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2/3/2007 C3 Results MD/DC/VA... 94 players!


Smash Journeyman
Feb 8, 2005
Richmond, VA, USA

Singles= 94 players. omg.

1: Drephen
2: Azen
3: KM
4: Wife
5: Chillin
5: Doll
7: Chu Dat
7: G-regulate
9: Kirbstir
9: InfernoOmni
9: Aho
9: Plairnkk
13: Aero
13: Husband
13: Fonz
13: SS4Ricky
17: Rickr
17: Special K
17: Joe Bushman
17: Sess
17: Redd
17: The Newb
17: Mr Jangles
17: Meep
25: PXT
25: ChozenOne
25: Kaiser *Kaiser went out after pools were over to get food/drink/something and got stuck in traffic and thus missed his matches and was disqualified(at his own request). This placing is not indiciative of Kaiser's nastyness.
25: Vist
25: Black Hayato
25: Alpha Zealot
25: Tope
25: ChaosKnight
---Bracket Cutoff---
33: Greta
33: Israfel
33: Dante
33: Frenzie Fool
33: Seed
33: Hova
33: Bob
33: Spydude
33: Tails
33: Tin
33: Nelo
33: Eddie
33: 5%Tax
33: Karn
33: Boss
33: FOB
49: Btree
49: Patchi
49: SOAP
49: EEvisu
49: LOD
49: Blues
49: Twig
49: Pika!Pika!
49: Mafioso Italiano
49: Clouds of Darkness
49: Bibbed
49: Caboose
49: Jigg
49: TDFX
49: SAM
49: Shiri
65: Gannymaster
65: TAK4
65: PerryG45
65: Werd
65: DipNDots
65: Kiwi
65: Smash God
65: Cow
65: Zero
65: SAGH
65: ZM2004
65: THO
65: Ratherak
65: Rei
65: HERE
65: Masa
81: Cyrain
81: MCP
81: Oiboi
81: Tenken
81: Locke
81: Joe
81: Zeps
81: KILZ
81: G4ce
81: tehpwn
81: JK
81: Malk
81: Delrien

Singles Bracket

Teams Bracket

Teams= 32 teams. omg.


1: Love California (Chu + Azen)
2: KMDude-012389 (KM + Chillin)
3: Nub Sauce (Drephen + JoeBushman)
4: When Fluff Bunnies Attack (Doll + Plank)
5: Nasty (Aho + Fonz)
5: Kirbulate (G-regulate + Kirbstir)
7: Hot Carl (Tope + Meep)
7: Newlyweds (Husband + Wife)
9: That's What She Said (Vist + InfernoOmni)
9: Kupo (Kiwi + Kaiser)
9: Team Rick (Rickr + PXT)
9: Spy Kids (SS4Ricky + Eddie)
13: Legally Blonde (Black Hayato + Special K)
13: Digital (Dante + Sess)
13: Team RAM (Red + Masa)
13: Galvatron and Big Bird go to Zimbabwe? (Mr Jangles + FrenzieFool)
17: Mourning Pirates (Malk + THO)
17: Pink (KOD + Smash God)
17: Blanket (Seed + Zero)
17: Team Awesome (Cyrain + Nelo)
17: 40% Discount (HOVA + AlphaZealot)
17: No Surprises (CK + Aero)
17: Rockman (Blues + Chozenone)
17: WOW is a bad game (Newb + Twig)
25: Transformers (5%tax + Tin)
25: Give Me My Son Back!! (Pery + Btree)
25: WOW is crack! (Spydude + tehpwn)
25: Korn on the FOB (FOB + Korn)
25: NubSauceJr (DippnDots + Soap)
25: tdfx/zeps (tdfx + zeps)
25: Greyside Gang (Pikapika! + Shiri)
25: The Inbreds (Bibbed + Mafiaso Italiano)

1st Ramza
2nd Kikin
3rd Rugal B.

Anyway. My thoughts...

wow. That was a lot of people. And what's amazing, is that I think only 15 people or so were true "out of area" folks. The OH guys, NY, and NC. Everyone else was MD or VA. Meaning this isn't something that was completely out of the ordinary... it's just that EVERYONE in the area came out.

OK.. what I liked about this tourney:

1. Adam's laptop+tourney software+ Projector w/ brackets on it= SECKS!!!!

Seriously... this helped SOOO much. By putting brackets up in a very viewable area, people knew who they were playing all the time. They found their own match partners, and also found the station they were on deck for. I saw a bunch of times that a player would find the match where he was playing the winner, and then just hung out there.

