If you had to ADD 20 characters to Ultimate this time, who would they be? (Part 2)


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Jul 2, 2019

King boo- from mario. Think of the amazing a abilities he could have? Including going invisible.

Mumbo- Banjo kazooie magic/melee based character

Gruntilda- banjo kazooie, one of her skins being hot gruntilda from game over cut scene, magic based character

Thats really all I want


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May 4, 2019
If i were to remove 20 characters, i have to take away:

1. Dr. Mario (Can just be turned into a Mario Outfit)
2. Pichu (He is just uninteresting)
3. Jigglypuff (Just a Kirby Clone)
4. Mii Fighters (I think the Miis should be redesigned and revamped)
5. Zero Suit Samus (Just fuse Samus In again with this like in Brawl)
6. Lucina
7. Chrom
8. Corrin
9. Ike
10. Dark Pit (Can just be Pit in his Alt color for what i care)
11. Dark Samus
12. Ken (I have no interest in ken, just in Smash Ultimate is enough)
13. Richter (I prefer Simon best)
14. Duck Hunt Duo (Too Annoying! Banjo Kazooie are their perfect replacement in the Next Smash game)
15. R.O.B. (It's time for the Robot to finally leave)
16. Ice Climbers (They don't have a sequel as of now)
17. Mr. Game & Watch (We need a batch of different Retro reps)
18. Sheik (Fuse her in with Zelda like Brawl)
19. Wii Fit Trainer (Wii U is Defunct, so there is no point)
20. Piranha Plant (Look, i don't care about Piranha Plant, and i consider him as a Placeholder for one of my preferred fighters in the roster, and No, Piranha Plant doesn't replace Waluigi! I consider him a Placeholder for a Female fighter from Nintendo and it's NOT from the Mario Franchise or the Zelda Franchise or the Fire Emblem Franchise!)
If i have to add in 20 Characters as a Replacement, my picks will be:
Bold means 3rd party and/or Indie
Underlined means Promotion from Assist Trophy
Italic means Promotion from Regular Trophy/Spirit
Strike means this character or Franchise is NOT yet represented in Smash Bros in Any way, Shape, or Form
Normal means Re-Designed

Let's do it as a Countdown starting from:

20. Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic Franchise)
Why do i pick Tails out of the other Sonic Characters? Because he is the Better choice for another Sonic Representative! Screw Shadow! Tails represents Sonic 2, in case you forgot, and He returns as a Veteran in Super Smash Flash 2. So put this Yellow Sidekick of Sonic in this next Smash Bros. Game to synchronize it with Super Smash Flash 2!

19. Amy Rose (Sonic Franchise)
Amy appeared first before Knuckles, chronologically, and since i don't care about Knuckles OR Shadow, i think Amy deserves the spot if Tails isn't the only new Sonic Character. Amy has a good moveset potential using her hammer, and She doesn't have to be Sonic's Echo Fighter! And Why i pick Amy over Knuckles? Because i don't care about the Echidna.

18. Shantae (Shantae Series)
Currently, Shantae is a Regular Trophy/Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and despite Fan demand, she fell for the Same Fate as Rayman, a Regular Trophy/Spirit. The only way Super Smash Bros. feels Ultimate, Not just by MERE name, is to have Indie characters being Playable, and Shantae is one of my best choice if i have to add a character.

17. Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight series)
Shovel Knight was lucky enough to be an Assist Trophy, and a Regular Trophy/Spirit at the same time, but for this new Super Smash Bros. game, It's time for him to DIG IN to the Roster! He can use his own Movesets from his own game, and it doesn't have to be from other games he makes his appearance as playable in!

16. Rayman (Rayman Series)
Rayman was a Regular Trophy/Spirit twice in the series! Waluigi was at least an Assist trophy, but RAYMAN?! This is just unacceptable! We haven't got a Fighter representative from Europe! Banjo Kazooie are from the United States since Rare was Bought my Microsoft, so Rayman as a Newcomer fighter in this new Smash Bros. game will be great! We have a Massive amount of Fighters that originated from Video Game Franchises that are made in Japan, One Fighter from the United States, but we don't have a Fighter from Europe! We need a European Smash Bros Fighter and Rayman is our choice!

