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Central California Smash Sets Up Donation Drive for Player in Coma


Around 3:30 AM on June 17th, a car collision involving five Smash players from Central California occurred. Three made it out with minor injuries. Nathan Limon developed internal bleeding, but has since shown signs of improving health. However, Marcel “Exo” Gutierrez, the driver, had grave injuries and is still in a coma. Brain swelling, a punctured lung, and several fractured bones developed as a result of the accident. He is currently stationed at a hospital, where he was air lifted from the accident site.


Members of the Central California community have expressed their support and concern for Exo. To help mitigate hospital expenses for the family, they organized a fundraising tournament titled Get Well Soon Exo.


The community has also created a donation drive for those who wish to help and can not attend the tournament. Central California is doing all it can to support Exo in this situation, and hopes that others can give what they can to help a beloved member of their community.
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Austin "Verity" Karn


Car accidents are terrifying. I've been in one and they're no joke. The fear and horror they must've all felt, especially after seeing Exo in such bad shape... I'm so sorry this happened to all of them and I'll be praying profusely for Exo's recovery. Every Smasher is a member of one big family and we always take care of each other.
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