This is so incredibly helpful to a tourney organizer. Instead of *one* person knowing what match needs to be played, *everyone* knows, and acts accordingly.

This tourney would not gone nearly as smooth w/o this setup.

2. The out of state competition. I would like to thank Ohio, New York, and North Carolina for making the long drives out to our tournament. We appreciated your presence. We haven't really had a big out of state attendence at a C3. Sure, we had PC Chris before, but never this amount of comp.

And Drephen, I'm sure the players in our will respond to your victory here. It certainly will be be a hard feat to repeat.

3. Hova and Kiwi going nuts. This was entertaining. Also, much more enthused crowd all around. People were really into this tourney. Stoked.

4. That we got to pay out to the 5th places! That was cool. I love paying out more people.


1. Well, that crews didn't happen, but the MD/VA event wasn't gonna happen, and that's sorta what I was banking on. Also, I had to use all availible resources to finish the actual tournaments.

2. I think in pool play should make consistant effort to not play "all of one guys matches" at one time. I think it's pretty terrible that the two best players pretty much play all of their matches first, lock up the pool, and then no one left cares. This happened in at least 2 pools that I know of.

3. That we didn't crack 100. Would have been a good milestone.

Anyway everyone, great tourney. Thanks to Adam and G-reg for helping out as they always do.

Next tourney is on March 3rd.


-Robin "Renegade".

Smash G 0 D

Leave Luck to Heaven
Oct 5, 2005
Charlottesville, VA
First Post! Shoutouts (edit) in a bit.

Shoutous (finally)!!:

Redd: We only got to play once :(. Marth dittos was fun though. The ending was cool.. run towards middle and dash-cancel fsmash!!

KM: You completely owned me.. lol. Play more next time!

FOB: I forgot what happened in our match.. play more next time!

Korn: Good stuff. You is three good..

Zero: Our matches were fun :p

Seed: Glad to play you. Your fox is pretty good

Chozen: You crouch whenever you're planning a rest lol.. I'm still impressed on how unexpected they are. I watched you in doubles sometimes and it was like omg. Your Jiggly = amazing

Tin/5%: Good double matches.. keep it up!

Zeps: Didn't get to play your Luigi. Keep it up though!

Plainrkk: I didn't get to play you. Get me next time!

Hova/Kiwii: Glad we got to play 10 sibling matches, they were fun. Hova why'd you block me on AIM?? Keep it up though guys.

Boss: Niice Doc. I saw you playing.. CK was it?

AlphaZealot: Good stuff. Your Peach is way cool. You keep throwing turnips up and that flashy sheild thing is cool lol :p (Marth/Peach or Luigi/Doc team FTW)

Twig: Nice Mario. Remind me not to SelfDestruct next time

Chillin: Glad we finally got to play. Your Fox is awesome

Rei: Good stuff. Play more next time

Ricky: Your Link is awesome. I'm glad we got those friendlies in!

Fonz: Good stuff with your Falco

Aero: Play me next time!

Masa: Same with Aero!


Smash Lord
Jan 19, 2007
march 3rd is cataclysm 3 so attendance could be low. just a heads up.
shoutouts as well here later!
thanks for setting these tourneys up, renegade


Smash Champion
Aug 6, 2003
Baltimore, MD
Eh, that's basically what happened in our pool (1st pool). Kirsbtir went through everyone but I think Mew2Matt in order, I was the last person that got a chance to play everyone.

Rei (sephiroth666) - We are amazing.

EE - Television

Kiwi - Sorry I got there late. Squandered. x.x Thanks for getting Perry to team with me though, but we got 2-0'd lolz. x.o

PerryG45 - Thanks for teaming with me, Give me my son back did amazingly well in those two sets. >.> Good playing all those friendlies with you too.

Cyrain - Rematch! ? =o (> '.' <)

KORN - I like your Falcon.

TAK$ - Stop trying to wobble!

AlphaZealot - Thanks for all those friendlies, your characters are mad nasty.

Boss - GGs

Redd - I kept trying to get that money match in but you kept leaving/were in a match already.

Drephen - You were doing tourney match after tourney match whenever I wanted to do our money matches. >_>

Zero - ZERO!

Seed - You made my Peach feel sad. =( And you wouldn't let me use Samus. >_>

The Newb

Smash Ace
Aug 28, 2004
Mechanicsville, VA
Great tournament, Renegade.


