A Smash In Time - Hat Kid for Smash Bros.!


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Nov 29, 2018

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Where Who is Hat Kid?
Hat Kid is the protagonist of the 2017 indie platformer A Hat In Time. She travels through space in a luxurious spaceship on a voyage home. However, a run-in with a Mafia member above a planet 5 lightyears from home leads to her power source--mysterious hourglasses called Time Pieces--getting scattered across said planet, forcing Hat Kid to embark on an adventure to get them back. Along the way, she encounters a variety of quirky individuals such as a mafia of identical people, a pair of dueling bird directors, a contract-writing ghost, and a mustachioed young with a strong lust for justice.

Hat Kid is given a lot of personality despite having very few lines of dialogue. In her idle animations and taunts, she is seen playing "now kiss" with toys, blowing raspberries and kisses, hopping happily, and doing a weird waving dance while wearing a smug face. She yells "DOWN WITH THE MAFIA!" after stealing her umbrella, really gets into the movie diva lifestyle, and shows a surprising lack of altruism for a platformer protagonist--her journey is largely motivated by her own interests, and she usually shrugs off the concerns of others if it doesn't net her Time Pieces.

Why should she be in Smash?
With platformer characters like Mario, Sonic, and Kirby filling the roster, Hat Kid would fit right in. Her trusty umbrella and arsenal of abilities gleaned from hats and badges would help to make her a formidable opponent--she can summon a scooter, turn into an ice statue, fire a laser, throw explosive potions, and more!

Neutral attack - Hat Kid swings her umbrella, using the 3-swing combo she used in her game.
Dash attack - Hat Kid dives forward.
Grab - Hat Kid launches a tether with her Hookshot Badge.
Pummel - Hat Kid bonks her opponent on the head with her umbrella multiple times.
Neutral special - Brewing Hat: Hat Kid's hat is replaced with the Brewing Hat as she shakes an explosive potion, charging it up. It behaves like a charge shot, except the projectile is a gravity-affected explosive.
Side special - Scooter Badge: Hat Kid summons her scooter as her hat is replaced with the Sprint Hat. It behaves like the Wario Bike except faster, less damaging, and not being destructible.
Up special - Dweller Mask: Instead of a traditional recovery move, Hat Kid uses the Dweller Mask to make a spectral platform appear below her. The platform disappears after a few seconds, and the move cannot be used for some time (marked by a cooldown meter by Hat Kid's character portrait).
Down special - Ice Hat: Hat Kid turns into an ice sculpture and falls downward quickly. It does less damage/knockback than Kirby's Stone, but has an area of effect when it lands.
Final Smash - Hyper Zone: Hat Kid throws a Time Piece down and in front of her. When it collides with a surface or opponent, it bursts into a void that transports all opponents that get caught in it to the Hyper Zone (the rainbow arena from the finale). Victims are bombarded by Time Pieces from above before Hat Kid shoots a large laser from her umbrella at them.

There's also a decent amount of material from A Hat In Time that would fit well in Smash. You could get a decent stage out of locations like Dead Bird Studio, Subcon Forest, or the Arctic Cruise. The game's soundtrack would make for some good fight themes, like "Barrel Battle," "Your Contract Has Expired," or "The Battle of Award 42." And while I don't know how likely DLC assist trophies would be, imagine the Snatcher popping in to disable everyone's specials! (Okay, that may be a bit much.) Also, Xander Mobus voices the Conductor, and it would be amazing if he got another voice role for Ultimate.

Side taunt - Hat Kid blows a raspberry.
Up taunt - Hat Kid performs her knitting animation, ending it by showing off one of her hats.
Down taunt - Hat Kid takes out two figurines--likely of an owl and a Mafia, though potentially of other Smash characters--and slams them together before putting them away out of self-consciousness.
Victory pose 1 - Hat Kid performs her weird smug waving dance.
Victory pose 2 - Hat Kid jumps and spins, then throws her arm out, in a similar manner to her animation when collecting a Time Piece.
Victory pose 3 - Hat Kid, wearing double sunglasses, does a series of diva poses for unseen photographers OR for visible fans (likely moon penguins).
Victory music - A remix of the "Time Piece Get" jingle.
Colors/costumes - Almost certainly derived from Hat Kid's preexisting alternate colors/costumes from the game. Specific costumes of note are the parade, detective, Virtual Kid outfits.
Boxing Ring title - "Temporal Cutie-Pie" or "Fashionista Out of Time"
Series emblem - A sillhouette of either a top hat or a Time Piece.
Classic Mode - Fighting a series of characters from platform games.

On top of that, adding Hat Kid would hold some symbolic value. As of this writing, there are no playable indie characters in Smash, even though Ultimate seems to be easing towards that with increased indie representation (most notably, Shantae appearing as a spirit and Shovel Knight becoming an assist trophy). Hailing from a game heavily inspired by Nintendo classics, which is also receiving a Switch port before too long, Hat Kid would be a worthy representative for the wide world of indie games.

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Oct 29, 2007
?????(It's a secret;))
Yo, signing up for support as well.

Prospects for her showing up can increase if AHIT gets any sequels. However, it would still need to make an impact in Japan, most of all, since I don't think it's been exported there.

Also, can we appreciate for a moment how versatile Mobus is? Voices for 5 different characters, and they sound almost all distinct from each other.
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Aug 3, 2014
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It'll never happen but I definitely support. A Hat in Time is one of my favorite indie games and Hat Kid would fit in well with the rest of the cast.


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Nov 29, 2018
I wrote up a potential Palutena's Guidance conversation for Hat Kid.

Pit: Another little kid? How do they keep ending up here?
Palutena: Well, none of them are ordinary children! This girl happens to be an alien who possesses magical hats and time-controlling artifacts! She's known as Hat Kid, but her real name is--wait a second. ... Hold on, Pit, someone else wants to be patched through.
Pit: Someone else?
Conductor: Aye, so this is where the lassie ran off to after she left the planet!
Pit: WHOA! Who are you?
Conductor: What; you've never heard of the Conductor?! Winner of so many Annual Bird Movie Awards I've lost count?!
Palutena: Sorry; your movies don't get exported to our planet.
Conductor: Hmmph. Figures! Anyway, if you're fightin' the lass, here's some tips from someone who's seen her fight in person! She gets most of her work done by swingin' that umbrella around, but you'll have to watch out for her explosive potions and that visor that speeds her up quite a bit!
Pit: Uh, thanks for the advice, but why are you sharing all this?
Conductor: Me crew's on lunch, and I needed SOMETHIN' to do.