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“Jonesy Drops In” Jonesy and Fortnite Smash Analysis Part 2


Hello, and welcome to Part 2 of the Jonsey and Fortnite Smash Analysis. Previously, we looked at Jonesy and how he might play as a fighter. In Part 2, we will see what kind of content Fortnite could bring to Smash.

Fortnite Stage


The Island

The Island is the mysterious location that players find themselves on for the Battle Royale. The Island boasts a surprisingly large amount of towns, settlements, utilities, and more for such an Island. There’s the ever-changing city of Tilted Towers, the tranquil Frenzy Farm, and the power plant, Steamy Stacks, which is powered by the enigmatic Kevin the Cube. There’s tons of locations to choose from in Fortnite.

The stage first starts on top of the Battle Bus. The platform is similar to Final Destination, with the hot air balloon contraption in the immediate background above you. This portion will last approximately a minute before players are transported, like on Castle Siege, to a new location for the rest of the match. This alludes to how players will always parachute from the Battle Bus and will probably land in a new location each match. The locations and descriptions are as follows:

Titled Towers


Titled Towers has always been a part of Battle Royale until, well, recently when it was mysteriously removed. This medium-sized city was the center of many changes such as a meteorite striking it, being devastated by an earthquake, replaced by Gotham City, or even given a futuristic facelift. However, a volcanic eruption reduced the city to nothing but ash, causing it to be removed. The stage is similar to Fourside in that platforms are composed of buildings, though they are a bit more spaced out. The center and tallest visible building is the No Sweat Insurance, with the Clock Tower to its right and the Twin Apartment Buildings to its left. Players can destroy walls of the upper two floors of No Sweat Insurance, which opens it up for players to enter. This also includes the Twin Apartments top floor that is adjacent to the roof.

Other buildings visible in the background include Taco House, Coffee Shop, and Knepley’s Pawn Shop. Tilted Towers has changed drastically over the seasons such as meteor strikes and volcanic eruptions but it was decided to keep this version consistent with other versions. Changing the design of Tilted Towers was one of the ideas for when the Fortnite stage consisted solely of Tilted Towers.

Steamy Stacks


Steamy Stacks is a power plant that powers the island and harnesses the mysterious energy produced by Kevin the Cube. It is run by the power company Kevolution Energy and produces large amounts of purple and pink steam. Imagine the Steamy Stacks stage as a flat platform, running the length of the roof, with a raised central platform. I picture the two smokestacks placed a bit farther back on the buildings in Smash than in Fortnite, just to showcase them a little. The Stacks could periodically emit more of their pink and purple steam than usual, causing limited visibility. Some stage props like crates, generators, and chairs could be broken for items.

Frenzy Farm


This tranquil, small farming community hosts some of the most brutal fights in the Battle Royale. It’s popular for being a drop-and-die location due to the sheer amount of loot chests that give weapons. Unlike the first two locations, this one has walk-off blast-lines. The barn would be to the right. Players could interact with it by jumping on top of its two levels." The center has a small crop field where carrots, tomatoes, and turnips can be picked up and thrown as items. The left side consists of two trees, which can either be destroyed or jumped on. They would cause the player to bounce off when jumped on. The top level of the barn can be destroyed creating a second floor that can be walked-off. While the trees can be destroyed, doing so won’t spawn items. Other objects that can be destroyed for items include a tractor, barrels, and haystacks.

Polar Peak

Polar Peak is the frozen home of the Ice King, was freed from its icy prison thanks to the volcanic eruption in Season 9. Polar Peak also held the Fire King aka the Prisoner and his Monster. The Monster awoke due to the breaking of Polar Peak after it collided with the island and triggered a volcanic eruption. This stage consists of a single causeway flanked by twin guard towers which can be jumped onto. The stage has slightly less traction in particular areas due to the ice and snow. It’s possible to go inside the guard towers on either side which lead to walk-off blast-lines. There’s also a chance of getting trapped in the guard towers and juggled for continuous damage. Like in Shadow Moses Island, these two towers can be destroyed which then creates walk-off blast zones on both sides.

Tomato Temple


Tomato Temple used to be Tomato Town until it collapsed into the underground caverns underneath. This location is a tribute to Tomatohead, a recurring character. While Tomato Temple has since been removed, it still lives on in Smash. This stage is set up like Gaur Plain in that it has a top layer and three layers below. However, it lacks a bottomless pit like Gaur Plain but consists of a single bottom floor made of stone, dirt, and patches of grass. The top-level consists of ruined buildings of the present Tomato Town and can be destroyed by players. The second level consists of various ruin-like structures, crumbling stairs, and ancient relics. The bottom tier is covered in wet moss and has reduced traction. Several pillars and stone tomato statues can be destroyed for items.