KM: You make me look bad in falco dittos :p

Twig: Stop being tall, cut that hair, l2p.

Meep: I almost beat you at every tournament I go to, but I can never do it. G-reg did that to me at like...four tournaments, and now you're doing it, geez.


AZ: Great set, crazy fun even though JJ is gay -.-

Redd: Stop being better than me.

Plank: 4th? Amazing.

Husband: I figured I'd do better in our Marth ditto rematch, but it just got worse. *shakes fist*

Wife: From GS1 to Yesterday you own me straight up, good stuff.

Renegade: Fix your mic -.-

Boss: I play gay against mario, sorry.

Everybody else: !!

I'll be doing my best to get out to more events with plank, see you guys at chus.


Smash Journeyman
Nov 22, 2005
Piano Island

Wow, what a fun tourney, probably the best one I've attended so phar.


5% - amazing, practice so we can **** harder next time. Transformer ftw!
Zero - thank you so much for the ride home, you're awesome. Tell your sis I said hi, lawlz.
Aero - you suck, <3
FOB - don't hate me, hahahahaha
Cyrain - I'll bring some skills and money next time
Korn - thanks for the skittles, I know you love my Peach, haha
Chz1 - I love your Jiggly and its random rests
Kiwi - to be honest, wowzers, you're alot better than I expected, good shizzi
Masa - yay, we finally got to play, your Link is too annoying/good, hahaha.
Blues - Megaman hotness, dont quit smash!
Kirbs - thanks for the matches and tips, much appreciation
Chu&Azen - yay, we somehow managed to beat your Pika/Pichu team, yeayuhz
Smash G0D - for some reason, I didn't get to play you...
Tenken - goooooood shizzziii
People in my pool - nice meeting yous
Vist - twas nice meeting you
Sperm - twas nice meeting you too
Malk - twas nice meeting you too too
Zeps - thanks for the drinks, hahha, your Falcon is awesome, nice teaming with you

Hmm, that should be it, I think...


Smash Master
Nov 25, 2006
RamenKing! (*´ω`)/ Falls Church, VA
....i love C3......=)
especially.. Foods & drinks lol omg..i loves to drinks Bawls in tournament >..<

shoutouts :
FOB - srry..about doubles... -3- i'll try to play better next time! but still good sh*t doc

Cz1 - i loves our tag-team matchs! =) & rvery thanks for a ride >..<

Cyrain - we always have good matchs! ...ur marth is extremly good -3-

Nelo - lol same as Cyrain & ..good sh*t when u team w/ Cyrain =)

Aero - ..-3- sigh we only played only 1 match ur jigg get more better.. that match was really close though

Tin - ur peach & zelda getting more sexy..! lol =)

ss4Ricky - ..Ricky is TOO GOOD~~~~~~~~!!!! ..ur link is really awesome (i'll post our matchs on youtube soon) & see u at Katsu once again =)

ReDD - ..good matchs =) ..u r too good for me but we'll play more next time & thanks for some advice & cheering while im playing in pool

Smash god+ ur brother - u both...r really goods ....we'll play more when we meet again =)

Masa - ur link is sexy man.. lol nice to have matchs w/ u =)

Jigg - "I know" ..lol

Boss - "Well...!" LOL.....i still laughing about that word...

Israfel - we'll play more next time~ ur peach is awesome :3

Kiwi - Nice to meet you! :3 ..lol i loves when we playing in tagteam against masa+fob ..i just knee & knee.. & thanks for yummy bread =)
... could u bring Kimbabs next week ?? plzzz ^__________________^)/


Smash Lord
Jun 22, 2006
Herndon and Newport News, Virginia
did anybody try recording matches at this thing?

oh, and smashgod, how was it finally getting to play everybody.

94 people is alot, how many set-ups were there?

oh and doll, please tell me you fought Joe bushman's ganon and lost. hahaha, I can't believe you have yet to lose to a ganon! die peach die!

Andrew Ott

Smash Journeyman
Nov 25, 2005
Herndon, VA
Shoutouts I guess?

Wow, that was more crowded than the first C3 back at the old building... >.>

Redd: We need to play more, I'm trying to improve my Fox and Marth (and maybe Falco) by playing you, so... yeah.

Tin: Sorry we only got to play 2 or so matches, I'm taking your Peach With Marth next time.

Smash God's Little Brother (LLOD?): O_O Amazing, good job at going 2-1 with Plairnkk.