15. Spring Man (ARMS)
This is just a New Game, and At least Spring Man was an Assist trophy, to make sure ARMS is decent and that it exists for the Switch. For this new Smash Bros. game, it's time for him to SPRING a Punch! Even if i have no knowledge of ARMS, It's a Perfect choice for a Modern 2017 fighter representative!

14. Takamaru (Murasame Castle)
Sakurai once considered Takamaru to be in the Roster at one point, and he knew he should do that! But since he was worried that Takamaru wasn't Popular enough, Takamaru is an Assist Trophy. Now that we all know who Takamaru and Murasame Castle is, it's time to finally UNLEASH him as a Playable Fighter! Bonus Points if he makes it also into Super Smash Flash 2!

13. Isaac (Golden Sun series)
Isaac is TWICE an Assist Trophy in Brawl and Ultimate, and i started to feel sorry for him when i saw that Isaac was Playable in Super Smash Flash 2 and NOT the Official Super Smash Bros. franchise. Golden Sun is getting a Switch game if i wasn't wrong. To celebrate it, For this NEW Super Smash Bros. game, i want to add Isaac as a Fighter!

12. Mii Fighters (Revamped and Redesigned)
Remember when i stated that the Mii Fighters have to leave? Well, i think it's best to re-design their appearance. If you remember Fortune Street, the DS version has its own Avatar that functions like the Miis. However, the Fortune Street DS "Miis" have a Better style in Appearance, and i find the design of their faces interesting. So if the Mii Fighters are to return, Try to have them redesigned and look as if they came straight from an Anime Styled video game franchise!

11. Lloyd Irving (Tales series)
It's funny to see Lloyd in Super Smash Flash 2 as his own fighter spot, but as a Mii Costume in Super Smash Bros. What a Disgrace! Lloyd deserves to be in the Roster, because he is also one of the Highly Requested fighters in the community. For this new Super Smash Bros. game, Lloyd Irving has to be a Fighter in this game!

And now, it's time for the Top 10 Fighters by MY Choice!

10. Asuka (Senran Kagura Series)
I was surprised that Senran Kagura has never been meant for Children, but i think Asuka deserves the spot to be a Fighter in Smash Bros. What about her attributes? Sakurai can tone her down to make her at least Child Friendly in Super Smash Bros. I don't care about the Costume Break gimmick because that doesn't matter in Smash Bros. Just put her in the game, so that People can finally have another Waifu to pick as their main!

9. Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia)
Here is another Waifu that I personally want in a Super Smash bros. Game. Super Neptunia RPG is a Nintendo Switch title, and That marks the First Neptunia Nintendo game, and to celebrate it, I decided that Nepu is the best choice for a Super Smash Bros. Fighter. This means Asuka and Nepu will meet again if they make it into Smash Bros. They crossed over in Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash, and if this Smash Bros is a new game and that I was chosen to decide the Roster, it's time again!

8. Haruka Amami (The iDOLM@STER series)
Since Heihachi cannot be a Character in Smash Ultimate because it would be a disgrace to the Voice Actor who died, Tekken is in my opinion OUT of the radar since Heihachi is considered the Main face of the Franchise. So why do i Pick Haruka Amami from the iDOLM@STER series? Well, because This bandai Namco Arcade Game Character represents the Rhythm games and Video Game iDOL characters, and We haven't got a fighter that is a Musician! Also, Haruka Amami can be another Video Game Waifu!

7. Bomberman (Bomberman series)
Bomberman is one of the HIGHLY REQUESTED fighters in Smash Bros. He is even a Playable Character in Super Smash Flash 2 mind i tell you! But seeing him as an Assist Trophy and a Regular Trophy/Spirit is just not the right choice! If this New Smash Bros is realized, Bomberman is to be Promoted from Assist Trophy to a Fighter!

