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Project M

The Smash Stick Kickstarter is Live!
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Over the last few years, the Smash community has seen the rise and fall of both the SmashBox and Boxx controllers, but recently a new type of controller has entered the fray - the Smash Stick.
Wavedash Games Lays Off Majority of its Staff, Winds Down Icons Development
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Out of the blue, game development startup Wavedash Games has announced in a new blog post that it has had to make the unfortunate decision to lay off the majority of its staff, signaling an abrupt end to the development of their inaugural game Icons: Combat Arena.
The Even Bigger Balc: Long Live the Kong
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This past weekend we saw the return of one of the greatest Project M tournament series since its development shut down, the Bigger Balc series. With 427 attendees, the tournament marked a new high for the ambitious Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod, and the tournament itself was even streamed on Twitch, a task many other PM tournaments have shied away from in recent years. While the organization and attention the tournament received definitely made a statement on their own, the results had a lot to say as well.
PMRank 2019: The Edge of Glory
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Photo Credit: Delta (Jeff Mahieu)

Greetings one and all to the opening of the fourth annual ranking of Project M's top 50 players, PMRank 2019! We are very excited to begin unveiling this year's rankings, but first we want to acknowledge a couple players who very nearly missed out on a top 50 spot. These two players feature uncommon characters along with their uncommon skill, and we hope this taste of what's to come will only build greater expectations of the competitors on the horizon.


Christopher “~CP9~” Williams grabbed national attention this year piloting the scarcely used and seldom understood Olimar to new heights. Currently residing in the MD/VA region, ~CP9~ has travelled to several marquee East Coast events such as Blacklisted 5, where he netted a win against Aidan of PMRank 2018 fame. Much of the rest of...
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