DipnDots: Very nice Ganon, too bad I suicided so much against you in pools.

Azen: Didn't get to play you this time, aww...

Chozen1: WTH at us almost winning a teams friendly, then you killing me, then you suiciding... why did you do that again?

Masa: 3 words - More Link Dittos

Rickr: I was one of the people that actually knew who you were, although I admit I didn't recognize you until about halfway through those friendlies we did. Good stuff.

Fonz: The other person I learn so much from, and no problem about giving away my spot, watching is actually more enlightening sometimes.

KM: Really fun matches in pools, especially on Poke Floats, matches are already more fun when I know I'm going to lose already. ^.^

Kiwi: Single-handedly resposible for making my left ear go out for 30 minutes. XD
I want a Shiek ditto sometime, if you don't mind. Oh, and nice hat(s).

G-reg: I don't know if you noticed, but we were wearing the exact same red Starter hooded sweatshirt. I've only done two battles with you... ever... we need more Falcon vs Marths.

Drephen: Didn't play you, but congratulations on winning.

Korn: Didn't get to play you, but thanks for letting me sub for you in teams, even if only for one match.

Chu/Azen: XD @ the grab+rapid attack infinites, those lightning kills are just so impressive.

Renegage: Thanks for sticking with all us noisy, incompetent smashers, grats on keeping it going smoothly.

I think that's about it.


Smash Lord
Sep 28, 2005
SHOUT OUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!

People who hosted this bonanza i had a blast thank you the drive was 180% worth it!

Aho - I know I already said this but seriously man with that laptop of yours and you juss on hte ball with everything the tourney went so amazingly smooth ty for bringing it and helping out. You have the name Adam cause your older so i stole it from you. I am sorry :-(

Drephen - omfg like wife said im glad i am not the only 1 you read like a 2nd grade picture book you where amazing this weekend and you help gain respect of gingers everywhere by doing so well.

Joe Bushman - bwah bwah bwah bwah your not gonna read this but im pregnate with your baby

FrenzieFool - Im happy with how we did in teams juss from playing the few times we did with each other. "FRENZIEFOOLED!!!!!!! YOU REMEMBER THAT THATS A FRENZIEFOOL! LOL


Wife - OMFGBBQWA2! FUNNY AS HELL MAN, I hate playing you i was thinking that as i went to bed on friday I was like "**** man i hope i dont hafta play his *** and there you where. GG at the tourny I think its amazing you can keep your composer so well with every1 yelling like that. match was intense.

Soap - I beat you in the 1 friendly I had with you HAHAHAHA glad you came though

AZ - because we beat you in teams I can forgive you for not telling us about that tourny

Redd - Hard matches man, I was scared when i saw you go falcon. Sorry bout getting mad I juss thought you where trying to counter pick me first round when u saw I went samus and i didnt think that was cool. <3 YOU THOUGH! BRINSTAR = WEIRD *** STAGE

KM - i wanted to play your MARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! falcon tore me up though GG at the tourny im glad you kicked my *** though I was kinda hoping i would never face a falcon but now i know that I need to learn to play against the SOB. Last combo you did was sick as hell though

G-REGULATE - **** I didnt wanna play you, Good matches though next time I will do better though, Your samus does move pretty

Hova - Nice meeting you your funny guy laid back 2 I had a blast you made me laugh WEST COAST!

Kaiser - I love you simple as that Im gonna get a puppy and name it kaiser. than i can go KAISER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to it that would be fun yep yep fun fun

Doll - SCRRRRY PEACH! Nice meeting you though hope to see you at C3

KiWii - you where sooooooo funny, you gots ta come to C3 and i love you will you marry me

Blus - GOOD IC close first match, you shouldnt of switched though

Chillen - I gave him back now im lonley..............

Azen - I wanna see your samus I bet its ****ING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Seed of Sorrow

Smash Champion
May 3, 2006
Location, Location
Ok shout outs:

Zero: Nice job in teams, we almost had team kupo there but I squandered in the Marth vs fox. Good stuff with the Two peaches vs 2 foxes. Thanks for the lodging and the rides.

Phil: Good, good stuff. Man, I think that I never came close to beating you I think that the closest was maybe 2 but it was late and I don't remember. Your falco is nuts, likewise for your peach. I'll look forward to practicing with you sometime.

Aho: I didn't get to play your fox :(. Oh well, good stuff as usualy and your match with redd was crazy fun to watch. By the way, have I gotten better?