The Yacht


The Yacht is one of the strongholds of E.G.O. and was held by Meowscles. This feisty feline decorated the Yacht in what he thought was purrr-fect. That was until a certain red mercenary with a mouth was given the Yacht by E.G.O. The Yacht consists of a single boat with three floors to it. It's vastly smaller and more compact than the original Yacht from Fortnite. Like Pirate Ship, there is water that surrounds the Yacht which can cause players to drown and be KO’d. Players can destroy the walls on both floors leading to players being able to enter into the Yacht. Inside, there are multiple rooms such as the main hall which houses a golden statue of E.G.O.’s leader, a lounge, control room, and a vault.

The Agency

The Agency is the de facto HQ of E.G.O., the main antagonists of Chapter 2, Season 2, and the main stronghold of its leader, Midas. This impregnable fortress lies in what was Loot Lake. This stage consists of both an inside and outside portion. The left side of the stage has a blast-line and a ledge while the right side is completely blocked off from its blast-line within the building. When players enter the main building, the outer walls vanish to show the players inside. Players can also jump onto the top of the main building as well. The center of the stage consists of the front courtyard and balcony overlooking the nearby lake. The left-most railing serves as the ledge should players get knocked off. Inside the main building is the control room as well security guns that will fire on players when they come in. There are two levels which consists of the main control room floor plus a staircase leading to the second level.

Aside from breakable items such as cans and boxes, Treasure Chests can also appear. They can be found by breaking apart objects like boxes or equipment or breaking into buildings or rooms. These Treasure Chests typically house a powerful item like a Smart Bomb, Franklin Badge, or Black Hole. In terms of cameos, it goes without saying that Midas would appear on the Agency phase and Meowscles on the Yacht. However, what about other characters? Perhaps after arriving into the stage, players can see various background characters gliding in and begin shooting at each other or building walls and ramps? This would help spice up each stage and make it seem more hectic. Some potential cameos could include:
Fortnite Mii Outfits


P.A.N.D.A. Team Leader Mii Gunner


The P.A.N.D.A. Team Leader is one of the skins available for Ramirez. While it doesn’t have that much story behind it, its inclusion would be quite humorous due to its over-sized head. And besides, we could use a panda outfit in Smash!

Peely Mii Gunner


Peely is a popular skin featuring the skin of a banana! We will cover Peely more in the Spirit section below. That being said, this skin is quite popular among Fortnite players and even has its own backstory that ties in with Jonsey. Having this outfit would be hilarious to see, especially when fighting against the Kongs and King K. Rool.

Giddy-Up Mii Brawler


Unlike most Mii Fighter outfits that change both the top and bottom of the character; this one only changes the bottom. Imagine those inflatable Halloween costumes of people riding horses - the Mii Fighter would be wearing one of those, but instead of a horse, it'd be the piñata llama. Of course, the head of the llama wouldn’t have any hitboxes. Llamas (piñata llamas in particular) are often used in Fortnite for skins and items.

Tomatohead Hat


Tomatohead is a popular Skin in Fortnite that, like Peely, has a backstory. He is the mascot of the pizza chain Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit in Tomato Town. Now that Tomato Town has become Tomato Ruins, the ketchupy mascot's fate is unknown. Let’s see him shine again as a Mii Fighter hat!

Fortnite Spirit and Spirit Battles




Peely is such a popular Skin in Fortnite that he also has his own variations. For example, there’s the super-secret Agent Peely, the robotic P-1000, and the undead Peely Bone. He even has his own Pickaxe variation and emote, Nana Nana.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Grab
Class: :starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Banana Gun Equipped

Spirit Battle

Character: :ultdiddy: (Yellow), Peely :ultgunner: Costume (if purchased), :ultsnake: (Yellow), :ultrob:. (Yellow), Dark :ultdarksamus: (Yellow)
Stage: Smashville
Rules: Stock Natch (1)
  • Defeat the main opponent
  • Opponent comes equipped with a Banana Gun
  • Food heals player and opponent faster
Inspiration: Diddy Kong as the stand-in for the Mii Brawler Peely Costume is an obvious nod to how Diddy uses bananas for his own special and the Kong’s banana hoard. Snake represents Agent Peely, R.O.B. represents P-1000, and Dark Samus represents Peely Bone.

