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Jonathan “Qualk” Martin

Jonathan “Qualk” Martin
Nintendo Listens – No Item Tournament Announced!
  • 5,559
  • 28
Is it finally happening!? Nintendo announces an official tournament with a competitive ruleset!
The Hero Discussion – To Ban or Not to Ban?
  • 11,534
  • 85
Should Hero be banned from competitive tournaments for too much RNG?
Content Creators You Don't Know: JoeK
  • 1,779
  • 4
Today I'm joined by JoeK, an excellent Smash YouTuber that posts tons of videos. Whether it's tutorials, analysis, or gameplay you crave, he's got you covered.
Content Creators You Don't Know - Choctopus
  • 3,842
  • 3
Welcome to another “Content Creators You Don’t Know!” Today my guest is Choctopus! Boasting the largest YouTube channel in this series so far with almost 70,000 subscribers Choctopus churns out quality videos every 2 days on his channel about Smash and all things Nintendo!
The Story of Exalador
  • 1,886
  • 1
The history of the Smash community is filled with community leaders whose names have been forgotten, or who were never well known to begin with. This is the story of Exalador, one of those community leaders.
Content Creators You Don't Know: Juggleboy
  • 1,443
  • 3
In this “Content Creators You Don’t Know” episode we’ll be joined by Juggleboy! A Kirby main and real life Professional Juggler!
Content Creators You Don't Know: Bananaboy
  • 2,005
  • 8
Welcome one and all, to another “Content Creators You Don’t Know”. This time we’ll be interviewing Bananaboy, one of the best Yoshi players I’ve ever seen, he also regularly posts insightful, helpful, and funny videos on how to improve your competitive play.
Smash Pro League - It's Time
  • 3,148
  • 19
Nintendo needs to harness the untapped gold mine that is high level competitive Smash. An official tournament circuit would provide stable careers for Tournament Organizers and Commentators, establish a National ranking system, generate tons of hype, and make Nintendo boatloads of money.
Content Creators You Don't Know: ThatGamerTom
  • 1,668
  • 3
Welcome to a new series we’ll be doing here on Smashboards called “Content Creators You Don’t Know” where we highlight some exceptional work being done by relatively little known content creators!
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