Team Morning Pirates: Was that your team? I wish I got your names. you guys were pretty cool and the matches were crazy close. Very very nice.

Kaiser: Man, your fox and falco are crazy good. Thanks for the falco strats it will help my game a lot, maybe I'll break them out on Phil, but he'll probably win anyways, lol.

SS4Ricky: Thanks for the matches great stuff, and thanks for the link info, I'll keep playing because as you said, not many people play link. Also, your mario was great, you were chain grabbing all over the level..... << good thing that camer died out. lawlz.

Cyrain: That double fox team was so much fun. I wish I got to play you one vs one though :(. Your a cool guy.

Plairnkk: ****, I probably spelled that wrong, sorry. You dominated in pools except against Km but he is km lol. Your shiek is mad good, I didn't eve stand a chance. You are hilarious by the way.

EE: Good stuff as usual. What can I say that hasn't been said? Your a cool guy.

Smash God: It was hella fun playing you and your brother llod. Nice to meet you finally, and good **** llod getting Km to one stock.

Israphel: Your peach is awesome. Good stuff on the Teams exchange. Did we win most of the time? I don't remember :X. 2peach v 2fox was also fun.

Aero: didn't get to play you, of which I am dissapointed. :( :(. Next time. Also, nice meeting you.

Fob: I didn't get to play you either but your a funny guys so I guess it breaks even. Nice meeting you.

Tin: you don't deserve a shout out. Watch your pm's for an angry letter, lol. Good job on the chu+azen team match.

5% Tax: Nice meeting you. Lol at the take your name mindgame.

Who else...................

Oh yeah!

Btree: How could I forget you man? Your peach was fun to play, so next time we'll play fox v samus. ..........
my samus game sucks though

Blues: It was fun stuff playing you in teams and your megaman skills were off the charts. Btw, who was that random guy who came over wanting to mm megaman?

I think that is it............

Chozenone: I met you, but we didn't get to play. Now I'm off to check out the jiggs forums, lol.

Redd: "Hold on, I'm about to take some money from this kid", lol, so true. I don't remember if I played you though, it might have been like only once or twice then. Your match vs aho was awesome, good job.

That's probably it.

If I forgot you, you probably weren't good enough to remember anyways. Lol, just kidding.

Good **** everybody, I need to step up my game!

Renegade said:
2. I think in pool play should make consistant effort to not play "all of one guys matches" at one time. I think it's pretty terrible that the two best players pretty much play all of their matches first, lock up the pool, and then no one left cares. This happened in at least 2 pools that I know of.
Quoted for truth


Smash Lord
Oct 23, 2005
Potomac - MD
tenken: it's awesome seeing you again since we havent met since pound lol

seed: go learn falco already


Smash Lord
Jan 19, 2007
good point with pools, renegade. i played a couple of my matches then went away. when i came back later, people were discouraged/didn't care or even try anymore because watty and wife placed into finals. but i appreciated being in (one of the..?) hardest pools even though it was kinda discouraging/degrading. great tourney experience. i probably wouldn't have been able to get a match otherwise with some of them (ie: wife, watty, locke, blues) hova's my big bro so he doesn't count. kupo

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmm LET'S SEE. shout-outs. :] i love doing these

adam- thanks for the brutal friendlies, they're always appreciated. good **** in singles!!! you totally had chillin in mute city for awhile there. there's always next time! mwahaha. i'm proud to call you my friend/mentor. :] thanks for the lift home, too. -_- finally..someone who understands the korean mom syndrome. oh. are you coming to my fest? :] haha

phil- i'm sorry, i can't help it. you're just too fun to play with. /sarcasm :[ :[ no but seriously, you make me feel better when i'm frustrated. hahahaha just thinking about your little trotting across the stage and jamming with bowser and fox. i can't believe we never play, it's stupid. but i blame it on your superstition with "no friendlies until elimination" :p are you coming to my fest? :]

bill- dad going to egypt? that's a stupid john. you're coming to my fest, i don't wanna hear it.

hova- =[ no kupo@pool. =[ no kupo@drunk. =[ no kupo@getting ***** by 11 & 12 year olds. haha. it's always awesome hanging out with big bro! and holy crap, you are freakin strong. no one else could have the strength capacity to literally spin me around like that. are you coming to my fest? :]

rickr- it was good to formally meet you. heard too much about you and your chocolate milk, from the very beginning. =] show up to more stuff! come to my fest with adam and phil. because they are coming.