Ray, Pop, Lok, & Kevin

These four robots help the player at their Homebase in Save the World. Ray gives the player assignments and monitors the Storm’s activity. She's helpful, albeit a bit naive and a troublemaker. Pop is a robot designed to study and maintain the Storm Shield generator, which protects the base from the Storm. He can’t talk and only uses beeps and buzzes to communicate. Lok is a ten year old early earthquake-warning robot and has a childlike personality. Not much is known about Kevin, but this robot’s function is to help with the player’s upgrades.
These four robots help the player at their Homebase in Save the World. Ray gives the player assignments and monitors the Storm’s activity. She's helpful, albeit a bit naive and a troublemaker. Pop is a robot designed to study and maintain the Storm Shield generator, which protects the base from the Storm. He can’t talk and only uses beeps and buzzes to communicate. Lok is a ten year old early earthquake-warning robot and has a childlike personality. Not much is known about Kevin, but this robot’s function is to help with the player’s upgrades.

Spirit Info
Type: Support
Class: :starman:
Ability: Energy-Shot Resist ↑

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultkirby: (x4) (Metallic)
Stage: Midgar
Rules: Stock Match (1)
  • Opponents favor jumping
  • Opponents shields increase periodically
  • Earthquakes occasionally happen
  • Opponent gets a slightly Attack boost randomly
Inspiration: The four metallic Kirbys are based on the four helper robots. Them favoring jumping is based on how these robots hover, and the other conditions are based on their duties at the player’s Homebase.

Bunker Jonesy


Bunker Jonesy is one of the many Skins for Jonesy. This skin is based on the version where Jonsey had to hide in a bunker to survive the events of Season 8’s Volcanic Eruption, which destroyed many locations such as the iconic Tilted Towers. He took shelter with Peely but ended up blending him into a smoothie for survival's sake. You gotta do what you gotta do in order to survive.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Attack
Class: :starman::starman:
Ability: Stats ↑ after Eating

Spirit Battle
Character: Jonsey, :ultsimon:
Stage: Great Cave Offensive (Battlefield)
Rules: Stock Match (1)
  • Defeat the main fighter
  • Healing items appear frequently
Inspiration: The stage references the underground bunker. Simon as an allied opponent is a reference to the survivalist-nature of both series. Bunker Jonsey and Simon also both have longish blonde hair. Healing items appearing is a nod to how Jonsey had to drink Peely to survive.



Meowscles is an agent in the faction known as alongside the likes of Midas and TNTina. He called the Yacht his home before it was handed over to a certain mouthy mercenary named Deadpool. Since then, Meowscles drowns his sorrows at the Box Factory.

Spirit Info
Type: Support
Class: :starman::starman:
Ability: Shooting Attack ↑

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultincineroar: (Orange)
Stage: Pirate Ship, Shadow Moses Island (Stage Morph)
Rules: None
  • Comes equipped with a Super Scope
  • Easily distracted by items
  • Shooting item damage is increased
Inspiration: Incineroar is an obvious choice to represent Meowscles. The Super Scope equip is drawn from Meowscle's use of a Heavy Assault Rifle. The stage morph from Pirate Ship to Shadow Moses Island is a nod to how Meowscles was evicted from the Yacht and relocated to the Box Factory.



Midas is the leader of E.G.O. and has the unique ability to turn anything he touches into gold. Flowers, guns, people… anything. In his room, he has an array of helmets and masks he transformed into gold. These once belonged to various field agents whom he defeated. Midas can be found in The Agency, the headquarters of E.G.O.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Attack
Class: :starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Metal Killer

Spirit Battle

Character: :ultwolf: (Black), :ultjoker: (Shujin Academy - Black, if Joker Fighter Pass is present)
Stage: The Island (The Agency)
Rules: Stamina Battle
  • Periodically becomes a Gold
  • Favors using the Neutral Special
  • Shooting items damage is increased
Inspiration: Wolf as representing Midas is based on his antagonistic behavior and use of a pistol as a neutral special. The same applies to Joker, and there are similarities between his and Midas' appearances. Reaching Gold Status alludes to Midas’ ability to turn things into gold by just touching them. The stage is set fully on The Agency, which is a nod to where he is fought as a boss in Fortnite.



Husks used to be people but were transformed by the effects of the Storm. Now, they lurk around searching for fresh meat to devour. Husks come in many varieties that, more often than not, fill a particular role. For example, most run-of-the-mill Husks focus on melee attacks. Some other variations include Beehive who use bees to attack, Lobbers who throw flaming skull bombs, and Sploders who carry propane tanks that self-detonate.

