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Austin "Verity" Karn

Austin "Verity" Karn
Smash the Record 2017 Recap and Highlights
  • 11,278
  • 0

Smashboards takes a look back at the variety of events at Smash the Record 2017.
The Tri-State Invitational: Player Data and Preview
  • 12,577
  • 1
The Tri-State Invitational on August 5th-6th is the climatic finale to the Tri-State Circuit. Here, we look at the qualified players, and their data gathered from the Circuit.
Melee at Evolution 2017: Top 8 Recap
  • 9,861
  • 11
Super Smash Bros. Melee at Evolution 2017 was a tournament that promised high-level Melee, and a showcasing of the best players the world has to offer. It delivered on that promise.
Champions Past: A brief overview of EVO winners
  • 8,864
  • 7
A brief look over the Champions of EVO past, and the struggles they had to earn those titles.
Omega: The Unplanned Experiment
  • 4,914
  • 9
Omega, a Long Island Regional, was one of the first tournaments to deal with the Hax Memcard mod. Smashboards asked Michael "Face" LaBombard about how the tournament handled it, and the challenges they faced.
Central California Smash Sets Up Donation Drive for Player in Coma
  • 4,905
  • 1
Concerned members of the Central California Smash Community have asked for help for a local player who has been left in a coma after their car was T-boned on the way home.
Melee Favorites and Wildcards Unite at CEO 2017
  • 2,951
  • 1
CEO 2017 is set to bring some top level Melee to Orlando, Florida this weekend.
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