kaiser- it sucks that chinesah didn't show up, but thanks for asking to do teams with me, i needed the practice. you *****. i tried. hahaa. but if it means anything, i think i performed a lot better because i didnt wanna let team kupo down. kupo. are you coming to my fest? :]

chillin- your bowser got lucky. had nelo not said anything about spammage of dash attacking... i mean, clearly the dash attacking was working, else i would have resorted to more grabbing :( i want a rematch. at my fest. :]

azen- good **** in singles. you can't just laugh and say yes when i ask you if you're still in. clearly the answer isn't that obvious. are you coming to my fest? :] kaiser and chillin .. i think .. are going? hope you had fun going out to korean bbq! you seemed pretty eager to leave haha

tope- wow, hope richmond crew didn't die on the way home due to your drunkedness. -__-. and how do you ALWAYS win with bowser. i hate how we're both down to last stock, high percent. worst feeling ever. are you and team richmond coming to my fest? :]

locke- good **** =] hope we play again, i need sheik ditto practice! next time it'll be closer? haha

tin- "i like your hair tooooo!" hahaha. thanks for the friendlies, we finally got to play! i got better since blues, it's been over a month since then. if i were still that scrubby, i would have quit. haha. thanks! read my shoutout to korn--you guys should come to my fest. :]

korn- thanks for the skittles. and teams friendlies. and 1v1 friendlies. you're pretty beast, have fun at katsucon, i'll try to be there sunday! also will make a good effort to bring kimbap to chu's. glad that you like it that much haha quite flattering. you, fob, aero, tin, etc. etc. should come to my fest!

perry- thanks for playing with meeeeeeee, =[ hope we play more during the week for once? you're too freakin good. you can practice waveshining sheik across the stage =] beast. and the toilet in car is the worst idea ever. are you coming to my fest? :] i'm skipping school that monday, shhhh don't tell williams haha

masa- we didn't get to play 1v1 but your fox looks like it's gotten better! help me practice during the week sometime! blues, ck, etc. live so far when you're carless -_- but you guys are welcomed to my place to play. come to my fest :]

fob- we should play 1v1 =) you're funny/fun to play teams against. you looked so desperate to the point that you and perry double peached vs korn and me. good ****, you're good at melee. come to my fest!

aero- why do you look so bored when i yell your name with an overly excessive voice of enthusiasm? i need to change some things around, probably throw kimbap at you. come to my fest! :]

smash god & brother (LLOD?)- good ****!!! you guys are really (surprisingly cause you're so young -_-)good =] keep it up!!! come to my fest :]

keps- >:o ok ok. 20 more minutes. i did 2-stock your falcon, kaiser was there as my witness, DON'T DENY IT. and stop following me around, goshhh i know you have a crush on me but you gotta chill with that. hahaha. see you at chu's? i'm not going to catonsville :/

tdfx- you're funny. come to my fest :]

km- good ****! good dresser too woot woot. come to my fest :]

g-reg- good ****! i do decent vs captain falcons for some reason. hmm. :] oh.. and.. COLTS SUCK. =] come to my fest :]

zero- you can't just give me an attitude and make me sad. haha. good **** with teams, you're really good. i just got lucky with kaiser there to kick your *** for me. ;] bwahah. don't hate the player, HATE THE GAME hahaha wow. you should come to my fest! don't you play sheik? i need mucho sheik ditto practice -_-.

btree- i squandered. :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:((:(:(:(:( i didn't realize you were showing up anymore. i'm sorry. :( we can team next time? your controller is crazy, by the way. haha.

renegade- you suck for putting me death pool. -_-. haha. thanks for running the tourney and such, it was awesome. =]

watty- you're lucky i was intoxicated >:o haha. i mean... it would have made the **** a little less brutal :( and you can't just register as "mr. jangles" and mind game renegade into making our pool hard as ****. hahaha. -___- it was nice to meet you! =] hope to go to cata3 so i can get a rematch

wife- i had a feeling it was you who destroyed half of that basket... sweet tooth much? see you at cata3 if i go! come to my fest. :]

alphazealot- you're all encouraging and whatnot aww, thank you for the matches. i hope it was a little more impressive than the last time we played. haha. even though you were gay and sheik ditto'ed me then.. -_- I CAUGHT YOU. come to my fest. :]

redd- you're awesome. let's play sometime. i'm scarred from that one trip to your house. over 2 hours on the road?! fux nova traffic. :( see you at chu's?/come to my fest. :]

