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Create A Classic Mode For Your Most Wanted


Smash Apprentice
Nov 13, 2010
I know he's unlikely to ever get into Smash, but I thought I would do for Goku from Dragon Ball

His classic mode would have him fight either fighter who can get stronger with buffed states(such as Limit Break for Cloud, Shulk's Mondo Arts, etc) or fighters who are Gods or have God-Like powers.

Goku-"Breaking the Limits of Smash!"(This title is a play on how fighters overcome their limits and gain more power in Dragon Ball)

Round 1- vs Joker on Mementos

Round 2-vs Hero(Dragon Quest III) on Yggdrasil's Altar

Round 3- Vs Lucario on Pokemon Stadium 2

Round 4- Vs Shulk on Gaur Plain

Round 5- vs Cloud on Midgar

Round 6- Vs Palutena

Final Round-Vs Sephiroth(He remains in his Winged Form for the entire duration of the match)


Smash Master
Apr 8, 2018
San Clemente, CA (assuming it's not hell)
Sonic (redo): Just a Bit Too Slow (fights characters who played a major role in the Subspace Emissary, referencing how Sonic doesn’t show up until the final battle with Tabuu)
Round 1: :ultbrawler::ultgunner::ultswordfighter:x30 (horde battle) on :ps2: Ω (Menu - Super Smash Bros. Brawl)
Round 2: :ultwario: on :eldin: (Step: The Plain)
Round 3: :ultrob:x3 (Colors 1, 6 and 7) on :halberd: (Opening / Menu - Metroid Prime)
Round 4: Galleom (Boss Battle Song 1)
Bonus Game
Round 5:
:ultbowser: on Final Destination (Airship Theme - Super Mario Bros. 3)
Round 6: :ultganondorf: on Final Destination (Step: Subspace Ver. 3)
Final Round:
Master Hand.png
(Boss Battle Song 2)
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Smash Lord
Dec 1, 2019
Dixie Kong: A Frozen Journey - Basically Dixie battles enemies/bosses from TF:

Tuck (:ultkingdedede: x2) - Tortimer Island: A pair of slightly aggressive Tucks representing the early beach levels of Tropical Freeze.

Pompey (Giant :ultduckhunt:) - Omega Summit: A big battle against the seal with icy ground.

Skowl (:ultfalco: & mini :ultfalco: x3) - N64 Dreamland: Endure the owl's flight (via jetpack), the mini owls, & strong winds moving you around

Ba-Boom (:ultdiddy:) - Battlefield Kongo Jungle: All three Ba-Booms will be armed with Bob-ombs periodically.

Bashmaster (Giant :ultbanjokazooie:) - Omega Kongo Falls: The Bear's got the DK Hammer and Freezies will be all about.

Lord Frederik (:ultbowser:) - Omega Norfair: With Uniras falling in all the time, the lord of the Snowmads will give you everything he's got including his ice dragons (Rathalos).

On the higher intensities following the defeat of Frederik, Dixie will battle the newly arrived :ultkrool: to finish off her Classic Mode
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