Kiryu Kazuma: The Dragon Of Dojima

May 4, 2014
The basement of the Alamo
Switch FC
I made a cool classic mode for Kiryu, his classic mode is called “Like a Dragon.” Here is who he is fighting. 1st is Wolf, a reference to Majima, 2nd is two Incineroars, a reference where Kiryu fought the two tigers, 3rd is Falco, a reference to Akiyama, 4th is Hero, a reference to Ichiban, 5th is Ken, a reference to Nishiki, and 6th is Ganondorf, a reference to Ryuji Goda. His classic mode boss is Rathalos and the song that is going to be played is “Two Dragons” from Yakuza 0. What y’all think?
Wish I would’ve thought of your classic mode idea when I made this mock up, I just had Kiryu fight Dragon-like opponents for mine lol.
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