blues- you are truly a smasher with much honor. you could have ***** my **** with ICs but you went ylink instead. i still want a redo of that, there's no way i deserved to win that set. -_-. your megaman skills are (almost) immortal. i felt the pain when you got hit twice in that level. but still amazing. come to my fest. :]

nelo- YOU *******. <3. no but really, that match was MINE. don't tell me i dash attack too much in the middle of my game!@#!@$#~ I LOST MY FOCUS, COSTIN ME MY TITLE OVER CHILLIN'S BOWSER. anyway. i hope you guys got home safe. you, cyrain, and isra looked helpless/scared watching tope in his intoxicated state. :| badddd. team richmond needs to show up to my fest. :]

isra- -_-. we're doomed to never play. not enough setups.. that's my john. :[ richmond crew needs to come my fest. :]

kirbstir- finally got to play you! my DI improved, no?!?! .__. you are the amazing of DI. it feels like such a long time ago when you were trying to explain it to me at chzn's fest. hope to make you guys (TA <3) proud someday. lawl. i'll make kimbap for chu's or somethinggg, that hottock was so sweet. i'm sorry it wasn't homemade. are you coming to my fest? :]

ricky's girlfriend??/zelda player- awww you're such a sweetheart! thanks for the water and more importantly, rooting me on and such. even though i play worse when people do that, i actually really appreciated the support from a fellow female smasher. hehe. it was nice to meet you! hope to see you/play you in the future :] come to my fest :]

plank- stop being drunk. did you like my fair on you when you were edgehogging on my recovery? ;] mwahahah. you can't just up b constantly on the ledge all smirk and such without getting punished. umm.. well, sometimes. :] are you coming to my fest? :] ps: i hate your g&w, fux you. being all discouraging and ****. :(

drephen- your sheik inspires me to be gayer than ever. i should spam sidestepping because it clearly worked for you. good **** placing first! come to my fest. :]

newb- your marth is good. come to my fest. :]

tenken- i don't think i know you?.. but sorry for making you go deaf. -_- i'm seriously trying to work on it. ahh. all the enthusiasm though.. THE GAME, SON. IT'S TOO GOOD. we can sheik ditto sometime, i need practice playing different sheiks! :]

sorry if i forgot anyone. i hope everyone had a good time! it sucks that the crew battle didn't happen, especially to those who came just for that. but it was still crazy/enjoyable/mad crowded/BO-free :] props to the out-of-staters, all the way from nc to ohio to nj/ny. shoooot. :] good job to everyone who placed as well. i love how there was applause after singles finals! smash comm is too good.

and yes, i'm having a fest. it's more of a TA thing but it'd be nice to see other faces as well. just let me know if you're interested/planning on coming. my AIM is private so PM me if you have questions.


Mar 15, 2005
Norfolk, VA
Kiwi, WTF I wasn't drunk.

Everyone I played, good matchs.

I'm not going fox next time g-reg. I'm just gonna **** you.

Fonz is the man.

I've won the title of best bowser ever.

I was beating Drephen in a sheik ditto, and then he went crazy and I couldn't do anything the last stock or so. SANDBAGGER!

Renegade, good tourney and smoothly run, but :( @ no md/va and :( at me playing so terribly.

See you guys in March.


Smash Lord
Sep 18, 2006
I had a hard pool but lost to no scrubs so yay me? lawl

*does shout outs*

tah dah!

Going to the BBQ place and then back to Chus after torny was the best


Banned via Administration
Sep 14, 2006
Piscataway, NJ
****, Drephen kicked some ***, or should I say.....grabbed. Where's the rest of the brackets?


Smash Lord
Jan 19, 2007
as meep has pointed out to me, chu should have made finals and chaingayed drephen zero to death. i would love to see that. unfortunately, azen was there. hahah. <3 azen [:

no but good job, i admire drephen's sheik, midwest or not! good ****


Smash Legend
Jan 18, 2006
no johns tope. no johns

@kiwi actually doll beat chu out of losers. good **** doll. ^_^

yeah drephen is too good for sure. good stuff drephen


Smash Lord
Jan 27, 2006
Muppetland 64

My shoutouts:
Renegade: thanks for such an amazing tourney. This is great, it's something we need since we lost another great place :(. This was huge and it works so well in the new building. Kudos.

BTree: We are too good. Team top tiers!

Kiwii: I'm jealous of you. You get to smack TA around without penalties :(. Nice meeting you. Want me to come to your fest?