Spirit Info
Type: Support
Class: :starman:
Ability: Lifesteal

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultbrawler: (x10)
Stage: Find Mii (Omega)
Rules: Timed Match (1:30)
  • The floor is poisoned
  • Opponent has reduced speed and jump
  • Opponent favors melee attacks
Inspiration: Mii Brawlers representing Husks seems appropriate because, as mentioned above, Husks were originally human beings. Husks come in a many variations, and having randomized Mii Costumes would be the next logical step. The only problem is that there’s a significant lack of Halloween or horror-themed Mii Costumes. Too bad we don’t have a zombie Mii outfit yet.

Storm King


The Storm King created and controls The Storm and the Husks. It is the final boss of Save the World so, as such, it’s extraordinarily powerful. In fact, one person can’t take it down by themselves; a whole squad is recommended.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Grab
Class: :starman::starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Poison Heals

Spirit Battle

Character: :ultridley: (Giant & Purple)
Stage: Umbra Clock Tower
Rules: Stamina
  • The floor is poisoned
  • The player takes continuous damage
  • Opponent is resistant to launch and hit stun
  • Opponent gets a attack damage increase at critical health
Inspiration: Ridley and the Storm King are both massive monsters who use extraordinary powers to destroy enemies. Both are considered harbingers of destruction. Like any boss in an online multiplayer game, they get stronger and more vicious as they take more damage. Plus, they are both purple. The floor being poisoned and the player already taking continuous damage is based on the Storm. It’s rather frightening.

Battle Bus


The Battle Bus is your entry into the Island. But first, you must jump off and make your way to the surface. This high flying school bus seems to be repurposed for ferry players into battle. Besides the blue paint job, the Vindertech symbol was painted on the side and it achieves flight via a hot air balloon. Players are free to thank the pilot before jumping. The Battle Bus will continue flying away after you jump but it gives you a “good luck” honk after you jump.

Spirit Info
Type: Primary/Grab
Class: :starman::starman::starman::starman:
Ability: Additional Midair Jump

Spirit Battle
Character: :ultfalcon:
Stage: The Island (Omega)
Rules: Timed Battle (1:00)
  • Assist Trophies spawn
  • Opponent has increase and floaty jumps
  • Player’s knockback resistance drastically decreases 30 seconds after the match begins
Inspiration: Kapp’n appearing as an Assist Trophy is a no-brainer. It being a Timed Battle is also a nod to how you have a time limit to jump from the Battle Bus. Captain Falcon being the representative fighter might seem like an odd choice but he is a pilot and whoever “drives” the Battle Bus is also a pilot. Both pilot vehicles that look like modern-day vehicles (to an extent) but don’t use traditional wheels. Finally, the knockback resistance nerf is a nod to how players are forced to jump out once the time limit is reached.

Fortnite Music

Music in Fortnite isn’t exactly its more defining aspect as, in general, the combat is devoid of music. However, it’s the lobby that the music truly shines. This is where you configure your character, choose what game you want to play, and wait for the match to start. Players can purchase music packs, usually tied to an emote or an aspect of the game (or, in some cases, Major Lazer, Kyle Ren, or Aquaman). The below list are songs that would be suitable for the game based on these purchasable lobby music packs.

Justice Lobby Fortnite

Prima Remix Lobby Fortnite

I’m a Cat Lobby Fortnite

Squeaky Clean Lobby Fortnite

OG (Remix) Lobby Fortnite

Get Funky Lobby Fortnite

8-Bit Beat Lobby Fortnite

Storm King Lobby Fortnite

The End Lobby Fortnite

Outside of the Fighter Pass

Fortnite certainly has lots of content that could be included in Smash aside from what I listed above and in Part 1. So let’s take a look at what other content could be included in Smash.


Fortnite has tons of items to choose from; so much so that I had a hard time pinpointing which one would work. That being said, let’s take a look what would work:

Shield Potion

Drinking this potion gives the player a shield akin to pressing the shield button but one that is constantly active. It will negate all incoming damage even as you run, jump, and attack. Much like the source material, there is a 5 second when drinking and then throwing it away so make sure you are safe before downing it. Once the shield takes enough hits, it shatters and is destroyed. A fully powered mid-level Smash Attack is enough to almost destroy it. It can be fully destroyed by an attack like a Falcon Punch. For obvious reasons, you can’t manually shield while it’s in effect for double shields.

Llama Piñata

The Llama Piñata is a staple in the series, and using them to deliver items when broken like crates, barrels, and more would be a nice nod to the series. They would be relatively weak and easy to break open. It would be even better if they came in colored variations to show what kind of items it holds.

