are much much more creative than whats in Smash already and I can't make them outrageous their just Normal Attacks not Special Moves supposed to be simple. I labeled each type of move with <( )> with space in between them.

Poses for Black Mage at least means the direction they are used in I mean Front is basically his default pose from the first game, Up is his casting pose from later retro FF games, Side is just him putting his arms to the sides to cast around himself on both sides and Down is putting his hands on the ground to send something below or have something like his (Quake) move coming from he ground. And how could you say he doesn't use elementals for most his specials? Hes a mage only all ups and 1 down doesn't use an elemental.

Glad you liked my experiences I moved that down cause I got complaints about not getting to the moveset early enough and people would just move on before even getting there. For Freya's story it ended after Cleyra she had 1 task left and is to avenge her people she had more reason then anyone else
Jun 16, 2019
Hey A Bowl Of Cereal A Bowl Of Cereal I hope you develop these further as you seem to have ideas you’re excited to share with us. I would recommend using the Edit Post function in the future as Smashboards has anti-spam guidelines. Another tip for visibility would be to use white text on a dark background or the inverse; the move sets are nigh unreadable in their current state.
It's destructoid's website it defaults to the dark theme for non members I know it's hard to read I didn't do that intentionally
Jun 16, 2019
(Smash Bros)-(Master Core) He hasn't been up long but here he is:

My least polished character I could have done better but I have to move right now other than my Honorable Mentions because I had trouble fitting Master and Crazy Hand in they are really small compared to the rest. My Honorable Mentions don't fit the criteria for this contest they only have Special Moves and no photos. Maybe later I'll fully develop them and post them here but I really have to focus on this last section i'm doing first which is gonna be rough.


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Mar 23, 2019
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Wanted to do another one:

Red-NES Godzilla Creepypasta
R E D.png


Bigger than the heavyweight characters and taller than Ridley's down taunt.

275 (Heaviest fighter after Bowser)

Jabs and Tilts
Jab: Swipes with his claw.
Rapid: Slashes several times before kicking with leg.
Up: Upward slash
Down: Leg impale
Side: Head butt

Smash Attacks
Side: Rears up and pounces
Up: Spikes his tail upwards
Down: Stomps
Dash: Rams into the opponent

Side: Lashes out with his leg
Up: Does an uppercut
Down: Spikes his legs
Neutral: Spreads his wings out

Neutral: Soul Burn
Side: Needle Vomit
Up: Red Ascend
Down: Lava Geyser

Grabs and Throws
Grab: Shoots out his intestine tongue from his mouth.
Pummel: Constricts the opponent.
Forwards: Snaps the opponent's neck with his claw.
Backwards: Grabs the opponent with his tail and gouges their eyes out.
Up: Throws the opponent in the air and impales with tail.
Down: Slams the opponent on the ground starts impaling violently with his legs.

Final Smash
Red's Rage: Red lets out a earsplitting roar as he jumps offstage and in the background is his final form who attacks with fists, hellfire, lava geysers and vomit a rain of needles everywhere on the stage, after this Red returns to his normal form.
1: Snarls then claws several times.
2: does a demonic laugh.
3: Says "You pathetic worm, it's too late now. Only one will survive."
Idle Animations
1: Looks at the screen unimpressed tapping his leg.
2: His eyes light up and roars.
Victory Poses
1: Claws at the screen before roaring with red glowing eyes.
2: Turns into his sea form with the screen flooded by red water as he swims around.
3: Chases the opponent endlessly through a hellish burning landscape. (Reference to the RUN part from the Creepypasta)

Boxing Ring Title
The Hell Beast
Thank you for-
???: "You are not leaving."
What was that?
???: "Can't break the rules"
But i'm not...
???: "They can't save you."
I-I-I can expla-

???: "Game over..."


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