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  • Hey girl...I just wanted to say something on my behalf. This started out as a convo on the phone with Alex first, he brought up the Jman thing I said what I had heard from you and he told Plank. I honestly, didn't wanna be involved NOR did I want any of the "I heard kinda BS" because miscommunications DO happen and it was a loud venue. That's why when Plank asked me I said I'd rather him talk to you first before putting it on the boards.

    Safe to say that I felt terrible during this whole situation. I didn't want to do anything against you in any way, and I didn't want you to think that. I thought this is the least I could do, because I really enjoy hanging out with you and I was looking forward to seeing you the whole way to Pound.

    I honestly didn't want any of this -_- I've been in such a crappy mood because of this lately. Either way, I really was glad to see you :) I hope you can make a Saffron sometime soon! Maybe we can teamsizes once.
    I'm taking the semester off so no finals for me! Hahah good luck/ I'm sure you did well on yours though! Oh and I pretty much did everything for pound besides register so I'll see ya there!
    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaater :p.

    Well w/e I haven't seen anything so I dunno =p. Its all fun to me.
    If you keep me from drinking more than 8 shots. Imma sneak in shots behind your back at the hotel.

    Just sayin :laugh:. Thought getting ****-faced may not be an amazing idea, I guess being pretty drunk the entire night is fun too :laugh:
    btw you still didn't tell me what hotel you're staying at :laugh:

    Please say the marriot.

    Oh if you want to IM me btw my SN is Teczero8

    Yes, I know that I'm not very clever.
    Excuse you, its called procrastinating *snaps fingers*

    Ok I'm done :laugh: I'll never start at this rate LOL
    Are you gonna be on later? If I can catch you later online I'll definitely IM you. Right now I'm probably gonna study a bit for my finals coming up :(.
    Thats true, though I was planning to just play them, then leave the room and see my friends and hang out with them etc. Or have friends room with me into that room.

    The $50 is pretty enticing if you know what I mean :).

    I told him he could IM me and all but I won't stop him from helping me out :laugh:
    Yea glad you're going to this with the intention of having a lot of fun :). Thats why me and you should stay in the same hotel and paaaaaaarty LMFAO.

    Btw the room was actually 60 dollars but the guy gave me a discount because he wants me to help him with his sheik LMFAO.

    I think its 5 people per room though, it sounds pretty good though. I just want someone I know to stay with me so I don't feel completely awkward. I'd rather not have to depend on alcohol so mach if you catch my drift :laugh:
    I really dunno yet. I got an awesome offer for a hotel room for 3 days for $50. But I'd rather be around a bunch of people I want to hang out with. I mean it IS Pound 4 =). Though it'd be awesome if you stayed at the hotel cuz then we could party till we pass out :laugh:

    And yea you should probably try to stay away from Milktea to avoid headaches and all. It'd be a shame to go to pound to argue over nothing >_>
    yea :( I felt neglected for all these days waaaaah

    lol jk but its been going ok for me. I'm a full time student thanks to me doing good academically.

    I hope stuff works out for you, I feel bad you have to go through so much stuff.
    You work full time and go to school part time? O_O how is that like? I don't think I can stay still doing something like that lol.

    ....... I had no idea I always thought you were a full time student lol.

    I don't really go to that many tournies I go to like one or maybe 2 a month or something. Since I hate brawl and melee is still pretty lively up here ^_^. PC plays again and is like ****** everyone again lol.
    LOL what about you? Hmmm don't tell me you never go on your computer to procrastinate LMAO.

    I'll do my work........... waaaaaaaaaaaay later :lick:
    I'm doing pretty good. School is kinda wrecking me though :(.

    But since this place is amazing for procrastination I'm here when I don't want to do work lawl.
    im gonna try to go to socal this summer, over that huge tourney in FL haha x_x gahhh socal's too goot :(!!
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