Kaiser: We need a Stepmania match! 4.0 CVS is kinda messing up on me though.

Chillin: Get better at Stepmania, Max300 from DDR is too easy with your fingers <_<. If you need some tips, go ahead and ask me.

Doll: You're gay :). But when I played Peach, I had to be gay too, so I sniffed you.

Tope: WTF!? Were you high or something? You were just too funny.

Meep: Jesus man, you ***** me soo hard in friendlies at the end -_-... I should have played Peach. Fun IC dittos.

InfernoOmni: Good ****, very nice Fox. I love it.

Redd: we need to play more :(, I saw your team match with CK and Aero, good ****.

5%Tax: We need to play more Air Hockey. We are currently 1-1. But I have beaten everyone else :cool:

CK: I really need to play you more :|.

EE: Why didn't you bring the blackest mother****er alive!?

Smash G O D & Brother: good ****, much better than I thought you would be.

Blues: You are a Megaman god.

Sorry if I'm forgetting certain people :( *pound*


Smash Hero
Apr 14, 2004
ashburn, VA
**** i got 7th in singles and 5th in teams, just off of the posted results lolol. super fun tourney though. i wish i played drephen!!!


Smash Journeyman
Mar 19, 2006
Richmond Va
did anybody try recording matches at this thing?

oh, and smashgod, how was it finally getting to play everybody.

94 people is alot, how many set-ups were there?

oh and doll, please tell me you fought Joe bushman's ganon and lost. hahaha, I can't believe you have yet to lose to a ganon! die peach die!
yea i fought him, got beaten ^^;. So happy now!? >:o He's insanely good at catching turnips.


Smash Lord
Sep 28, 2005
as meep has pointed out to me, chu should have made finals and chaingayed drephen zero to death. i would love to see that. unfortunately, azen was there. hahah. <3 azen [:

no but good job, i admire drephen's sheik, midwest or not! good ****
Not true because Drephen had a secret weapon waiting for the Chuy 1:chuckle:


Smash Legend
Jan 18, 2006
full results will come when aho has time to post them. i believe it was

5 doll/chillin
7 g-reg/chu
9th - plank/kirbstir/infernoomni/aho
13th - husband/fonz/???/??? not too sure


Smash Lord
Jan 8, 2006
i did horribly in singles. no johns. im gonna start training up a marth i think for low tier cuz i randomly suck against them. this torney was tiiight. i didnt play that much cuz i was watching a lot of matches for once so that was cool. i wish someone told me crews was not gonna happen cuz i missed my basketball games cuz i thought crews were going down after singles. kind of homo.


ricky vs rickr link dittos...actually ricky in general
RAM beating spy kids and ck + aero and almost beating the best midwest team.
doll vs wife match for obvious reasons....only time ill ever say a peach ditto is a highlight
a near perfect shiek beating a near perfect fox = epic.

ricky - i wish we got more matches...link dittos are all mindgames! i think i could of done better ...i go to step it up. we need to do some teams rematches!! come to more stuff so you can help out my link! lol at us trying to figure out how to take down the winner of the entire torney.

ece - same^^^ we need some singles as well! fox dittos!!! spy kids neeed to step it up.

tnr - nice showing. did any of us make it out of pools?! lol

smash god and co. - you guys are natzis about calling "next." lol i hate that ****. and guys looks like you both got better.

fob - sick doc. REMATCH that was such a close set...so painful!!! way to come for behind on the last match. your better than me


korn - we need to play some 1v1 for a vast amount of time.

chz1 - back to the lab again. son good last match vs. cyrain coming from behind everyone thought u were done.

kiwi - myspace...pm style as usual LOL. yea you got better as well. lol im not mad at u. holler if u actually want to do some training with original tnr. how could u miss korean bbq!??!

fonz - link is king. they never stood a chance.

aplha - i HAd tha match vs yr falco! lol then i died...at least it wasent **** this time around.

redd - good **** at randomly good teams. we should do it more often!!! we need to work on some things tho! ill call u. you HAd that match vs watty.

ill do some more shot outs later


the best thing i got out of this torny was that my fox finally started doing what i wanted it to do which (i know everyone can appreciate this... i played well in those friendlies vs fonz/rei/joe) its a really good feeling. i really need to believe and play fox more often...

korean bbq was so good. it should become a tradition.

lol if i forgot **** ill update it later...i gotta step up my game. no johns
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