6. Rex + Pyra (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)
Rex & Pyra are just beyond Iconic at this point, and for this New Super Smash Bros. game, Rex Pyra hould FINALLY burst into the Battlefield and join the Fighter Roster in this Future Super Smash Bros. game. You can't forget Mythra, she can be an ALternate swap for one of Rex's Alternate costumes.

5. Rosie (Animal Crossing)
Villager and Isabelle are in the game now, so it's possible to add another character from Animal Crossing. Why i pick ROsie and NOT Tom Nook? Because Rosie at one point represents the Animal Crossing Movie, along with Margie which is Number 4 on this list. So, yeah, What if a Peppy Animal Crossing character suddenly fights like a Brave warrior? I'd like to see that, and Rosie can be a Part-Echo fighter of Isabelle if needed.

4. Margie (Animal Crossing)
Also from the Animal Crossing series, Margie is also one of my favorite characters in the Movie besides Villager Girl (Ai) and Rosie. I think it's best if Margie is a different character and NOT an Echo of Villager, Isabelle, and Rosie. With Rosie and Margie in the Fighter Roster, i can finally re-enact the Movie as Pink Villager Girl or simply known as Ai (If that was to be the Headcanon people are going to consider!)

3. Load Ran (Twinkle Star Sprites) (Time Buttermitt as Echo Fighter)
Now, since Team Shanghai Alice are NOT permitting Touhou Project content in Super Smash Bros., also with the fact that Japan actually has NO desire of a Touhou Representative in Super Smash Bros to represent the Shmup genre, i think it's best if Twinkle Star Sprites take that spotlight! Load Ran is the first protagonist of the Twinkle Star Sprites trilogy, and i don't think we have a franchise from SNK being represented in Super Smash Bros. yet. So i think it's best to do it! Time Buttermitt can function as Load Ran's Echo Fighter since she is the second protagonist in the second game: Twinkle Star Sprites La Petite Princesse.

2. Arle Nadja (Puyo Puyo) (Amitie as Echo Fighter)
I am surprised that Sonic, Bayonetta, and Joker are SEGA reps in Smash Bros, but Puyo Puyo Wasn't represented in any shape, way, or form! If a SEGA representative is to be realized, i think Arle from Puyo Puyo is a great choice! I used to be against this franchise because i was worried about how the characters from Puyo Puyo feel if they were constantly being beaten up, but now that i know Sakurai can do the Impossible, Arle and Puyo Puyo shall finally be represented! Arle can be the Fighter with an extremely unique moveset that is Creative massively, and Amitie can be Arle's Echo Fighter.

1. Lip (Panel de Pon)
If your answer is correct, Congratulations! Lip is THE MOST WANTED character on my list after i discovered her origins, and how heartbreaking the situation is to her franchise! Lip's game franchise, Panel de Pon, has been Hijacked by Yoshi and Pikachu, and the franchise has been renamed into: Tetris Attack and Puzzle League! At first i have no interest in Panel de Pon, but when some people on DeviantArt told me about it, i decided to take a look at it myself, and when i saw what fate the franchise got, i was heartbroken.

She was considered at one point by Sakurai when he was on an interview with a Video gamer to if Lip is going to be a Fighter in Super Smash Bros, and Sakurai wasn't sure if people know her, and all because of the Stupid Western Marketing scheme where American gamers are to RIDICULE cuteness in gaming as an excuse to drive the western gaming audience away from the Franchise' original setting and design! This is my starting point of Hating Yoshi and Pikachu, but NOT to the point of bashing the mains! Why i didn't pick Waluigi or Geno? Because those two have their own spotlights! Waluigi is just for the Memes, and Geno has his own fanbase! What did Lip get? An Item based on her wand and a remix of her theme in Brawl! A Stage from Panel de Pon wasn't even in Smash Bros!

