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Content Creators You Don't Know: Bananaboy


Welcome one and all, to another “Content Creators You Don’t Know”. This time we’ll be interviewing Bananaboy, one of the best Yoshi players I’ve ever seen, he also regularly posts insightful, helpful, and funny videos on how to improve your competitive play. His YouTube channel currently has about 51,000 Subscribers.

Q: Thank you so much for doing this interview, Bananaboy! How long have you been playing Smash and when did you decide to start a YouTube channel?

A: I've been playing competitively since Smash 4 but played casually for as long as I can remember. I decided to make my channel September of last year because I had been playing for so long and felt I had a skill to share with the world.

Q: How would you describe the content that you create?

A: I consider my videos short and to the point. In my opinion, there's a bit too many Smash channels where the creator will ramble for 20 minutes and you'll only get 2 or 3 things out of the video. One of my goals with the channel was to avoid that.

Q: Who is your main and why?

A: Yoshi. I've mained him since Smash 4 because he's easily who I'm most comfortable with. I've tried to pick up other characters but much like it's impossible to quit Smash, it's impossible for me to quit playing Yoshi.

Q: What do you think is your best video, or the one that newcomers to your channel should watch first?

A: It's hard to narrow it down. I like so many of my videos for different reasons. Definitely check out 5 Beginner/Mid-Level Habits if you're new, since it's super simple and easy to watch. Some of my personal favorites after that are my Ledge Pressure Guide, Keeping a Good Mentality, and the Terminology Guide.

Q: What do you do outside of Smash and your channel?

A: I'm currently attending school so I rarely have free time for anything other than homework. But when I do, I enjoy road trips, spending time with my family, hiking, and watching South Park.

Q: What would you like the Smashboards community to know about you?

A: I love helping people learn about Smash. If you decide to check out my stuff and have any feedback, criticism, requests, or general comments, let me know! I'm always striving to improve :)

Q: I noticed you play in tournaments a lot as well. What’s the best you’ve ever done at a tournament? And do you have any advice or recommended videos to watch for aspiring tournament players?

A: I haven't been to many big tournaments, but I got 9th at GTX 2018, beating CharlieDaKing. I also got 49th at 2GG: Prime Saga with a win on Prodigy. If you want to do well in tournaments, my best advice would be to just go! Don't let your excuses prevent you from becoming the great Smash player you want to be. I have a video on First Tournaments, so check that one out if you want more info on what they're like or how to find them.

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!

You can find Bananaboy stomping dudes with Yoshi on his YouTube channel here.

And on twitter @BananaBoySSB.
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Jonathan “Qualk” Martin


I love this series, I think the first two channels you decided to spotlight could not have been better keep it up, you too banana boy great content.
If he keeps up the good work, he could easily become one of the more well-known content creators. His content, to me, is comparable to that of IzawSmash, in the sense that it is very educational. However, I will say that one thing BananaBoy has going for him is that his videos are funny! I hope to see him have more success.
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