Mythic Goldfish

This powerful throwable object would be extremely hard to find with a 0.000001% chance of it spawning much like in Fortnite. This would make it the most rare item in the game. It has the privilege of being a literal OHKO by dealing 200% damage on contact even when at 0%. This high-hitting item is quite light actually and can be thrown far. The truly frightening aspect of this that it can be thrown three times in total. When it hits an opponent, it bounces back and will land on the floor (or vanish if it falls off the stage). After this, it can be picked up by anybody thus creating a mass scramble to pick up this golden fish trophy.

Boogie Bomb

This one is more of a pipe dream as I would imagine that it would be difficult to program. This funky bomb would cause anyone caught within the blast radius to dance like they never danced before. The effect would last for 12 seconds and can affect up to seven players. It doesn’t do any damage but catches opponents within a dance-inducing trap. The only way to stop is to get damaged by an outside force. As for the dances, it would make sense for players to do the Orange Justice dance. However, here are some alternatives incase Orange Justice can’t make it in:
It would simply amazing to see any of the cast doing the Infinite Dab (especially for serious characters like Cloud, Ridley, Ganondorf, and Ryu) or see how Duck Hunt or Ivysaur would do Tidy or Floss. Additionally, I can’t help but laugh to see Bowser, K. Rool, or King Dedede to attempt to do the Worm.


Fortnite is a very successful franchise and has managed to make its way into literally any console. It’s immense popularity and marketability makes the game extremely lucrative and is an excellent model on how to make a free-to-play game succeed. This has led developer, Epic Games, to become one of the leading gaming studios in the world. Much like in Smash, companies wants their content in Fortnite. It would be great to see Nintendo not only include Fortnite content in Smash but have the opposite happen. Imagine getting skins of Mario, Link, Fox, and Pikachu in Fortnite! Perhaps there could be Pickaxe skins featuring the Mario Bros. Hammer, Master Sword, Falchion, and the Monado. Anyways, whether you love it or hate it, Fortnite success and popularity can not be denied and including it in Smash would be a win for both Epic and Nintendo.

Author’s Note: If some of the images aren’t working, I apologize and will correct it once the issue is fixed. Do you want to see Fortnite content included in Smash? Let us know below!
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Venus of the Desert Bloom


This would be hilarious so I wouldn't even complain.

Though off topic suggestion, I think it would be pertinent to have some article on SmashBoards about the pretty major events happening in the Smash community right now, no? Not everyone necessarily uses Twitter or Reddit to hear about it.
This would be hilarious so I wouldn't even complain.

Though off topic suggestion, I think it would be pertinent to have some article on SmashBoards about the pretty major events happening in the Smash community right now, no? Not everyone necessarily uses Twitter or Reddit to hear about it.
Trust me, the news staff is currently working on addressing the current situation. The reason why I published this when I did because 1) I worked on this for a month and 2) I wanted to publish it before we began rolling out our coverage of current events so. So in that way, it wouldn’t push out more important and pertinent news. More or less, this was published in order to get it out of the way.
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Trust me, the news staff is currently working on addressing the current situation. The reason why I published this when I did because 1) I worked on this for a month and 2) I wanted to publish it before we began rolling out our coverage of current events so. So in that way, it wouldn’t push out more important and pertinent news. More or less, this was published in order to get it out of the way.
Yeah, I PM'ed one of the staff meself wondering how things are gonna be presented.
This is easily one of (if not)the heaviest topics ever, so I can't fault anyone for trying to lay it all out as clear as possible.
And with the essential true cancellation of EVO 2020 less then an hour ago this topic holds even more weight then ever over how we need to lay out our tournaments going forward.
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Sooo...what's the next one you plan on doing? Hopefully a less controversial franchise.

Not to discredit what you put together for Fortnite, of course.
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I'll sum up my thoughts on Fortnite with this...

Besides the whole issue regarding the player community as a whole (which is a common put down that I won't get into since people gave me hell for being too mean over Minecraft, which is a stance I still stand on), the game itself sucks in large part due to the abandonment of it's original idea in favor of the battle royal genre. Fortnite was originally meant to be a PvE game with "Save the World" being the predominant game mode, but then they added Battle Royale as a free mode to get additional interest in the game as well as another avenue to make money. Unfortunately, "Save the World" is now officially dead as they have determined it's no longer in Early Access and Battle Royale is the only mode Epic Games is willing to invest in (which, if you're a business, makes sense, but again... they didn't originally design the game as a PvP free for all), so while I know there are those who believe the game is creative due to it's style and music, I personally look at it as the opposite; it's creatively bankrupt. And also, it's not that fun.

But, I'm a grumpy asshole.
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