Lip's proper international introduction is via a spirit and a Mii costume! And Sadly enough, Lip was NEVER even a Trophy! and when i stated that the Piranha Plant is a Placeholder character under MY perspective, Lip is the character that the Piranha Plant guards in as Reserved! This is why i would remove Piranha Plant entirely, and have Lip replace its role! I think that After Ultimate, it's time for Lip to FINALLY form in as a Fighter, and ONLY a Fighter! Not an Assist Trophy, Not a Regular trophy, but a TRUE FIGHTER! Screw Sans, Screw Steve, Screw Fortnite Guy, Screw Doomguy, Screw Scorpion, Lip is my Ultimate Choice for a Character i would put in the Fighter Roster! This Fairy Girl deserves the Spotlight MORE Than Anyone Else! Banjo Kazooie is NOT enough! And when the time comes, Lip is going to make YOSHI PAY HIS TAXES!


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Aug 27, 2018
i finally felt i figured out my list..here it comes! :D

1: Sora (KH 3)
2: Riku (echo) (KH 3)
3: Shadow the hedgehog (Sonic franchise)
4: Silver the hedgehog (Sonic franchise)
5: Skull kid (Zelda franchise)
6: Vaati (Zelda franchise)
7: Octolings (echo) (Splatoon 2)
8: Micaiah (FE)
9: Edelgard (FE)
10: Android 21 (DBFZ) (officially shes a videogame only character so shes allowed!)
11: Rex (Xenoblade 2)
12: Ninjala boy & girl (no names revealed yet...)
13: Spike/Jimmy/Yumi/Kei (kinda a bit like Hero but they have all their own taunts and victory poses) (Ape Escape franchise)
14: Specter (Ape escape franchise)
15: King Harkinian (Zelda CDI) (the lulz character of the list :p )
16: Link (Zelda CDI) (imagine his victory poses or taunts..LMFAO)
17: Neku (TWEWY)
18: Klonoa (Klonoa franchise)
19: Guntz (Klonoa franchise)
20: Hyde Kido (UNIB franchise)
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Jul 25, 2014
Star Hill. Why do you ask?
Mine would be:
1. Geno (smrpg)
2. Isaac (golden sun)
3. Alex Kidd (sega)
4. Ninten (mother)
5. Bomberman (Konami)
6. Grovyle (pmd)
7. Rayman (Ubisoft)
8. Crash bandicoot (activision)
9. Sukapon (joy mech fight)
10. Harry (teleroboxer)
11. Captain rainbow
12. Nester (Nintendo power/Nester funky bowling)
13. Captain syrup (Wario Land)
14. Skull kid (Zelda)
15. Hakkun (hakkun sutte)
16. Boshi (smrpg)
17. Black shadow (f-zero)
18. Daroach (Kirby)
19. Heihachi (tekken)
20. CATS (zero wing)
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Feb 8, 2014
If I HAD to

First to go, echoes
:ultlucina::ultdaisy::ultdarkpit::ultchrom::ultrichter::ultdarksamus: (Sorry Dark Samus)

Second 3 Mii, they feel poorly implemented

Third for third party, bring the focus back to Nintendo
:ultbayonetta::ultcloud::ultsonic::ultsnake::ultmegaman::ultpacman::ultsimon: :ultryu:

Four for four to go (but then I realized I forgot Ryu so there's only 3)
Let's look at the franchises with the most
Fire Emblem :ultroy: (sorry, Corrin is just more unique, and Zelda needs all the love it can get)

Cutting third parties might be unpopular, but I think I did a pretty decent job
The list is outdated, I'd definitely change it up.

Let's see, new 20 to remove


1. Dark Samus isn't actually cut, but she's becoming unique, in spirit of fairness, echoes are replaced with echoes.

4 cut Pokemon, 2 new ones.
2. Sceptile
3. Tapu Koko

Throw in some easy Zelda
4. Skull Kid
5. Midna
6. Impa*

7. Bandana Dee
8. Dark Matter
9. Daroach

Throw in some DK
10 Dixie Kong
11. Funky Kong*

I did cut some Mario
12. King Boo

I really need more echoes
13. Tom Nook*
14. Ninten*
15. Lyn*
16. Octoling*

Let's get some new franchises
17. Isaac
18. Chorus Kids
19. Rayman

And finally
20. Rex and Pyra